Pronunciation of Repartee
/ɹˌɛpɑːtˈe͡ɪ/, /ɹˌɛpɑːtˈe‍ɪ/, /ɹ_ˌɛ_p_ɑː_t_ˈeɪ/

Synonyms for repartee

answer (noun)

acknowledgment, antiphon, back talk, close, comment, cooler, counterclaim, defense, disclosure, echo, elucidation, explanation, feedback, guff, interpretation, justification, key, lip, observation, pay dirt, plea, quick fix, rebuttal, refutation, remark, repartee, report, resolution, result, return, rhetorical question, sign, solution, statement, topper, vindication, wisecrack, parting shot, crack, the ticket, backcap, thank-you note, band-aid.

banter (noun)

chaff, chitchat, derision, exchange, fun, gossip, jeering, jesting, joking, mockery, play, ribbing, ridicule, small talk, Chaffing, Kidding, joshing, dissing.

comeback (noun)

retaliation, answer back.

conversation (noun)

chat, colloquy, communication, communion, confab, confabulation, conference, consultation, converse, debate, discussion, expression, gab, hearing, jive, palaver, parley, pillow talk, powwow, questioning, speech, talk, ventilation, visit, yak, talkfest, intercourse, tète-à-tète.

dialogue/dialog (noun)

conversation, discourse, duologue, parlance, script, Interlocution, LINEs, remarks, sides.

irony (noun)

burlesque, contempt, contrariness, incongruity, jibe, paradox, reproach, taunt, twist, mordancy, sardonicism.

joke (noun)

antic, buffoonery, caper, caprice, chestnut, clowning, drollery, epigram, escapade, farce, frolic, gag, gambol, game, ha-ha, horseplay, jape, jest, lark, laugh, mischief, mummery, one-liner, parody, payoff, prank, pun, quirk, revel, rib, saw, shenanigan, snow job, sport, spree, stunt, tomfoolery, trick, vagary, whimsy, yarn, hoodwinking, monkeyshine, put-on, shaggy-dog story.

levity (noun)

absurdity, amusement, buoyancy, facetiousness, festivity, fickleness, flightiness, flippancy, folly, foolishness, frivolity, giddiness, happiness, high spirits, hilarity, jocularity, lightheartedness, mirth, picnic, trifling, triviality, volatility, laughs.

maxim (noun)


pleasantry (noun)

joke, levity, merriment, squib.

repartee (noun)

answer, badinage, banter, bon mot, comeback, humor, irony, persiflage, pleasantry, quip, raillery, rejoinder, reply, response, retort, riposte, sally, sarcasm, satire, wit, witticism, wittiness, wordplay.

Sense 1

chat, chitchat, natter, quip, riposte, scuttlebutt, small talk, tittle-tattle, Goss, old talk.

Sense 2

conversational, gossip, grapevine, joke, prattle, wit.

Sense 3

chatter, comeback, waffle.

Sense 5


Sense 7


Sense 10






Usage examples for repartee

  1. He was not strong in guessing them; but then Will Harewood made such undaunted and extraordinary shots at everything proposed, that the spirit of repartee was fairly awakened, and Cherry's bright delicate wit began to play, so that no one knew how to believe in the lateness of the hour, and still less that this was the same house that grave Wilmet had left that morning. – The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge
  2. And that's a dart of subtle repartee. – Lefty Locke Pitcher-Manager by Burt L. Standish
  3. Her movements were free, her figure dainty and her repartee, below her mask, more than usually piquant. – The Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol by William J. Locke

Rhymes for repartee

  • ged, ghee, dsv, chea, xie, si, tse, ib, disagree, ot, pattee, flee, quai, nestle, tee, oad, sie, designee, be, nabil, dea, chee, mit, cod, chablis, mcgee, pri, degree, marie, ab, lee, mpg, zee, crea, d, cac, tree, franchisee, ze, vendee, valoree, mea, mme, sightsee, ji, ddt, eap, lessee, thee, jie, fee, potpourri, jubilee, emcee, nie, gee, spree, honoree, mc, p, bui, vee, bbc, ravi, slee, nominee, de, ki, guaranty, internee, cree, brie, rea, jaycee, ye, qui, banshee, snee, trainee, qi, louie, whoopee, c3, yangtze, m3, see, esprit, brea, rb, oversea, debris, bibi, jee, syp, foresee, li, capri, tyree, bea, cie, me, hee, lp, sri, decree, pea, cyb, dupree, markee, sep, t, magee, leigh, pree, guarantee, kea, cxc, deportee, vi, enrollee, devotee, nghi, musee, quay, referee, nic, v, te, ski, khe, he, rupee, marquis, sze, tennessee, re, shi, id, knee, atp, njt, yee, rosemarie, ne, escapee, je, indri, tenn, we, lea, jessee, she, loree, rosalee, ofc, lxi, kyi, ti, spie, plea, mi, cc, conferee, ip, nee, yippee, marquee, b, se, henri, sci, c, sea, mt, kee, lsd, gutsy, ee, smee, yi, cat-3, free, mee, z, tea, key, licensee, prix, bee, lavie, klee, detainee, odp, resignee, glee, thi, zea, curie, xi, three, yie, tv, wee, mcghee, bourgeoisie, fop, enlistee, dee, pawnee, draftee, dundee, inductee, undersea, trustee, fi, waikiki, shri, andree, guarani, ree, apc, gyi, the, sheree, ve, thierry, g, bree, cd, appointee, bt, blea, goatee, retiree, flea, parolee, fsi, ranee;
  • agree, alee, adee, ac, abee, achee, albee;
  • adoree, amputee, adoptee, abt, absentee, addressee, amc;
  • geac, interviewee, irit, hnat, lapd, knbc;
  • awb;