Pronunciation of Attack
/ɐtˈak/, /ɐtˈak/, /ɐ_t_ˈa_k/

Antonyms for attack

be lazy, pre vent, pre serve, give a leg up, pleads for, lends one name to, promotes, submit, be friends, up-bore, be friend, pro-mote, re assurance, being corner, decrease, ex plains, lose, Disculpate, endorse, hold off, lent ones name to, pro testing, Sentineled, watching over, mothballs, gat in to, reassurances, speaking in favor, remission, running interference for, dis-proving, re-butted, re commended, spreading around, repelled danger, subscribing to, up-holdings, Housed, watches over, up-rears, de-fenses, surrender, championings, be friending, cause to adopt, guarding against, thumps for, re ported, puts good word, fending off, co-oping, compliment, proved a case, wert reluctant, press for, Girdled, de bates, re commending, proves a case, be born again, being irresolute, up lift, pull back, dis-prove, giving goahead, mothballed, get in to, wardships, shored up, held up end, was irresolute, gave a boost to, gives the goahead, holding one's end, guard against, shotgunning, gives lift, thinks twice, giving go-ahead, sticks up for, rid shotgun for, am unwilling, are corner, rubberstamping, re-commended, auspice, give goahead, gives a boost to, pressing for, art reluctant, gives a lift, re-strict, in vulnerability, pro moting, selfdefense, dis simulated, up lifts, are unwilling, Mured, re strict, rubberstamps, sticks for, holding up end, care for, defend, with stands, held up one's end, proving case, cop plea, advocacy, in-sure, mothballing, look after, Stammered, up-lifted, speak favor, ex plained, reprisal, Garrisoning, sits on fence, sit fence, de-clare, co oped, with-stands, stand behind, provide sanctuary, come defense of, gave ones word, cover up, get into, up-raised, stump for, Bulwarking, put in good word, held at bay, stick by, pro pose, art irresolute, de-fend, lends one's name to, argues for, ride shotgun for, thump for, give sanctuary, lend one name to, gotten into, giving the nod, stood by, am born again, apologizing for, muring, giving the goahead, sitting on fence, subscribes to, re-commendations, making good, de fenses, bears one out, Bottled, provides sanctuary, cover all bases, maintain, sustenance, sticked for, arrest, prove case, gat into, being reluctant, hold up one end, Sentinelled, give go-ahead, speaks for, shoring up, pro motions, re butting, gat on bandwagon, altered conviction, Sentinelling, braced up, be-friends, argue for, dis simulate, sitting fence, up lifted, hold bay, re-assurances, being answerable for, giving green light, go in for, held up one end, up-holding, causes to adopt, guards against, be-friending, cover for, fighting for, comes to defense of, re-commending, hold up end, shy away, upbore, pro fesses, patronage, pro cessing, in vulnerabilities, holds with, showing cause, were unwilling, dithered, covered all bases, protection, pre-vent, bearing one out, gave the go-ahead, guardings, holding with, up held, re habilitate, freed from blame, pro-motions, covering all bases, health, be corner, re-ported, causing adopt, plumps for, gives one word, de bate, thinking about, fights for, get bandwagon, de lays, with stood, dis-proves, am irresolute, speaks up for, de-fends, gets into, causes adopt, were irresolute, stick up for, Sided, gave leg up, covered bases, vindicate, covers up, cared for, gave the goahead, hold end, plead for, up-bearing, held with, giving ones word, cause adopt, de clare, apologize for, give lift, re commend, going in for, speaking up for, holding at bay, made allowances, getting on bandwagon, said so, relief, up rears, gives sanctuary, de-bates, gave lift, run interference for, wast corner, go with, gives a leg up, de-bated, ran interference for, thought about, stood up for, makes good, up-rearing, de-bating, re commendations, be answerable for, speak for, ex plaining, did justice to, de-clares, spreads around, causing to adopt, holds up ones end, doing justice to, pro-moting, slough off, is unwilling, giving the go ahead, gave nod, pre serving, do justice to, gives ones word, giving sanctuary, de-laying, Shotguns, re butted, pro motion, gave boost to, re-commendation, lend ones name to, makes allowances, thinks about, hold one's end, pre-serves, campaigning for, panoplied, put good word, up-lifting, spake for, gave go-ahead, shies away, got into, pulled back, up bore, re-commends, up rearing, re-butting, watched over, re-assurance, approval, pro-cess, protect, thumped for, self-defenses, saying so, up holding, wast answerable for, giving refuge, gives the nod, gave refuge, protectings, pro-posing, spake in favor, holds one end, thinking twice, rubberstamp, gives leg up, disculpates, sanction, holding to, holding end, shore up, pre vents, pressed for, blow hot cold, pulling back, go bat for, gave goahead, giving leg up, holding up one's end, give refuge, being unwilling, doth justice to, giving one's word, re-habilitating, panoplying, argued for, put in a good word, holds up one end, dithering, gives go ahead, putting a good word, beats off, rooting for, advocate, re porting, up raising, make allowances, proving a case, be irresolute, gets bandwagon, give the goahead, were born again, ex plain, fended off, show cause, pro cessed, re-tains, took under wing, changing belief, de fended, up hold, Upbear, up bear, submission, with-stand, Bulwarked, bracing up, give the nod, putting good word, standing up for, sustain, gives refuge, doest justice to, invulnerability, be reluctant, guarded against, take under wing, hold one end, pre serves, de clares, apologizes for, holds at bay, make good, beat off, stood guard, provided sanctuary, plumped for, gets in to, art in corner, give one's word, spread around, held one end, up-raises, under-wrote, thumping for, holds end, spoke in favor, wert born again, sit on fence, art unwilling, reassurance, gives the go-ahead, fortify, wert irresolute, stand up for, pro motes, held ones end, up holds, de-bate, wert in corner, pre-vents, upbearing, give a lift, covers all bases, support, stands by, up-reared, be-friend, up-bear, sided with, shying away, in sure, giving lift, are in corner, wast irresolute, gotten on bandwagon, shield, lent one name to, pro posing, in-vulnerabilities, are born again, is in corner, was corner, altering conviction, up holdings, de-fended, de bated, held one's end, gives word, Forfend, sur rounded, keeps safe, apologized for, de-lays, covers bases, gave word, ex-plained, Garrisoned, up bears, was born again, Mures, upbears, stand by, stuck up for, Wars, standing by, gave sanctuary, re assurances, ex-plains, looks after, coming to defense of, think twice, campaign for, up-raise, under-written, wert unwilling, bore one out, said in defense, came defense of, stood behind, selfdefenses, plump for, espouse, gave a lift, kept safe, were corner, rubber stamped, were answerable for, pre venting, lending one name to, wast in corner, getting into, up-lift, pro-motes, being in corner, up-held, pre-vented, sticked up for, getting bandwagon, hold up one's end, giving word, pro cess, say so, gave go ahead, alters conviction, spoke for, spoke favor, rooted for, ward off, re commends, be-friended, am corner, up-bears, sat on fence, assist, takes under wing, was answerable for, got in to, wast unwilling, comes defense of, get on bandwagon, repel danger, spoke up for, pre-serving, commendation, art born again, befriend, giving a leg up, beared one out, defense, wert answerable for, dis prove, up rear, proselytize, brace up, subscribed to, watch over, sur-rounded, hold with, fight for, dis-simulate, approve, changed belief, be in corner, sur-rounding, speak in favor, re-habilitated, resist, pro posed, gat bandwagon, held end, guarding, says in defense, fought for, Wardship, uphold, giving the go-ahead, proves case, re habilitated, mothball, is answerable for, sur rounding, Bottling, up bearing, does justice to, giving boost to, up lifting, help, rides shotgun for, says so, give leg up, free from blame, alibiing, holds bay, Walling, wert corner, under writing, campaigned for, give green light, being born again, holding bay, went in for, looking after, retain, hesitate, side with, under-writing, shied away, pleaded for, holding up one end, going with, Floundered, Disculpated, wast born again, under written, self-defense, Furthering, dis-simulating, repels danger, give boost to, re-commend, pull, lending one's name to, in-vulnerability, aid, pre-serve, giving nod, bare one out, under write, holding ones end, campaigns for, taking under wing, rubberstamped, scruple, be unwilling, under-writes, pleading for, holds up one's end, give one word, pro-cesses, wast reluctant, flight, held to, shotgunned, were in corner, were reluctant, siding with, come to defense of, repulsion, stumps for, pro-fess, stutter, pleading fors, Upheld, hem haw, up-hold, holds off, spake up for, sat fence, under wrote, dis proved, putting in good word, gives go-ahead, give the go ahead, give go ahead, held up ones end, rubber-stamping, saying in defense, lent one's name to, shelter, up borne, pro fess, self defenses, is corner, speaks in favor, coming defense of, retreat, are irresolute, opposition, co-oped, hold to, thought twice, gets on bandwagon, keeping safe, invulnerabilities, pro-cessed, go along with, am in corner, giving go ahead, de-lay, upholdings, de fend, cover bases, gives green light, stuck by, sits fence, Disculpating, goes in for, pro mote, gotten bandwagon, speaks favor, preserve, commend, caring for, am answerable for, justify, stands guard, giving a lift, pro-fesses, pled for, de fending, mask, pro tested, dis proving, alter conviction, pro-testing, give ones word, standing guard, resistance, sticking by, de bating, holding up ones end, hold up ones end, are answerable for, say defense, bear one out, came to defense of, alibied, up-rear, dis simulating, de laying, up raise, up raised, beating off, art corner, de lay, lends ones name to, change belief, up-raising, speaking favor, covered for, ex-plain, sate fence, braces up, stumping for, am reluctant, dis-proved, shores up, sticks by, covering bases, pulls back, dis simulates, speaking for, with standing, are reluctant, campaigning fors, fend, holds ones end, caused to adopt, holds up end, was reluctant, under-write, didst justice to, root for, up-holds, covered up, stick for, de-fending, sides with, de fends, freeing from blame, re-tain, re-habilitate, re tain, sticking up for, Hesitated, be friended, stand guard, subscribe to, puts in good word, defensive, gave green light, plumping for, changes belief, up-lifts, providing sanctuary, holding one end, stands behind, gave a leg up, shows cause, dis-simulates, presses for, with-standing, was in corner, gave the go ahead, self defense, got bandwagon, making allowances, gave one's word, fence, lend one's name to, repelling danger, stumped for, pro-motion, re-porting, covers for, covering for, rubber-stamped, praise, Sentineling, shotgun, pro-tested, looked after, think about, give word, doeth justice to, lend name to, with stand, held bay, leave alone, dis proves, keep safe, spake favor, rode shotgun for, cares for, rubber-stamps, pre-served, withstand, hold at bay, sate on fence, under writes, pre-venting, give nod, riding shotgun for, puts a good word, runs interference for, guard, ex-plaining, got on bandwagon, caused adopt, covering up, pussyfoot, pre served, said defense, Warred, re habilitates, is reluctant, up-borne, was unwilling, pro-pose, is irresolute, art answerable for, dis-simulated, re tains, re commendation, holds to, co oping.