Pronunciation of Superficial
/sˈuːpəfˈɪʃə͡l/, /sˈuːpəfˈɪʃə‍l/, /s_ˈuː_p_ə_f_ˈɪ_ʃ_əl/

Antonyms for superficial

exhaustive, bass, re curring, in to, all around, farreaching, long standing, whole-hog, most baritone, more centered, all-embracing, Clocklike, meat-and-potatoes, more particularized, INDEPTH, Penetrant, more clocklike, more difficult, be-neath, all embracing, wrapped up, most ever present, deepseated, full toned, inner most, wall-to-wall, from to z, Acroamatic, un-abating, more allconsuming, ingrainedly, more slam bang, out and out, most freethinking, up-tight, un-duest, more submarine, all-consuming, in tense, more speeded up, over-drawn, more low-toned, most focused, significant, deep keratitis, most speeded-up, over-stated, more recusant, most downreaching, Intensive Care Units, fathomless, speededup, more anarchistic, radical operation for hernia, more enfolded, bird eye, in discriminate, intensive, freethinking, discerning, more wholehog, un qualified, thorough, baritone, in most, low pitched, Extended Radical Mastectomies, birdeye, wellgrounded thorough, in-eradicable, more unabating, sub-marine, built in, Extended Radical Mastectomy, Minute Virus of Mice, most particularized, un alienable, radical, all way, wholehog, deep, inherent, birds eye, de-signing, complete, out-right, farout, un-compromising, in born, ex-act, bird's eye, out righter, more wall-to-wall, more whole-hog, across the board, un mitigated, birds-eye, thorough bred, most all encompassing, more leftist, most speeded up, global, wordest, un abating, most overdrawn, more slam-bang, allinclusive, more thorough, radical quantity, more downreaching, most yawning, more meat and potatoes, in-bred, more ever-present, analytical, more thoroughgoing, in eradicable, in curable, from a z, most slam bang, hard understand, in built, more extremist, most foundational, the word, bassest, Oxygen Radicals, critical, deeply felt, allaround, more ever present, be neath, downreaching, in blood, hard, pro-longed, more speeded-up, in-born, most wall to wall, deep-seated, fullblown, most implanted, blow by blow, all consuming, in-tensest, most orphic, re current, out right, mature, longlived, most wholehog, viscerous, more embracive, re-current, more subaqueous, indwelling, bird'seye, pre-occupied, sweeping, in-curable, more meat-and-potatoes, more all consuming, basser, long lived, lowpitched, unabating, more all-consuming, in-built, allembracing, more unalienable, running in family, pre occupied, Free Radical Scavengers, wise, more all-embracing, hard to understand, most ever-present, foundational, detailed, most thorough, inbuilt, most clocklike, most intensified, more all encompassing, full-toned, low toned, wisest, Radical Neck Dissections, more foundational, most full toned, more full toned, Surgical Intensive Care, more inbuilt, de tailed, Radicality, straight out, ever-present, in grained, most centered, more everpresent, more allencompassing, in dispensable, most thoroughly, most allconsuming, builtin, careful, more persisting, most wall-to-wall, in-tensive, all out, most beneath, more thorough-going, allout, most fathomless, more wall to wall, intimate, everpresent, most allencompassing, most inbuilt, more all-encompassing, soup to nuts, Mice Minute Virus, pro founder, more all embracing, un-alienable, longstanding, most submarine, Fatal Outcomes, in-discriminate, more in to, from z, in the blood, most slam-bang, in depth, more thoroughly, most into, most thorough-going, more slambang, un-qualified, extra-ordinary, Radical Mastectomies, straightout, under ground, all the way, most fulltoned, Slam-bang, pro-founder, most sunk, profound, out-righter, Fatal Familial Insomnias, Modified Radical Mastectomies, un fathomable, wide, in-grained, more orphic, most low-toned, more implanted, lowtoned, speeded-up, ever present, more speededup, genuine, most ultraist, more overstated, deep rooted, more plotting, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, most all embracing, most meat and potatoes, in tenser, de-tailed, most extremist, most anarchistic, in the grain, more recurring, in-subordinate, fulltoned, definitive, sub marine, broad, deep fascia, subaqueous, deep-rooted, deeprooted, most enfolded, more insurrectionary, Radical Neck Dissection, anarchistic, extensive, seismic, most leftist, minuter, inner-most, Overdrawn, more fulltoned, running family, more baritone, all inclusive, un compromising, de signing, Embracive, most speededup, Mice Minute Viruses, most delphic, ingrained, un yielding, in dividual, low-toned, in tent, leftist, most subaqueous, more acroamatic, most thorough going, un-duer, un-mitigated, intense, ex tensive, most in to, extra ordinary, birdseye, most submerged, un duest, no stone unturned, ex act, more intensified, more resident, far reaching, most acroamatic, Superoxide Radical, all encompassing, Ultraist, more overdrawn, inwrought, RADIC, Idoxuridine Radical Ion, part parcel, more low toned, Pediatric Intensive Care Units, speeded up, lingering, re-curring, un-yielding, under-lying, far-reaching, fulldress, most meat-and-potatoes, un-due, serious, most allembracing, in subordinate, in-tenser, re sonant, pro found, slambang, more focused, most whole-hog, running the family, most all consuming, most insurrectionary, most resident, more delphic, in tensive, most lowtoned, all-out, thoughtful, orphic, preoccupied, allconsuming, penetrating, most unabating, bird's-eye, slam bang, general, in bred, in-dividual, most embracive, Deep Peroneal Neuropathies, more whole hog, sensible, up tight, Bird-eye, in-dispensable, more submerged, sub-merged, most everpresent, inclusive, most whole hog, recusant, un due, pro-found, out rightest, soup nuts, in-tense, most recusant, deep seated, most below, most recurring, more ultraist, allencompassing, more lowtoned, most all-embracing, more below, more fathomless, most slambang, in grain, all-encompassing, re-sonant, sub-aqueous, Deep Venous Thromboses, Deep Peroneal Neuropathy, more full-toned, running in the family, most plotting, more into, thorough going, important.