Pronunciation of Miss
/mˈɪs/, /mˈɪs/, /m_ˈɪ_s/

Antonyms for miss

be in line for, wert ruled by, buries in, xouts, being just ticket, be convenient, looking in, becomes infected with, come a head, takes hold of, were sensible of, do bidding, catch on, re occupying, hast case, setting off, over awed, re viewed, dis charged, doth bang up job, re views, go with, pro curing, gets an eyeful of, be turned on to, doest turn, boils down to, gets into head, gat bearings, re invigorate, do as one says, tabbing, move toward, doth trick, does t, un-bury, has look see, did what is expected, are first, dost ones thing, commentated, dis position, figure, un cloaked, in-vested, re couped, re constructed, doth right, am out woods, be contiguous to, re cognized, rubs eyeballs, re-pairs, get in shape, paying attention to, in-curring, getting ones bearings, gets through, is comparable to, wert turned to, in-novation, showing clearly, haul in, have a looksee, have hand, committed memory, fore-tell, gives ears, pre-vails, crack books, be-come, passed on, did ones bidding, wast seemly, forming judgment, in spires, gets a whiff, gat someone's goat, called up, didst one's bidding, are ruled by, getting it, commentate, getting comeuppance, art ones lot, be one's lot, appearing as, over hauled, digs in to the past, nail it, re touching, begs borrow or steal, hit bricks, are useful, un-scrambles, comes mind, bellies up to, was aware of, takes care business, feeling up, possess, be handy, not let went, sur rounded, made fortune, haddest to name, went in for, ran with ball, elicit, being like, in-quired, meeting face to face, over-take, comes conclusion, did one's duty, got hold of, is adequate, broke record, art informed, preforms, re collect, gives a hearing, un buries, give the once over, makes sure, put one's foot down, Martyring, does bang up job, de-terminated, come a conclusion, be-wildered, be read, brought to fruition, doest as says, dost job, becoming aware, laid down, lies beside, were given due, putting two and two together, becoming conscious of, digging up, was within view, doeth one thing, stumble upon, wert sufficient, re commences, doing one's duty, de-rive, dispelling doubt, putting in force, dealt blow, sur-mises, de-livering, re-cognition, smelt out, re-members, complying with, bear mind, hath a look-see, stoppered, Replevy, gat the hang of, puts mind at ease, come conclusion, de-livers, verged up on, show once for all, jot down, took steps, putting an appearance, lay down, dis credited, doth a bangup job, take under advisement, topping off, coming together, hands onto, trans acts, gat out of way, hung one hat, are sensible of, Palmed, am given ones due, cash on, overspreading, wert smitten by, gets to bottom, gat back feet, re volt, are taught, re-forms, is conspicuous, staying in the clouds, reaches zenith, getting earful, set out, ex-tended, be-holding, ostending, crossing threshold, carrying to completion, cornering the market, leads by nose, looksaw, over runs, wound at, effectuate, orgasmed, blundering upon, Garroting, deliver goods, pro cess, seeing light, becoming versed, de lineated, perform, hath hunch, did the job, take account of, re-touched, de-coding, doeth one proud, winnings, makes short work of, off-the-cuffing, in-dwells, be-gotten, in ducts, being comparable to, giving rise to, re-collecting, smashed into, over-seen, Spruced, art turned to, fore told, re appearing, rule over, getting one hands on, am close to, opening up, take over, fell to the lot, have hunch, impinged upon, comes like, caught a glimpse of, digged in to the past, do as says, un ravels, alighted up on, telling from, caught drift, hadst a looksee, was familiar, reacquired, over-whelming, cared for, impacted on, buttoning down, runs into, be turned to, does a t, rediscovered, gat what is coming one, carry day, give rise to, stubbed toe on, severalize, plays second fiddle, was given one due, airings, comes in first, re-vised, came to a conclusion, acceding to, wert in action, showed one's face, gave a hearing, retread, gotten down pat, de-fray, under-gone, boiled down to, had to name, worked out a deal, fixed upon, were worthy of, be wildering, Reverencing, transorts, de-clare, dis-embarked, puts rights, makes well, under-taken, got out of way, tunes in on, ran into, put over, ad lib, getting out the way, make a hit, is victorious, being contiguous to, over took, close with, art apprised of, wert comparable to, are use, keep in contact, come to a conclusion, sur-mounted, are enough, out distance, bringing to maturity, begs borrow steal, was use, pre side, doest t, over takes, did right, becoming known, struck note, noticings, be the ticket, cotched, were out woods, catch on to, did bangup job, kept close, holds sway over, occupy oneself with, takes gander, unshrouds, GOTCHA, were accessible, am apprised of, over take, uncloaks, call upon, cashing on, steadying, puts to death, out-stripping, buying out, hath vibes, being sensitive, didst a bang-up job, fixing in the mind, corresponding to, pays one's dues, make a fortune, hang out, unmaskings, give way, works through, saw to, catalogged, re-curred, put lock on, gotten an earful, are accessible, get someones goat, super vised, laid hands on, dis-mounting, de-lineate, certainty, art advised, letting someone have it, laying hands on, impact on, clocks in, leading up to, rivet the eyes on, come forth, garrotes, brake out with, were aware, brought to close, cracked books, taking heart, gat one's hands on, authored, referring to, Fringing, be told of, putting into effect, up holds, have the right to, brush upon, bringing a close, am trained, hit town, pop in, in dwells, impinge upon, commit, de sign, was sensible of, pro created, de noted, bringing close, sub-dues, super intends, coming over, opened into, riveting eyes on, being given ones due, didst to t, came to light, get out from under, counter-poising, is conscious of, deals blow, blew in, Rus, cracks the books, de-signs, being accessible, dis-charges, get right, filling up, are strike, under takes, occurred to, gazed open mouthed, have done with, ex-pose, voted in, uncoverings, keeping touch, give heed to, engaging in, in novation, comes forth, specialized in, wast attentive, decode, moving toward, hanged ones hat, ingather, am sufficient, coming home, dropped by, railroading through, gotten in to head, hitting bullseye, uncovering, reached zenith, over-taking, gat fingers on, bellies to, sew up, get one hands on, answered need, in corporate, hit on, hadst semblance, approach, de-livered, didst one thing, ex-tends, am the ticket, uncloaked, ex cogitates, am presented, gets wise to, passed through, takes to heart, stared at, holding to, was endowed with, gat shape, grand standing, pile up, sets rights, keep contact, carries to completion, weigh in, inter posed, carries day, keeps touch, carried day, art turned on to, Right-about, regain ones health, riveted the eyes on, re-marks, give audience to, obtain, makes appearance, staggered along, eyeballing, comes to a conclusion, chances on, pro-claiming, trialing, get eyeful of, dis criminated, coming decision, leading to, sur face, drop anchor, does all right, de-cipher, thought of, un burying, digged into the past, were ready, am read, re-cords, make young again, esteem, drops by, dis-tressed, falling up on, are cognizant of, chance upon, dwelling upon, be enough, Accounted, flips through, gets in shape, dealt in, gat through one head, teem with, re-captures, hitting the bullseye, re bounding, coming forth, haddest information, begging borrow steal, gat to know, bring about, inter-pose, is contact, clock in, is one's lot, make fortune, out done, kept the faith, receive, dost the job, be-seemed, detection, in-habit, Rimming, dost bidding, dis-entangling, ex-plained, de picts, getting ready, happened up on, were conspicuous, handed onto, disciplined, making a hit, gat in there, regained ones strength, were cognizant of, hath a feeling, being victorious, dropping anchor, hanging words, de ciphers, in clines, be engaged in, corresponds to, being plausible, re builds, pumps up, make buy, taking notice of, trench on, signed up, dost a bang up job, boffs, cracking down, be heading, did what is told, gotten into one's head, cracked the books, dis coursed, making for, kept an eye on, hangs one hat, alighted upon, passes upon, over hears, minded the store, met with, minded store, does one's duty, puts lock on, zero on, art successful, regard, continues to, dost ones bidding, re vising, ex-pound, am adjacent to, scratched the surface, pro create, make sense of, Individuating, feeling in gut, be accessible, doeth what is told, go after, coming on like, hit bulls-eye, is ones lot, take turn for better, be haves, look-see, involve oneself, getting one fingers on, reacquiring, Re-open, punched clock, is all ears, impress, regaining health, digs into past, re tain, orientates, goes whole hog, orientated, de-mean, re pairs, in haling, in cites, re-vamped, buying in to, making hay, falls victim to, proceed with, walking away with, hast semblance, making amends, hit bull'seye, called upon, meet with, re commends, are turned on to, make purchase, be-seeming, play part, re-acquiring, pre forming, had name, nosing out, catch drift, came agreement, puts death, trips on, pre destine, reaches the zenith, didst bangup job, buffaloed, gat fat, dis closures, looking after, being enough, getting through, do ones duty, carried to completion, de fraying, have knowledge of, got the impression, smokes out, zeroing on, adhering to, carrying off, appeared as, bellying up to, striking as, is sure, lay next to, de-tains, snapping up, open up, make one's home, wast ears, dredge up, re dresses, be sets, answers a need, turns the trick, lies near, am one lot, in-spects, wert aware, are subjected to, de coded, art sensitive, in-creased, getting to bottom, am given one's due, moves toward, being at disposal, dis interring, tumbling in to, staggers along, keep under surveillance, didst to turn, under-takes, re presents, dis-charge, counter-balances, ausculted, exposed oneself to, punching clock, disambiguates, make progress, hast knowledge of, compares with, bringing home the groceries, pre determine, electro cute, making known, re building, hits the bull eye, deliver the goods, electro cutes, Ultimated, re-united, de-coded, fore-casts, bring in to being, wast in line for, sail through, approved accept, lighted upon, takes note, trains in, looming up, was worthy of, being ears, up-holds, bring pass, comes into view, am at hand, are conversant in, deflection, make well, re siding, re-lived, wert at hand, refitted, do the trick, log, purchase, paid dues, doth as one says, freezes to, being introduced, carried oneself, is in receipt of, in-habiting, interpreted as, kenning, put into effect, copping, art action, de bunk, dost one duty, makes a fortune, am in action, authoring, gotten a load of, pro-claims, got as result, having on good authority, out weigh, accuracy, doeth one's bidding, gave hearing, gotten message, rack up, is endowed with, de riving, dis tending, in-gathered, up-setting, are at disposal, come mind, open into, re-member, being employed by, got what is coming to one, kept in touch, commit to memory, go toward, sketch out, were master of, butting on, get into ones head, run up against, get into one head, am sensitive, re cover, over-runs, make a killing, be-think, come agreement, return form, re animate, take the sights, giving attention, hath down pat, pre-sents, made a buy, measures up, dis tressed, gobbles up, were sure, be conscious of, does as says, is in contact, re cognizing, ex-cogitating, art in receipt of, take a gander, go route, gets comeuppance, re-bounds, art obtainable, am hand, impinge up on, take possession of, gets back feet, answering need, gat one bearings, looks after, be coming, doth bang-up job, pro fit, brought down on, rings a bell, didst what one is told, feel bones, hitting high spot, touches up on, ex-pounds, dis-patches, going see, coming to a conclusion, got out way, make clear, hit the bulleye, Advantaging, getting the picture, hast done with, sit in, become able, re opens, get out way, took the prize, doing to a t, dropt anchor, does proud, bringing fruition, am within view, alights upon, re vivifying, doest a bang-up job, cotton, gets line, gets what is coming to one, cashes in on, fills the bill, soaking up, in-hale, timed in, art versed, re-straining, doth one duty, dis-tilled, getting down pat, be out of woods, leaves a mark, finish front, steamrolled, major in, are given, double-check, go strike, pro creating, pronounces sentence, score, catching a glimpse of, calling it a day, stumble across, pumped up, counter-poises, make ready, is told, gotten point, gotten load of, had funny feeling, sur-mise, in spects, re claim, being worthy of, are born with, clung to, met face face, un-ravelled, gotchaed, were advised, gets one hands on, gotten it, pronounced sentence, walk off with, wert contiguous to, be presented, doeth justice to, gat results, fell with, gat what is coming to one, hits up on, re-animated, Winging, commits memory, diagramming, re marked, makes fortune, wert cognizant, made fast buck, dost a number, loomed up, gotten through one's head, gotten well, sub-serves, wast engaged in, keep the faith, hold dear, Differencing, are trained, eagle-eying, tumbled into, dug up, put to rights, is good enough, sur-render, dis-entangles, be sensitive, trans-posing, Beseemed, putting over, runs across, success, didst justice, doest the job, be fit, are blessed with, re quires, came together, gat an eyeful of, pro fits, gotten picture, fore-casting, gives attention, wised to, brings to a close, reminisce, make it, getting shape, getting the message, having to name, fore ordained, de-ciphers, buy out, forgathers, gets as far as, offed, holding fast, doing justice, Ferreting, comes to agreement, hit the bullseye, gat hang of, thinks out, tell, in-fix, did justice, practice, wast given one's due, rivets the eyes on, earned wings, doest what is told, de-pict, gotten touch, relives, arrives at, put to death, fore seeing, in-clines, come with, tumbles into, pre serve, pre vailing, flection, re-formed, be getting, works out a deal, un-cover, make comeback, came forth, lay hands on, put one foot down, re-collection, counter balanced, pro-create, be-wared, gat well, being out of woods, was versed, de-feats, re news, kept promise, hang on words, brims over, re-generate, beware, discharge, beg borrow or steal, counter poised, art read, is given, expose oneself to, called up on, comprehend, counter-vailed, give once over, harkened, sets off, gat from, is out of woods, dug into the past, gat the floor, doest all right, keep faith, hit the bull'seye, ritualize, de terminated, running up against, in-crease, art afflicted with, Palming, are handy, am conversant in, bringing to a close, hitting pay dirt, be useful, pops up, staid in the clouds, has down pat, in-corporate, wert blessed with, de-limits, sky in, sit down, was informed, auscults, filled bill, hang one's hat, catch sight of, brings a close, gazing open-mouthed, lead up to, tell apart, re strained, skyed in, wast ruled by, re vivified, in-corporates, distinguishings, de-scribing, extend to, cracks down, re corded, sur mounted, un-folding, am good enough, broke the record, going the limit, sorted out, keeping mind, am on strike, de ducting, pass through, gotten into ones head, cotching, doth to a t, playact, being line for, closed with, re acting, art line for, gets the impression, catch with, bow to, doeth the trick, hit pay dirt, blunders up on, put into order, re-lives, haddest name, argue into, de-meaning, Stoppering, kept forever, falling to the lot, reads riot act, develops in to, do a bangup job, prevail up on, am excited, de-flection, made contact with, scrapes together, un-earth, acting upon, tops off, Circumstantiating, turn one's head, lay claim to, be wared, rises to crescendo, got in to one's head, kept tabs on, am schooled, became infected with, make a comeback, comes together, caught with, are action, going as far as, am accessible, stopped by, in-grained, deal blow, identifyings, slow down, staring at, eagle-eyeing, were acquainted, over flow, were one's lot, wage, de ciphered, pre vailed, make dent, haddest down pat, be given one's due, are out of woods, be master of, passing sentence, got someone goat, reachings, jots down, wast in receipt of, keeps up on, looked after, didst a bangup job, look-saw, be-coming, contrive, dis-criminating, art subjected to, hit spot, de rived, going through with, being proper for, fore gathering, has knowledge of, has right to, set down, works out deal, ex tending, re acted, does duty, be-seems, doest ones duty, determinating, grows famous, spiriting away, were engaged in, laid ones hands on, developed in to, making progress, dis-tributes, passes comment, dis-pose, make known, re-habilitating, pre vail, be-set, lay one's hands on, broke for, breaking through, win, did what one is told, soaked up, got impression, up dated, was sure, art found, carry the day, thinking of, ausculting, leaning on, get load of, feasting one's eyes, counter-vails, hadst good authority, provides means, puzzle out, didst to a t, flashing on, re ported, art taught, savvied, double-checking, art conscious of, breezes in, being master of, x outs, counter vail, hath coming, look like, pro duce, busted in, wert adjacent to, scratches the surface, over flown, run circles around, know, establish, were conversant in, were just the ticket, turns head, re-animating, de served, descry, play part of, took into consideration, out-weighs, has feeling, sur-mount, opening in to, wert contact, re new, wert plausible, occupied oneself with, becomes known, got shape, got sick, make evident, put ones foot down, keeping possession, garrote, wert given one's due, is at disposal, caught the drift, stumbled across, dis-position, getting the knack of, Shoaling, foregathering, approving accept, hopped on, Husbanding, out-witting, gat into, flipped through, pre disposition, sur mount, put shame, ex-plicated, re-appears, de scribes, be introduced, butts on, in-haling, foregathers, over-flown, taking care business, carries through, make ones home, keeps eye on, dis tilled, dis-coursed, de tours, doublechecked, makes heads or tails of, running smack in to, over-power, hit the bulls-eye, broke out with, regains ones strength, get know, re-call, hanged one's hat, were ears, doeth bidding, serving purpose, gat line, answers need, being sufficient, over powers, over spread, did a turn, re vivifies, live to, diagnose, serve the purpose, dost ones duty, were versed, setting apart, coming to agreement, had knowledge of, made a purchase, gives face lift to, over-flowed, fore-telling, arrive home, Massing, re takes, insisting on, taking the sights, catching up with, pro-vides, going after, discover, falls ill with, is impressed, brings maturity, pin down, Sprucing, re-furbishes, be thinking, out strip, hadst a case, be gotten, riveting the eyes on, re-new, fall with, un-tangled, carry out, hadst memories, concentrating on, pro-viding, being aware, enter up on, hath look-see, DO, getting know, gat into one head, gazed openmouthed, identify, dis-posing, doest a bang up job, ruled over, pouring in, ferret, got the picture, re-tread, paid a call, dis-charging, gets to know, pre served, doeth to t, come like, plentifulness, doth one's bidding, going toward, pinning down, winned back, Certifications, carving out, gat an earful, rediscover, came mind, working out deal, art born with, art given, being at hand, Unearthing, under take, doth one's duty, passing on, get one's bearings, buttoned up, over-reach, dis-comfits, out weighing, re captured, be like, having a looksee, do to t, being disposal, grand stand, gat a hold of, in grain, did ones thing, voting in, took heart, be obtainable, art use, fished out, pro posing, striking, dis comfit, discern, be versed, trans-acting, re-vitalizing, wert seemly, serves purpose, takes cake, makes one's home, becomes able, acting up on, sub due, arrive, re-stored, un-lock, brings back, re-commence, re-vivified, vising, get out of way, doth t, recover, keep in mind, detect, calling day, bonks, dis-cern, finding human resources, wert sensitive, doest thing, individualize, de-tain, be-little, be familiar, hit bull-eye, fixing in mind, un-maskings, be-thinks, gotten in to one head, took notice of, rendering role, bringing maturity, making a buy, didst a t, putting through, recommenced, made progress, counter-balancing, arriving home, gassing, having name, chances up on, carrying to, pre determined, come, showed one face, being versed, fill, get in to one's head, passes on, coming light, gets top, dis closure, hadst done with, reliving, exposed to, gotten out from under, hits the bull's-eye, make a profit, puff up, re-furbished, be good enough for, getting results, Carding, make heads tails of, un maskings, minding store, bows to, rose crescendo, made decision, light upon, dis-interred, perfection, dis-posed, touching up on, Overawing, sets in order, are contiguous to, pay a call, scratching surface, un-coverings, un tangle, didst proud, brooding over, going to town, went limit, art hand, bag, re cognizances, re served, hanged it up, de limits, dis criminates, be-fall, set rights, am cognizant of, came a decision, be fits, knows again, run in to, doeth one bidding, gotten the impression, knows for certain, palms, creeps up, got wise to, corners the market, link up, fell to lot, takes heart, shows face, gat someone goat, were good enough for, doeth justice, dredges up, has vibes, gets earful, taking a gander, give a hearing, digs up, takes part, being visible, does one's thing, hold to, was gainfully employed, being familiar, re commence, pounce on, de-bunk, feasted eyes on, fore-ordaining, touch, be of use, under-went, forced up on, didst ones thing, made big, bellying to, win over, copes with, took in sights, earns wings, wert presented, pre scribing, be good enough, comes an agreement, hears tell, lights upon, fore-gathers, pay ones dues, meet, re generate, re cognition, didst justice to, get ready, caught up, comes a decision, gives an audience to, paying one dues, having the right to, seize, lays down law, comes in to, took under advisement, got the hang of, corking up, be thought, in validated, re-plenishing, winded up at, returned form, making a fortune, catch to, prospect, putting in an appearance, staid put, saw through, un masks, in vests, gat one's bearings, wast informed, un-riddling, pre dispositions, un folds, clean up, thumbed, have to name, are close to, buried oneself in, collide, chance on, is good enough for, put an end to, was in receipt of, super intend, re possesses, crossed path, de pict, re-gained, walked with, de noting, Differenced, pro-bed, held fast, pro cure, make one home, gat the point, taking prize, over spreads, un-veiling, making ones home, espial, keep ones eye on, putting to bed, do trick, playing games, complies with, pricks up ears, letting in, was read, getting out of way, looks at, running across, get hands on, signing in, be waring, pre-serves, handed, de terminate, go that route, sizing, soften up, de limiting, hitting bricks, finishing in front, ex act, hits bulleye, counter poises, gat earful, be disposal, look seeing, doing one's thing, xout, gat as far as, doing number, is close to, dis-concerting, over-taken, catches up to, un-earthed, dis-mounts, moves in on, in dwelt, re-invigorated, re versal, apprehendings, am all ears, got an earful, getting an earful, intuit, were out of woods, in-duce, fixed mind, sails through, brim over, re-dressing, were enough, takes notice of, nose out, got from, be-thinking, pay one dues, occurs to, is affected, pre-occupied, lays claim to, poring over, de frays, am enough, make amends, is ticket, coming up against, is sufficient, wert disposal, being out woods, gotten hands on, takes care of business, hanged one hat, tossing off, hits town, hit the bull eye, re took, catches up with, steamroll, vised, implement, cross threshold, gains possession, makes big, gloms onto, blundered upon, whop, bringing home groceries, care for, come around, dis mounted, gloms, took care of business, gets into, de ported, forging ahead, over whelms, pro-cesses, carve out, search for, got one's hands on, regain one's strength, gotten in touch, strike, am with it, making splash, de-vising, take decision, in crease, re-takes, eagle-eyes, get the message, were conscious of, enthuses, dis-till, clinging to, conform to, comes to conclusion, tumble into, coming in first, dis mount, start anew, am afflicted with, re-marking, majoring in, dis-mounted, be acquainted, were metaphysical, was comparable to, made evident, running in to, punch the clock, ex acting, am handy, gained victory, derive, make, got ready, making purchase, pronounce sentence, was good enough for, dis concerted, develop in to, developing in to, re-cognizances, wert one's lot, art present, gotten the point, ex cited, didst turn, co axed, training in, belly up to, calls up on, were affected, clocked in, regains one strength, setting upon, jotted down, solve, turning ones head, un cloaks, are ones lot, hear, un-scrambled, fore-see, wast comparable to, finger, am acquainted, delivering the goods, gat through, be conversant in, de terminating, art aware of, feeling certain, gets the floor, didst trick, re-cognizance, in-vents, be given one due, counter vails, show face, de flection, bring home groceries, wast successful, re-occupy, hate, carry completion, break for, strength, take care of business, clocking in, re-vivify, de termination, gave heed to, bury in, stag, comes light, Tenanting, re verse, gat touch, ex hume, gets through one head, come to have, double checking, doth ones thing, were blessed with, searched out, came in to, puts in an appearance, conformed to, singling out, goes through with, rigidifies, come to an agreement, putting death, arrive in time, re volts, do t, be in receipt of, lives by, hitting the bulleye, makes buy, gain access, arrived time, passed upon, go as far as, keeps mind, doth to turn, makes impression, listened up, breathe new life in to, doing all right, have funny feeling, Martyred, run into, impresses as, luxuriate in, doeth all right, hang it up, sufficiency, over powering, wert told of, moved forward, didst t, ex plicates, haddest charge of, regained one's strength, re-fit, doth a turn, felt gut, having done with, art out woods, being present, looking for, having charge of, out-weighing, under-going, re-cognized, makes clear, un-folded, re-animates, giving a hearing, show, doest one's duty, carry through, doing to turn, am born with, arriving in time, re-uniting, laying fingers on, making dent, gave the once over, art in action, be hold, be first, doth a bang-up job, prehend, draws in, having a feeling, re member, bulged out, in quired, did all right, passes through, hanging it up, made ones home, gets through head, falls with, come light, read riot act, de ciphering, were adjacent to, rediscovering, getting as result, being with it, ferreting outs, doublechecking, staring, un-fold, understand, gat the drift, gat hold of, showing bad light, are conscious of, be cognizant, gat through ones head, moving forward, gets touch, refusing to work, sur-face, dost one proud, get drift, train in, wert aware of, putting in to order, catches on to, give onto, conforming to, exposing to, gotten one hands on, keeping up on, hanging one hat, tell between, draw in, run against, lies next to, ingathers, made in to law, pre-forming, happen upon, hath a hunch, hit bull's eye, dost duty, pre-side, wast excited, got an eyeful of, putting appearance, crossed threshold, hangs words, harken, got eyeful of, puts practice, gat out the way, blueprinting, be victorious, counter-balanced, doest ones bidding, art acquainted, de frayed, forcing up on, gainings, be born with, re conditioning, lay bare, burying in, re serve, wising up to, bagged it, brought a close, comes to mind, beseems, doing what is expected, re strain, telling between, got better, get an eyeful of, reached peak, un raveling, dis patches, Worsting, dis embarks, acquit oneself, wert conversant in, overawe, re discovering, putting end to, Dooming, brings to close, with-held, leaves behind, under-standing, got in shape, having vibes, over reached, are successful, reading riot act, dis playing, dis-tilling, took gander, ex asperating, re-coups, taking captive, refreshed memory, coped with, come on like, art sensible of, Disciplining, coming to a decision, make decision, call up, be proper for, is turned on to, doest as one says, am convenient, Gassed, art good enough, dragoons, getting done, sits down, re versions, Copped, re acquiring, up sets, out distanced, making use of, gets the top, being one lot, de-duce, take the cake, re uniting, rolled on, counter balance, latching onto, de-signed, falls upon, gotten floor, were given, payed one's dues, catches a glimpse of, gets the hang of, pre-siding, feast eyes, touched up on, am plausible, preforming, being lot, setting down, preoccupy, gat in line, payed attention to, crosses path, sprang in, over rules, engaged in, lie beside, all owing, gat ones hands on, was aware, am contiguous to, put in to effect, are impressed, goes for broke, catching glimpse of, counter poise, doeth a turn, gat the top, get fat, stay in the clouds, gotten in shape, took the cake, feel gut, latches to, up-holding, gotten the drift, re-deem, art good enough for, re pairing, doest thoroughly, meet up with, form judgment, am contact, marking off, re porting, being told, face, pull it off, is subjected to, time in, de scribing, worked through, impressing as, sense, bunch up, co axing, gotten sick, de-feat, do one's thing, are the ticket, hang hat, trenched on, makes possible, pay dues, stumbles on, keeps faith, carries completion, are comparable to, did a number, wert close to, obtain again, pre destined, got with it, re animating, had done with, was told of, re-spect, feasts ones eyes, mind, pre-scribing, be adequate, be plausible, doing a bang-up job, gets someone goat, dis tress, refer to, made up mind, goes after, tabbed, re-serving, are visible, un veils, windings, re cording, Shepherded, is presented, puts across, have coming, got into one's head, refitting, brake through, wast visible, gotten done, off the cuffing, pops in, dost a t, got into one head, pricking ears, being handy, finishing front, makes contact with, wert ones lot, re opening, un zips, passing through, leaves mark, over seen, pre pared, dost one's thing, re curred, tuned on, de-termination, doth what is told, being excited, make sure, de fraud, earning wings, Personating, capiching, all-owed, lets have it, came have, regain one health, make killing, pay for, re mark, sucked in, gotten right, did duty, show clearly, feasted eyes, didst all right, closing in, hit bullseye, counter-poise, de codes, stumbling across, wast told of, walks off with, doest what one is told, turn, doth one thing, art conversant in, ex citing, talking in to, wert schooled, gotten the idea, were sufficient, de serves, saw the light, making in to law, succeed to, de-rives, ex-terminate, served the purpose, up held, doing bang-up job, re-quire, making the grade, putting in appearance, wast turned on to, run with the ball, entering in, cotches, had feeling, falls in with, hitting bull'seye, am told of, got one bearings, having a case, sorting out, turning trick, being successful, gotten knack of, paying for, re quire, was given due, making fast buck, drops anchor, sets up on, brimming over, minors in, gotten earful, be aware of, look in, climb to, forgathered, beg borrow steal, call it a day, prevail, buttoning up, are on strike, work on, gotten through, fix mind, goes route, double-checks, hitting bulls eye, re-unites, dealing a blow, gaze open-mouthed, feasting one eyes, checking up on, eagleeying, is worthy of, hadst funny feeling, reacquire, dis-criminate, dost as says, deal a blow, stumbles up on, in stalled, re-vising, gets hold of, latches onto, hadst case, savvying, am disposal, serves the purpose, wading through, with held, lucked out, appreciate, wert successful, am led believe, ex cogitated, hits the bullseye, fore-ordains, gat to, doest bang-up job, wert line for, gat someones goat, replevined, re claims, pre formed, breathed new life into, compared with, does number, determinated, puzzled out, be holdings, bunched up, over-awing, sprung in, Cinched, does right, doest duty, pro duces, is contiguous to, wast aware of, Auscult, leaving mark, was responsible for, wert informed, carries oneself, ex-posed, laying claim to, keeping tabs on, ex-acted, re assured, being conspicuous, gather up, zeroing in on, fall ill with, looks in on, getting one's fingers on, make use of, buttons down, putting screws to, bring maturity, re-news, calling upon, de rive, finishes off, pro vide, set upon, was presented, Cinching, did proud, dost the trick, shaking hands, de-clares, de-signing, gets shape, correction, leaved mark, gets to top, gets to the top, riveted eyes on, ran in to, locate, am visible, hung words, arrived in time, have a feeling, reached the zenith, falls lot, getting to, took notice, get in touch, have look see, crossing path, bellied up to, doest right, re-commends, represents oneself, re cognitions, are apprised of, foregather, arrive at, taking place, recollect, do ones bidding, waded through, verges up on, be aware, searches out, doeth bang-up job, Percussed, appears as, wast convenient, got what is coming one, doing trick, sur-mounts, carry to completion, button up, seeing daylight, re-tain, un locking, are sure, re-gaining, distinguish, dost number, be ready, pro moting, re vitalized, art victorious, in-habits, fall by, did one proud, be seemly, puts to bed, pre disposing, cognized, get one fingers on, button down, put force, be present, were with it, had a hunch, ex-position, dis tilling, takes a decision, served purpose, makes ready, make a meet, puffs up, doth turn, roll on, de-terminates, ex-terminated, doeth the job, hadst charge of, got to bottom, pro-vided, art conspicuous, doeth bangup job, doth ones duty, hangs ones hat, sit on, make a buy, pre-scribe, suffering from, am turned on to, dis closes, re possessing, showing once for all, come to, doeth duty, turn ones head, re-live, takes over, wast schooled, kept one's eye on, out witted, in spiring, be-headed, give hearing, Animadverting, chalk up, remember, counter balances, mind store, brings to fruition, de-fraud, wert first, make willing, re-minded, turned trick, delivers the goods, secerns, be on strike, re aching, boffing, being of use, gets hang of, be metaphysical, paying one's dues, with holds, in fixed, talk into, dis-credit, find human resources, be think, giving the once over, doublechecks, tenanted, doeth t, scraped together, puts in force, re-plenishes, over whelm, showed face, gat drift, sur mise, dost bangup job, figured out, makes a hit, hadst information, getting a hold of, gloved, chouses, gathering up, meeting requirement, bringing to close, hadst feeling, breathes new life into, fore gathered, de signing, re-visiting, right about, butt on, de tain, be strike, am ready, pass in, feel, bob up, wast at hand, art one's lot, takes place, caught on, pro spect, re appear, am proper for, being aware of, didst thoroughly, making buy, Patting, sits on, right abouts, Apprenticing, in habit, dis-criminates, de mean, brooded over, settle, made young again, cash in on, co-oking, go limit, is sensitive, be fall, bide, pushing around, refreshing memory, conforms to, blew away, brought close, doing one thing, trans literate, dis close, leads by the nose, getting one bearings, gotten back feet, come up against, fixt mind, getting eyeful of, re visit, blunders upon, un-zips, wise up to, going whole hog, pro cures, wast sensitive, gaze open mouthed, took by surprise, Valuing, serve, trans-act, de duct, were first, does justice to, un masking, recommences, filling bill, did turn, goes toward, de-ducted, put bed, soaks up, de-sign, re-minding, come in to, luck out, breathed new life in to, were subjected to, stack up, was strike, stayed clouds, hast good authority, be-wilders, re claiming, pro-created, being told of, secern, make an impression, de frauds, doing a t, got wind of, came light, creeped up, remembrance, think out, doing duty, doeth ones bidding, sells for, ex plicating, ex tends, over-hears, pick up, punched the clock, re unites, un tangled, taking for ride, was ticket, fixes in the mind, managing get, kept under surveillance, get a whiff, fix, give new life to, forgather, sized, re side, makes hay, putting one foot down, ex torts, laid down the law, didst what is expected, re construct, execute, in-validating, with-holds, making a comeback, in-fixes, re-took, numina, get fingers on, ran smack into, in-validates, gets the drift, be fitting, respect, were proper for, dwell upon, counter balancing, broke through, being sure, sub served, re stores, tcbing, regained ones health, runs in to, un scrambles, staid in clouds, be came, super-intending, re-collects, picks up on, gat eyeful of, go see, popped in, gets the picture, gaining victory, made it big, feasts one eyes, apperceive, rehabbing, are engaged in, put in practice, are in action, was in action, scratches surface, sees light, refuses to work, gat floor, make home, de-bunking, shows up, are worthy of, de duce, retro-versions, fore-tells, mops up, is led to believe, re-animate, ex plicated, ex-cavate, gat a load of, in habiting, draws near, over-run, keep one eye on, render role, gets out from under, ex-posing, apprehend, doest bang up job, piled up, dispels doubt, keeping in mind, sub serves, de-ciphering, wast ready, re presented, timing in, keeping close, hanged hat, make impression, made hit, fit in, be found, come by, pays attention, doeth trick, checks on, spirited away, took possession, lay ones hands on, re-assured, live by, rivetted eyes on, catch up with, grasp, twists one's arm, whacking, re-view, re sides, were receipt of, held sway over, pro claimed, fore-saw, wast given ones due, getting through one head, trans acting, re-served, gotten one bearings, in creasing, got the drift, gets ready, paying call, hitting on, getting with it, represent oneself, took note, takes meaning, being good enough for, committing to memory, sur-prise, regained one's health, pre siding, sits in, carry off, didst a number, laid one hands on, up-held, eagle eyeing, impacts on, getting through ones head, makes amends, specialize in, get idea, feels again, gotten one's hands on, laying finger on, diagnosticates, spring in, nailing it, snapped up, re paired, getting picture, gets idea, in-curred, am good enough for, get through ones head, didst number, doing to a turn, eagle eying, were present, deal with, doeth turn, improve mind, poured in, putting a lock on, re cognize, double check, re deeming, doing bidding, brush against, fishes out, in-gathering, art worthy of, re-generated, is one lot, re-tains, un mask, bring forth, bring fruition, getting a load of, re-invigorating, softened up, put in appearance, keeps contact, sweat out, weighs in, gotten to the bottom, ex-act, makes willing, takes in to consideration, de bunked, gave appearance, cutting the mustard, were given one due, see, un-burying, cares for, de cipher, gains advantage, Chousing, hangs on words, get in to head, laid finger on, be-haves, putting in practice, lean on, is lot, sur-renders, get it, having it coming, went the limit, re-side, was ready, fixt the mind, takes orders, wisecracked, re-commencing, dost a bang-up job, does what one is told, showed in bad light, keep close, latched to, inhabit, showing in bad light, in spect, got out from under, re-occupies, commentates, writ down, goes in for, get through head, takes steps, correct, hits bull eye, be all ears, took effect, putting one finger on, are at hand, haddest a look-see, corresponded to, doing one bidding, making mind, re-quired, are victorious, gather, crossed the path, wast handy, take by storm, commit memory, re-conning, living to, tells from, manage, re calling, be led to believe, accede to, being smitten by, counter-balance, become aware, in cite, were in action, finishes front, reaching a peak, were introduced, didst duty, gets into one's head, refits, gat past, bring light, re-collected, incur, got one's fingers on, strike as, dis concert, wast out woods, comes to have, gotten ready, kept ones eye on, dis tended, art cognizant, were endowed with, came over, turning the trick, pro-spects, coming a conclusion, was cognizant, hung ones hat, giving way, wast just the ticket, comes to a decision, fore telling, went on strike, deals a blow, gat to the top, Perking, feels oneself again, developing into, doing bang up job, taking meaning, showing one face, re commending, dost t, returns form, has to name, put through, reach again, show up, put screws to, re vitalize, running with ball, be fell, gotten to, puts a lock on, making willing, is obtainable, were convenient, wast apprised of, sur prises, is led believe, doth bidding, be cognizant of, brought into being, Resumed, fall upon, growing famous, put death, belly to, regain strength, blow in, locked up, skying in, succeeded to, get into one's head, out-wit, wast turned to, art learned, break through, de fray, took place, getting it down, closes with, wast advised, de tour, unriddling, fills bill, Viseing, de-tour, dis covers, gets one's bearings, staid the clouds, being learned, in-venting, bulges out, fore-gathered, makes haul, is apprised of, ring a bell, do bang-up job, was given, fitting in, be receipt of, does justice, gets into one head, be endowed with, having feeling, brought fruition, be seem, over seeing, auscultates, letted have it, makes up for, setting out, under stand, being close to, recognizances, art affected, re-strained, eagleeyeing, haddest a look see, dost to a turn, re discovered, doth all right, signs up, gaining access, re-solves, off-the-cuffed, gotten in there, involved oneself, counter-poised, treed, playing second fiddle, feasting ones eyes, climb on, attain, being gainfully employed, bonked, re-calls, doest a turn, gives onto, giving ears, taking care of, dig in to past, am taught, was subjected to, art blessed with, got as far as, un riddled, gotten top, wert on strike, winded at, gets eyeful of, be having, took meaning, doing justice to, pre occupy, x outing, appear as, catch a glimpse of, making impression, doest one duty, stumbled upon, dis-patched, art strike, get shape, makes it big, goggle, impacting on, stirs up, up holding, de vised, made heads or tails of, taking care of business, payed call, made comeback, cracking the books, doublecheck, spooring, in vent, being led believe, under gone, looking back, does job, rendezvoused with, put it over, was adjacent to, representing oneself, in-stilled, in-vented, take in to consideration, pass sentence, was line for, is familiar, hitting bulls-eye, are given one due, summon up, are given due, sitting in, grand-stands, go over big, gets the knack of, de-scribed, take course, un dressed, be lieve, ex-pounded, notice, dis-crediting, Re-forming, getting eyeful, took in the sights, is visible, bringing home, makes killing, re-commend, twisting ones arm, wrought out a deal, coming conclusion, filled up, am endowed with, going town, creeping up, wert good enough, be-littles, diagramed, am attentive, be-holds, goes limit, getting into ones head, uncloaking, reach a peak, cashed on, re-corded, catches glimpse of, do one proud, Overhearing, make meet, re couping, stumbling up on, punches in, re-attain, getting out from under, were impressed, in-spires, came away with, hauling in, wises up to, ex terminating, grew famous, verged on, be led believe, laid bare, re-cover, gets whiff, wast proper for, gave new life to, HIT, de-served, drew in, dost a bangup job, made mind, rendezvousing with, snapping back, takes effect, comes into, took care of, kept contact, re-fining, steamrolls, doing the job, verge upon, wert excited, caught on to, de ducts, under standings, gotten out way, fall up on, punches clock, be gainfully employed, hadst look-see, gotten better, call day, didst bang up job, fixed in the mind, showing one's face, got floor, bringing in to being, re-strain, gat one hands on, re stored, answer, hast on good authority, got point, bringing into being, wast familiar, put finger on, were ones lot, haddest good authority, did the trick, de vise, watch out, in spire, rubbered, breaks through, re visits, got one's bearings, renders role, take steps, doest justice, got touch, walked away with, prove, ex cogitate, re-vitalizes, let have it, cross the path, be seems, lie next to, gat the knack of, goes as far as, am led to believe, made scene, gets wind of, busts in, re-starting, punch clock, get in to one head, staking out, was engaged in, hath to name, mind the store, going shopping, makes sense of, stir up, transliterate, sur-prised, had vibes, tunes in, personates, dredged up, hath knowledge of, dost trick, come to head, get top, were close to, regain, shows clearly, truth, pre-disposition, get impression, gets an earful, gotten out of way, railroad through, get an earful, whacked, tells between, re form, became known, hast information, was visible, fore-seen, ex press, has a case, buys into, going over big, over flowing, knowing for certain, sight, takes turn for better, luxuriating in, Secerned, un fold, falls by, nailing down, re-gains, re living, capiche, put end to, ex-plicates, delivering goods, brought back, made amends, keeping under surveillance, take into consideration, gets vibes, got fat, wast contiguous to, go to, giving onto, goes strike, puts into effect, gets out the way, re-deeming, be successful, succumb to, cleaned up, touches upon, ringing in, re-take, being presented, hitting bull's eye, is given ones due, carrying the day, reaches a peak, doeth one's duty, payed dues, sleuthed, art in contact, procure, oversee, were read, in quires, doest a bangup job, returned to form, feel for, auscultating, retrospected, ex pressing, be line for, makes a killing, doeth ones duty, are schooled, hadst it coming, jampack, were learned, comes over, went out for, out-distances, doth justice to, getting message, make scene, corks up, re-covers, art just the ticket, wast obtainable, brought maturity, looks up on, hadst a feeling, calling up on, closing with, got in to head, not want, x-outing, latches on to, getting whiff, have down pat, digged into past, over taking, bringing back, get picture, in-duces, fills up, are ears, doing ones duty, deserve, feasting eyes on, be little, over-whelm, brings forth, was sufficient, de coding, dis tend, runs smack in to, in quiring, climbs on, are familiar, breezed in, encounter, caught sight of, ex-tort, fixt upon, over-saw, chanced upon, do a turn, give access, did one bidding, brings down on, set up on, gave way, doing a turn, re cognizance, takes possession, fix upon, staid clouds, shakes hands, off the cuffs, got through head, re-vamps, pre occupied, sketching out, is conversant in, wast adjacent to, de-rived, referred to, involves oneself, latch to, doest justice to, got eyeful, be wilder, retreading, art ready, counter-vailing, grow famous, gat picture, looks upon, ramming in, sur renders, occupied with, made an appearance, did bang up job, turning head, specializes in, dis-closure, does as one says, de-noting, make splash, gets point, act upon, gat in to head, un shrouding, making a decision, making ready, gat an eyeful, highlighting, putting force, got results, sate in, in fix, make a decision, were action, doth one bidding, does one thing, gat comeuppance, doest ones thing, re-couping, didst a turn, re calls, bought in to, arrived at, slows down, out wit, hast to name, getting load of, did one thing, gotten an eyeful of, wast acquainted, re-minds, making killing, took part, developed into, doing as says, makes profit, fix the mind, re-curring, is aware of, gotten fingers on, putting across, hitting bull eye, severalized, are turned to, were responsible for, be excited, having looksee, wins back, in-validate, pre-serving, do justice to, out distancing, makes distinction, devoted oneself, fall in, gets one's fingers on, suffer from, proceeding with, pre-destine, am successful, pick out, gat wind of, entrap, chancing up on, was enough, lays hold of, regains ones health, falling upon, making evident, giving an audience to, up-sets, has looksee, Replevying, de-duces, look at, about face, transorting, am blessed with, re-captured, makes a buy, be-ware, stays the clouds, won back, smoking out, gat in shape, re conditioned, moving in on, pop up, made clear, called a day, dawns on, discovery, dost right, enthusing, fore casting, hang words, puts in to effect, drinks in, absorb, exposing oneself to, pro-vide, gave an audience to, opens up, get through one head, re-habilitated, gift, dis-embarking, hits bull-eye, turned back, pro vides, be-wares, accedes to, pro posed, stick out, be learned, haddest funny feeling, un-locked, pre-occupy, catches the drift, makes hit, re-volts, didst one's thing, worsted, kept up on, rendered the role, dis-courses, bringing to fruition, leave a mark, look after, in-grain, return to, does ones thing, payed one dues, get results, is advised, am aware, does bidding, came in first, over whelming, put practice, blow away, opened up, played the part of, didst the job, got back on feet, was handy, did justice to, came to mind, did one's thing, taking unawares, stub toe on, keeps in mind, in curred, eagles eye, vote in, is within view, is learned, hanging on words, gat ones bearings, super-intends, doeth ones thing, over reaches, performs, be-getting, stops by, bought up, makes a purchase, super-vised, wast metaphysical, keeps close, super vise, argued in to, Re-mark, dawn on, figures out, sur mounts, gotten to know, gets into ones head, hast feeling, be-came, measure up, crosses threshold, gain victory, tuned in, being cognizant of, are cognizant, ritualized, fore saw, keeps out, gets with it, come first, finish off, overspread, took to heart, cashed in on, go through with, hearken, force upon, re cord, makes fast buck, wise to, get one's fingers on, does what is expected, re fined, gets down cold, with hold, didst as one says, being afflicted with, over-comes, dost all right, in dwell, replevies, laying down law, approve accept, kept touch, looking on, passed sentence, carried to, art the ticket, involving oneself, moves on, dis credit, art trained, retro version, going limit, gotten there, bring to close, wast ticket, coming like, re formed, ram, recoup, plenty, strikes note, drop in, reach peak, over-flow, re-condition, suck in, going out for, trans late, carry, set eyes on, sur mises, pass on, Neared, hitting the bulls-eye, carves out, hit bull's-eye, gaze openmouthed, goes that route, wert with it, gotten the top, turning one head, got the floor, takes possession of, obeys, wast subjected to, get out of the way, get to know, un-ravel, being subjected to, look out, un-folds, de bunking, art at disposal, turned one head, tumbling into, ex cogitating, twisted one arm, obtains again, do number, art first, un shroud, be told, Unshroud, was ears, be-held, do proud, gaining possession, observed, managing to get, determinates, tossed off, digging in to the past, gets as result, hadst look see, be wares, sur rounding, are disposal, be littles, be-setting, didst one bidding, led to, go in for, pro-duces, leads up to, rimmed, pro-fits, were in line for, went after, Ultimating, walked off with, check on, size up, pre-destined, re-treads, be ginning, gives hearing, Enacting, over-powered, doth proud, dis-course, cognizes, get it down, were on strike, doing as one says, Animadverted, lamped, told from, come to conclusion, fore-gather, run across, worked at, is schooled, lied next to, knew for certain, comes to decision, lighting up on, sitting on, shows one face, latched on to, tarries over, gotten the floor, dis-closed, hitting the bull's-eye, make into law, in graining, feeling oneself again, be in contact, locking up, re-freshes, getting past, de-bunks, un scrambled, refit, re-vamping, sign in, rolled in, redeem, retro-spects, hadst down pat, is line for, jam pack, perfect, re-vamp, took a gander, break record, pro creates, un-ravelling, had in hand, had a looksee, got it down, am smitten by, un-zip, Grand-stand, take note, times in, dawning on, gat know, electro-cutes, doing thoroughly, re view, thrive, be seemed, tuned in on, pulls it off, re-volt, occupies oneself with, have a hunch, xouted, take for a ride, latching on to, de-ciphered, coming in to view, being receipt of, re cords, were comparable to, wert afflicted with, gobbling up, out weighs, doest one proud, being led to believe, get line, gained on, go shopping, makes grade, taking turn for better, disambiguate, getting the point, de clares, blunder up on, went whole hog, de-scribes, made profit, dis-play, doest proud, art sufficient, de-limiting, fiddled with, packed like sardines, fiddles with, lay fingers on, takes captive, linked up, finished off, sobering up, coming mind, gained advantage, hitting upon, re lived, boff, hadst hand, got know, has done with, wast plausible, check over, dost to turn, gat through one's head, got line, dost to t, makes decision, re-invigorate, make mind, art metaphysical, wert read, strook note, picking up on, gets someplace, arriving at, continue to, with holding, be thinks, catch up, making scene, doeth job, closed in, made heads tails of, re acquires, discrepates, harkening, re presenting, x outed, burying oneself in, sur-rendered, re aping, made dent, makes up mind, made a comeback, doth a bang up job, gotten from, does one bidding, sewed up, answer need, coming around, are told, dis posing, checked on, take advice, shop for, has it coming, hits upon, get a hold of, over-whelmed, luck outs, keeping promise, stumbles upon, pro claims, kept upon, punches the clock, brake for, in gather, brought home the groceries, makes meet, passing comment, un ravelled, got in to ones head, get wise to, getting into one head, wast learned, palm, sub dues, pre ordains, impress as, hath a case, re-collections, nail, being use, taking in to consideration, did one duty, learn, trace, exposes to, scraping together, led up to, getting someplace, making well, ex-cites, pays for, calling up, be gun, lay finger on, discrepate, re-bounded, re-aching, haddest feeling, did as says, provides the means, operate, be sensible of, wert convenient, pore over, staying in clouds, punched in, corner the market, un folded, pro cured, buries oneself in, Subserving, re-bound, get sick, brought forth, haddest a hunch, moved in on, re-serves, un riddling, wert at disposal, de-codes, chanced on, be seeming, giving new life to, reaching again, rivetting, lights up on, Buffaloes, in-spired, gotten hang of, breeze in, was present, look back, in vested, buy up, calls it a day, wises to, art ruled by, reckons on, go arounds, ex terminate, re opened, wert loyal to, zeroed on, crops up, plays part, inter posing, drank in, soak up, touching shoulders, ex-press, un dressing, thought of as, is at hand, stayed the clouds, pre form, de limited, wert gainfully employed, re constructs, digs into the past, arrive time, be wilders, get with it, rounds out, hast charge of, touch up on, be-fitted, strike a note, twisting one's arm, keeping eye on, made into law, coming to mind, came home, wert within view, over-took, sews up, acts up on, picks upon, verges on, figure out, rang a bell, hast a look see, capiches, endure, be schooled, call a day, is taught, struck a note, are endowed with, coming away with, am turned to, in-quires, making profit, sate on, pre-ordaining, hold sway over, doing a bang up job, were afflicted with, Dragooning, un-tangle, got the knack of, ex-tend, do a number, making decision, retro spects, sur-mounting, insist on, snap back, re-conned, laying one hands on, were aware of, was out of woods, makes young again, come over, thinks as, testifying to, has a looksee, ringing bell, meeting up with, unscrambled, laying bare, keeping an eye on, cognizing, re-commending, be ware, got right, ex-tract, look see, stop by, does turn, made a meet, re-cognizing, dis-tended, is just ticket, feeling for, hitting bulleye, over-rules, ran across, pro-cures, is acquainted, being ones lot, dost turn, be-fits, un-raveled, do a bang up job, manage get, doeth as says, got one hands on, become conscious of, kept eye on, breaks out with, discrepating, over-rule, boffed, blueprinted, was employed by, in-grains, getting the hang of, educe, think of as, being in action, re take, wast adequate, verges upon, didst as says, de cree, fill up, brings home, fell the lot, wast affected, gained possession, winds at, thinks of as, came in to view, suffice, palpate, gotten the bottom, gets hands on, cracking books, railroaded, made grade, hanged words, doest to a t, making big, re velations, overawes, occur to, not let goes, out-strips, did bidding, am obtainable, putting finishing touches on, succumbs to, gotten through ones head, re-capture, in-vest, leafs through, pre scribe, making possible, bobs up, hits the bull-eye, be-seem, are one's lot, giving face lift to, lending ear, meet face to face, catches on, is action, be come, in-haled, doeth one's thing, gets the point, in-spiring, being within view, latching to, held to, adhered to, smell out, doth justice, tune on, pro-cure, lays down, out does, wert impressed, getting well, laid one's hands on, in gathering, doeth right, Husbanded, gotten into, took care business, ultimates, gotten through head, sur-rendering, in cline, go out for, see light, takes the sights, over-ruling, was schooled, re-sided, ex pounds, continuing to, in validating, loom up, dis charge, were familiar, algorithm, ex-plains, had look-see, see to, gotten to the top, bringing down on, meets up with, puts screws to, turned the trick, wert attentive, had looksee, art plausible, verge on, calls it day, catches to, conclude, dealing in, laid claim to, re-instates, de flections, in-stalling, in vented, un-dressed, are contact, fixes up on, flipping through, showed once and for all, gat bottom, has hand, puts spotlight on, stayed in the clouds, re-started, re-quires, wert hand, taking over, doeth what one is told, pre-ordains, does one proud, bring a close, re-attaining, hits bull's eye, majored in, re tread, pro viding, bring close, came into view, exposes oneself to, are ticket, be employed by, puts an end to, calls tune, un scrambling, under taking, earn, give the appearance, overhear, wert taught, wert found, make good, buy into, wast good enough, am just ticket, dis-tills, strongarm, hand onto, clocked, spoored, making a profit, calls upon, de feats, pays a call, un-derwent, re-opening, doth one proud, find, stumbled on, burn midnight oil, lays ones hands on, clocking, getting in shape, re spects, hit bull eye, am lot, pro-creates, un-riddles, dis patched, am aware of, bump in to, got in line, in-ducted, bust in, went over big, leans on, show one's face, de-frayed, re habilitated, being found, rendezvous with, art contact, wast trained, hits the bulleye, dost what is expected, gat out way, re serving, has hunch, become versed, art gainfully employed, hath funny feeling, brimmed over, payed heed, nailed it, getting to the top, getting the floor, are convenient, gotten eyeful of, going for broke, didst a bang up job, de-frays, fixing upon, re-serve, bonk, re generated, makes dent, re-conditions, got a whiff, is cognizant, went that route, shows once and for all, re coups, passes up on, get the point, looked upon, un riddles, gathers up, brushing against, climbing on, brought home groceries, rubbers, are gainfully employed, attainment, making a haul, un-buries, takes into consideration, dost bang up job, work through, snap up, gain advantage, were all ears, work out a deal, does ones bidding, de-serving, made sure, became versed, got to top, write down, subserves, re-pairing, gets back on feet, re-build, got into ones head, re-instating, was disposal, art useful, proceeds with, hitting up on, was receipt of, running into, dis embarking, dis tends, adheres to, over sees, in validate, get one bearings, x-outed, opens into, was the ticket, conceive, art proper for, art attentive, hits bulls eye, concentrates on, am at disposal, turning back, are conspicuous, be given ones due, provided means, have memories, move forward, pre-determining, refers to, prehending, win back, hitting bull's-eye, un earths, gazed open-mouthed, recognize, leave behind, held dear, comes around, carried completion, getting to top, keeps in touch, de-ported, re-views, nears, marked off, is loyal to, takes a gander, re-discover, were of use, sur rendering, re-assures, de-flections, listens up, re-aped, are hand, called it a day, fix in the mind, spot, hits the bricks, flections, made ready, hits the bulls eye, over whelmed, is with it, being given one's due, breaks the record, in-creases, getting vibes, bury oneself in, stored up, gotten bottom, verge up on, up date, lends ear, gat the message, re-bounding, coming into view, de-note, were ruled by, leafed through, wert metaphysical, fill bill, de-code, rings bell, were turned to, had on good authority, ex tort, flip through, making a killing, re unite, de porting, coming an agreement, art contiguous to, taking in sights, hitting the bull'seye, keeps forever, appear, crack down, bunching up, being in line for, over-heard, dost bang-up job, gotten drift, comes in to view, over awe, is on strike, ex-terminates, falling ill with, over awes, seeing to, lucking out, show bad light, is like, shake hands, un derwent, over-look, thought out, hadst looksee, putting to death, thinks of, alight upon, dispel doubt, de scribed, making it, dropt by, jamming through, calls the tune, take place, watch, am learned, had hunch, did thoroughly, un-shrouded, comes have, doth job, wert ticket, re-capturing, hadst vibes, re invigorating, am ones lot, breaks record, have, told apart, gat the impression, un zip, caught up with, gat one fingers on, stagging, doeth to turn, co-axing, putting it over, re possessed, wert all ears, hast name, baby sit, feasted ones eyes, go the limit, trans-acted, is ears, do a bang-up job, showed bad light, breaking record, get into head, sorts out, dost thoroughly, works on, be adjacent to, calling the tune, take in the sights, wert sensible of, rigidified, slowing down, certification, steamrolling, lays one's hands on, have name, re habilitate, are sensitive, goes on strike, de notes, improves mind, lays fingers on, made an impression, gets someone's goat, doest one thing, doing turn, ex-terminating, gat to top, came decision, un dress, numen, were adequate, pre ordained, votes in, went to, relive, come to light, re habilitates, talked into, being given due, doing t, over-spreading, all-owing, gotten in line, bobbed up, glom onto, being just the ticket, de-porting, didst ones bidding, bring home bacon, were visible, tarry over, took turn for better, made splash, fall to the lot, re-dresses, get done, vaporing, gat point, complete, took cake, gets ones fingers on, fronts on, getting someone goat, re-commended, laid a finger on, bring home, shook hands, doth bangup job, re present, minds store, in spired, having a look-see, doeth a bang-up job, gat the idea, runs up against, runs with ball, get into, de-terminate, interprets as, has case, were turned on to, play the part of, rules over, pronouncing sentence, dis-tends, gat out of the way, despise, producing a result, hitting bull-eye, trained in, buttons up, became able, gets the message, right-abouts, re veals, pre-ordained, being given one due, re vised, makes the scene, counter vailed, breathes new life in to, re-assuring, scratching the surface, felt oneself again, re-ached, re attained, trans-literates, corners market, am employed by, is born with, read, am present, am sure, acted up on, is proper for, is first, changeabout, lead by nose, pre-sent, dis entangling, setting order, putting lock on, dost a turn, make in to law, shows bad light, dis-coursing, flashed on, takes in the sights, out-done, provided the means, de serve, under stood, dig into past, is adjacent to, doeth thing, over-flowing, carried off, look-sees, gotten hold of, looking up on, being strike, went see, gotten in to one's head, get to the bottom, digs in to past, flashes on, were use, dis covered, dis-charged, move on, searches for, trip on, beholdings, correspond to, ex-tending, dis courses, being informed, thinking out, shows once for all, have in hand, passing in, re-solved, meet face face, fell up on, ex pounded, come up on, was impressed, rubbing eyeballs, hath charge of, take care business, pass up on, pro pose, ex-pounding, walking off with, haddest look-see, espy, re-sting, checks upon, Garroted, re invigorated, run smack in to, getting into head, gaze, drawing near, laying down, touches shoulders, sleuthing, am subjected to, art seemly, dost to a t, wast read, hath the right to, leaved a mark, re bounds, have a look see, makes certain, sobers up, keeping one's eye on, in-vesting, gotten wise to, Unriddle, tosses off, hadst to name, came first, be falls, pinned down, in hale, Visioning, hark back, are present, pre-form, retroversion, took prize, un locks, un raveled, are one lot, gotten fat, hath on good authority, had right to, passes along, get the idea, reacquires, bring home the groceries, tripping over, put one's finger on, de livering, made home, re taken, re store, getting wind of, lent ear, hits bull'seye, make appearance, was first, fixt up on, falls to the lot, corner market, working out a deal, haddest it coming, Make short work of, look, ex-hume, cope with, came to conclusion, eagleeye, ascertain, are afflicted with, am ears, suit, comes up against, re conning, reaches peak, out-doing, turn one head, did t, ringed a bell, ringed in, de code, Beseeming, gets to, cornering market, twistings, dis concerting, keeping one eye on, keeping on, looking in on, Reattain, stirred up, digging into past, reckoned on, breathe new life into, get back, looked in, gave access, provide the means, re plenishing, art given one's due, is given one's due, re-appearing, get earful, re-visits, was learned, getting back feet, in-sure, checked up on, concentrated on, are within view, puts one foot down, buys up, sur-prises, hath done with, turn back, fathom, perpetrate, jammed through, hitting the bulls eye, is engaged in, stage, art close to, wert just ticket, give an audience to, gat in to ones head, does the job, make certain, putting to rights, opening into, lays a finger on, doest number, gets someones goat, doing what one is told, gets a hold of, doing the trick, falls the lot, doth the trick, obtaining again, strook a note, latch on to, listening up, setting in order, was cognizant of, up setting, re-gain, lent an ear, out-strip, making into law, be set, making hit, stubbing toe on, get the drift, scratch the surface, did one's bidding, was convenient, re furbishes, come in to view, lay one hands on, sub serving, smash in to, feels for, smells out, does a bang up job, approves accept, starting anew, nosed out, obtainings, cross path, lived by, diagnosticated, snaps back, hast a case, trip over, ex plains, regain ones strength, wert out of woods, sign up, ruling over, doing what is told, twig, eyeballs, double checked, made a haul, was conversant in, gets from, retrospecting, over awing, rediscovers, gat the picture, suffers from, adds up, over-takes, feeling gut, topped off, put one finger on, hath semblance, breezing in, carried the day, un-veiled, did number, fore seen, lays finger on, re-fines, re storing, were within view, talks into, be at disposal, gets there, smoked out, plays the part of, made short work of, over ruling, in gathered, gat a whiff, make a purchase, wast useful, keep in touch, open in to, pulling it off, come to agreement, trenches on, lay down the law, re touches, got through one's head, art lot, tells apart, cognize, bag it, rising to crescendo, transliterating, putting mind ease, wert advised, looked like, called it day, takes the cake, make waves, perked, kept faith, stumbling on, enters in, bought out, made a hit, doth thoroughly, re sting, re commend, re discover, ex-cited, regaining one's health, hangs hat, art led believe, cleans up, punch in, turns trick, listen, scrutinize, spy, un-mask, gained access, nobble, was metaphysical, taking sights, put rights, under went, ran with the ball, produces a result, ex tend, put a lock on, gotten one's fingers on, carved out, do ones thing, pre-disposed, taking in the sights, wert in receipt of, get ones hands on, see through, wast use, Experiencing, wast first, breaking the record, getting better, making a purchase, be within view, leaned on, had memories, de feat, unshrouded, does to t, are affected, am told, getting ones fingers on, de-means, smashes into, turned head, gave face lift to, actualize, worked on, un-zipping, judge, rub wrong way, perceivings, re-occupying, re-deems, under-stands, make grade, in-duct, making one home, dis-criminated, re-fits, onned top of, were informed, auscultate, blowing in, re-plenished, bowed to, dis-entangled, being convenient, gat as result, put across, made a killing, over haul, invent, showing once and for all, drunk in, Viseed, art schooled, making waves, be-having, looking upon, re-commenced, packing like sardines, were in contact, gotten a whiff, gat ready, being adjacent to, coming to conclusion, argued into, re attaining, catch up to, comes home, being conscious of, de-bunked, gets ones hands on, keeps tabs on, goes to, laying a finger on, luxuriated in, wast versed, up-set, bring into being, over hear, stayed in clouds, get in line, pre-scribes, was given ones due, twisted ones arm, gotten know, passing along, pre determines, kept in contact, brought home, sets out, knew again, lucks out, being on strike, makes the grade, heed, chanced up on, un-dresses, over-flows, re-pair, bring back, re-appear, serviced, in-cline, feasts eyes on, de-notes, came like, brushes against, de-crees, re dressing, is trained, regained health, re-presents, bunches up, hit the bull's eye, double-checked, re ached, am seemly, un dresses, get the hang of, subserve, cropping up, re vitalizes, re appeared, force up on, gets impression, live up to, re animated, doing to t, sur prise, de ducted, wrought out deal, talked in to, changeabouts, art out of woods, did trick, hath memories, is handy, regains one health, re instating, begged borrow or steal, does one's bidding, re-cord, come decision, were loyal to, minds the store, wert responsible for, re fitted, thinking as, had charge of, out-stripped, are line for, gets vibrations, over hearing, doeth a number, pores over, up-root, dis-concert, gotten back on feet, are informed, got in to, made meet, measured up, keeping out, met face to face, view, accessed, check upon, ex asperate, are presented, puts through, super-intended, ring in, over-sees, succeed, getting floor, becomes aware, is ready, sat down, feel in bones, xouting, cleaning up, re conned, dost as one says, paid ones dues, hadst on good authority, taking by surprise, getting in to ones head, catching drift, does the trick, buying up, pre disposes, finishing off, get as far as, take captive, made appearance, were one lot, carrying oneself, come together, is smitten by, pick upon, running smack into, giving satisfaction, picked out, didst one proud, comment, getting the bottom, makes ones home, wert action, am loyal to, under stands, co oked, broods over, re vamped, make up mind, Visioned, re quiring, is of use, complied with, de-tours, arrives home, hitting the bull's eye, am ruled by, gotten what is coming one, getting hang of, chouse, clings to, get through one's head, dis-tending, are all ears, touch shoulders, brake record, succumbing to, art accessible, learn ropes, becomes conscious of, taking part, are in receipt of, am strike, getting there, pre-determines, put in force, walk away with, refused to work, am master of, falling with, made possible, de scribe, dis crediting, was turned on to, be hand, dis-closures, rolls on, acquire, do what is told, putting finger on, takes account of, felt in gut, brings into being, re freshes, teeming with, nails it, under going, having a look see, railroading, improved mind, goes and see, give appearance, ex-plaining, dis embarked, gotten a hold of, checked upon, fore tell, pricks ears, calling tune, sort out, drink in, de-terminating, took decision, wert endowed with, bringing forth, de lineate, re conditions, over-ruled, hung one's hat, gat impression, wast born with, un coverings, committed to memory, are attentive, in-ducts, over saw, re commended, putting foot down, hung it up, over running, are led believe, gave ears, checks up on, click, re-start, drawing in, keeps on, dis-close, sur-faced, doest to a turn, getting hold of, re-commences, gets an eyeful, feel oneself again, over comes, am useful, re membered, re cognizes, re solving, rams in, coming in to, jams through, gets picture, re-possessing, turnings, ex-cogitated, infix, getting back on feet, come in, gets to the bottom, ons top of, wast just ticket, dispose, be just the ticket, over powered, getting the drift, were line for, are plausible, rose to crescendo, comparing with, making a meet, kept in mind, take cake, counter-vail, wast conversant in, being affected, setting foot in, re instate, show one face, being impressed, getting impression, re marking, paying ones dues, art introduced, trenching on, corked up, were born with, un-earthing, strikes as, out doing, has a look-see, be-hold, re vivify, dis-interring, got message, re occupies, hath right to, summoning up, getting in there, ex plaining, pre-vailed, being cognizant, out-does, re-taken, de creed, ex terminates, hanged on words, was taught, unburies, signing up, delivered the goods, am familiar, haddest hunch, re gain, getting out way, looks like, cornered market, get to the top, am line for, brought to a close, art visible, has semblance, dis closing, dis-covers, inter-posing, was excited, are excited, come to mind, in-stalled, came on like, art adequate, keep tabs on, re-builded, grand-standing, come to a decision, tarrying over, chancing on, catching up to, un-veils, sur-rounding, re-discovering, sees the light, gotten shape, getting what is coming to one, payed attention, answering a need, being contact, hits bullseye, reached again, being blessed with, re covers, keep forever, de-frauds, saw as, are with it, made one home, re marks, dis-playing, rounding out, delivered goods, were led to believe, stay put, trialed, regained strength, filled the bill, satisfy, re generating, re-fine, be lot, wisecracking, starts anew, making haul, re solves, picking out, is convenient, re-possesses, eagled eye, be contact, out-did, puts in practice, re-attains, wert in line for, left a mark, creep up, toe line, haddest a feeling, wert versed, being obtainable, taking effect, de tains, Handing, is seemly, sustain, tumbles in to, take possession, made a fortune, over looked, come in first, vote favorably, gathered up, get eyeful, dis comfits, lends an ear, wert obtainable, de rives, de terminations, do one's bidding, ringed bell, stores up, ex-torts, skied in, carried through, in-ducting, takes prize, gangs up, de means, impinging up on, twisting one arm, tcbed, eagle eyed, smashing into, get there, gets knack of, forge ahead, sub-serving, bellied to, wert just the ticket, lying beside, un zipping, hadst right to, co-axed, dis embark, over-haul, art smitten by, were just ticket, tumble in to, de note, have vibes, pro bed, dawned on, attend, walking with, verging upon, adhere to, wast cognizant, has the right to, succeedings, go for broke, dis-covering, de vising, making certain, am conspicuous, art given ones due, work out deal, fall in with, gat in to, being good enough, was afflicted with, glued, Lassoed, off the cuffed, un-covers, getting through one's head, in-stall, re forms, were schooled, come head, took sights, over-looking, gets drift, is just the ticket, Concerting, toss off, in-gather, Roosted, hath a looksee, were apprised of, dis charging, wert victorious, be fitted, working at, being useful, art given one due, Shepherding, are aware, puffing up, ran against, leading by the nose, blows in, be-fitting, act up on, overawed, runs with the ball, re forming, is versed, minored in, makes scene, hadst hunch, checking on, wast aware, scrape together, un-cloaks, comes close, pre forms, signing on, did a t, singled out, minding the store, play second fiddle, sur faced, being acquainted, setting eyes on, checking over, ADLIB, trans act, re-assure, un-raveling, get comeuppance, feast eyes on, transliterates, beseem, getting someones goat, orient, sur-facing, ingathered, interpret as, was just ticket, doeth one duty, picks on, begged borrow steal, re generates, gets the bottom, gazes open-mouthed, over-coming, feast one eyes, carries to, taking gander, ex-positions, taking to heart, rang bell, re builded, look saw, re-sides, wert of use, gat into one's head, dis coursing, wast strike, co-oked, re gards, gat one's fingers on, set order, comes to light, re-habilitate, be taught, devotes oneself, getting a whiff, re pair, comply with, being conversant in, being apprised of, gotten one's bearings, puts ones foot down, wising to, work at, re-fitted, puzzles out, falling the lot, pre-destines, over look, pre-dispose, were gainfully employed, twist arm, weighed in, re-dressed, re-instate, all owed, hit high spot, de bunks, look sees, paid one dues, paying heed, rehabbed, be subjected to, lock up, re collections, wert in contact, be comes, gets load of, keeping contact, make acquaintance, taking the prize, packs like sardines, acceded to, de-serve, deflections, re-siding, doing one's bidding, dis-tress, takes the prize, wast gainfully employed, sailed through, re-taking, keep an eye on, blunder upon, severalizes, didst right, put mind ease, pins down, made the scene, buffalo, re strains, hath in hand, sur facing, does thing, got vibrations, gets fat, see daylight, fix in mind, keeps under surveillance, met up with, fits in, comes away with, had a look see, blundering up on, Riveted, re sided, feast ones eyes, un-masks, wast conscious of, has memories, achieve, pro-cured, re commenced, gat through head, re-version, stacks up, co oking, is in line for, under taken, de-picts, returned to, doth one's thing, dost what one is told, rise to crescendo, carry to, takes decision, get ones bearings, doeth a bang up job, Gluing, doth a t, puts into order, kept one eye on, was smitten by, made it, getting down cold, de-vised, over-awe, catching up, rivetted, flash on, putting rights, un veiling, in corporates, come have, gets sick, catches with, have good authority, take effect, fell upon, think of, wast employed by, unriddles, reattained, taking course, preform, be just ticket, being loyal to, re-verse, be smitten by, sized up, passing up on, re-callings, turning one's head, stop in, re-paired, falls up on, catching on to, got the point, stayed put, gets one's hands on, get through, producing result, abundance, in-quiring, gets floor, didst job, call the tune, ex-cite, is useful, up-rooting, take prize, falling to lot, hast memories, sympathize with, un-buried, come against, dis patching, in-quire, succeeds to, pro-posing, gives appearance, telling apart, show in bad light, eagleeyed, dis-credited, lead by the nose, get in to, feel certain, unearthings, re started, doth to t, generalize, re bound, dis-entangle, fixed in mind, severalizing, over taken, showing face, doing job, produced result, softens up, keep promise, did to t, wast close to, gotten someones goat, catches up, twisted arm, Patted, crosses the path, sees to, deliver, Umpired, doth number, exposure, de-liver, re-storing, re-living, being the ticket, doth duty, be holds, put foot down, fixt in mind, trans acted, takes unawares, come home, sucking in, show ones face, enact, voted favorably, de-scribe, pro-motes, looms up, coming first, pay call, putting ones finger on, is gainfully employed, is disposal, flexure, were in receipt of, Circumstantiated, finishes in front, doth thing, fronted on, lay hold of, softening up, gets it, comes agreement, observe, un-drest, reproduce, did as one says, over-reaches, apprenticed, hit the bulls eye, tost off, re captures, up rooting, doest to turn, putting bed, became conscious of, reconned, do bang up job, brings home the groceries, dug into past, de livers, come an agreement, calls a day, ex cavate, rendering the role, breaking for, touched upon, not let go, are ready, take notice of, art aware, un ravelling, runs against, commentating, keeps one eye on, does a bangup job, crack the books, rivetted the eyes on, shows in bad light, ex-asperate, dis-plays, stumble, chances upon, opened in to, deal in, be-gun, sobered up, arrived home, digging into the past, got bearings, are introduced, happen up on, pre vails, make possible, hast hand, manages to get, came to a decision, twisted one's arm, get as a result, pro-pose, being ruled by, dis played, make hay, hast funny feeling, doing a bangup job, hast looksee, shuttering, arrives time, de limit, be sufficient, make heads or tails of, rub eyeballs, dealing blow, ex acts, looking like, is use, are read, crept up, de serving, wert told, holding dear, twist one arm, stopping in, pro spects, over reach, replevins, interpreting as, were the ticket, latched on, re-acquire, was action, lucking, be in action, made a decision, chance up on, haddest on good authority, pre-served, are employed by, re-occupied, recognizance, design, de-terminations, under standing, buys out, doth the job, de-duct, re-stores, re collected, dis entangle, collar, wast responsible for, got in there, dis cern, keep eye on, dis-covered, putting one's foot down, was acquainted, see as, carrying through, hits bull's-eye, was introduced, getting fingers on, noses out, are seemly, got someone's goat, re instated, touched shoulders, gotten ones bearings, am conscious of, hast hunch, hadst a hunch, is cognizant of, eagle-eye, re-quiring, thinking of as, was ones lot, being first, didst one duty, pounced on, indwell, goes shopping, super intending, roll in, alit upon, came around, hast coming, catch glimpse of, un-veil, made well, pre-ordain, has name, sub serve, over-looks, glomming onto, re-dress, un-shroud, acted upon, wast afflicted with, re minds, re-called, pump up, wast out of woods, animadverts, draw near, bought into, looksees, got out of the way, stay in clouds, digged in to past, holds to, take orders, re-fresh, being ready, breathing new life in to, re furbished, hauled in, tripped over, hits the bull's eye, was turned to, puts in to order, wert enough, re touch, discrepated, trans-lated, un-zipped, re-touch, unearth, accomplish, be responsible for, is afflicted with, is enough, puts in appearance, makes good, acquits oneself, were strike, latch onto, look up on, bring to a close, enter in, scares up, re-furbishing, obey, over reaching, reap, preformed, re-velation, thumbs, started anew, eagling eye, makes it, wert turned on to, doing proud, hadst name, re gains, earn wings, gotten whiff, takes care of, hit the bull-eye, gotten vibrations, being trained, go town, re-marked, coming have, animadvert, hadst knowledge of, feasts one's eyes, ex posed, picked up on, re-building, pricking up ears, counter poising, stopt by, re-fitting, re tains, wast within view, felt up, dig into the past, being schooled, trans ported, doeth to a turn, setting rights, gazing openmouthed, super-intend, mend, take hold of, paying a call, blows away, over-powering, pre destines, walks with, re-attained, gat done, was ruled by, saw light, re starting, carries the day, haddest vibes, caught glimpse of, get vibes, un-riddle, engages in, pored over, is successful, call mind, dis-positions, dis-closing, succeeding to, gets in to, single out, being taught, over-awed, hath name, ex asperates, got through ones head, makes into law, out wits, am affected, be conspicuous, lays hands on, re curring, meets face to face, de liver, unburying, sailing through, pre-destining, in-graining, came to agreement, re-vitalized, fixing mind, put in to order, marks off, ex-acting, retro-spect, re-cognizes, doest bidding, wast of use, dis mounting, are learned, looked up on, acts upon, wert one lot, turn up, left mark, avail, ex cite, in fixes, argue in to, were sensitive, meets face face, hits the bulls-eye, rejuvenate, went shopping, are proper for, wast with it, got it, un lock, holds fast, getting as a result, keep touch, onning top of, up dating, wert conscious of, wast endowed with, running against, art receipt of, under-taking, got down cold, hast look-see, going strike, be worthy of, is attentive, join, wert present, had down pat, decipher, going that route, pre pare, glom, has a look see, stumbled up on, haddest right to, re-generates, were like, keeps one's eye on, in-hales, stumbling upon, took hold of, unburied, taking decision, took for a ride, gain on, majors in, retro versions, keep out, re-furbish, sympathizing with, doth a number, regained one strength, leaving behind, ritualizing, de terminates, got the top, call up on, didst what is told, digged up, up set, gains access, were employed by, playing the part of, know again, am adequate, doing one duty, re-visit, voting favorably, puts two two together, ringing a bell, super intended, get the impression, does a turn, summons up, ex-tracts, Thumbing, come close, dis-tribute, am introduced, de-lineated, re members, brood over, gat out from under, were obtainable, lying next to, pre ordaining, diagraming, do a t, hang one hat, wast in contact, show once and for all, wrought at, was led to believe, retroversions, dost one thing, catch, found human resources, went toward, find out, manage to get, was at hand, re-acquired, transliterated, feasted one's eyes, x-outs, impinges up on, un covered, argues into, summoned up, Gloving, steadied, un earthing, opens in to, gat top, catches sight of, mop up, pre ordain, make the scene, brushed against, taking notice, Treeing, in validates, re visited, note, delivers goods, flash back, shopping for, effect, un folding, dragoon, hits high spot, rivet eyes on, cashing in on, art just ticket, pro-creating, re fits, dis-embarks, in haled, de crees, catch the drift, wast led believe, are in contact, trans literates, satisfaction, stopped in, out did, are led to believe, re-ported, wast sufficient, latched onto, on top of, search out, dis entangled, occurring to, am versed, finds human resources, latching on, in fixing, wast on strike, makes a meet, be-sets, Shoaled, feel one's bones, in habits, being seemly, doing right, gets it down, crossing the path, fore-ordain, regaining strength, pro claiming, reconning, sets foot in, cornered the market, de duces, impinge on, uncloak, calling it day, un-shrouds, checked over, hast a looksee, wert introduced, in-spire, dis tributes, Umpiring, de-creed, were successful, re-generating, talks in to, living by, is hand, re visiting, making fortune, am comparable to, gotten ones fingers on, whops, gat it, coming to an agreement, over flows, ensnare, fating, be use, were victorious, happening upon, leant on, gets ones bearings, re-vise, doeth bang up job, catalogging, pre-formed, look on, striking a note, read the riot act, be trained, call arms, pre-occupying, come to decision, pre-pared, stays in the clouds, de clare, refuse to work, cashes on, getting one's bearings, make for, be-have, over-whelms, climbs to, pluck, gets done, sub-due, dis interred, puts force, un-cloaking, fore-gathering, pushed around, being one's lot, in-spect, dis criminate, was one lot, alighting upon, dis criminating, ostends, reading the riot act, trans-acts, froze to, make it big, serving the purpose, got in to one head, taking the cake, gotten the hang of, are versed, struck as, makes for, be wildered, re-adies, with-hold, circumstantiate, re plenished, dis patch, determine, buys in to, Sired, got whiff, be close to, see the light, concentrate on, dope out, fall victim to, zeroed in on, ex cites, triumph, winds up at, keep upon, scrapes up, taking possession, returns to form, insists on, testified to, transact, re live, passed comment, TCBS, was blessed with, extended to, smashing in to, wast good enough for, gat eyeful, in stilled, ex-cogitate, searching for, signs on, went for broke, correctness, do well, Thronging, hath it coming, did ones duty, be-heads, falling in with, wast ones lot, giving hearing, are sufficient, wast all ears, catching to, transorted, sell for, pre occupies, take, re-starts, breaking out with, came close, dis tresses, are given one's due, re animates, is blessed with, makes comeback, circumstantiates, gat someplace, smelling out, is the ticket, wast in action, in vest, pre serves, be headed, payed for, searched for, were found, got a load of, being responsible for, was like, are just the ticket, fore sees, gotten someplace, remark, get someone goat, taking account of, strong arm, un ravel, keeps in contact, gain, are out woods, art sure, gets message, snaps up, doeth as one says, re gaining, re build, stagger along, perceive, Secerning, brings in to being, laying hold of, having right to, ex pounding, make out, gotten bearings, got ones bearings, in quire, sur faces, laid hold of, Algorithms, un covering, living up to, over-awes, becoming infected with, be out woods, doest what is expected, becoming able, wast cognizant of, de-limit, cracks books, wert proper for, winning back, are adjacent to, scoped, Spottings, drinking in, climbed to, prehended, lead to, gat as a result, doing one proud, does thoroughly, re-touches, led by the nose, forcing upon, dis positions, check up on, am advised, scratch surface, de-vise, staggering along, went strike, comes first, re solve, make fast buck, over hauling, had good authority, re vitalizing, do one thing, get to bottom, un covers, was in line for, get hold of, doest one bidding, inter pose, boil down to, were disposal, showing ones face, keeping in contact, de-cree, laid fingers on, dis mounts, was trained, deals in, doest the trick, be-fell, re adies, doing ones thing, regains one's strength, am of use, consummate, digging in to past, replevining, lucked, gat better, are told of, was told, gotten someone goat, reapings, get well, Unbury, leading by nose, put in an appearance, in duce, chancing upon, having a hunch, brings to maturity, did to turn, taking cake, be-fallen, put an appearance, bowing to, was of use, get to, realize, puts one finger on, keeping the faith, gat into ones head, didst ones duty, take the prize, came to have, am action, be fallen, twist one's arm, gotten past, ex plain, out-distance, overhears, gat sick, re commencing, wert accessible, took by storm, getting an eyeful of, brush on, move in on, was on strike, getting from, be given, in sure, dost one bidding, gets fingers on, getting idea, breaks for, re-constructs, personate, put spotlight on, mark off, am impressed, wast given, re capturing, sucks in, puts one's finger on, doeth a t, pro-moting, leads to, dealt a blow, was affected, dis-patching, gazes openmouthed, getting top, be ears, wert given due, fore tells, dopes out, buy in to, prehends, rigidifying, caring for, re-presenting, under-stood, transort, de livered, called tune, hanging hat, had a feeling, in-dwelt, double checks, overtake, turn trick, took over, play games, rendered role, over ruled, made up for, dis concerts, knowing again, make laws, went to town, get point, prosper, freezing to, happening up on, glommed, Carded, reached a peak, am just the ticket, laying one's hands on, hanged up, being adequate, de meaning, finished front, wert like, under took, had a look-see, seeing through, re possess, climbed on, verged upon, stay clouds, got ones hands on, gat the bottom, hitting the bull-eye, in habited, answer a need, up dates, bulging out, ex-plain, had hand, hear tell, was successful, sur-prising, in-vests, be-falls, un veil, dredging up, be-wilder, diagnosticating, am out of woods, be-lieve, are in line for, leaving a mark, hadst a look-see, pre sent, stagged, stays put, gotten into head, didst bidding, butted on, being metaphysical, am worthy of, cut mustard, pay attention, be-fit, are adequate, counter vailing, re velation, dost what is told, up-hold, re collection, proceeded with, re quired, dwell up on, were contiguous to, re-viewed, fixes mind, filling the bill, managed get, called day, dost proud, be loyal to, master, came conclusion, gets in to head, re condition, impinges upon, came to decision, checking upon, sensings, gotten someone's goat, ex tended, lie near, rolling in, Replevin, do one bidding, go whole hog, gat with it, wert handy, give attention, did to a t, be afflicted with, un shrouded, makes in to law, stays in clouds, staying put, feasting eyes, winding at, wert lot, de-fraying, wast contact, making an impression, cuts the mustard, being read, engage in, buried in, pre-determine, giving audience to, haddest knowledge of, is excited, rising crescendo, acquitting oneself, do job, un-riddled, made killing, get in there, doeth a bangup job, lend an ear, doest to t, dislike, indwells, wert led to believe, offing, dis-concerts, looking at, gotten wind of, keeping forever, dis cover, bags it, over-hear, in vents, re-couped, pass, tracking downs, carries off, snapped back, be one lot, made a profit, working on, re-veal, gets through ones head, gives audience to, moved on, compare with, over-spreads, twists ones arm, in duct, does one duty, re vamps, auscultated, getting into one's head, behold, dis-mount, trans posed, coping with, took a decision, ostended, re-covered, wrote down, making acquaintance, come up with, super vising, call tune, wast lot, art told of, getting the impression, sur rendered, gat there, doest a t, re-discovered, recognition, re-touching, dug in to the past, twists arm, advantaged, catching on, being all ears, gang up, in venting, re-versions, smell, put finishing touches on, get the picture, dis-played, doing bangup job, sketched out, put two two together, renders the role, gets in touch, putting in to effect, meets with, hadst in hand, refuse work, Siring, played second fiddle, un-scrambling, wast master of, get, stirring up, counterpoised, scare up, am receipt of, hits bulls-eye, make hit, re-spects, haddest a case, blundered up on, de signs, be-waring, Personated, doeth proud, gotten to bottom, having down pat, art with it, assimilate, feasted one eyes, letted someone have it, scraping up, doped out, did to a turn, took for ride, re invigorates, hast in hand, were seemly, laid down law, ru, re-appeared, making it big, got into, re-solving, ganged up, was one's lot, being engaged in, under-standings, Peopling, kept mind, is given one due, arrives in time, were plausible, calls up, produce a result, gets past, re capture, blowing away, ex-pressing, skies in, getting to the bottom, re attains, reckoning on, did a bang-up job, ex-asperating, meeting face face, passing upon, turns ones head, springs in, be have, didst the trick, Re-present, get one's hands on, haddest coming, keeping faith, hopping on, pays one dues, ex plained, returns to, spruces, re viewing, ex plicate, looks for, are smitten by, comes against, dis tribute, un-masked, make haul, art handy, am use, pass along, cork up, is plausible, de-serves, tripping on, brings close, getting in to one's head, be-wildering, committing memory, takes course, got down pat, be action, picking upon, singles out, wast blessed with, unshrouding, are good enough for, whopped, do to a turn, hit upon, taking under advisement, stakes out, un veiled, ex-plicating, push around, re version, rang in, didst thing, sets down, break out with, fill the bill, gat message, was with it, laying ones hands on, art given due, hit bulleye, pre paring, paid attention to, devote oneself, Replevied, wast at disposal, piles up, gotten impression, doest one's bidding, was conscious of, strikes a note, going and see, re fines, fell ill with, pro vided, alighting up on, goes see, sur prising, get someone's goat, gat down cold, argues in to, making young again, gat ones fingers on, being born with, regaining one strength, re-builds, comes to an agreement, carrying completion, in stalling, made a dent, searching out, de-noted, smash into, art told, fishing out, run with ball, am in contact, happens up on, be blessed with, over flowed, devoting oneself, hath hand, ex-cogitates, wast introduced, gotten line, stops in, dis posed, getting bottom, gives once over, pre serving, left behind, dis course, out-weigh, trans pose, finish, making short work of, smoke out, re-versal, pro-mote, dis entangles, re fine, un earth, being attentive, gat load of, brake the record, puts bed, had the right to, go in to, got load of, look upon, becomes versed, returning form, am engaged in, were told of, un-masking, out strips, electro-cute, arriving time, get floor, in stilling, moved toward, fulfil, coming to light, re minding, gat hands on, pre-pare, takes advice, getting knack of, look in on, re acquire, took account of, call shots, were lot, re united, puts two and two together, wert acquainted, are responsible for, in-cite, be heads, coming against, making appearance, puts appearance, rise crescendo, made willing, hung hat, doth to a turn, taking advice, re attain, take to heart, doeth number, doing a number, be held, dis plays, makes known, tolerate, mopping up, did thing, out witting, take care of, do one's duty, went as far as, get whiff, came to an agreement, re lives, dispelled doubt, are advised, unscrambling, art master of, hanging up, coming close, re-invigorates, am ticket, looked back, was sensitive, gat wise to, laying down the law, was contact, become infected with, un-covering, gets bearings, rendezvouses with, doing ones bidding, get message, did bang-up job, re-possess, gotten down cold, hast a look-see, wast sure, servicing, rolls in, makes waves, refused work, dip in to, carrying day, went and see, trans-literate, gotten through one head, came up against, un-ravels, did job, climax, going route, was found, inter-posed, fixt in the mind, writes down, re-velations, gains on, gets better, being action, takes for ride, de-riving, disambiguated, pre-occupies, pays ones dues, happened upon, tumbled in to, hitting the bull eye, sees daylight, finished in front, cracked down, crop up, am victorious, forgathering, cutting mustard, being advised, measuring up, got to, bagging it, re-presented, stacked up, dost justice, turns back, make distinction, refusing work, got hands on, hit the bull's-eye, return to form, keeps possession, twist ones arm, pre-scribed, ganging up, leaf through, regains health, re deemed, gets out of way, sees through, fore gathers, being in receipt of, making up mind, wast smitten by, were taught, sate down, Dragooned, touching upon, is introduced, dis-credits, de-limited, feel one bones, be sure, happens upon, dis pose, busting in, Entrapped, ex-asperated, stay the clouds, taking by storm, getting line, gotten with it, re plenishes, fell victim to, are just ticket, played part, verging on, art loyal to, jotting down, hit up on, take in sights, makes a haul, hast down pat, re vise, got in touch, tarried over, looksee, re-conditioned, refuses work, set off, wind up at, hits the bull'seye, gains victory, doth as says, heard tell, abide, hadst coming, go to town, handing onto, forces up on, individuated, be affected, doth what is expected, takes for a ride, re claimed, scared up, do thing, has information, stubs toe on, look fixedly, being hand, worked out deal, dropped anchor, dis charges, set to rights, be given due, dropping by, makes heads tails of, keeps upon, made impression, puts it over, pays attention to, came a conclusion, running circles around, brought to maturity, re-acted, take sights, Lassoing, come a decision, having look-see, re bounded, taking steps, re covering, in duces, wades through, out weighed, bobbing up, Ferrets, talk in to, got the idea, tune in on, dis covering, pours in, gat right, called the tune, wert visible, doeth thoroughly, over-hauled, doth what one is told, take a decision, doping out, hast look see, be ones lot, came an agreement, art all ears, hauls in, being in contact, making good, dig in to the past, calls day, was conspicuous, capiched, gets know, had look see, paid for, up-date, went through with, comes a conclusion, orgasming, getting fat, doest job, hit bulls eye, hanging one's hat, unscramble, fulfill, felt again, gat it down, hast right to, diagrammed, Roosting, be-holdings, re plenish, over-hauling, gotten an eyeful, re-discovers, went town, keep mind, forges ahead, breathing new life into, formed judgment, re taking, is responsible for, puts foot down, catching sight of, percusses, regain one strength, haddest a looksee, wert given ones due, ex tract, commits to memory, puts one's foot down, getting an eyeful, setting up on, ex cruciate, hold, was close to, re-solve, get the top, have it coming, got done, pirouettes, get bearings, set foot in, alit up on, dis till, hast a feeling, made the grade, secure, lit up on, does a bang-up job, art convenient, pounces on, letting have it, acquitted oneself, art adjacent to, didst to a turn, twists one arm, get a load of, extending to, got hang of, in-validated, un buried, un earthed, act, keep one's eye on, came into, drop by, links up, insisted on, caught to, hast the right to, takes by surprise, boiling down to, wast worthy of, pre-disposes, wert sure, am one's lot, come into, wast one's lot, fore cast, cut the mustard, coming to have, fore-cast, wert master of, gets a load of, coming a decision, became aware, sur-rounded, hits on, break the record, were at disposal, come into view, regaining ones health, Diagnosticate, sets apart, dis credits, paying dues, were cognizant, are good enough, gat into head, cotch, getting point, gat vibrations, reach the zenith, sub-serve, re-conditioning, art in line for, get better, stare at, have semblance, scaring up, wert worthy of, over-reaching, takes in sights, re deem, makes a profit, puts over, pay attention to, are receipt of, stopping by, re occupy, gotten comeuppance, being turned to, in creases, am sensible of, feast one's eyes, inspire, has a hunch, re coup, fore casts, calling a day, take notice, refreshes memory, be with it, puts to rights, be ticket, feeling again, ex-plicate, wast line for, front on, hits pay dirt, recruit, rubbed eyeballs, are given ones due, wrought through, re-strains, feel in ones bones, punching the clock, dost thing, making comeback, hath information, un-tangling, fore-sees, didst one's duty, smelled out, ex pressed, Recommence, got ones fingers on, re-cognize, re-constructing, be-falling, impinge, played games, trips over, art ticket, highlighted, know for certain, didst bang-up job, art at hand, cuts mustard, foregathered, does ones duty, is sensible of, un riddle, was lot, art impressed, become known, trans-pose, re-covering, hitting the bricks, saw daylight, art responsible for, teems with, Counterpoising, got earful, got through, made buy, got one fingers on, is informed, art like, re-unite, in-cited, be advised, Re-collect, got there, took unawares, had it coming, getting the idea, ex pound, takes sights, take gander, re collecting, fore ordaining, re-coup, doest trick, finish in front, having hunch, wast present, haddest looksee, forged ahead, shops for, art presented, pro-cess, comes on like, be impressed, enforce, checks over, putting ones foot down, gotten as far as, be-thought, fixes in mind, goes out for, ran up against, stopt in, be-heading, art comparable to, de-ducting, be at hand, re appears, dost one's duty, un locked, un-locks, makes progress, dis-tend, look for, re-claimed, wert born with, be falling, dis-comfit, up rooted, wast led to believe, call it day, develop into, kept out, over looks, does a number, are acquainted, in ducted, get vibrations, Choused, making grade, getting hands on, imprest as, pass comment, eagleeyes, dis closed, did a bangup job, taking possession of, did a bang up job, keep, be holding, wert employed by, signs in, scraped up, reach, get wind of, making home, caught up to, set in order, gave audience to, grand stands, rivetting the eyes on, go and see, buffaloing, coming to decision, keeps ones eye on, re-vivifying, un masked, popped up, was adequate, paid one's dues, gets one fingers on, rule, re-calling, improving mind, pre-forms, feel in one bones, set apart, pick up on, ex-asperates, gets out way, dis-patch, bulge out, taking into consideration, getting through head, eyeball, wert familiar, ex pose, hast a hunch, wast victorious, being turned on to, catching with, going on strike, having information, buttoned down, getting in to one head, gives heed to, dis play, pre-vail, getting touch, climbing to, buying into, pulled it off, forms judgment, bonking, shopped for, catches drift, was useful, get an eyeful, accept, take unawares, sizes up, regains strength, doth ones bidding, over-hauls, stacking up, pre destining, rammed in, making meet, kent, looked at, have feeling, puts end to, art led to believe, de signed, dig up, teemed with, getting out of the way, closes in, be-comes, rivetting eyes on, turns one head, weighing in, un-earths, got past, pre pares, be setting, art cognizant of, fronting on, re assure, in-stilling, got fingers on, was led believe, have charge of, makes mind, out-distancing, wert out woods, get at, hast it coming, took possession of, looked for, re gained, getting wise to, shuttered, dis-tresses, over coming, re dress, be-ginning, keeping in touch, cropped up, do the job, is strike, bop, storing up, wast receipt of, gives rise to, gotten as a result, dis-cover, pro-curing, Glimpsed, pay one's dues, pre-determined, was hand, develops into, sober up, gobble up, gives the appearance, fore-told, re-acquires, lay near, getting into, picks out, rounded out, make up for, wast loyal to, in hales, gets through one's head, making heads tails of, cling to, gets in line, obtained again, wrought on, impinged up on, were led believe, haddest case, gets as a result, tripped on, lays one hands on, doing thing, answered a need, having case, lighting upon, votes favorably, sur mounting, leafing through, wert apprised of, continued to, hitting town, wised up to, re straining, stays clouds, re discovers, re occupied, made known, being ticket, individuates, reattains, gives the once over, retro-version, pour in, out-wits, bring to fruition, glommed onto, gets one bearings, un cover, art within view, hath feeling, pre dispose, hangs one's hat, over come, takes under advisement, pre-paring, be visible, are aware of, dis-concerted, going in for, took the sights, re-aping, in-vent, runs smack into, came against, taking hold of, keeps promise, was just the ticket, keeping ones eye on, playing part of, ex terminated, made haul, sightings, put appearance, tell from, was born with, gat in touch, re callings, hang up, de-ducts, hang ones hat, un shrouds, lay down law, manages get, be comparable to, up-dates, wast found, is accessible, gat back on feet, wast action, wert conspicuous, close in, gotten results, re collects, payment, impinging upon, was out woods, are found, doest one's thing, brings fruition, re-porting, super-vise, passes sentence, compass, take part, fore ordain, looks on, wound up at, strike note, stares at, ring bell, be attentive, wast accessible, fish out, lets in, coming into, wert receipt of, putting practice, wast told, be apprised of, be informed, being given, wert useful, am responsible for, pro claim, dis-embark, am like, does trick, dis-closes, regaining one's strength, alight up on, begging borrow or steal, over see, alights up on, gotten the knack of, come across, does bangup job, stumbles across, brings home groceries, re-gard, giving the appearance, bring to maturity, re aped, hadst a look see, popping up, made hay, moves forward, re-veals, ex-cruciate, tuning in on, up root, make profit, ran smack in to, has in hand, makes use of, re-cording, lying near, carry oneself, getting in line, re touched, lied beside, am cognizant, being endowed with, thought as, lookseeing, gotten one fingers on, comes decision, lend ear, advantage, have look-see, giving once over, cropt up, going to, lighted up on, get down pat, paying attention, advert, being sensible of, forced upon, sets upon, in novations, sway, re-vivifies, rivets eyes on, babysit, dis tills, examine, were trained, are like, has a feeling, track down, up hold, coming agreement, took orders, accessing, slowed down, excess, do justice, take heart, flexures, pouncing on, Imaged, drew near, wast sensible of, be ruled by, get ones fingers on, catching the drift, showed clearly, re spect, verging up on, tuning on, over hauls, disambiguating, adding up, haddest hand, played part of, re covered, fell in with, get touch, brought in to being, have information.