Ring In

Pronunciation of Ring In
/ɹˈɪŋ ˈɪn/, /ɹˈɪŋ ˈɪn/, /ɹ_ˈɪ_ŋ ˈɪ_n/

Synonyms for ring in:

appear (verb)

arise, arrive, attend, bob up, break through, clock in, come, come forth, come out, come to light, crop up, develop, drop in, emerge, expose, issue, loom, materialize, occur, pop in, pop up, present, punch in, recur, rise, show, show up, spring, surface, turn up, turn out, roll in, blow in, be present, be within view, breeze in, come into view, make the scene, punch the clock, time in, check in.

attend (verb)

appear, catch, frequent, go to, haunt, make it, visit, sit in on, be there, be a guest, be at, make an appearance.

come (verb)

attain, become, burst, buzz, close in, draw near, enter, fall in, flare, get, get in, happen, move, near, originate, reach, sign in, HIT, hit town, move toward, be ready, be accessible, be at disposal, be convenient, be handy, be obtainable, fall by, sky in, spring in, wind up at.

establish (verb)

authorize, base, build, constitute, create, decree, domiciliate, enact, endow, ensconce, entrench, erect, fix, form, found, ground, implant, inaugurate, inculcate, install, institute, land, live, lodge, moor, place, plant, practice, provide, put, rivet, root, secure, set down, settle, stabilize, start, station, stick, lay foundation, start ball rolling.

found (verb)

begin, commence, construct, establish, fashion, get going, initiate, launch, organize, raise, start up, settle up, start the ball rolling.

open (verb)

bow, convene, embark, jump, kick off, meet, set in motion, sit, begin business, get things rolling, set up shop, raise the curtain.

precede (verb)

antecede, antedate, anticipate, foreshadow, guide, harbinger, head, head up, herald, introduce, lead, outrank, pace, pioneer, predate, preexist, preface, presage, rank, scout, time, usher, Forerun, go before, be ahead of, come first, go in advance, light the way, run ahead, have a head start, in space, pave the way, take precedence.

reach (verb)

come to, get to, make, overtake, gain on, catch up to, get as far as.

replace (verb)

alter, back up, compensate, give back, mend, oust, patch, put back, reconstitute, recoup, recover, redeem, redress, reestablish, refund, regain, reimburse, reinstate, repay, restitute, restore, retrieve, ring, shift, sub, substitute, succeed, supersede, supplant, supply, take out, take over, fill in, stand in, sit in, front for, outplace, pinch hit for, stand in lieu of, step into shoes of, swap places, take over from.

supplant (verb)

bounce, cast out, crowd, eject, expel, force, force out, overthrow, transfer, undermine, unseat, usurp, cut out, take the place of, swap places with.

Rhymes for ring in:

  • when, quinn, linh, ding, gwynne, ting, lunn, gun, inn, mun, ling, singh, lun, qin, in, lyn, ching, king, lin, din, dunn, winne, none, rihn, lwin, gyn, bryn, stun, ton, won, sun, thin, jin, been, gwin, tonne, lyng, swing, nun, hon, bunn, bin, bun, sling, dun, vin, brinn, wing, linne, tin, wynn, hyun, linn, jing, chin, dinh, finn, lynn, chun, ming, one, wynne, ing, sin, grun, sting, ginn, un, ng, ring, brin, gunn, yin, string, pin, shun, kun, done, guinn, guin, brun, twin, ying, gwynn, dring, runt, spin, zing, qing, kin, bring, minh, glyn, son, min, trinh, lynne, ping, quin, flinn, wring, run, glynn, shin, knin, gwyn, grin, sing, hun, dunne, spring, gin, pun, donne, brunn, jun, yun, xing, fun, rinn, gwinn, winn, rhin, win, skin, ging, kinn, cling, fin, fling, flynn, pinn, spun, bing, thing;
  • unring, chagrin, wherein, beijing, alpin, rerun, outrun, m1, berlin, emlyn, begun, has-been, therein, aswin, redone, peking, c1, outdone, kaylynn, herein, homerun, akin, eldwin, upswing, adin, begin, undone, within, allin, chongqing;
  • violin, menuhin, overdone;

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