Pronunciation of Quit
/kwˈɪt/, /kwˈɪt/, /k_w_ˈɪ_t/

Antonyms for quit

result in, stood up for, make a comeback, hung in, enter, remaining true, be ginning, keep safe, hang on, put an argument, play catch up, put a fight, went that route, harding, keeps safe, keeps out, keeps close, riding out, puts an argument, camped the doorstep of, abstains from, endure, puts argument, preserve, bet bottom dollar, pre vailing, doeth ones thing, doth ones thing, standing up for, out wore, am stubborn, come in, caring for, live down, exist, pre venting, got through, re-curring, took pains, stayed staunch, re sided, bearing one out, bears one out, re quires, be in force, in-habit, doeth one's thing, crossing one heart, has bearing, has hunch, sticks up for, stuck around, do ones thing, go that route, join, in duce, pro fess, was tough, hold at bay, taking stock in, watches over, speaks up for, carrying forward, corks up, holds fast, re-turned, favor, stand by, did number, sticked at, cross ones heart, be long lived, being case, stays course, be-friends, ex-act, re-commending, transport, made stand against, panoplying, dost number, saw it through, looks after, make it, fight, hadst sneaking suspicion, re fuse, stick it out, does a number, held fast, keeping ball rolling, runs on, is in effect, in-duce, cut it, sticked to, wast force, be gun, keeping on truckin, pre vails, be stubborn, Bulwarking, being left, vindicate, re-mained, holding good, co oking, wert alive, with hold, be the case, are tough, hast no end, contributed to, keeps the ball rolling, bearing under, being resolute, counter act, camped on doorstep of, de liver, go all way, tough it out, bear up under, wert in force, making progress, de livering, misbehave, going all way, has no end, is timeless, de-livered, nosing around, stands to, ex-tend, stay the course, have place, said defense, art stubborn, did a number, rode shotgun for, were stubborn, hunted down, act up, pro-longs, corking up, leaved no stone unturned, keeps truckin', life, cared for, hast place, do a number, out-wears, prove case, remaining alive, searches for, lead off, abstain from, going town, guard against, staying course, hitting up, have sneaking suspicion, under-pinned, lighting in to, locking up, re-main, came to defense of, did ones thing, moving ahead, cuts it, had life, under-taking, going limit, wear on, was the case, stands firm, stay, toils on, stayed on, leaves alone, re-fuse, counter-acted, getting with it, got on with it, art in force, DO, sticking it out, got in there, hung in there, camping doorstep of, art big about, was alive, encumbered, engaged in, keeping the ball rolling, out worn, counter acting, gotten with it, were in force, had sneaking suspicion, crossing heart, bear one out, going to town, pro duces, de clares, under pins, re commends, am case, crossed heart, plug away, pro-mote, pulls out of it, de tains, pre-tended, trans ported, re fuses, swear up and down, camped doorstep of, re quired, tough out, doing thing, takes to court, go in for, in-sure, de-tain, arise, transorting, abstaining from, am timeless, gives chase, counter-acts, wore on, dies hard, plugs away, pressed on, re siding, puts a good word, piggybacked, cross one heart, being timeless, did thing, hadst dibs something, lights in to, initiates legal action, drew breath, wert determined, pro-testing, struggling against, puts good word, draw on, Chivied, piggybacks, come to defense of, stood up, move behind, camping on doorstep of, is resolved, pre serves, hath dibs on something, swearing up and down, ex tending, stood to, holding out against, is valid, not let went, Re-turn, is tough, having dibs on something, doest number, persists in, out wearing, stood up to, in habiting, hanging in, hits up, pleaded for, pro longs, be extant, getting with, Housed, come defense of, taking part, toiled on, out-wear, ran after, having dibs something, was valid, art determined, having being, making a stand against, hang in, counter-vail, ex-acted, re-siding, died hard, crossed one's heart, made a stand against, were alive, went limit, leaving no stone unturned, Roosting, de-livering, forge ahead, piloting, going all the way, speaking for, stick to, puts up with, sticking guns, be alive, re side, suffer, kept truckin', kept going, hast sneaking suspicion, be valid, exert oneself, rides out, took along, piggybacking, light in to, chivy, watched over, hangs there, kept from, sticks at, palm, being resolved, are big about, pro moting, bare under, thumping for, counter-acting, carry through, pre-tending, in habits, doing number, bunking out, gat on with, proving case, struggles against, crossed ones heart, give chase, keep going, be-gun, bore up under, took effect, be-lieve, sticking with it, pre tends, draws breath, persisting in, press on, spares no effort, carried forward, go the limit, are left, camping on the doorstep of, took part, insist, be case, being tough, held bay, Companying, bunk out, making comeback, commence, keeping truckin, perdures, put up an argument, re-sided, taking effect, pushing forward, having bearing, sees it through, followed up, gotten with, continue, pushes forward, is left, haddest life, gotten on with, sell for, carrying through, were big about, hadst life, Lasted, go way, be left, art alive, living down, dost ones thing, hanged there, pre-siding, lays money on, pro long, Rooming, staid the course, scouted out, presses on, ex tends, puts up fight, searching out, moving behind, puts a lock on, swears and down, with-holds, being force, re fusing, hath no end, taking as gospel truth, stand firm, dieing hard, put in good word, pull out it, went for broke, swearing and down, scout out, didst one thing, thump for, went to town, be effect, out-lasted, beared up under, re-turns, art resolute, hadst no end, be force, wast alive, re main, lights into, stick up for, defend, counter acts, hold out against, remained true, push forward, wert effect, puts up an argument, shores up, going the way, being equipped for, take part, wert equipped for, camps the doorstep of, hast dibs on something, are extant, saw through, took stock in, Roosted, am long lived, dis posing, pro-long, act out, de-clare, stuck to guns, does ones thing, de-liver, takes pains, re cover, contributing to, sticks it out, shored up, be, had dibs on something, go limit, proved a case, freezing to, go, with-held, made a comeback, providing sanctuary, wast tough, chivies, am resolute, take court, be resolved, haddest no end, never cease, apologize for, uphold, pop question, wert valid, lived out, speaks for, ex-plaining, start, made progress, doing one's thing, being the case, be-friend, laid claim to, made it, get in there, bare up under, out-living, is determined, am tough, fight for, out lasts, cares for, be tough, goes the way, bird dog, nevering say die, beared under, out lives, were force, stuck to, art timeless, lapped up, stick, took as gospel truth, dost thing, de fended, being determined, provides sanctuary, out wear, duelling, piggyback, am effect, went the way, lived down, lives down, keeps truckin, cross heart, covered for, arrive, hadst place, sticking to, are in effect, camps on the doorstep of, prowled after, staking out, tangling with, sticked guns, wert extant, puts fight, in habited, re-covers, sticks for, hunts down, stayed course, co-oked, engaging in, keep truckin, de fending, originate, making a comeback, pressing on, running after, take along, counter-vails, with-stands, take pains, re-ported, hanged in, make comeback, come, kept out, spared no effort, wast left, ran on, kept on truckin', persevere, ex plains, court, am the case, carried through, pushed forward, says in defense, hit up, holds bay, put up with, searched high heaven, toughs out, did one's thing, kept afloat, lives on, wast equipped for, up-held, wast the case, have bearing, takes stock in, kept truckin, making stand against, beating off, reopen, thumped for, duelled, stay on, living through, under-taken, re-side, keeping driving, stick guns, corked up, seek, are resolved, puts up a fight, spare no effort, dis posed, keep the ball rolling, companioned, dying hard, going for broke, remains firm, transort, freezes to, Persisted, be lieve, playing catch up, coming defense of, pre side, struggle against, holding bay, perduring, keep afloat, sticking at, art resolved, pre-vented, set store by, grinned bear it, lit into, sware up and down, sticks to, remaining firm, hadst hunch, is case, live with, go town, lives with, poked around, didst thing, giving chase, holds good, ex plain, living with, leave alone, Garrisoned, hath bearing, rid out, be friend, carry forward, assert, did one thing, stands by, is effect, art the case, taking steps, putting a fight, re-tains, shore up, keep, grinned and bear it, never say die, perseverate, keeps from, in-dict, be big about, makes stand against, sticked to guns, haddest place, re-turning, had place, being big about, do one's thing, maintain, keeping on truckin', initiated legal action, holds out for, tangled with, is equipped for, had hunch, taking to court, nevered say die, pro testing, covering for, exerting oneself, stays on, re-sides, perdured, repels danger, bears up under, keeping truckin', re covering, makes comeback, keeps ball rolling, Dueling, re turns, Shepherding, comes defense of, re-quire, re gards, out-lives, goes for broke, de tain, doing ones thing, lived with, wert force, pre-vails, got there, ex plained, out-lasts, swears down, pre-vailed, pre-vents, begin, were case, spoke for, go after, hath hunch, with holding, stick to guns, kept on truckin, is the case, sticks to guns, keep from, be in effect, swore and down, stuck up for, Escorted, dueled, went after, is in force, wast in effect, vising, re-strain, gotten in there, dis-pose, allow, move ahead, guarding against, re ported, goes way, swear up down, sign up, dost one thing, wears on, pro-motes, hast being, kept driving, with stands, ward off, lap up, are alive, importing, re-quiring, leaved alone, toil on, keeping on, searched for, counter vails, putting a lock on, nesting, lives out, taking along, dost one's thing, re strain, sticking to guns, standing firm, de clare, put up a fight, swearing down, hold fast, take to court, haddest hunch, put a lock on, has dibs something, with-standing, seeing through, took to court, sticked it out, haddest bearing, rides shotgun for, laid money on, wert tough, gets with, transorted, living on, was long lived, are valid, bring, moved behind, counter vailed, go bat for, perked, perseverates, looked after, swore up and down, gets with it, rid shotgun for, fortify, stuck at, under-pins, go all the way, keeping out, counter vailing, saying in defense, toiling on, prowling after, pre-venting, wast extant, covers for, ride out, are case, under pin, stayed put, pre vail, hang around, lighting into, didst number, keep ball rolling, re mains, haddest dibs on something, kept on, seeing it through, Perdure, lives through, was effect, nevered cease, nevering cease, stayed the course, prevail up on, grinning and bear it, forges ahead, sells for, under pinned, re-straining, is force, out living, takes effect, hast bearing, gotten through, get on with, put good word, pre-serves, goes all way, watch over, art long lived, said in defense, be friended, was stubborn, bear under, was force, re tain, re aching, gave chase, nevers cease, standing by, ex tended, forging ahead, participate, stand up for, forged ahead, watching over, re-covering, haddest sneaking suspicion, got on with, living out, haddest dibs something, stays staunch, wast determined, keeping close, has dibs on something, pro-moting, ex acting, provide sanctuary, Palming, lays claim to, were tough, stays the course, had bearing, protect, doest ones thing, re-tain, co oked, hast hunch, staying the course, bore under, was timeless, occupy, am in effect, standing up to, re-porting, entertain, ex-plained, with stood, out lasted, initiate, are stubborn, shoring up, materialize, keep close, apologizes for, ex-acting, goes limit, are in force, sticks guns, panoplied, pre-served, takes as gospel truth, take effect, am big about, goes all the way, gets on with, pre vent, stood by, went all way, standing to, dost a number, leaves no stone unturned, re-sting, grinning bear it, actualize, provided sanctuary, Gunning, breathe, out-wore, plugged away, care for, takes along, ex tend, hold true, re-mains, poking around, re curred, re strains, pro tested, push on, pro longing, makes a stand against, re-ached, ex-tending, pleads for, holding true, takes part, search out, remain, Chivying, subsist, locked up, exerted oneself, went way, stick with it, Bulwarked, companioning, hast life, re strained, pre-serve, re-curred, laying money on, making it, bear on, went town, de-fending, puts with, has being, transorts, counter-vailed, counter vail, retain, pre vents, getting in there, keep driving, lay money on, was in force, riding shotgun for, camp on doorstep of, laps up, make a stand against, Piloted, repelling danger, being alive, resume, have dibs something, tolerates, sware down, going in for, re-peat, engage in, doth one thing, do one thing, not let go, de-fended, pre-tends, remains true, moves behind, sticks out, support, get off, lived through, is resolute, coming to defense of, makes progress, crossing ones heart, lock up, art left, set in, took steps, making headway, went in for, out-wearing, being long lived, pro duce, got with, took out after, hold good, left no stone unturned, pre siding, doing one thing, hath dibs something, held at bay, crossed one heart, toughed out, wert left, art in effect, were resolved, sticked up for, remains alive, is big about, tangles with, put up argument, putting in good word, lit in to, re-quired, nosed around, wert resolute, putting good word, puts in good word, pulling out of it, pre serving, was big about, re-covered, gat there, speaking up for, Travailed, trans porting, standing up, putting up with, re covered, embark, went all the way, being in effect, have dibs on something, swear and down, come up, re-strained, were in effect, renew, was resolved, get there, moves ahead, ex plaining, crosses ones heart, up-hold, get through, swore up down, cross one's heart, held true, live on, scouts out, pokes around, pre served, handicapped, die hard, comes to defense of, gat with, went the limit, doth one's thing, sees through, am extant, stakes out, pro-fess, beat off, pro-fesses, re-fused, resulted in, hold, keeps on, stuck it out, hanging in there, camp doorstep of, re-strains, wearing well, be-friending, guards against, Tolerating, wert the case, wears well, belly up, sticks with it, having place, not let goes, take office, pro-longed, claim, re-gard, wast resolved, art force, were timeless, swore down, gotten on with it, Companied, holding at bay, carry on, beared one out, finalize, hang there, bunked out, spake for, gat through, holds at bay, under-takes, proving a case, putting a good word, doth a number, prowl after, poke around, camps doorstep of, with standing, staid staunch, Garrisoning, Bunked, left alone, was resolute, sticks around, held on, makes it, counter acted, froze to, searches out, up hold, art case, Viseed, fights for, re peat, re porting, were effect, re commended, appear, hangs in, doeth thing, pre-side, keep out, plays catch up, dis-posing, perseverated, with-hold, repel danger, be resolute, follow up, Viseing, does number, leaving alone, live out, finish, setting store by, staying put, re-cover, pre tending, with held, stood firm, abide, held good, had being, remain alive, spoke up for, pre-serving, put lock on, put in a good word, Roomed, de-fend, fought for, rode out, lay in to, trans-porting, take stock in, taking out after, stay staunch, pre serve, bare one out, bears under, say defense, vised, staid course, crosses one's heart, dis-posed, ride shotgun for, am equipped for, sets store by, cherish, perseverating, ex acts, in-habiting, wast stubborn, pre-vail, re sting, didst ones thing, scouting out, being extant, stuck with it, was extant, under took, made comeback, putting with, do thing, draw breath, grin and bear it, under pinning, with holds, swears up and down, re ached, laying claim to, sticked around, re tains, close in, keeping afloat, convoy, are effect, art tough, having hunch, spake up for, were extant, see it through, are determined, has life, swearing up down, up-holding, live, strive, wear well, wearing on, de-tains, camp the doorstep of, taking court, searching for, thumps for, initiate legal action, was in effect, Hards, see through, de livered, staid put, ex-tends, sware up down, in-habits, re quire, out-lasting, be friends, wast case, get, bore one out, stick for, hunting down, proves a case, pro-tested, bearing up under, wast timeless, staid on, nevers say die, make headway, stay course, re commending, re peats, take out after, re quiring, bunks out, under takes, carries forward, was case, sware and down, gets through, be-ginning, pre vailed, in habit, Wars, re fused, does one's thing, haddest being, were valid, am alive, cover for, camping the doorstep of, take steps, go for broke, gunned, stands up, persist, am valid, re-commended, stick around, stick at, keeping going, re maining, wert resolved, grins bear it, act, wert case, keeps afloat, sticking up for, make progress, sign on, restart, enlist, sticked for, proves case, complete, crossing one's heart, keeps on truckin', ex-plain, noses around, are resolute, re turning, gets on with it, abstained from, wast resolute, pulls out it, are equipped for, live through, stuck guns, guarded against, have being, getting through, carries through, art valid, go route, had dibs something, being stubborn, in duces, goes route, palms, putting fight, apologizing for, out lived, going route, pulled out of it, de-clares, re-commend, with-stand, exerts oneself, swear down, lapping up, played catch up, hanged in there, advocate, puts up argument, holds on, were the case, go the way, holds out against, fended off, plead for, going way, re mained, goes the limit, are timeless, with stand, keeping safe, wast valid, repelled danger, cork up, lived on, takes steps, contributes to, doing a number, keep truckin', sticked with it, makes headway, doest one thing, stays put, be timeless, re-quires, keeps driving, up held, doest thing, am determined, gat with it, ex-plains, kick off, pre-vent, crosses heart, re-aching, adopt, being in force, were long lived, keeps going, being effect, holds true, up holds, hadst dibs on something, search for, putting lock on, holding on, keep up, pro fesses, undertake, hangs in there, contribute to, wert in effect, searching high heaven, held out for, doth thing, ex-tended, leave no stone unturned, camps on doorstep of, are the case, search high heaven, staying staunch, didst one's thing, Bunking, hanging there, initiating legal action, stand to, dis pose, stay put, hath sneaking suspicion, wast effect, pre tend, pro-longing, in sure, hadst bearing, Tolerated, re commend, counter-vailing, goes in for, hung there, de livers, hold out for, doth number, looking after, pursue, get with it, hang out, apologized for, resist, gat on with it, staying on, fending off, out-last, taking pains, re turn, struggled against, in-duces, do number, be equipped for, de fends, ex act, under take, wast big about, dwell, being valid, hold bay, cutting it, survive, goes that route, bide, doeth a number, plugging away, go to town, pro-duces, keeps on truckin, camped on the doorstep of, under-pinning, re sides, rise, nested, under taken, re curring, keep on, re-peats, grin bear it, Shepherded, toughing it out, stand up to, Perking, up holding, remain true, has place, is extant, birddog, prosecute, with-stood, look after, gat in there, re straining, kept safe, haunt, be friending, going that route, am resolved, counter-act, beats off, wert long lived, put up fight, wert stubborn, out wears, came defense of, lighted in to, nose around, put with, wast in force, wert big about, under taking, de fend, is stubborn, was determined, took court, re-commends, holding out for, am left, crosses one heart, didst a number, fighting for, remain firm, having sneaking suspicion, lighted into, hold on, gets there, co-oking, kept close, up-holds, de-fends, holding fast, Palmed, were resolute, stands up to, persist in, run on, hast dibs something, Warred, lay claim to, out last, hang in there, doeth number, de-livers, are force, puts lock on, going the limit, out live, be determined, be-friended.