Pronunciation of Reject
/ɹɪd͡ʒˈɛkt/, /ɹɪd‍ʒˈɛkt/, /ɹ_ɪ_dʒ_ˈɛ_k_t/

Antonyms for reject

being feet, Cataloguing, art informed, discriminate between, be devilling, giving allegiance to, go on with, goes in for, de-bars, holding opinion, bare up against, contract, puts up money for, togged, inter lace, goes to seed, am ordained, led on, single out, yessed one, Crutched, be-longing, in-gests, be on ones side, re-modeled, making play for, doeth justice to, intromit, wait out, falls all over, to the tune of, Roosted, addresses oneself to, letting go, betting bottom dollar on, juiced, cleaving to, in-criminating, going in for, say so, pass hat, makes public, in vest, give ones word, pre destining, photo copies, lied close, hadst shot at, reflecting upon, do battle with, suck in, place trust in, re opened, turned account, sweeping off feet, re-affirms, Volunteering, hadst do, carrying off, be all ears, think of, mis appropriates, has over, do the trick, hath to do with, growing strong, calls upon, set about, hand to one, de signing, turned to account, wimping out, hammering out deal, threw in one's lot with, leave to, curtsied, be friending, re mained, stores up, thinks highly of, come with, be confronted by, give boost to, held opinion, infringing up on, nod at, giving evidence, takes for, accroaching, carry away, de tains, getting down one knee, adds payroll, juicing, with stands, pro fesses, gave evidence, taking hand, being in on, steadied, re-moves, deliver up, art source strength, counter vailed, lived with, called out, votes in, re solves, edge in, un-load, were up to, haddest do with, thinned out, makes one's own, up hold, sweep off ones feet, over-power, resigns to, become toughened, with-held, Lassoed, lapping up, infringing upon, avail oneself of, re-tain, carboned, under-went, am tune, hang in, pro-pounding, are a source strength, going out a limb, auscults, passes on, getting the idea, make a buy, coming to have, rested assured, was interesting to, under girds, letted in, bitting the bullet, were favor of, were in to, art impaired, shot ones mouth, pro posed, was partial to, cool out, gave ground, say uncle, addressing to, flew face of, giving orders, gets act together, gave lift, were a foundation for, thinking highly of, hath go at, settle up on, rely up on, under-written, show in, am responsible for, stands to, pressing for, win favor, de vote, putting to rights, be one duty to, wert interesting to, kept to oneself, pencilled, unbent, go on record for, joins in, made mouth water, co sting, lets have, re-view, writ prescription, dare-saying, tie to, runs on, settling upon, puts on to, became toughened, gotten as a result, de-livering, pulled for, changing belief, dis possesses, do ones bidding, Recommence, does ones duty, becomes threadbare, called on, attending to, lays one, make hit with, am captivated by, dost what is told, de-coyed, de bar, took upon oneself, were pins needles, re-presenting, have in view, planned for, checks up, haddest case, be excited, coming on to, lets go, make most of, complaining of, look up on, de cline, is servile, becoming toughened, co-signs, Cribbed, make up one's mind, numbers among, find human resources, out fit, availing of, tossing in, are to, being of same mind, calling up, inter-posed, be in harmony, laid down arms, presume, broke in to, call upon, giving boost to, brings in to fold, putting with, plans for, hath on, picking check, begged off, dis-tribute, fitting pattern, pulls for, thought of, getting chest, worm in, brought into fold, acting upon, being timeless, re-produced, hath in, re ached, doing battle, going down the line, rolling out red carpet, holding dear, downlinked, gave stamp of approval give go-ahead, hath a go at, de duces, calculated on, trussed, taking it on the chin, calling quits, brought on board, being afraid, being proper for, be on, had a shot at, lay it on, re-strains, holds out for, have sneaking suspicion, obey, firmed a deal, makes hit with, wast one side, partake, pre-serves, complies with, mull over, makes valid, haddest guests, go out for, stomach, kick off, overtired, put use, are responsible for, undergo, swept one's feet, took the bull by the horns, being ears, haddest a finger in, wast born again, have funny feeling, get bandwagon, making a stand, hath vibes, rolling back, gets in line, tunes out, de fended, cleaning up, telling the truth, give audience to, found help, giving consent, getting out system, Relished, gave blank check, prescribe, passing sentence, leaf, un-veiled, goes one one with, heading at pass, mis-lays, has dibs something, acquire, wrap up in, be in corner, holding onto, doth bidding, shot one wad, stayed in line, runs off with, pro-claims, haddest enough for, dis patches, ensorcelled, granted permission, had dibs something, sat through, making eligible, grinned and bear it, being equipped for, giving in to, de scends, outfit, feels for, finding human resources, co-axed, made merry, swear to, de criminalize, lay on the line, wert composed of, declare lawful, open up, be stow, de liberated, am convinced, beseems, dis-counts, counter-acts, re-write, going on one with, re-gaining, mew, assent to, wast source strength, cash on, guesstimate, re-gard, shapes up, let through, re pairing, being ones side, being in corner, lives on, take, throws in towel, boost morale, lets cat out bag, were in receipt of, earning one keep, hazard guess, shooting off mouth, am one's duty to, following closely, art one's side, smiling up on, laying on one, carry torch, teem with, hadst hunch, make pitch, were established, being in keeping, puts cards on table, de legates, presume true, patented, made do with, took it the chin, hast view, doest ones bidding, points to, am pins needles, sitting take it, gives leave, pro-mises, attends to, pro pounded, are informed, set apart, re treats, gives to do, breaks open, gave stamp of approval give the goahead, laying up on, re-plicate, having a go at, finalize, kept mind, bringing out in to open, carries forward, be situated, prearranges, keep the faith, para phrases, dis places, hadst dibs something, are received, in forming, ought, fits the pattern, being established, tune on, muscles in, blurt out, gave stamp approval give go ahead, dis possess, froze to, heaped up on, earn one keep, coming snuff, de light, Inked, sate in, signed off on, were all ears, contracting for, are source of strength, re-coup, looks at, finds help, forge ahead, comply with, spitted out, becoming infected with, give word, were affected, gangs up, leveling with, corners market, re-turning, were patient with, giving thumbsup, dis-posing, knuckle, become student, be longs, called upon, casts a spell on, sends for, re-cognize, keeps from, are erect, stress, out last, dis proved, admit, pro longs, makes firm, give stamp approval give the go-ahead, pro pones, under takes, fill the bill, letting pass, was told, trucks with, gave stamp approval, gat in to, fancy, be witch, arrogate, becoming like, be-tokens, goes for broke, are smitten by, throw with, rises above, smiled up on, being source strength, show clearly, pre-paring, granting authority, enroll, wast enamored of, being dressed in, humbles oneself, wert valued at, gotten down on one knee, be in keeping, cottoning to, opting for, partnering, reseving, put to use, Snowed, was beck and call, going with flow, doing like, get the act, partnered, was servile, ex plains, Witched, made plain, confides to, adding one name to, pats on back, ran in to, parceled out, credit, inter-lock, swearing up down, happen up on, Mures, co oped, get through, acting as if, corner market, toes mark, answer need, sweat, cuts on, meditate, get the idea, give the lowdown, picked the check, being confronted by, gave in, under taking, rides out, palms, conscribes, in-scribing, pushed for, setting one's hand to, living out, lays on the line, reasserting, earning ones wings, doing part, are in corner, art answerable for, have a mind to, duelling, got into, had effect, counter signs, de posited, re-modelled, left to, giving one's word, art forced to, laying on, is in receipt of, ropes in, art sanctioned, didst bidding, cleaning up act, putting a lock on, be-stowed, attest to, take on the chin, am compelled to, gives the low down, owning exclusively, declaring lawful, altering conviction, wert excited, making a pitch, re commends, wert in to, earns wings, advocate, loses sleep over, take as gospel, pro posing, sets aside, earns one's wings, doth duty, wert aware of, goes eyeball to eyeball with, being concerned with, wast in corner, haddest no doubt, honeying up, pro visioning, pro-cure, give authority, shooting ones mouth, stuck up, art witness, supporting, initiate, under-writing, has a shot at, honied up, are a party to, in corporate, pro claimed, commend to, brave, makes equal, honey up, deprives property, getting in line, stayed line, gave a hearing, hadst get-together, said yes to, be speaking, counter-sign, is love with, am on, resign oneself, re-presents, walling in, laying line, was turned on to, set forth, be in action, Re-turn, un-folding, penciling in, make a proposal, wert in line for, subjected to, art feet, pre mises, assents to, calls up, encase, fitting in, leans on, became indebted, de cay, gotten act together, throw lot with, lives down, giving stamp of approval, under-propping, folds up, are active with, take in ones arms, takes part, dis-criminating, blockading, dis-cover, inter laces, accredit, puts work, thinking as, Proportioning, art handicapped, comes down off high horse, raises dough, takes it the chin, are on tenterhooks, gave the low down, de cree, infringes up on, flirted with, takes it chin, headed pass, glean, come into, had guests, gave hearing, gave authority, hast dibs on something, soaks up, wert turned on to, jollied, prevails against, gotten the act, gets bandwagon, fell all over, re-marked, lavish up on, re-served, lent ear, sur-renders, doest as one says, dis counting, pro-fesses, makes a pass at, goes seed, turn over to, took ones arms, came defense of, didst battle with, make up one mind, waited out, agree do, take as example, pre-suppose, regard highly, came in to, grapple, is possession of, take into consideration, giving the comeon, forcing up on, embarking up on, wrought in, giving thumbs-up, gives the green light, humble oneself, Bedraggling, over took, pop off, de-scribe, with draws, was harmony, gets fingers on, art of opinion, interpret as, co-oking, wert partial to, ex-asperates, dis criminates, lending one name to, hast mind to, out lines, moves ahead, latch on to, becomes lost, stuck fast, break news, hath sneaking suspicion, meets with, gave green light, bring, put practice, dis tilling, gifted with, made a hit with, conform to, up-borne, bucks for, declaring true, referenced, is beck call, gave orders, plighted faith, addressed oneself to, cut in on, dis tribute, vindicate, gat results, waits out, are in to, laying down arms, was in corner, bunch up, have do, get one's fingers on, gives a blank check, gives a lift, were afraid, succumb, rallied round, is turned to, evoked, making overture, is hung, is favor of, hast coming, doeth battle with, being opinion, re duces, working side by side, be-fitted, over powers, ask in marriage, under stood, taking bull by horns, threw the sponge, being able to, bare the brunt of, is located, conferring right, became infected with, wast of the same mind, tee off, plays up to, bring on board, wert demanded, look up to, doeth one's part, standing to, became worn, take at one's word, is given, co opt, playing host, gave low-down, taking in to consideration, ex-tended, beg off, piggybacking, gotten with it, struggled against, puts one's john hancock on, bad for, throw in towel, contract for, carrying away, come out of closet, winks at, earn one's keep, think about, intermeshing, giving thumbs up, are satisfied with, surrender, says yes, grow used to, am satisfied with, gat through, de livering, purpose, re generating, tilt toward, wast on tenterhooks, root for, was source strength, re-strict, shake hands, jumps to conclusion, setting about, went out on a limb, out-dare, deprives of property, re modelling, gives stamp of approval give the goahead, gave way, spoke highly of, fored, becomes student, telling truth, vouchsafe, be-speaks, stick it out, had a get-together, take on chin, attested to, getting on soapbox, cave in, in-vesting, re writing, wish joy to, under-gone, re-vising, put money for, exerting influence, being of the opinion, decks out, proposition, took at ones word, did battle, be guile, wert ones side, bears testimony, pats the back, was racked, took heart, were at beck and call, bad welcome, possess, take mean, wast at disadvantage, coming around, stands up against, finking, aver, is source strength, un bends, handed it one, gave a leg up, throw in one's lot with, degrading oneself, shores up, were consistent with, sits up, take stock in, mis-lead, insisted on, superscribe, answered need, dis-tributes, takes heart, are afflicted with, is harmony, have over, ratify, headed off pass, handed it to one, subscribes to, continue, gave an audience to, shoots wad, working together, head off pass, don't rock boat, falling heir to, wast afflicted with, went native, Auscult, makes the grade, making room, sur mounts, gave the come on, inter-lace, hast fling at, ex act, being one duty to, rubber stamped, provided for, is composed of, doest battle, ex-acting, threw in lot with, tailormade, shoots off one's mouth, being seized, were seized, knuckles to, re-spired, gave heed to, are afraid, doeth trick, art line for, makes a pitch, bunk out, gets load of, got a load of, make motion, haddest finger in, staying on, held fast, demeaned oneself, cover for, hadst a fling at, de clares, doest one part, putting to work, homogenizing, became like, keeping in mind, cut it, got ball rolling, play game, opened ones heart, embarked up on, evulsing, was long lived, clung to, made a selection, made evident, guesstimating, making over, gave stamp approval give the go ahead, check up, felicitate, re-mains, was satisfied with, graphing, gotten one fingers on, are patient with, catheterizes, sorts out, de coyed, doublecheck, playing game, makes a killing, be responsible for, is on pins and needles, give do, be tune, decide on, giving low-down, having in, survive, trialing, was cahoots, put the hands of, making haul, disambiguating, in vesting, earning one's wings, shot one's mouth, was turned to, art sensible of, makes do with, be-fit, take ones word, disculpates, rose above, pro fess, played ball with, dis-possesses, had finger in, demeaning oneself, blending in, ex-cited, becomes like, dis-regarded, lets out, are a foundation for, re coils, in cline, gives a boost to, sends invitation, be vertical, bear under, letting fall, promise, be-guiles, squeezing in, giving a party, made one's mind, gat act, coming down off high horse, had lock on, up rooted, be spake, get load of, freeing up, make a play for, in spired, monopolize, pre-occupies, goes toe toe with, bring in to play, taking in hand, ex tended, took in hand, was aware of, are surety for, brood over, had get together, conforming to, hast a case, give stamp approval give go ahead, acted up on, took a shine to, giving stamp approval give the go-ahead, stick, adds name to, argued for, accepting offer, in-stall, am corner, contemplate, dare said, swear in, re spiring, un veil, dis tilled, Pencilling, am favor of, is host, re turns, made a deal, threw with, made binding, put up fight, dis-tract, piles up, dis burse, haddest over, setting heart on, am devoted to, de-spoils, be line for, throw towel, pre-occupy, was at disadvantage, gather up, are interesting to, paid addresses to, tie oneself to, wrapping up in, haddest a mind to, longs for, art tune, are worth, picked check, is credulous, art possession of, earning ones keep, makes headway, spoiled rotten, pulled together, re spects, cooperating with, re-peats, took as gospel truth, cut pie, enter up on, pro-vision, re-butting, caved in, hath a get-together, art convinced, gives moral support, Intercalated, be tokens, making happy, pays court, doth ones part, invitationing, agreeing to do, dis patching, setting forth, apologizing for, write prescription, acting as a witness, dis cern, lays hands on, prove case, giving one's consent, give attention, get in touch, with drawn, gives directions, heard it for, pricking ears, staying the course, giving break, am a witness, bring in to the fold, hath faith in, keep from, wast turned to, lets cat out of the bag, has effect, taking leave it, hadst no end, came on board, doest as says, cashing in on, art regular, am same mind, were same mind, tabbing, am keeping, taking as spouse, under standing, dis-playing, becoming valid, its a dealing, enthrone, set one's hand to, art made up of, re united, fell on one's knees, hast hand, talk big, pro-testing, sicken with, speak well of, suffers defeat, glom on to, admits defeat, sub due, wert in tune, wast interesting to, hath do with, go over big, speaks favor, be stows, prime the pump, take up on, turned blind eye to, wast seized, urge, shot off one's mouth, art inclined think, re-treat, thinking well of, pushes for, in ducts, mis appropriated, ordinating, give whirl, get sick, take one side, overuses, dost bidding, de-posing, had a lock on, designate, am of same mind, doest justice to, steadying, take the bull by horns, de-rive, were situated, inter jaculates, in gathered, let fall, keeping the faith, acting up on, hadst guests, took it leave it, keeps in mind, wrought out details, falling over, address oneself to, pre-engaged, stood up to, am host, am disadvantage, takes one's word, declare, licking boots, falls heir to, cork up, gives the go-ahead, haddest fling at, highjacked, blocked off, Remised, discriminates between, is up to, develop, insist, re assures, keeps truckin', put snare on, with draw, stay on, pre tending, has every intention, slating, be come, cleaned up, signed up, get ones fingers on, are courteous, wert valid, handing it to, ink, gets feet wet, give the nod, nevered cease, am harmony, bringing into the fold, has place, does part, pin down, dreams of, be-witches, over tire, decrease by, hand-pick, throw one lot with, in-quire, put into action, cause to adopt, being in receipt of, re mises, were side, kept truckin', laid money on, give thumbs-up, take side, re turn, picked up the tab, wast of same mind, patterns upon, came to defense of, de nominates, re move, pulling a fast one, adds to payroll, coming out closet, dost ones duty, Sinewed, inter-mix, doest honors, being courteous, ran into, do as says, re-spects, say word, tunes in, art beck and call, free from blame, art in tune, prearranging, give oneself over, art tenterhooks, stick fast, shook hands, went the way, got out of system, had vibes, re habilitates, enbosom, with-stands, check up on, am worth, be one's side, laying hold of, live up to, yessed, ordinates, taking at one's word, are opinion, picking upon, call quits, in scribe, re-affirmed, hang in there, sub-leasing, taking ones word, re cites, appealing to, were partial to, has in view, signs dotted line, pro portions, relies up on, de ludes, decided on, provide financing, wert guided by, re animate, letting through, being erect, gave to, reconciling oneself, be-spoken, throws one lot with, are one's side, apprizes, causing to adopt, lead astray, play dead, haddest coming, Subletting, pick, substantiate, sort out, be to, gets down one knee, counter-signing, doing honors, opening one heart, setting one's heart on, embarked upon, hold high esteem, co operating, puts ice, deduce, settling up on, takes a shine to, took one's word, art into, pre-sents, be the opinion, art of same mind, being positive, sit in on, are the same mind, Catheterized, come to defense of, fills up, have hand, brake open, managing get, coadjute, keeping ball rolling, decreased by, come on to, have no doubt, give access, dost one bidding, de-spoiling, cast spell on, haddest gettogether, head off at pass, were convinced of, held an opinion, are on one side, hath a mind to, be friended, buddied up, had enough for, re-marks, admitting defeat, art attracted to, stomached something, shaking hands on it, were guided by, choicing, cross one heart, haddest rights, being up to, move back, be in cahoots, came up to snuff, dieing hard, gat with, popping for, ex-pended, have a get-together, am valued at, locking on, had a fling at, saying the word, calls quits, gat on soapbox, gave a lift, think of as, give leg up, de-crease, pre-tending, take a liking to, putting forth, dont rock the boat, being consistent with, hang there, played game, getting results, being for, pro visioned, being commensurate, hath means for, making a hit with, knuckling to, it a dealt, doth as one says, cooled out, keeps abreast of, keep company with, moonlights requisition, gave a party, plight troth, re-duce, re-assured, approving accept, played on, gives invitation, doing one bidding, staying line, were source of strength, pre engaging, calling signals, patterning oneself up on, trot out, keeps close, conforms to, de-fended, consented to, have view, shoring up, am consistent with, wert consonant with, be-spoke, wear, is on tenterhooks, make over, re-duplicates, trialed, put up a fight, glommed on to, reduplicating, clinched deal, letting be, had company, doeth honors, are situated, cross heart, grants permission, had go at, have rights, goes down the line, springs for, hast finger in, made known, partake of, sur-render, mis-leads, dis-covers, hand pick, give the go-ahead, under-standing, paying for, amounting be asked, gives stamp of approval, swears to, re quires, going out with, cooperate with, coming have, braced up, caving in to, alter conviction, becomes popular, de creasing, are partial to, stuck it out, being ones duty to, stood behind, thumbsed up, hold ground, draws lots, give stamp of approval give go-ahead, inscribe, making time with, provides security, being impaired, un-veiling, gotten the idea, ex-asperated, claps hands on, took at one word, gives facts, persisting in, takes mean, enable, de-noting, taking under advisement, re couped, de frauds, am disposed to, followed crowd, took for ride, laying before, subleases, re-legate, be ready, intoxicates, got bandwagon, being near to, putting hands of, re-wrote, dis charge, be-fitting, wert on one side, lived out, art active with, buttons down, re views, breaking news, re-deeming, giving a blank check, live with, in-forms, hath gettogether, would sooner, are located, letting out, is sanctioned, grow hardened, are on side, chews over, inter plays, confers a right, are in line for, be a source of strength, wast erect, pile up, bare testimony, sets hand to, cosign, Shrouded, kept in mind, parting with, speak in favor, is one duty to, flies face of, looking upon, work in, re-plicates, strengthen, making mind, talk down to, was commensurate, brings into the fold, takes shot at, catheterize, re-habilitated, being on one side, shot off mouth, set one's heart on, says under oath, closed with, in vite, stood up against, take care of, doest one's duty, draws in, took one's arms, gives the go ahead, is ones duty to, own exclusively, oked, wert captivated by, caves into, anteed up, prop, sweethearted, lends hand, re adies, calls out, give moral support, bidding for, incarnates, being situated, being turned to, make a killing, re-questing, art in corner, taking it or leave it, is ones side, de spoiled, super-scribes, am partial to, causes to adopt, co sign, take the bull by the horns, affiances, laid down law, taking oath, be sensible of, bears the brunt of, takes chin, putting charge of, over using, hanker, was composed of, introes, conducted oneself toward, feeling for, pro-cures, press in to service, haddest place, earns keep, outdaring, become infected with, captivate, dragoons, stood by, making comfortable, covenant, para phrased, doeth ones part, ex-posed, wert informed, come up to snuff, wert one duty to, re duplicate, fall heir to, re-duplicate, going way, hast company, re commending, be-having, lusts after, makes over, take to heart, wert inclined think, are on feet, mainstayed, be dressed in, am commensurate, ex-tend, gat touch, lost sleep over, is paid, wast possession of, re-treats, lend one name to, sounds off, looked at, are in love with, getting with, shows in, settled on, keep close, was big about, join up, takes one upon, smashing and grab, trans-fixes, covet, takes the part of, takes the bull by horns, de posing, are at beck and call, flirting with, campaigns for, moving for, de-liberate, sticks for, settles up on, gave one's word, wishing joy to, brings in to line, inter lacing, take stab at, heads pass, object to, keeping mind, checks on, took bull by horns, played up to, being at beck and call, being left, speak piece, did part, giving to do, art turned on to, keeping faith, throwing in with, was forced to, co-oked, Beseeming, photo copying, de-scend, offers hospitality, luxuriating in, laid it on, got in line, auto-graphing, going up against, puts white flag, making stick, giving leg up, give thumbs up, being needed, puff up, multi plying, dis played, in-haling, falls ones knees, be-comes, hadst do with, de noting, stand fast, giving permission, gave comeon, go one one with, Preengaged, knuckle to, go all the way, Gallanted, un-derwent, draft, kicking off, wear well, are seized, lean on, makes buy, get feet wet, make good, endorse, pro long, wiled, have mind to, un bended, thumbsing up, live out, grapples with, art a source of strength, rolls back, back pedal, it a deals, be-tokening, makes up one mind, reconciliated, pro position, hath a get together, de-picts, woulds sooner, infatuates, firing question, doeth like, playing on, is side, cuts the pie, calling forth, threw in one lot with, never say die, hangs onto, was consonant with, art smitten by, enthrones, being in favor of, gives goahead, is a witness, pre-destine, pours in, depends on, give a party, up-rooting, did duty, Manifolded, insists up on, sticked for, does ones bidding, gives come-on, give up, ex acts, are in harmony, heisting, inter meshing, seek the hand of, giving the go-ahead, be-trays, go down the line, ex-plained, are pins and needles, pre-pare, takes one side, building on, spreading around, being source of strength, were on ones side, roll over play dead, make legal, ex-cogitate, kept on truckin, answers need, in-criminates, buried the hatchet, be fitted, broods over, looking up to, going limit, shooting one wad, ex-tolled, be one's duty to, sticked around, got in touch, ex tending, puts to work, got under way, re member, follows the crowd, made pitch, giving stamp approval give go ahead, conducted toward, lent hand, be devil, ex acting, went one on with, are disadvantage, de-cays, ex plained, dis covers, went on one with, Umpired, bears up under, takes it lying down, go out on a limb, pray, ex-cites, in-stalling, pre-serving, pays for, took one on, cogitate on, becomes similar, be durable, grabbing hold of, have business with, wast in to, be seemed, be loyal to, ex asperates, get on soapbox, pro-pones, re-quired, ensorcell, am ones side, re opening, re-stored, showing clearly, re-sorts, moonlighted requisition, de-nominate, getting act together, bring into line, re cognize, giving green light, make eligible, takes in one's arms, end-owing, be reaved, hire, wert erect, earn ones keep, reveal, pounces on, got the idea, earning wings, re opens, dis plays, pro filed, was up to, under stand, presuming true, art credulous, am equipped for, firing the question, calls attention to, de-scribes, putting into action, art satisfied with, re possesses, inter-mixed, did what is told, lowers oneself, threw in sponge, encasing, being in action, Caricaturing, be favor of, kick around, wert for, allowed entrance, gives hearing, hast a fling at, have in hand, take possession, re-assuring, deprive property, homologize, met with, being valued at, be big, am sanctioned, fix upon, became ratified, are a source of strength, opening heart, made a haul, Meditated, went easy on, pre scribe, wert at disadvantage, stuck at, in-duces, was in keeping, truck with, ex pressed, make scene, had gettogether, giving a posy, ganging up, in tending, held dear, reckon with, sub-lease, packing it in, Re-present, outdared, become lost, up-bore, carries away, being active with, gat out system, pulled a fast one, be witness, re-gale, lending ear, de-duce, makes up mind, manage to get, re pair, be given, saying under oath, sent for, hath in hand, straightened up, kept the faith, putting in writing, lay hands on, entreat, ex plain, make one's mind, making reservation, boosting morale, give a blank check, art foundation for, depute, showing cause, with-stood, holding attention, get hands on, doing as one says, became student, soapboxes, bringing in to the fold, put cards on table, opts for, pro duce, re corded, being patient with, Cinching, breaks the news, take one arms, sweep ones feet, is disadvantage, re fuses, drawing lots, accessed, usurp, inventorizing, bringing in to line, have no fight left, in-criminated, am party to, plight faith, de falcated, folding in arms, waiting out, fly the face of, takes into consideration, ex-torts, flew in the face of, be in tune, thinning out, choose, takes side, free up, follow beaten path, Imaged, burgles, bring bear, swears and down, is in tune, is all ears, bears against, is feet, in-cited, gave a posy, settled for, be-reaving, has hunch, de tain, attached weight to, dis closes, go to seed, ensorcelling, double-checking, turns account, appropriate, pro-filing, makes possible, made proposal, bearing the brunt, beg, co-sign, rejoice with, tuned in on, de-bunks, declares lawful, de-spoil, priming pump, letting cat out of the bag, decides on, doing ones part, being aware of, gave invitation, made up one's mind, build in, gives the comeon, playing second fiddle, bare under, got through, fell on knees, pouring in, having do, make to, gets down on one knee, make terms, be consonant with, is in cahoots, be in line for, give a boost to, has a hunch, Caved, be-troth, re affirm, funded, fitted pattern, make pass at, passing on, was captivated by, doing trick, takes the chin, over-whelming, reflects up on, swim with tide, get in to, haddest business with, invitationed, dis-proving, re spect, shot wad, pre tend, putting the snare on, keeps truckin, Deputing, counter-vails, beared one out, had do with, its a deals, over whelms, wast on feet, caving to, taking word, carrying through, bits the bullet, call forth, re strains, sware down, walked with, gives power, pattern up on, were the same mind, offering hospitality, play ball with, spoiling rotten, pre vail, similizing, circumstantiates, bucked for, play the game, piloting, Riveted, am left, blinked at, dis-posed, under took, cottoned to, carried through, anted up, gives ones hand, held with, make allowance for, getting bandwagon, made law, change belief, owned up, let, got out system, in-sinuating, signing seal, being side, squeezes in, de-voting, sticks up, makes clean breast of, taking for granted, take one's side, bringing out into open, be-sought, am alive, went one with, hatsed off to, are party to, be-witch, let in, gets on with, was for, made comeback, gloms on to, letted have, am beck call, had fling at, out-dares, re strained, called quits, wast smitten by, come have, were disadvantage, dis-inherited, picks tab, having vibes, pre-arranged, being keeping, falls over, became threadbare, pick up on, takes one's side, argued into, took leave it, gave a break, dream of, gat ones fingers on, is afflicted with, lets pass, make selection, falls one's knees, sold at, seize, picking tab, grooving, be guided by, holding out against, gets as a result, brake into, bought in to, are disposed to, accessing, gave facts, opened up, gat one fingers on, holding an opinion, be-reft, making a choice, sticks by, comes snuff, holds with, fired question, has finger in, give come-on, was on tenterhooks, flew in face of, haddest vibes, mad for, lived through, is extant, re covering, caved in to, am in corner, shakes hands on it, kept truckin, puts in practice, throws the sponge, be receipt of, being cahoots, giving credence to, argue for, putting use, give permission, heading off at pass, re canting, got on soapbox, made stand, comes across with, am tenterhooks, in tends, snapping up, art vertical, were erect, art in love with, in-denting, re coup, out lasted, mousetraps, come snuff, is compelled to, is in love with, Capacitated, art same mind, have vibes, de lineated, gold starred, kisses goodbye, putting up money for, get into, has get-together, put up white flag, takes in hand, was on one side, parceling out, lays line, out-wear, cartooned, was in line for, was vertical, be-long, ponies up, be near to, de siring, hast title, pulling together, would rather, fixt up on, re treating, yearn for, ran after, be erect, un-bending, came down high horse, buttoned down, buckles under, look other way, didst with, fitting for, sur-mise, folded in arms, being convinced of, have company, sat take it, become ratified, getting behind, are convulsed, art big on, hath a bad time, was one's side, in habited, under-pinned, being the same mind, ties oneself to, straightening up, sets motion, makes responsible for, dressed in, reacts toward, am at beck and call, makes a selection, writes prescription, clothing oneself, wert favor of, dis-till, got act together, swearing to, plumps for, de riving, wert alive, making the most of, be fits, ex-plains, press one suit, lay down arms, have a gettogether, hadst title, pro tested, hang out, sets one's hand to, gives party, give ones consent, re animating, pro curing, living down, insisted up on, ex-plaining, caving into, gives stamp of approval give the go-ahead, Caving, re-starts, walking off with, didst one's part, lets slip, falls on one's knees, welcome, interplayed, gat chest, are a witness, allow for, wert extant, art in line for, give a posy, is smitten by, induce, got hold of, lavished up on, were ones side, trans fixes, re-marking, gives five, clinch the deal, said in defense, pro-curing, carves out, sets ones heart on, is possessed of, out lasts, in duce, photo stating, lend an ear, does one duty, dies hard, stay, haddest a lock on, intercalates, got in to, in-spiriting, under-taken, de pone, co operate, de creed, pro-cured, confers trust, provides means, give posy, is cahoots, is in harmony, causing adopt, sells for, trusted, holds opinion, do one's bidding, wert afflicted with, payed court to, wast love with, went up against, coadjutes, be-stows, be told, pronounces sentence, haddest go at, re-generating, gat down one knee, be regular, putting finger on, up-root, enjoy, conferred trust, cutting the mustard, brings forth, makes up ones mind, give low-down, picks the tab, was ones side, overlook, made to, inter meshes, tost few crumbs, being harmony, cave to, de fining, re-possess, setting aside, are feet, confides in, gifts with, Perpend, gives leg up, hold an opinion, is proper for, wast in keeping, knuckleundered, come down high horse, charm, de falcate, gave a try, co signs, include as guest, be have, agree, becoming worn, adding to payroll, lays the line, being of the same mind, de scending, over-takes, pull for, make use, inter posing, looked after, wast interested in, subscribed to, sticked up, had a get together, tuned out, bear testimony, gives over, concurs with, didst what is told, aspire to, cutting in on, am on one side, bear hugging, in-duce, give leave, wert wounded, makes use of, lies close, carries the torch, wast sensible of, re tain, being corner, takes one on, deprive of property, give come on, pressed ones suit, fold arms, re mains, had being, get results, wast informed, were racked, was in favor of, caught hold of, de rived, takes one up on, living by, providing security, trans-fixing, make a hit with, re presents, end eared, wert pins and needles, pronounced sentence, decide upon, push for, de-signs, be seems, holding with, was on, osmosed, push on, infringe upon, gives a party, its dealing, holding high esteem, become similar, in-spect, takes the bull by the horns, make room for, pilfer, puts into action, marking out, be ones side, art turned to, coming up snuff, bring in to fold, checking up on, taking a shot at, de crees, are all for, made sure, pro longing, art up to, tost around, trans fixed, pre-served, wast concerned with, being hung, be-coming, dost the trick, stringed along with, art demanded, coming terms, hast place, un bent, sur-mises, puts the whammy on, de crease, rolled out red carpet, tickling to death, re-veal, pre-engages, de livered, coming out of closet, taking in ones arms, finding use, rolling with punches, putting to, putting under magic spell, re-members, being attracted to, comes up snuff, bets on, wast the opinion, musing over, plays host, corresponds to, re straining, pay court, delivers up, sit in, re-siding, re affirming, wast fond of, having no fight left, doing justice to, passed hat, re affirms, wast for, give battle to, shooting off one's mouth, became popular, are beck call, wast marked at, Doled, being in to, pro-filed, count up on, wert beck call, pencilled in, wert in keeping, thinks out, letting bygones be bygones, proves case, ex asperate, made grade, resigned oneself, take notice, are valued at, be at disadvantage, co oked, haul in, harkened, doublechecked, avails of, tenders, never cease, be troths, in folding, giving go ahead, gat act together, comes around, doeth battle, throwing one lot with, counter signing, re signs, wert needed, does as one says, putting ones john hancock on, come together, hast funny feeling, was durable, de-sired, having being, gave consent, support, make sure, am loyal to, de-note, pressed in to service, played past, in stating, wast all for, made stick, come on board, convenienced, sweep off feet, is game for, bring forward, doth what is expected, withdrew from agreement statement, interjaculated, was answerable for, ex-plain, wast partial to, making equal, are dressed in, leaves alone, was action, was alive, is in possession of, ratted on, taking one up on, gotten act, wast given, reduplicated, mis-lay, answering need, gave okay, elect, made room, re plicates, making up mind, made over, give stamp of approval give the go ahead, carried the torch, evulsed, brake news, swept ones feet, were in action, getting into, hand picks, think highly of, doth one's bidding, sticking at, buying in to, am aware of, poured in, reconcile oneself, giving testimony, tost it in, wear thin, got off chest, getting hands on, tailor-make, throw in lot with, being on tenterhooks, gives do, put with, laying hands on, sickened with, packs it in, inter-loping, being party to, swept one feet, am at beck call, looking the other way, had place, sets down, pressing into service, opted for, coming on board, de-fines, downlinking, fore-see, be affected, is racked, came up snuff, art positive, de-falcated, were big, have get-together, be into, reflect up on, placing trust in, went for broke, re-butted, be-tray, dis-inherits, called attention to, signing up, bare one out, jump to conclusion, take at ones word, laying down the law, be beck call, say under oath, showed once and for all, doeth what one is told, gat fingers on, re serve, showed willingness, giving a break, jumped to conclusion, take liking to, am able to, patterned upon, be-gun, de livers, losing sleep over, laid on one, offering up, make stand, brings out in to open, smashing grab, answering a need, under wrote, dittoing, re-adjust, came to terms, pro-positioned, be big on, grows hardened, re served, come down off high horse, is on ones side, are given, be action, were opinion, throw party, hast no fight left, is commensurate, lay close, folds arms, filled a position, giving party, lets cat out of bag, is opinion, ex-tending, provided funds, opens ones heart, setting one heart on, giving job to, stump for, being possession of, heads at pass, re duplicated, hath a gettogether, going seed, under-pinning, withdraw from agreement or statement, were on side, gotten down one knee, threw towel, letted cat out of bag, being disposed to, re starting, was courteous, un folding, stays the course, smiles upon, gather, show hospitality, counter-vailed, pro-portioned, complains of, parcels out, dis-placing, sticks around, dying hard, in-habit, goes limit, having a get together, got in the act, gotten load of, talked big, goes record for, spake highly of, get a load of, wert all ears, sprung for, were priced at, sit through, sending for, going easy on, blends in, being one's side, latching to, gift with, plays the game, gotten with, gifting with, doth with, forces up on, wast in harmony, under pins, makes with, springing for, give the go ahead, give the word, dis criminated, de legate, Busying, wert one's side, takes up on oneself, depended upon, art made of, put work, deprived of property, conferred a right, made love to, were inclined think, took a shot at, gets ones fingers on, take course, stuck together, had a mind to, settle for, falling in with, picking and choose, comes on to, sorted out, de pict, dis-cern, gave thumbs-up, Perdure, Dragooning, was ready, going eyeball to eyeball with, dis covered, bearing up against, am courteous, Osmose, go, art inclined to think, was valid, re possess, gave leave, ran interference for, grows used to, kept abreast of, de-scending, in-spects, insisting up on, was line for, un-folds, turned over to, fit the pattern, inter-mixing, dis cover, go by the book, standing behind, spring for, being same mind, be proper for, smashed and grab, went toe toe with, making a selection, up bear, un-covers, fall on knees, doest with, being foundation for, lets bygones be bygones, putting up to, followed beaten path, Remise, wast sensitive, are composed of, hast bad time, giving the goahead, art impressed, wore thin, out fitting, mis-appropriates, de bars, knocks dead, be turned on to, is submissive, re-plicating, making bail, leaved alone, wert made up of, play host, re news, gat going, don't make waves, lay on, wert pins needles, making room for, pre serve, re coups, bring into the fold, takes on chin, pulls fast one, saw about, bringing on board, becoming ratified, rode out, re-seve, pre-arrange, falling one's knees, pro-visions, fitting the pattern, had a gettogether, living through, bearing the brunt of, pricks up ears, am erect, gotten one's fingers on, inter lopes, apprize, sees eye to eye, fall knees, un-veil, saying word, dis posed, going the way, leading astray, fill bill, condescend, re-serve, decreases by, hats to, made one's own, speaking well of, shakes hands, hanging words, come out closet, stand up against, pre pares, hang onto, cleaned up act, re create, re sided, voodooing, liking better, cosigning, corks up, look to, holds out against, builds in, commission, hadst a gettogether, cognominating, pulling fast one, is convulsed, fascinate, offers marriage, checks up on, it's deals, de liberating, are sensitive, being compelled to, clings to, dis posing, give a break, dis proving, art in cahoots, stayed near, fit for, re gale, abide, shoot off ones mouth, giving stamp of approval give go-ahead, de-cay, succeeding to, saying uncle, putting white flag, cuts the mustard, does battle, gets better of, cleans up, de signs, turning blind eye to, makes grade, staid in line, held high esteem, art long lived, art for, tips over, approbate, in-hale, over looked, wert situated, Massing, got feet wet, keeping view, caved into, shuts in, is duty to, gaining possession, making mouth water, be able to, hath funny feeling, wast valid, gives thumbs up, pops off, in-scribes, ex-tracts, hath title, sets forth, it's deal, lay claim to, giving access, make allowances, signed for, are confronted by, gat on with it, cut mustard, re-written, counter vail, provides funds, re-quests, patted the back, got one fingers on, Tendered, keeping company with, ex tract, gets act, sweep one feet, sitting through, be paid, were duty to, has shot at, made safe, reaffirms, re-gain, in habiting, gamble on, lure, being a source of strength, rested with, gotten bandwagon, fore-gone, enamouring, reasserted, providing financing, sur mount, being witness, attests to, be afflicted with, taking stock in, making scene, gets into, gives battle to, does one's duty, brought out in to open, wast wounded, gives stamp of approval give go ahead, share in, re-sorted, consent to, am on side, conducting oneself toward, de-fend, goes in to details, turn account, comes together, had hand, wast able to, tabbed, get hold of, gotten better of, dare-say, am smitten by, Coll, resigned oneself to, submitted to, getting soapbox, puts foot down, being interesting to, went all way, tipping over, inter-locks, offer marriage, sate up, keeping abreast of, are impressed, am surety for, art surety for, art afraid, let continue, re asserts, engross, were for, take upon oneself, being all ears, are wounded, de-liberates, lent one's name to, trans ported, wast big on, follow the crowd, pre arranging, be-troths, knocking dead, revolve, puts in good word, are action, are consonant with, press into service, wrapt up in, give goahead, re-storing, deferred to, taking possession, gets in to, kudizing, in dent, heaped upon, is captivated by, inviting competition, falling on one's knees, gives green light, casting a spell on, take it leave it, causes adopt, tost in, own, wast timeless, turning one on, gat one's fingers on, re-plicated, catches hold of, goes out on limb, cosigns, fold in arms, insist on, has a go at, make killing, hands to one, be interested in, over-take, in trusts, keep, be-friending, dis regarding, were game for, de-lineate, photo-stated, heaps up on, made a comeback, gat sick, becoming engaged, provided means, do one's duty, hath rights, lent a hand, take or leave it, am enough, being one side, hold opinion, accepts gladly, in cites, weeding out, be foundation for, made possible, insert, re plenish, Overhearing, leaned toward, feels wretched, clapping hands on, is tune, were courteous, Circumstantiating, de sires, clap hands on, taking an oath, Experiencing, taking it chin, dress in, reconciliate, take it chin, make headway, fess, de-duces, nodded at, smiling upon, re-cites, laying on line, giving the come on, has the means for, squeeze in, keep faith, pre-destined, am in action, holding responsible, up root, check on, inter posed, re gain, gave permission, haddest hand, crutching, asking in marriage, swore down, sifted out, introduce, over hears, sub scribes, wast the same mind, made a stand, pick choose, act with regard to, settles on, doing bidding, getting down knee, take leave it, Suckering, in-fold, is afraid, sur renders, Housed, heaping up on, swear and down, dis-possessed, nesting, wert on side, getting in the act, allegate, hast a get together, adds ones name to, covering for, over-took, became engaged, takes from, swimming with the tide, dost with, depending upon, homologizing, follows beaten path, dressing in, came to snuff, giving blessing, hatses to, de-coy, re-conciliate, having gettogether, keeping the ball rolling, deposits with, primes the pump, gloved, passwording, mandating, comprehend, making decision, presses in to service, being big, putting money, stayed course, passing the hat, grins and bear it, rebated, de sign, come across with, counter vailing, hand it to one, lets continue, thins out, de-bunked, over hearing, wert action, made room for, dis regarded, made haul, number among, picked up the check, makes compact, give testimony, relying upon, were impressed, took kindly to, tipping hand, embrace, re started, book, made compact, be spoken, am paid, watchwording, withstand, co-operated, be certain of, give the come-on, hast in, be guiles, leant toward, sets cap, am demanded, move over, Bunked, is line for, closing with, are told, being on side, swam with the tide, haddest view, toned, giving stamp approval, getting hold of, oughted, art love with, thumping for, is seemly, bringing board, bury hatchet, scraped together, outdares, wert in harmony, forging ahead, wert of opinion, art affected, force upon, giving low down, stumps for, mapping out, am convinced of, art beck call, wert to, be located, de scended, pony up, Infatuating, settle on, picks choose, give out, dis-possessing, swept off feet, goes by book, elbowed in, got in act, making up to, having go at, move for, getting on bandwagon, forged ahead, swears up down, filled the bill, up-bear, doeth ones duty, give to, gave party, lump, deferring to, buckle under, attract, stand up for, goes out a limb, re duplicates, taking to, act upon, forced up on, wast situated, hath dibs on something, de scribe, gives posy, gave thumbs up, being marked at, puts the hands of, be opinion, re marking, goes out for, puts writing, brought in to fold, rolled back, re-lax, said amen to, fell ones knees, became valid, am received, is courteous, hats off to, are line for, hadst a get together, unbended, handpicking, shooting ones wad, conducting toward, gets with it, un derwent, sware in, be speak, sticks to, left alone, hath a hunch, flirt with, gat on bandwagon, haddest on, crosses one's heart, re-adies, let pass, wert in corner, am submissive, was receipt of, got soapbox, made up to, work toward, in-spirit, re-ported, wast in receipt of, dreamed of, being in cahoots, has fling at, lumped it, stood ones ground, seeing through, blinking at, was party to, are answerable for, de-tain, ordinated, engaged in, re-spires, spoke one piece, legitimatize, take lying down, notarize, wast obsequious, re habilitated, Tendering, it dealing, being a witness, re-seves, bring in to line, was inclined think, sizing, carved out, qualifying for, was convinced, have enough for, have place, is devoted to, pre-mises, putting in charge of, give carte blanche, threw sponge, sanction, be for, de-pones, de-lights, taking it the chin, lay on line, holds onto, complained of, placed confidence in, say defense, inks, sur mounted, reseves, fits pattern, confirm, knuckleunders, out-line, had every intention, co-operate, in crease, forking over, didst ones part, command, accept, art party to, fall one knees, hadst dibs on something, gat in the act, throws with, has means for, broke the news, seduce, pre supposing, became similar, depend up on, standing up for, bound oneself, wert turned to, was affected, doing one's part, give stamp of approval, did honors, make firm, pro-longed, wast ruled by, re-fused, giving a hearing, close in, place confidence in, art at disadvantage, have guests, de-sires, sub-leased, bring out in to open, puts in the hands of, making ones mind, be impaired, spake one piece, deck out, singles out, am possession of, hadst place, held onto, dis-closes, tailor makes, make a deal, bottomed, paying expenses of, sided with, hand picked, pro-positioning, casts spell on, hast in hand, pro claims, shoots off one mouth, got the better of, passes sentence, gives stamp approval, was one side, grant permission, feel disposed to, paid court to, came out closet, signing on dotted line, checking upon, re legate, were of same mind, made the scene, got line, in-crease, filling up, carried off, pre-scribed, wert tune, counter-signed, making do with, do bidding, ex tort, dis-counting, were one duty to, Optate, hath a lock on, glomming to, be cahoots, are consistent with, piggybacked, pre-scribes, looking up on, under girded, nevering say die, throws one's lot with, re models, point to, made valid, making headway, under writes, re habilitate, mounted up, interplaying, let bygones be bygones, pre-arranging, was in action, with-drew, has a gettogether, pocket, makes plain, invited, rolls with punches, trans-fixt, became law, dis-patched, are compelled to, de-posed, have a get together, am in cahoots, were needed, wast a source of strength, perdured, re vised, be trays, going into details, wast consistent with, re bating, giving try, doeth with, lent name to, stands ones ground, wert made of, make a choice, lays down arms, came on to, swimming with tide, gave stamp of approval give the go ahead, copy, have visitors, buddying up, throws the towel, gets in the act, de-riving, takes care of, went out for, swears bible, counter vails, be interesting to, being forced to, in trust, made scene, keep truckin', cleave to, out-lining, laid hands on, be draggling, crossed one heart, doest ones part, didst one's duty, letting have, made most of, bought for, inter-posing, hem in, jumps to a conclusion, puts hands of, reconciliating, sees fit, picks up the tab, laying the line, gave stamp approval give goahead, enbosomed, having mind to, fires the question, de-livers, sized up, co signing, become law, be spoke, signs and seal, ushers in, dis inheriting, allows entrance, counter acts, becomes engaged, held responsible, gold starring, gave work, it a dealing, are favor of, wert in possession of, were made up of, mis-leading, get, worms in, undergirding, was game for, fore-going, committing oneself, meditates on, setting ones hand to, call up, dis-places, bear one out, honied, took as an example, is vertical, pre serving, commandeer, wert disadvantage, made ones mind, ex-posing, wipes slate clean, gotten results, am servile, wert a witness, became lost, Delectate, wast made up of, say yes, re-treated, re conciliating, earn wings, hath get-together, does like, stood fast, are all ears, sits take it, correspond to, de-pose, keep ball rolling, going for broke, sits on, ratting on, fixed upon, went against, set ones hand to, am turned to, keeps ball rolling, take shot at, be partial to, re-signed, calls it quits, buys in to, do as one says, go one with, tossing around, become involved in, being convulsed, Valuing, set in motion, de-ludes, giving a boost to, took lead, follow closely, setting ones heart on, tell truth, agrees do, Roped, picked choose, insider, hatses off to, shape up, spitball, making good, giving a whirl, speaking ones piece, burying hatchet, wert on feet, earn one's wings, was handicapped, Privileging, handed it to, picks up tab, votes for, Propone, measure up, measures up, wast in possession of, toss in, was sensitive, giving ones consent, puts signature on, weigh, photo copy, de-fending, makes off with, got from, ex cite, warrants, provided the means, put struggle, wast in action, exert influence, holds responsible, gotten out system, yielded to, makes it, throw in ones lot with, plumped for, gets out system, co-signing, repressed feelings, was in possession of, didst battle, copyrighting, nominate, coming up to snuff, art in possession of, go easy on, makes happy, be ones duty to, puts in order, hast to do with, tucker, doth part, in habits, sprang for, is interesting to, had funny feeling, re signed, hadst vibes, art pins needles, showing once and for all, hast get-together, re-adjusted, pro fits, super scribe, does battle with, in-ducted, bear brunt of, lock in, bear up against, wast responsible for, co operated, downed, falls knees, was compelled to, in-corporates, wert left, having a get-together, acts as witness, gotten under way, gave blessing, feel, spake in favor, allegated, suffer defeat, does one's part, be at beck call, be extant, re unites, re seve, nodding at, bushing, re cited, maintain, art receipt of, copyrights, take in to account, haddest a do, in-tended, be on feet, give bond, being made up of, re deem, were keeping, sur mises, Re-mark, discriminated between, tossed few crumbs, de-criminalize, in-gathered, was ears, mis-appropriating, pro pounds, keeps eye on, sustain, presses ones suit, fills the bill, out lives, in-vite, grant authority, refers to, am worthless, demean oneself, re-peat, pencil in, re sides, objected to, shore up, is ordained, speaks up for, de-liver, moves for, bear mind, bore brunt, art aware of, dis-criminated, getting a load of, sets heart on, took bull by the horns, has faith in, have go at, pre-vented, Penciling, allowing for, Bottoming, left behind, attaching weight to, sur-rendered, picked up on, puts john hancock on, Lassoing, be inclined to think, arrest, straightens up, switched on, hath dibs something, art confronted by, am all for, took as gospel, standing up, went record for, art contained in, boosts morale, are harmony, counter-vailing, relying up on, taking the part of, were in favor of, in tend, re-strain, beared up under, argues into, was big on, sat and take it, goes one with, gives a posy, de scribes, be aware of, letted stay, patted back, put under spell, think, rid out, Initialing, were in harmony, mis lead, coming across with, tell the truth, is at beck call, gets from, roping in, laps up, are timeless, require, wink at, give one hand, be friends, throws in one lot with, in-haled, laid hold of, wast on side, throw in, give stamp of approval give go ahead, takes up on, bits bullet, lends ones name to, made allowances, kept faith, de-fine, dost part, be valid, dis possessing, threw in the sponge, pick and choose, bear the brunt of, brings on board, ex tend, be servile, de-clare, wast answerable for, were possession of, be-stow, are keeping, swept off one's feet, sub letting, dost what is expected, spoke favor, came terms, with hold, open heart, prove, wraps in, lying close, makes up to, in-trusted, be credulous, levelling with, took from, hanged in there, Tokened, toss few crumbs, grin bear it, was tune, claim, were dressed in, come board, think to, become indebted, recommences, checked up on, freezes to, find use, keep alive, popped off, Palmed, were paid, overtire, putting a good word, Franchising, indulge, got on bandwagon, Hacked, shot off ones mouth, cover, looks upon, give in to, de criminalizing, throwing ones lot with, thinking of as, make off with, cast a spell on, be deviled, throws in the towel, optates, gotten on with, dost like, shoot off mouth, granting permission, Dueling, crosses heart, in stances, had a bad time, pro-longs, shows hospitality, re-cited, being receipt of, goes on with, resigned to, dis-regards, cooperates with, give the low down, burgle, pick the check, is on feet, getting feet wet, having in view, resigns oneself to, joined in, be devoted to, finds a use, paying no mind, called up on, sit up, with-holds, wert surety for, bow to, being tune, taking one arms, inter pose, letting slip, am certain of, art able to, haddest sneaking suspicion, comes up to snuff, am on pins and needles, handed one, be ordained, gat into, keeping truckin, bets bottom dollar on, has vibes, releasing, sur rendering, gives attention, Busied, wert equipped for, hadst a lock on, is told, hang on words, were cahoots, sound off, admitted defeat, was in receipt of, de lude, pro-fits, is of opinion, pre-arranges, art action, had means for, ex pended, swearing up and down, pro-positions, make grade, am guided by, re couping, hanged there, were proper for, bedraggle, it dealt, am cahoots, handing to, wast racked, sits and take it, forked over, exercised control, becoming involved in, singling out, under sign, sticking by, spieled, looked to, ex-pending, pinning down, go toe to toe with, comply, legitimates, dost battle, level with, withdrawing from agreement statement, holds in high esteem, select, keeping from falling, used up, gives ones consent, does one part, re-unites, appoint, entertain, take as spouse, pulled fast one, under take, enbosoms, takes ones side, am answerable for, wert commensurate, made mind, letting cat out of bag, was located, de sire, un veiled, get in the act, art interested in, take on, bid, re-turns, handing it one, acting with regard to, puts under a spell, giving moral support, roll over and play dead, bearing testimony, resigning oneself, Inking, de bunks, fit out, took notice, high hats, put whammy on, clinching the deal, be long, comes to defense of, gives stamp approval give go-ahead, takes an oath, are forced to, lick boots, offering marriage, put horns on, validate, taking one's side, makes love to, puts good word, wert one side, all-owed, settling on, pro vision, made reservation, hast enough for, come up snuff, asservate, wast commensurate, mis-laying, stays in line, have a shot at, conveniencing, loot, fitted in, says amen to, fly face of, art interesting to, went limit, capacitates, under-signs, put order, lending ones name to, pro pose, rolling over play dead, making off with, wert seemly, said yes, pops for, taking at word, over worked, inter-jaculate, plays second fiddle, give job to, sub-dues, having a hunch, be a source strength, re asserting, lived down, wert positive, Legitimating, makes a buy, dis charged, were at beck call, muse over, being inclined to think, coadjuted, being priced at, are in favor of, don't rock the boat, over whelming, throws in ones lot with, gold star, ensorcells, manage get, pro-fess, stands against, taking as gospel truth, give stamp approval, gave rein to, de-scends, let out, out-fitting, up-graded, oughting, staying near, opened heart, putting one john hancock on, gets line, give lift, de-duct, art seized, accepting gladly, art consistent with, wast one duty to, with stood, putting on to, having fling at, put good word, be longed, were receipt of, staid the course, were positive, agreed do, re gained, picking out, doing with, de-nominates, sub scribe, gat on with, throws party, re-serves, in ducting, hangs there, re modelled, circumstantiate, recruit, hast visitors, am witness, plighting faith, go the way, daresaying, gets on with it, disambiguate, haddest do, comes to terms, getting the better of, wrap in, does as says, bore testimony, making legal, shooting one's wad, suffer, give go-ahead, is excited, hanging in, be efficacious, packed in, be answerable for, confided to, am efficacious, takes ones arms, crossed ones heart, inter mixing, overhear, patterned oneself upon, in-creases, become worn, ex-act, made one mind, am excited, puts charge of, establish, do trick, making possible, taking it leave it, hath a do, turns to account, re generated, headed at pass, re-treating, wert party to, found a use, de-ducted, shaking hands it, re-duces, are beck and call, wast action, smashes grab, signs over, letted go, pro-mote, turned head, delivering up, were in tune, re uniting, propones, Slotted, settled up on, has visitors, give a hearing, set down, rolls over play dead, give hand, gave leg up, bade welcome, upbearing, did bidding, hadst over, be source strength, stands by, re written, keep truckin, brought into line, de basing, sitting in, be token, laid before, sur-mounted, re commences, make compact, get down on knee, acted as if, pins down, stand ones ground, pass the hat, do one bidding, grew strong, giving power, goes out limb, de votes, brake the news, Cribbing, in sinuating, be commensurate, sticks at, cuts in on, was consistent with, puts john henry on, evulses, took under advisement, wearing thin, making one's own, fell on ones knees, art keeping, be-seem, gets as result, gave the nod, Colling, pacted, be timeless, put down as, falls with, lend name to, hadst means for, giving the lowdown, pro-portioning, re presenting, pro-portions, beared brunt of, hadst get together, sit take it, going all way, settle, making known, providing for, make a selection, gat down on knee, coping with, sat in on, license, be-stowing, sets one heart on, were hung, scrape together, folded up, contracts for, took into consideration, in hales, foring, bare the brunt, re generate, enclose, called up, pro visions, haddest a get together, wert source strength, be surety for, packs in, putting under spell, gives stamp approval give go ahead, dis-tracts, take one's word, Viseing, cogitated on, abstained from, reflected upon, gives high sign, jump conclusion, trothed, making hit with, writes by hand, haddest funny feeling, get down on one knee, paying court to, being turned on to, having company, has a finger in, dis pose, takes shine to, am regular, stringing along with, are ears, am located, plays ball with, gotten hold of, over-powered, de bunk, stay line, tempt, winned favor, sign up, hadst a hunch, talking big, makes time with, put in charge of, pre-vail, make known, keeping on truckin', being in line for, fixed on, give the goahead, auto graphing, has business with, open one's heart, hast business with, guess, confer trust, conferring trust, lay the line, blows hot air, go record for, clue in, made own, re duce, Bunking, took ones side, had the means for, harding, wert fond of, walks off with, re-covers, sticks up for, granted authority, solicit, bringing forth, wast on ones side, complied with, folding up, wast pins needles, hanging there, gave allegiance to, digest, hath get together, being a foundation for, allegating, straighten up, put forth, had a finger in, set one's cap, out-fit, wert convinced of, re gards, re-gales, downing, availed of, resign to, sweeping one's feet, tune of, made equal, making proposal, act up on, were loyal to, re-canting, be devilled, give consent, am contained in, ok, holds fast, putting in good word, being in tune, showed in, was in harmony, getting in to, over-used, under-writes, stayed the course, leaving behind, de-lighting, over look, washing away, is foundation for, patterned up on, art captivated by, keeping truckin', de liberate, un veiling, pre-supposes, hath finger in, Initialed, call attention to, were sensible of, are hung, sit still for, being affected, in duct, doth battle, appeals to, constates, in hale, dost honors, setting store by, bore against, bore brunt of, hast on, stay course, am on tenterhooks, takes possession, Earmarked, is guided by, bunked out, de notes, were contained in, de lighting, commends to, toughing it out, made a choice, attended to, under-taking, re-legates, saying yes, plights troth, make play for, pre-destining, Co-ordinates, re spires, under girding, pre-venting, caving in, gat in line, re-tains, appeal to, are captivated by, adopt, being on pins needles, falling with, cotton to, art in harmony, make living, rest with, tied to, ex posed, lived on, flashes on, sets one cap, distribute, fall on ones knees, dost ones bidding, being tenterhooks, being ruled by, getting as a result, wert on one's side, gat down knee, in criminating, re-asserted, settle upon, face, counter-signs, re-generates, in-sure, took chin, asservated, smiles up on, dis-played, smile upon, decided upon, picking the tab, going one on one with, give directions, in state, re-member, do with, got sick, pull back, over whelmed, yesses one, pore, being given, un loaded, are in on, Crayoning, re-cover, gat the act, scraped off, determine, gambling on, is satisfied with, pre pare, argue into, eat humble pie, bucking for, takes kindly to, spoil rotten, haddest no end, button down, breaking in to, shot one mouth, lays before, going one one with, hitting up, swear on bible, harbor, join in, taking one upon, blew hot air, put in shape, wert impressed, reckons with, out live, am racked, confess, glomming on to, getting ball rolling, is the opinion, stayed on, re freshes, standing up against, hold responsible, being disadvantage, handpicks, duelled, gotten into, re membered, be reaving, ties to, tunes in on, campaign for, dis proves, speaks one piece, wert courteous, do honors, art alive, de-tains, posit, took hold of, forgather, hadst view, works toward, looking after, acts upon, head pass, conked out, love, going the limit, having on, smiled upon, apprizing, sign seal, dis charges, firmed deal, gives affidavit, be comes, corroborate, am a foundation for, take for a ride, making compact, keeping going, lent one name to, give low down, are turned on to, wert big, remaining firm, go toe toe with, propose, embark up on, dont make waves, taking or leave it, spake one's piece, gotten down on knee, take one word, in-folding, takes at one's word, stand by, cross ones heart, accepted offer, played second fiddle, living on, am afraid, Balloted, liked better, bringing in to fold, sweat out, demeans oneself, deposited with, latch to, pressing one suit, be friend, leveled with, bringing into line, says so, hadst a case, cools out, jumped conclusion, pro viding, scaring up, brings into fold, makes room for, hadst rights, mapped out, wast a source strength, being a source strength, beared brunt, is obsequious, letted cat out bag, clinches the deal, statting, plays dead, hears tell, happening up on, called the signals, toes the mark, sign off on, re-starting, cleaved to, win over, is on pins needles, being efficacious, lends one's name to, dis-plays, in-terns, did one's part, flirts with, gave thumbsup, goes all the way, re-sting, art favor of, be worth, over-looks, cause adopt, crossed one's heart, doeth as says, didst one part, art convulsed, hanged words, confiding in, setting out, Knuckling, kept afloat, be of the opinion, wall in, give try, jumped to a conclusion, art big, re-assure, art all for, addresses to, made buy, wast extant, gives permission, hast the means for, insists on, said word, disambiguates, cashed on, accept offer, in spirits, spoke for, keeping oneself, re aped, speaking favor, lap up, take in hand, jump up, made killing, put up to, having dibs on something, lives by, are tune, collar, makes ones own, be one side, keeps on, gives job to, answers a need, handing to one, gotten in line, tost a few crumbs, putting writing, in denting, end owing, playing ball with, back down, kept close, haddest a fling at, brings out into open, bow, copyrighted, heisted, putting down as, giving the low-down, wrought toward, is ready, gotten in touch, makes up one's mind, re assured, re-ached, picks and choose, in spire, co-oped, made living, degrades oneself, Serenaded, shoot wad, tuned in, lend one's name to, takes arms, doeth the honors, counter act, bid for, under gone, are side, kept out, in-stated, art one's duty to, insist upon, has view, pro filing, were received, lent an ear, beseech, saying in defense, be in love with, lead, earned one's keep, auscultating, de rive, dost duty, falling on knees, art seemly, fawn, are big, re-conciliated, raise dough, making up one's mind, lapped up, shares in, stumped for, manages to get, wert opinion, delectated, giving oneself over, keeps afloat, argue in to, am one's side, soapboxing, gets the act, producing result, re sorted, carry the torch, subscribe to, carries off, fire question, wast durable, pats on the back, forgathered, growing hardened, didst like, bearing brunt of, make ones mind, be-spake, mousetrapping, homologizes, live by, took it on chin, puts up with, faced off, hazards guess, signs on, being made of, throws sponge, taking for ride, wast received, are host, plead for, sur-rendering, de-lighted, Domiciling, reconciled oneself, being on feet, gives okay, thought as, mainstaying, coming board, upped on, falling one knees, dis tract, numbering among, re gains, threw in ones lot with, cater to, decides upon, inject, inter mix, was contained in, call up on, hast do, gave the goahead, pulling for, hyping, decide, para-phrases, pushing for, assented to, under-takes, braces up, intercept, making a comeback, tosses it in, de-bunk, wraps up in, does duty, up rooting, smiled on, took to mean, was pins needles, carving out, makes a deal, freed from blame, hadst no doubt, in-folds, conducts toward, de-pone, swore up down, Upbear, asked marriage, hast no end, did what is expected, insists upon, wast ones side, keeps alive, make responsible for, spitting out, speaking one's piece, marks out, double checked, shoulded, perdures, wast in tune, delivered up, looking at, puffs up, give blank check, doing one duty, dis patch, was on feet, re-commended, pro tract, letted bygones be bygones, laid the line, were ones duty to, is on, sets store by, cutting it, swore up and down, luxuriate in, gave stamp of approval, hast rights, pulled back, get the better of, giving one's hand, going down line, art in keeping, wast harmony, pre arrange, re viewed, does ones part, walks with, takes a stab at, sue for, lumps it, aspires to, gat soapbox, check upon, hast lock on, lays claim to, auto graphed, afford, out dared, fills bill, in-cite, daresaid, tossing few crumbs, angeled, be-friended, takes charge, becoming student, voted for, conscribing, in ducted, spieling, allow, beguile, takes upon oneself, spake favor, didst justice to, spake for, wast in on, judge, following crowd, pro-pone, hast get together, Deputed, had visitors, are on pins and needles, is loyal to, balloting, in-vest, taking liking to, gives low-down, line up, pay for, cogitating on, nevered say die, tips hand, hangs on words, gotten out of system, be established, de picts, makes pass at, re main, run into, out dares, wert durable, bare up under, corresponding to, doth one's duty, para-phrase, am afflicted with, calling on, fitting out, were active with, went with the flow, re-solving, art opinion, signing papers, has being, pre mise, under pinned, making pass at, picks up check, is active with, had view, offered up, over tiring, in creasing, hadst in hand, patting back, dreaming of, took upon, sub lease, gives into, taking to mean, yeses, have in, set motion, over powered, works out details, be witches, sort, face off, give one word, was fond of, turns ones head, be a party to, de-creasing, stood up, dare say, wast into, conscripting, fell on, throws towel, prevailed against, earning keep, works together, was valued at, initialled, sticks together, wrought side by side, haddest every intention, model on, calculating on, shake on, be consistent with, wast priced at, am seized, pro-moting, has rights, under writing, prearrange, in sure, unbend, bare brunt of, de-clares, bind oneself, square off, taking stab at, was source of strength, are receipt of, re strict, entitle, does with, are attracted to, inter jaculate, puts in hands of, are vertical, hit up, art ready, signed on, mount up, re-coiling, puts practice, lay down, putting down for, under girt, be captivated by, cogitates on, dis-charges, passed the hat, sacrifice, gave ones consent, give the green light, re-solves, has a get-together, shoots ones wad, is inclined to think, take for, joining battle with, immerse, putting signature on, was the same mind, sware and down, fold up, re-straining, were on, pull a fast one, is enamored of, giving work, is worthless, fagged, keep going, dis inherits, lay before, in forms, gotten hands on, dis-criminates, de-livered, take up on oneself, are left, shooting off ones mouth, wert in receipt of, threw one's lot with, keeps in view, wert game for, signatured, de-legates, makes good, Catheterizing, shows once and for all, over coming, over-look, played the game, give one's word, curtsying, make happy, flies in the face of, pass, dis tills, rolled with punches, bids for, cutting pie, re-aching, be deviling, double-checked, proves a case, bearing one out, looks to, taking into consideration, tilted toward, re-cords, de-creased, out-wears, de scend, switch on, firming a deal, consenting to, were in line for, taking part, wrought hard, hatsing off to, inter playing, co axing, subjecting to, over-whelms, wast patient with, modeling on, being partial to, Interjaculate, give heed to, am big on, tried for size, are inclined think, taking away, take it lying down, out fits, throw one's lot with, putting in order, asks marriage, gotten going, dost what one is told, re bates, pre venting, was on side, lives out, seeing fit, declared lawful, de-noted, includes as guest, invite competition, count upon, art valued at, shoots mouth, leaning on, in-trusting, being consonant with, is in favor of, are regular, come to terms, pattern upon, remains firm, thought about, pulling out of it, take part, overhears, took in one's arms, over-whelm, have fling at, dost one part, earning one wings, re-plenished, stands ground, re tains, authenticate, lays down, being submissive, keeping busy, refer to, show once and for all, re animates, passed sentence, takes under advisement, having a fling at, gives the low-down, were sanctioned, wast impaired, trans fixt, dis-charge, hug, de sired, is fond of, pressing one's suit, does one bidding, voted in, have shot at, doing what is told, went on with, parted with, referred to, said uncle, abstain from, shoot off one mouth, inter-acts, hadst no fight left, gave a whirl, dumped on, tuning in on, were consonant with, has enough for, art marked at, keep oneself, providing funds, re-produce, leaves behind, gives one's consent, join battle with, puts up to, collateraling, put a fight, having a shot at, re solve, re members, gives one consent, inventorizes, re store, was demanded, be-seems, were possessed of, lay upon, art submissive, played dead, am ones duty to, affiance, be racked, were efficacious, de nominate, riding shotgun for, intro duce, squaring off, did one duty, reduplicate, dumps on, re-asserts, likes better, signs up, strong arm, didst the trick, wast on one's side, was responsible for, gave affidavit, gave testimony, sweep feet, betted bottom dollar on, gave a blank check, infringes upon, taking out, has a fling at, made motion, ex tolling, pre serves, doth justice to, takes as spouse, burgled, Doling, de nominating, putting john hancock on, signs for, super scribed, lives with, thought over, plighted troth, in dite, taking in arms, de-voted, recommend, over-heard, shows clearly, doeth what is told, in gests, de posed, eyeballs, pay addresses to, affirm, took orders, are equipped for, is near to, undergirded, delegate, moonlighting, took out, made terms, blow hot air, wast of the opinion, are ordained, taking a stab at, am duty to, keeping eye on, gives grounds for, calls on, implore, re new, puts in charge of, makes room, putting struggle, modelled on, holds high esteem, seeing eye to eye, in vests, tolerates, pro-pose, paid for, double-check, cornering market, is timeless, be a witness, take one up on, gives the come on, staid on, be informed, doth the trick, sware bible, rise above, tailormake, in-stating, introing, being devoted to, sate on, breaks into, stick together, hast sneaking suspicion, pencil, pro vides, come to snuff, hast a lock on, boxing up, make certain, get vibes, hadst in view, do one's part, upbears, faces it, evulse, caters to, be valued at, kept view, being certain of, sized, in-sert, having title, spoils rotten, clinched the deal, re cognized, giving the low down, sought the hand of, doest ones duty, up graded, wast cahoots, cashing on, taking up on, put writing, re-conciliates, hath recourse to, made overture, pre engage, keeps mind, blended in, re-gains, Tolerated, withdraws from agreement statement, be-witched, clutch, re unite, in-creased, gave try, resigns oneself, de ducting, giving invitation, gives lift, make evident, moonlighted, go in to details, turning head, up held, flash on, primed the pump, dis-close, sweeping off one feet, prehended, doeth as one says, keep to oneself, giving hand, being inclined think, induct, de-pict, turns head, bidding welcome, re conciliated, put signature on, inter play, be-friends, be up to, were enamored of, keep busy, meditate on, go the limit, over looks, were certain of, wert in action, were answerable for, pro-long, making the grade, pacting, making motion, wast on pins needles, wast disposed to, rests assured, keeping to oneself, is handicapped, art given, be longing, under went, art the opinion, in-tend, take bull by horns, threw one lot with, is informed, decreasing by, hath guests, be enough, re plenishing, trust, puts the snare on, sucking in, be obsequious, up borne, sweeps off one's feet, mis appropriating, made legal, carry through, turned one head, toss a few crumbs, hung in, cornered market, in stalling, goes one on with, fences off, press ones suit, toughed out, re-leasing, attesting to, clave to, keep in view, looks after, lends one name to, letting continue, lends a hand, in quires, pre pared, doing one part, pools resources, was made of, being game for, acts up on, soapbox, strongarm, made clean breast of, out dare, de-vote, out fitted, making it, conform, has lock on, throw in the towel, wast possessed of, were of the opinion, Caricatured, lays it on, am ready, get under way, gave an affidavit, mis lay, fell one's knees, giving stamp approval give goahead, going against, kudize, live through, spake well of, re-united, prehending, agrees to do, art a source strength, am convulsed, letting in, johns hancock, having a case, were born again, pronouncing sentence, am side, re storing, was established, patterns oneself up on, shake hands it, laying one, bringing into fold, superscribes, putting fight, inter mixes, is big about, penciled, are possessed of, taking the bull by horns, being servile, de-spoiled, out-dared, blend in, ex press, de base, are ones duty to, calling attention to, pro-claim, makes the most of, sub-scribing, Lotting, parcel out, took at face value, chewed over, all-owing, was ruled by, being regular, hears it for, sues for, takes for ride, tries for size, gave boost to, speaks ones piece, called forth, amounted to be asked, hung there, caused adopt, winning favor, were regular, puts snare on, gets down on knee, stick up for, went the limit, over takes, drew lots, hazarding a guess, turn ones head, takes upon, in terns, thin out, in-spire, closed in, taking mean, brought board, being racked, re possessed, upbore, legalize, haddest title, in haling, johning hancock, wert dressed in, being credulous, wert in on, re plicating, paid no mind, makes ones mind, re-serving, getting in act, laid claim to, takes in ones arms, in-corporate, wert convinced, fronts for, Intrusting, keeps going, glommed onto, wrote by hand, dis close, re cording, wast feet, allot, is valid, makes stick, re duplicating, in habit, opening up, sware to, am valid, swear up and down, say amen to, doest the trick, having a do, changed belief, re-affirming, is positive, sweeps off feet, wast convinced, modeled on, spitballing, cooling out, making living, pressing out, facing it, stuck to, de-signed, sweeping ones feet, priming the pump, attend to, de signed, re-acted, speaking up for, pencilling in, gunned, be-speak, come to have, re siding, is turned on to, de-crees, re-modeling, places trust in, un covers, wert compelled to, pre-sent, makes own, took on the chin, be seeming, made deal, tow, gave come on, making terms, resting with, making a deal, de positing, pray for, worked together, clinch deal, conceive, follows crowd, re-fresh, in-hales, ex-asperate, ex pending, Accounted, be-reaves, sitting up, fore-went, makes allowances, go by book, be concerned with, apologizes for, gave goahead, pre-destines, took at one's word, assimilate, was of opinion, marked out, did justice to, acted upon, hypothecate, giving into, art a foundation for, producing a result, allege, am on ones side, am up to, charter, antes up, being born again, made play for, de-fining, be feet, pencils in, haddest being, takes liking to, grinning and bear it, re modeled, over-whelmed, withdrawing from agreement or statement, produce a result, picking up tab, are corner, re-animating, under gird, re acted, making welcome, allows for, making one own, adding up, pro claim, pre-tends, hath no end, ex cited, asservates, make public, plan for, scrape off, thumped for, dare-says, fixt on, have being, enlist, in-vests, dis regards, saw as, have dibs on something, wiped slate clean, stands firm, gets with, bogarts, cooperate, tailormaking, takes on the chin, be-have, rigs up, agreeing do, dis-possess, fire up, colled, makes deal, sweeps feet, dis criminating, gets a load of, swore and down, art patient with, art in to, sets one's heart on, out-last, gives evidence, taking hold of, re-animated, throws lot with, kept in view, re-couped, inter lock, usher in, throwing a party, pre-supposing, togging, withdraws from agreement or statement, hath over, over-coming, lived by, took to, are ready, feeling disposed to, re-plenishing, is on side, rolls out red carpet, be haves, gets on soapbox, relies upon, pays addresses to, did with, mis laying, turning one's head, is sensible of, FAGS, took away, giving attention, wast same mind, come defense of, took part, put under a spell, held out for, hath fling at, wast submissive, exercise choice, Tolerating, bet bottom dollar on, being in harmony, took shot at, went over big, ecstasizes, art located, gave stamp of approval give the go-ahead, vote in, yessing one, re late, multi-plied, make the scene, keeping on truckin, putting order, pack it in, happens up on, set ones cap, art at beck call, have a do, wert a source strength, has company, was on ones side, shaking on, throws ones lot with, bids welcome, equate, snarls up, wast turned on to, co-unselling, art ones duty to, is aware of, counter acted, take a shot at, in-tending, snaps up, checked up, washed away, subleasing, making own, re-coils, set to, sells at, has in, cottons to, are efficacious, yearns for, staying course, was possessed of, gave the green light, doest one duty, gear, re-producing, putting up white flag, hath no doubt, rolling over and play dead, be-speaking, end owed, seeing about, take in one's arms, in form, snarled up, beared under, Accroach, standing ground, rally round, is a source strength, making safe, in-stances, scraping together, re butted, hast case, hast hunch, kicking around, be speaks, let have, gave the low-down, wert loyal to, threw in towel, over-works, tossed in, re fused, going out limb, un fold, be devils, over-hears, pattern oneself up on, clinging to, pre-scribing, undergirt, clues in, give credence to, in spect, running with pack, STAT, de-barred, take account of, grows strong, make with, throws in the sponge, re-assures, accepted gladly, got down one knee, gets sick, stood to, be-came, put in to action, act as witness, pick upon, wast party to, is surety for, re sorting, fenced off, casting spell on, speaking highly of, take to, heading off pass, dare says, wast consonant with, look after, try for size, haddest recourse to, depended on, intermeshes, reside, hast shot at, de clare, re-paired, in tended, dis possessed, letted fall, re commend, bear against, haddest a get-together, woulded rather, said so, are alive, re-bated, de spoiling, gave stamp of approval give goahead, doeth duty, wast opinion, struggling against, para phrase, play second fiddle, did one's bidding, leaned on, has recourse to, ride out, certify, shoots one mouth, was marked at, had mind to, took care of, proving case, engaging in, wast pins and needles, passing hat, de nominated, hand it one, took the chin, crossing ones heart, wert a party to, lend ear, offer hospitality, be witching, be impressed, be-draggled, enter, art possessed of, occupy, out wore, go for broke, did ones part, be in to, de liver, partook of, consign, doth like, am one side, out-fitted, hand-picks, spreads around, map out, pencils, re-animate, spoke one's piece, grinning bear it, sizes up, have do with, putting to use, re strain, managed get, hadst effect, thinking to, speaking in favor, locks on, lay money on, conduct toward, sticking it out, pro-posing, underpropping, provides for, commending to, putting a fight, setting ones cap, giving stamp of approval give the go-ahead, took lying down, handpick, speaking for, pro files, proponing, be demanded, swore in, do one part, wast loyal to, hadst a get-together, in cite, stomachs something, gat hands on, re-leased, makes a living, attest, teeming with, re-duplicated, sitting and take it, pre tends, shoots off ones mouth, opens one's heart, gives stamp approval give the go-ahead, work out details, wert certain of, doeth bidding, de-sign, giving one consent, being sanctioned, roll out red carpet, co-operating, re-sided, wert located, sticking to, am all ears, pro tracts, am beck and call, dwell, take hold of, glom to, taking it on chin, rid shotgun for, gives an affidavit, levelled with, are big about, re-produces, putting work, keep mind, over tired, being excited, be possessed of, doest one's bidding, gained possession, gives a break, gives audience to, am source of strength, pounced on, caved to, puts fight, being on pins and needles, knuckleundering, cultivate, turns one on, over works, rolls over and play dead, in-ducts, jumping conclusion, re stored, pitch in, taking the bull by the horns, re-solved, Constate, de cays, are guided by, pre destine, seeking the hand of, re conciliates, opens up, shot ones wad, ponder, hath every intention, gives word, gave stamp approval give the go-ahead, making stand, getting down on one knee, are sensible of, buddy up, give an affidavit, calls the signals, crossed heart, taking one word, in scribes, do like, plays to, wast courteous, took a liking to, clapped hands on, re-leases, taking one's arms, withhold, statted, addrest to, re produces, make mind, wert in cahoots, get touch, gathers up, be the same mind, has a get together, swear up down, hath bad time, have a bad time, spoke up for, stood one ground, hath hand, are in keeping, took one's side, dis-inherit, end-owed, toned up, aspiring to, breaks news, made up mind, standing against, makes selection, give stamp of approval give the go-ahead, make possible, wert on ones side, aliening, photostatting, goes one on one with, giving ground, pre-vails, turning to account, wast paid, referencing, pro-longing, having over, was excited, up grading, give an audience to, Preengage, stick to, seeking hand of, takes account of, pre served, comes into, hath a fling at, thump for, re covered, interpreted as, making valid, similizes, was a witness, stand one's ground, giving stamp of approval give go ahead, are into, went by the book, lending one's name to, make a living, out daring, sell for, be left, okay, make choice, puts up a fight, re lease, be tray, borrow, grappled with, intercalate, exercised choice, sat still for, making up one mind, pulls out of it, art the same mind, un loading, inter-jaculating, breaking into, making allowance for, ex-press, leave behind, stay near, photo-copied, throw in one lot with, begging off, putting up money, depends upon, call the signals, proselytize, pick up tab, becomes valid, ran with pack, putting cards on table, blocking off, gets in act, suit, throwing in the sponge, wert regular, de creased, took on chin, adding name to, hand-picked, leads on, Upheld, are cahoots, puts money for, it deals, cosigned, lie close, nevering cease, be-deviling, shoots ones mouth, rolled over play dead, pro-pounded, provide for, get line, speaking piece, give power, draw in, under-stood, was on one's side, gives stamp approval give goahead, doing ones bidding, sub-scribes, accroached, locking in, lays hold of, provides financing, putting good word, over-taken, swearing down, stacking up, mulling over, reduplicates, gotten fingers on, was a party to, shoot one's wad, jumping a conclusion, assign, auscultate, re-mise, hadst the means for, making buy, fell knees, am sensible of, doublechecks, toe mark, ex-acted, making a haul, act as if, having hunch, prearranged, increase, multi-plying, decriminalize, dis inherited, hear tell, dueled, intermeshed, pre-vent, put hands of, admit defeat, de-bar, counter acting, becoming lost, decked out, fore going, wast aware of, sew up, under-signed, take face value, un-bend, wast line for, inter cept, sur rendered, did as one says, made a living, being surety for, re spire, has case, Gunning, take shine to, lets in, jump to a conclusion, jumping to a conclusion, being at disadvantage, pro portion, inter played, soaked up, gat the better of, give way, rejoicing with, buy into, was of the opinion, depend upon, apologized for, laid on line, catalogging, parcelled out, wast tune, Ballasted, shoots off mouth, sees about, ex-pends, de-lude, having get together, flying face of, goes steady, sets out, earning one's keep, were line for, come in to, were ruled by, suited up, eating humble pie, says word, re-asserting, mousetrap, hast means for, haddest a gettogether, re-presented, make a pass at, are in receipt of, taking heart, over-using, throw in sponge, cling to, blurts out, string along with, is inclined think, in-spirits, stand to, replicate, size up, is responsible for, be love with, holding in high esteem, putting whammy on, signing on, acted as witness, giving grounds for, be-friend, inter-jaculated, commits oneself, decided up on, counter-vail, are servile, photo-copy, is action, went in for, take over, wast big about, lent ones name to, re-opening, art partial to, Leasing, dis-charging, enthroning, stand against, hauled in, comes to have, be of the same mind, mused over, dis inherit, art sensitive, play to, makes binding, gat behind, re-pairs, shoot mouth, re-uniting, dost as says, pro-duces, nevers say die, were durable, hath no fight left, co ordinates, pleads for, mortgaged, re acting, being composed of, doth honors, be-devilled, bears the brunt, pro positions, pre vailing, fall on one knees, gave stamp of approval give go ahead, gets off chest, be reaves, turns over to, works in, got results, gave battle to, made time with, vising, calling it quits, living to, come to, pulls out it, whistled for, goes against, de-falcate, gat out of system, Fagging, shooting mouth, have gettogether, thumbses up, witness, went to seed, conformed to, make up mind, is pins and needles, were big about, dis counts, were captivated by, hammers out deal, shook hands on it, madded for, be keeping, rubber-stamping, re-gained, hand one, rolled over, trucked with, was submissive, wert responsible for, made choice, happen upon, are source strength, is a source of strength, ganged up, Tokening, wast excited, aliened, assenting to, pro cures, run off with, stood one's ground, taking a shine to, thought to, take charge, Gifting, be composed of, wert cahoots, grooved, fag, re-new, up-hold, played host, were in on, in dented, allowed for, tosses around, am affected, see about, re butting, was of the same mind, was positive, pro cure, go against, penciled in, clued in, puts under magic spell, out-daring, connaturalizes, enamours, run with, throw ones lot with, stays near, wast valued at, gets vibes, up bearing, dumping on, ausculted, faced it, putting on ice, make a comeback, falls on, withdraw from agreement statement, turn to account, in-cline, re leasing, under propping, had faith in, defalcate, dis-criminate, cherry-pick, it deal, proved a case, takes stab at, filled bill, had in hand, de-nominated, ex-cogitates, in-dented, swept off ones feet, keeping alive, co unselling, living with, pre vent, sickening with, counter sign, puffing up, blent in, Hacking, made off with, saying so, swims with the tide, wast servile, art situated, re-generate, pre-tended, wert active with, laying down, have a fling at, pounce on, took shine to, going toe toe with, tough out, wert same mind, pays court to, says uncle, with-drawing, amount to be asked, laying down law, setting to, pro mise, firming deal, assume, in spirited, is impressed, put up money for, taking sick with, agree to do, gives a hearing, putting cards table, buys into, Viseed, fell over, make law, wished joy to, dis-placed, picking choose, wert paid, subsume, campaigned for, gave bond, out wears, were marked at, were tenterhooks, pre-dict, am concerned with, turning account, give stamp approval give goahead, comes terms, making love to, it a deal, heard for, locked up, falling on, verify, making law, gave to do, hand over, under stands, preengages, be seem, running in to, is answerable for, pre-occupied, de-notes, tune out, wert sensible of, hold dear, broke news, out-living, in-spiring, shutting in, deal with, am sensitive, doth ones bidding, corked up, be long lived, tickling death, holding out for, de lighted, make time with, carve out, sub leased, be-devils, wast convulsed, hast no doubt, rob, anteing up, lead on, forges ahead, rolled over and play dead, is erect, be-tokened, pre supposes, re-habilitate, Succoring, de ducts, putting in to action, ante up, wast corner, do ones part, boxes up, repute, wert harmony, confiding to, keeps to oneself, bore one out, re fusing, makes a motion, accepts offer, head at pass, make room, strings along with, doeth one's bidding, bowed to, buying out, prefer, giving ones word, builds on, made a killing, taking care of, buying up, being into, legitimize, looking other way, Roosting, asking marriage, pre supposed, grins bear it, wast credulous, putting forward, was at beck call, is party to, pre-mise, were ready, pass on, makes a stand, is in to, makes known, popped for, does honors, saying amen to, give over, getting one fingers on, were demanded, make clean breast of, puts with, tilting toward, bore the brunt, took side, wast guided by, wert witness, have means for, trothing, beared against, lending hand, re-side, taking it lying down, played to, wert on pins and needles, wast duty to, un bending, thought of as, wert in love with, locked in, am on pins needles, was efficacious, out lined, dis-patching, photo-copies, wears on, out-wearing, sweeping off one's feet, cutting mustard, haddest dibs something, makes legal, letting cat out the bag, answered a need, re moving, de-scribing, give comeon, do what is told, ecstasized, calculate on, repress feelings, was able to, are submissive, hath a finger in, discriminating between, has gettogether, Underprop, were able to, think well of, amounts to be asked, gat feet wet, it's dealing, presumed true, cognominated, dis-tilling, am priced at, slipped on, takes to heart, was keeping, in curred, calling upon, mounting up, gives access, counter-act, sticks fast, sounding off, in-stance, accede, be needed, be all for, being to, gives try, out lining, was in on, re-plenishes, flew the face of, stick at, set one heart on, being interested in, are handicapped, cared for, lets be, gotten off chest, wert attentive, bogarted, wast dressed in, de liberates, wash away, yesses, fire the question, art courteous, over tires, playing the game, making a living, co operates, is enough, wert enamored of, picking the check, giving goahead, be party to, commit oneself, mis-laid, laid down, ex pose, being pins and needles, went out on limb, covered for, stumping for, take it on the chin, be game for, swam with tide, was surety for, Incarnating, tickled to death, gives orders, laid down the law, buy in to, owns exclusively, having rights, gave a boost to, busies, rooting for, re-conciliating, did ones duty, do ones duty, am timeless, whistles for, art disadvantage, looks the other way, caves in, is at disadvantage, get as a result, re affirmed, were in keeping, block off, were on one's side, get ball rolling, be on pins needles, un-fold, has go at, shoots one's wad, mimeoing, am receipt of, re-affirm, become threadbare, release, bringing forward, Bummed, Smash and Grab, is attentive, in criminates, wast up to, look at, apologize for, are paid, Sweethearting, squared off, standing one ground, picks up the check, delectates, having case, re porting, being long lived, take arms, cop plea, was corner, felt wretched, did battle with, hammer out deal, wears thin, wast attentive, wilds for, Conscribe, grabs hold of, am attracted to, sub scribing, dis-pose, gave go-ahead, deciding up on, cleans up act, in-trusts, up grade, harken, giving stamp approval give the goahead, give five, died hard, wast beck call, pre-pared, concur, took in ones arms, trucking with, takes or leave it, re-writing, pro-vides, rejoices with, pays expenses of, pandered to, partaking of, reify, think over, runs with the pack, sits through, are witness, gives a whirl, puts up struggle, moves back, toeing the mark, under-pins, taking ones arms, setting hand to, deposit with, act as a witness, being worthless, go way, die hard, tied oneself to, Underpropped, taking a liking to, dis-place, hast in view, wast in favor of, gold stars, pre sent, re-coil, giving to, fore went, up bore, gambles on, fore saw, moves over, comes on board, singles, signs on dotted line, out-lives, tough it out, am wounded, Snowing, harkening, models on, art left, pay court to, passworded, hold out for, hadst in, Walling, joined forces, re side, hadst visitors, pulled through, trying for size, gave carte blanche, got better of, de creases, shortstops, won favor, testify, handpicked, worming in, be at beck and call, pro mises, going all the way, is ears, defer, take advice, provide funds, showing in, dittoed, came into, make do with, storing up, was worth, hadst go at, wert answerable for, bunched up, laid on, Desiderate, fall over, linger, joins up, having bad time, goes toe to toe with, was near to, pre destines, are enamored of, heads off at pass, wast a party to, is needed, soapboxed, art needed, wast favor of, went down line, go for, comes out of closet, running interference for, are on pins needles, re-bating, correspond with, constating, yearned for, being a party to, were located, Mured, pointing to, draw lots, taking part of, being guided by, Osmoses, wert big about, wrapped up in, kept busy, hadst a finger in, have the means for, is witness, forgathers, shoots one's mouth, puts use, ex-cogitating, Cognominate, wert seized, inter-played, angeling, de coying, being all for, popping off, wert proper for, be-draggles, in-gather, mark out, get in line, kept on truckin', was patient with, throw down gauntlet, exercise control, eats humble pie, get out system, took one up on, was on pins and needles, pick tab, re-move, hadst fling at, putting the hands of, gives thumbsup, re cords, wert up to, deciding upon, tuning out, let cat out of bag, taking face value, gives nod, double-checks, interject, pro-mise, was devoted to, came to have, wast forced to, subscribing to, bear, checking up, ran on, photostating, infringed up on, does the honors, calls signals, art ruled by, doth the honors, be fitting, dis criminate, art side, out living, opening ones heart, staid course, pressed one suit, re deemed, inter-dict, gotten the better of, wert smitten by, over working, wast attracted to, put the whammy on, had a do, was received, conks out, patterned oneself up on, ex torts, get going, fall one's knees, inter-laced, bears one out, drest in, reaffirmed, interning, hauling in, art paid, has do, having a lock on, approve accept, reads in to, infringed upon, latches to, in-tern, picked the tab, shortstopped, gives one word, were ears, inter-play, mis-appropriate, wert ones duty to, over-comes, were the opinion, am on feet, depend on, foot bill, wearing on, threw in with, having faith in, up-grades, hitting on, acts with regard to, lends an ear, be disposed to, hast a go at, guarantee, re-turned, pass down, having visitors, take in one arms, laying upon, swore on bible, came have, having shot at, was at beck and call, being on, live down, de fine, am born again, re quests, does what is expected, was tenterhooks, fell one knees, told truth, throwing one's lot with, daresay, am situated, ex cogitating, call arms, approves accept, pre suppose, running with, are in action, get act, being seemly, super-scribing, taking over, makes bail, being enough, carries through, constated, Jollies, is convinced of, picked and choose, sees through, winking at, toed the mark, am proper for, setting apart, altered conviction, exercising control, degraded oneself, get down one knee, pinned down, poise, are convinced of, Hards, matriculate, boils down, gave power, take sick with, pre-scribe, Trussing, up-held, acted with regard to, gang up, struggles against, endure, auscultates, shrouding, reckons on, switching on, assert, jumped a conclusion, tickled death, confided in, muscled in, were informed, were ordained, re aching, speaks one's piece, being loyal to, lining up, proclaims, under signing, re plenishes, take orders, remises, hold, de note, bring light, tried on for size, goes with flow, took it lying down, doest what one is told, wast beck and call, giving carte blanche, gives consent, send for, bare against, putting ice, wishes joy to, gat with it, wearing well, re-solve, puts order, gotten on soapbox, jumps conclusion, clean up, gave do, gave audience to, took in arms, throw the towel, attach weight to, haddest no fight left, tosses in, in spires, pack in, perpending, sets apart, comprise, giving do, makes killing, being possessed of, throw in the sponge, tipped over, give a try, lines up, art in action, be enamored of, gives testimony, wast in line for, stands up for, suppose, hold ones ground, Piloted, bare brunt, re plicated, re fuse, de lineate, high hatted, was ordained, Similize, taking in one's arms, wears well, declare true, making allowances, sub-tract, keeps on truckin', hold onto, ex asperating, prehends, handing one, argues for, has guests, haddest lock on, hast over, Crayoned, give stamp of approval give the goahead, going out on limb, flying the face of, shoot ones mouth, sub-scribed, believe, haddest hunch, Defalcated, fore-saw, heap upon, have get together, saying yes to, thinks of as, undertake, taking upon oneself, ordinate, gat from, take it the chin, makes welcome, put shape, see through, is at beck and call, dis till, being wounded, taking shine to, finds use, rely upon, were interesting to, gives heed to, doest what is expected, wast source of strength, took one upon, cuts it, went in to details, am obsequious, carrying forward, hath company, fills a position, letted slip, re-aped, having no doubt, soaking up, over comes, dis placing, face it, gave credence to, having the means for, shake hands on it, was disposed to, rig up, giving facts, pro positioning, was big, checked on, put down for, is the same mind, in-ducting, make merry, shot one's wad, ran off with, has no end, un-veils, took up on oneself, sets in motion, makes one mind, authorize, is valued at, rubber-stamps, re-models, haddest shot at, holds an opinion, de-basing, sifts out, be tenterhooks, am needed, were timeless, be draggled, siphoned, allow entrance, hatsing to, speaks well of, falling on one knees, gotten soapbox, un veils, wast worth, are turned to, agreed to do, live to, looked the other way, re coiled, fore-sees, stakes out, put to rights, gets hold of, hauls in, take as gospel truth, under-stand, homologized, are for, dis charging, being action, going to seed, kicks around, decking out, fronted for, put cards table, have a finger in, sate and take it, pre-supposed, de lights, squeezed in, having a mind to, planning for, dost ones part, latches on to, bet bottom dollar, having place, caves to, over come, smashed grab, conferring a right, out-lasts, standing by, takes course, gets idea, reckoned on, gives go-ahead, gave break, Umpiring, Superscribed, wert love with, had over, call out, stand firm, re-strained, conferred right, looked up on, honeyed up, am a source strength, dis placed, in-dent, pricking up ears, de fraud, take it on chin, struggle against, re-commend, rides shotgun for, were handicapped, sweeps one feet, de-sire, signed seal, committed oneself, doth trick, double check, cleft to, nod, took for granted, in haled, re-commence, de-coying, giving the go ahead, putting in hands of, stomach something, with-drawn, getting touch, re-generated, pleaded for, was hung, hadst business with, gathered up, be, availed oneself of, are one's duty to, sate through, throwing sponge, pre occupies, re-porting, press suit, calling the signals, re leases, giving a try, de fending, pro file, shoot off one's mouth, sides with, gives the come-on, gives oneself over, becoming popular, held attention, over take, getting as result, be attentive, takes one's arms, fired the question, gave one's consent, typecasting, be equipped for, show once for all, signing for, fill a position, being extant, goes down line, was inclined to think, doeth part, pro-vided, adheres to, hast a get-together, presses suit, having business with, makes living, art at beck and call, filling the bill, was convinced of, takes it on the chin, suffering defeat, open one heart, sticked together, dare-said, is equipped for, voting for, shut in, leads astray, run with the pack, being in possession of, shooting one's mouth, checking on, Rooming, make haul, got chest, had bad time, art near to, wast made of, in spirit, accroaches, am possessed of, soak up, deduct, spat out, happens upon, were into, were host, staid line, puts up money, crazies about, Dooming, gives the goahead, brake in to, re-vised, wast established, eyeball, making selection, doth one part, suffered defeat, am impressed, is made of, hand picking, becoming indebted, Outdare, mimeo, crossing heart, shoulding, keep view, be on one side, sucks in, over hear, wast inclined think, were inclined to think, doest part, gives boost to, gat as result, Concerting, takes as an example, be pins needles, make consistent, stays line, wast composed of, runs with, gives the word, be a foundation for, putting lock on, made happy, wast told, adhering to, are demanded, blocks off, take one on, being paid, copes with, going eyeball eyeball with, work together, sued for, be stowing, lumping it, re sting, de-coys, reifies, press on, haddest bad time, sewing up, un-folded, de fined, buries hatchet, standing ones ground, fits in, sub-letting, has title, giving stamp of approval give the goahead, in stalled, earns one keep, did one part, measuring up, re producing, packing in, thinks likely, hazarded a guess, get off chest, over taking, haddest effect, didst trick, acted as a witness, intrust, falling ones knees, bought into, wast contained in, commend, re asserted, stood ground, takes one word, keeping out, in-quiring, has bad time, set seal on, shooting wad, recommenced, runs with pack, are pins needles, hast gettogether, nevers cease, gave the go ahead, out lived, giving blank check, para phrasing, was confronted by, de-criminalizing, Visioning, wast near to, signed on dotted line, getting off chest, went one on one with, goes out on a limb, de-scribed, take patiently, giving the word, gave moral support, in folds, gave ones hand, favor, hast a gettogether, leaning toward, calling out, cartooning, optating, standing up to, takes at word, out line, took part of, getting ones fingers on, take to mean, ups on, felt disposed to, tossed around, shows cause, came across with, kibitz, resign oneself to, give okay, picks up on, re-pair, set one hand to, gets soapbox, did ones bidding, gains possession, knuckleunder, checked upon, gets touch, took one arms, Gloving, re commenced, wast devoted to, auscultated, is on one's side, asks in marriage, had do, has a lock on, gave word, sets ones cap, give ground, re-started, coming to defense of, in-habiting, call on, with holds, snarl up, teems with, throw sponge, took to heart, carry off, give hearing, say yes to, buckling under, smiles on, swearing bible, inter-plays, sweep one's feet, finked, signing off on, un load, does justice to, placed trust in, went eyeball to eyeball with, tune in on, re moved, make decision, go down line, gets ball rolling, blurted out, had in view, be came, built on, letted pass, spits out, Initiating, tosses few crumbs, decide up on, the tune of, corresponded to, choiced, Treeing, took a stab at, lay one, hanging on words, pre dict, took it on the chin, latching on to, made public, crosses ones heart, like better, comes have, am durable, up holding, ex-cite, puts a good word, taking at ones word, plays game, gets down knee, cares for, wert long lived, joining up, wert feet, ex tolled, catalogged, taking one on, art corner, put charge of, art a party to, am the same mind, wast hung, was feet, bear hugged, bows to, go with flow, co-sting, dis tributes, plays past, follow, re presented, tries on for size, jumps up, lay line, being impressed, swearing and down, piled up, gave high sign, wert line for, fall on, re-commencing, sorting out, goes by the book, payed for, says the word, catered to, takes sick with, hold on, opens one heart, take bull by the horns, sweep off one's feet, were impaired, dis-burses, art worthless, draw, selling at, puts to rights, pro fit, hadst gettogether, complying with, lets cat out the bag, haddest to do with, taking chin, haddest a go at, being worth, taking one's word, bear the brunt, under-sign, give one's consent, being on one's side, hast dibs something, goes up against, thinking out, lusted after, Manifolding, shot mouth, spill beans, rolling over, am vertical, pre occupy, bring forth, get behind, Patenting, depended up on, re-signs, made decision, pro-claimed, building in, ausculting, speak one's piece, was worthless, rope in, taking one side, wert beck and call, are able to, opened one heart, make stick, took ones word, fall with, was attracted to, am turned on to, blurting out, profiling, fork over, putting money for, is sensitive, were enough, pricks ears, speaks highly of, is left, inter acted, Guarantied, giving authority, haddest a shot at, go eyeball eyeball with, gives carte blanche, interpreting as, wert impaired, working hard, brings in to the fold, freed up, makes a haul, dis-inheriting, de coy, giving an audience to, in-gest, be on tenterhooks, wrought together, dis-patch, were in possession of, did what one is told, going one on with, be tokening, art ordained, stands one ground, re quired, work for, break the news, Downs, make plain, am confronted by, be in possession of, brought out into open, sublease, ex-pose, cut the pie, catch, sweep off one feet, tees off, is established, re lax, paragoned, passed down, catering to, set cap, re-cord, art priced at, gotten line, takes over, were action, cutting the pie, with standing, happening upon, intersperse, typecast, all owed, lose sleep over, sticking up, didst as one says, doeth one bidding, laid one, pull out it, wast game for, is one's side, gotten touch, thinking likely, fixing upon, give work, carry forward, re peat, takes away, hazarding guess, made hit with, are racked, burying the hatchet, wiling, wiping slate clean, pre-vents, giving audience to, cost, with drew, bears brunt of, deputes, go with the flow, were valued at, inter laced, end-earing, wert sensitive, stay the course, being received, de voted, sate still for, walled in, inter dict, putting up struggle, got touch, putting in the hands of, brook, swears down, speaking one piece, wert disposed to, de-positing, hadst a shot at, sub-leases, overtires, spake ones piece, with stand, clove to, embark upon, sign papers, gives an audience to, hath in view, weeds out, throwing the sponge, winded in, fly in face of, having lock on, gat hold of, were credulous, pro pone, leaving alone, un covered, was opinion, is durable, pronounce sentence, stuck up for, is patient with, brought into the fold, de fends, lends ear, are one side, care for, shared in, were one side, makes comeback, taking as an example, handwrit, run with pack, be ruled by, Dragooned, wast ordained, looked upon, wast a foundation for, qualify, de-scended, wert one's duty to, de-lineated, homogenizes, cashes in on, keeps faith, beseem, signed dotted line, made a pitch, re-viewed, wert received, perduring, live on, doest duty, carried forward, keep eye on, didst one duty, shakes on, art attentive, in-spirited, throwing with, shows willingness, be in on, tuned on, being big about, am of opinion, cogitate, be inclined think, makes overture, doeth one's duty, bowing to, keep in mind, re-spire, up-grading, re view, playing to, espouse, became involved in, in creases, taking upon, picking up the tab, in gest, being in love with, playing dead, be-devil, stands up, wast all ears, settles for, makes mouth water, be-longed, took stock in, was host, Defalcating, art servile, making certain, co-ordinate, fore seen, takes leave it, de duce, taking shot at, dis closed, objects to, de-clines, provide the means, hast a shot at, getting vibes, be big about, primed pump,