Stick For

Pronunciation of Stick For
/stˈɪk fɔː/, /stˈɪk fɔː/, /s_t_ˈɪ_k f_ɔː/

Synonyms for stick for:

aid (verb)

abet, alleviate, assist, bail out, befriend, benefact, encourage, favor, go with, lighten, mitigate, promote, relieve, serve, straighten out, subsidize, sustain, lend a hand, stick up for, go to bat for, open doors for.

back (verb)

abide by, advocate, ally, angel, bankroll, boost, champion, countenance, endorse, finance, grubstake, sanction, second, sponsor, stake, stick by, underwrite, uphold, side with, stand behind, give a leg up, give a boost, give a lift.

defend (verb)

aid, argue, assert, back, back up, cover for, espouse, exculpate, exonerate, explain, guarantee, justify, maintain, plead, rationalize, recommend, stonewall, support, vindicate, warrant, stand by, stand up for, speak up for, apologize for, bear one out, come to defense of, prove a case, put in a good word, ride shotgun for, say in defense, thump for.

go to bat for (verb)

defend, go to the wall for.

help (verb)

accommodate, ballyhoo, benefit, bolster, buck up, cheer, cooperate, further, hype, intercede, patronize, plug, prop, puff, push, save, stimulate, succor, see through, root for, open doors, be of use, do a favor, do a service, do one's part, stump for, take under one's wing, work for.

support (verb)

advance, approve, bear out, carry, comfort, establish, forward, foster, get behind, help, hold, keep up, put forward, stay, substantiate, verify, agree with, go along with, take the part of, boost morale, plead for, pull for, rally round, take one's side, throw in one's lot with, throw in with.

sustain (verb)

bear, brace, buoy, buttress, confirm, continue, convey, feed, go for, keep going, lug, nourish, nurse, nurture, pack, preserve, prolong, protract, provide for, ratify, shore up, supply, tote, transfer, transport, validate, keep alive, keep from falling.

uphold (verb)

buoy up, elevate, hoist, raise, rear, uplift, upraise, Upbear, Uprear, pick up, take up, hold to, hold up one's end.

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