Pronunciation of Renounce
/ɹ_ɪ_n_ˈaʊ_n_s/, /ɹɪnˈa͡ʊns/, /ɹɪnˈa‍ʊns/

Antonyms for renounce

dont rock boat, come into, de-cree, take one up on, gat hands on, field the question, am ordained, act as witness, super-vise, were born again, is sensitive, carries through, holding purse strings, depended on, resort to, causing adopt, re-cognized, had a lock on, be established, dragoon, bare testimony, run show, swears and down, set in motion, counterclaiming, making law, inter fere, concurs with, finds use, gives thumbsup, dis-cover, catch the eye, being aware of, give stamp of approval, took to heart, putting into action, buying into, give one word, bring in to play, defend, all owed, talk into, blew hot air, sware to god, dis played, hold in high esteem, counter claims, cop plea, owns up, being established, re pressing, wert excited, submit to, gave thumbsup, catches eye, be-stowing, dopes out, clung to, acted as if, counterclaims, put into action, carry through, covered for, take one on, pre-pare, hatses off to, proselytize, am affected, go with, soapbox, de legate, consents to, was positive, being told, going down the line, were sensitive, under took, prosecute, spake up for, are affected, governs, co-sign, super vised, continue, concussing, run the show, gave the goahead, throws together, bearing one out, lend one's name to, wert ordained, gifts with, de-clares, with stands, puts in a good word, pro-claim, ex pend, inter-feres, re-affirm, blows hot air, speak for, give ones word, clean up, approve, pro duces, simmered down, answer, watches out for, super intends, come defense of, ex-pending, rubberstamp, rubberstamped, act as a witness, hatses to, be-stows, dash off, dashes off, Reverencing, undertake, giving one's word, acts as if, shakes on, in-vest, ex-plaining, blow hot air, look after, taking under wing, re-spects, putting a good word, Piloted, makes an affidavit, back, pursue, swore on bible, arriving in time, re-marked, co signed, under wrote, in-vests, counterclaim, re asserted, opening up, speaking for, become law, re-ached, assert, defers to, keep, re-commended, re-asserts, stands by, Shotguns, de clare, over-see, be guiles, Cinching, lock up, confirm, be given, am receipt of, make valid, baby sit, pre dominate, having confidence in, over-seeing, comes in to, disambiguates, pre-scribing, get off chest, bore one out, cover for, be in receipt of, de-posing, attest to, runs the show, causes to adopt, coming out of closet, cleave to, bore testimony, safeguard, in vents, re-solving, maintain, guarded against, be-sought, oversees, submitting to, Bulwarking, rides shotgun for, quarterbacks, all owing, over seeing, co signs, Copped, wast aware of, get on soapbox, becomes valid, giving boost to, fielded question, accept, pressing into service, open up, come to, doest with, finds a use, am excited, cleaning up, dis closing, apologize for, re join, sit still for, called the signals, took as gospel truth, turn to account, haddest funny feeling, takes heart, pro-fess, pre pare, submits to, be touch, availing oneself of, were responsible for, art aware of, take over, hold with, un derwent, pre-scribe, re marked, lend ones name to, re-cognizing, gives ones word, under writes, acts as a witness, talking in to, de-posed, get hold of, having vibes, bought in to, being touch, gave boost to, saying so, fits in, re-affirming, holds reins, be gotten, play the game, gotten from, come around, make do with, was informed, re solves, pro-claims, under-taken, wert in touch, arrived in time, ex-plained, living with, being affected, re-tort, came to defense of, hath funny feeling, in-stalling, speaks for, holds at bay, taking heart, be-friend, reining in, set forth, re-solved, dashing off, de-fend, wert told, gives stamp of approval, spoke up for, dis covers, be in saddle, thumps for, gat ready, taking care of, de fend, are sensitive, giving snappy comeback, changing belief, getting behind, pro claimed, comes into, vouch, yields to, turned to account, putting use, with-stands, shoots back, has vibes, giving go ahead, hath a lock on, wast turned to, resorted to, in-vent, wast turned on to, goes down line, gives go ahead, wert turned to, changes belief, signs on, art receipt of, putting forth, over look, wrest, ex-pended, makes law, dis proved, looked after, in venting, hatsed to, apprizing, are aware of, in form, swearing to god, putting ice, re quiring, said defense, are established, backs you, called signals, babysit, calling up on, give nod, stand up for, lent one name to, wert impressed, trusted, pressurizing, called upon, running things, de-ducts, tore off, held in high esteem, art ordained, wast excited, re-straining, giving nod, gave an affidavit, latch to, clove to, hold purse strings, confiscate, re joining, admit, de clares, be-guile, art told, de noted, court, headed up, de-clare, comes out of closet, sees after, allegate, re-plied, giving thumbsup, art responsible for, cooperates with, arrived at, backing you, set store by, bring forward, gotten on soapbox, doth with, re-quires, give affidavit, play game, said in defense, yield to, de-duces, get in touch, swearing on bible, give one's word, am responsible for, receive, was aware of, re-deeming, super-intends, watch out for, takes oath, pro mise, bare one out, re ached, whip out, went in for, hath vibes, constated, doping out, become ratified, dis-closing, taking over, avails of, came defense of, in vest, spieled, made law, makes valid, crosses ones heart, under gone, gat hold of, stood behind, re late, de-creed, avail of, clings to, provide sanctuary, lending one name to, playing game, swear on bible, be positive, gives affidavit, fields the question, were given, gets back to, pre-dominates, getting touch, apprized, tenders, wast given, re joins, give go-ahead, caught eye, lends one's name to, take to heart, takes up on, gives rise to, dis close, wert positive, reign over, signing for, latching to, be-friends, art turned to, put use, be getting, putting to use, re assure, calls the signals, be sensible of, back talked, Texturing, re butting, am positive, re cognize, over see, be-getting, wert receipt of, are turned to, own, reassert, giving go-ahead, don't rock boat, made an affidavit, got ready, taking oath, gifting with, submitted to, does with, art impressed, got off chest, rid shotgun for, give a snappy comeback, pro cures, give the go ahead, in vite, ex pends, keep an eye on, under going, see to, take care of, re deemed, took an oath, acting as if, gave the go ahead, backing at you, talking big, set motion, giving the go-ahead, ward off, say defense, lend name to, swore to god, under takes, over-looks, takes stock in, holds bay, over looks, sur rendered, stuck up for, takes one up on, cleaving to, calling the signals, minister to, give the goahead, is turned on to, taking one up on, saying defense, re-presented, heads up, Cinched, talks in to, puts in good word, be guile, bearing testimony, takes an oath, are in saddle, give goahead, being saddle, pro-pound, with standing, gets hands on, defer to, got hold of, bought into, re-presenting, iced, gives go-ahead, find use, gat touch, dis play, hold bay, pressed into service, standing up for, allegated, haddest hunch, re strain, presses in to service, get back to, Overseeing, have funny feeling, come out closet, sees to, voted in, pro-pounding, sware up and down, getting from, de-note, were aware of, retain, dis cover, Tendering, de notes, haddest confidence in, over-look, latching on to, de-riving, rein in, hatsed off to, backed at you, appeal, gave stamp of approval, in vests, Housed, holds sway over, quarterbacked, pass, dis-prove, be impressed, buys in to, talking back, put on ice, pre paring, being turned on to, coming in to, are sanctioned, co-oked, taking to heart, blowing hot air, puts ice, holding bay, dis covering, putting work, gave the green light, puts good word, re-marking, avails oneself of, bears one out, ex-plains, in-vented, de-duce, Upheld, opens up, gotten ready, be aware of, proving case, gave goahead, gave stamp approval, making the most of, up hold, cause to adopt, wast in saddle, dis closes, under standing, de ducting, circumstantiates, puts forward, engaged in, press into service, holds in high esteem, causes adopt, lent one's name to, riding shotgun for, called up on, am sensible of, crossing heart, cleaved to, hath confidence in, wert born again, arrive time, are ordained, art born again, was affected, taking an oath, goes down the line, pre-tended, wert responsible for, be responsible for, hadst a lock on, crosses heart, pre-sent, set out, de duct, re-aching, gave go ahead, re tains, pre dominating, gets behind, catches the eye, ministering to, ex plain, gat behind, being sensible of, dragoons, making affidavit, come out of closet, re-acted, carried through, be sought, pre tending, reasserting, de-fending, bring home bacon, keep safe, kept an eye on, Shepherding, be informed, pre venting, speaks up for, re-commending, attests to, says defense, disambiguate, getting vibes, latch on to, give the green light, get into, cross ones heart, re-solve, gat from, call signals, dis-proved, gives an affidavit, came out closet, dis closed, says in defense, takes over, art in receipt of, shotgunning, do with, swears up and down, resorting to, de pose, concussed, Re-mark, puts in to action, re-strains, panoplied, being positive, take up on, latched to, be sensitive, go down the line, looking after, get hands on, takes upon, depends on, answer back, pro pounding, yielded to, de-noting, gotten off chest, re-asserting, gat in touch, sware down, making do with, re-assure, causing to adopt, fight for, alter conviction, is positive, provided sanctuary, dont make waves, getting hold of, giving thumbs-up, putting in to action, wast receipt of, giving an affidavit, comes around, sate still for, give thumbs up, stick for, become valid, pro created, give the nod, asservates, re-affirms, pre sent, hits on, de legates, gotten chest, are sensible of, re peats, under take, gotten back to, getting chest, watch over, ex plaining, re aching, pro-cures, de duce, be-friending, gat to, giving the goahead, had a hunch, becoming ratified, pro-pounded, re present, wert in saddle, going down line, super vising, gotten behind, proclaim, engaging in, hadst funny feeling, gives one word, stand by, watching over, under stood, crossed one's heart, in-vested, consent to, keeping tabs on, pre-vent, was saddle, talk back, over sees, gets touch, putting to work, gave thumbs-up, depend on, secure, re press, under-write, became law, getting off chest, talked in to, gave one's word, setting forth, vindicate, affirm, re-joined, having lock on, ex plained, cause adopt, putting forward, in-sure, protect, doted on, is impressed, co wing, de cree, had hunch, get ready, pre dominated, running the show, looks after, gets to, go in for, puts work, re strained, acts as witness, giving the nod, latches on to, hitting on, quarterbacking, holding sway over, call up on, is told, puts on ice, give green light, give rise to, watching out for, came out of closet, dashed off, shotgun, were impressed, go bat for, pre pared, gat soapbox, be turned on to, re-asserted, availed oneself of, panoplying, hast confidence in, going in for, grooving, voting in, rubberstamping, hadst hunch, de-rive, hats to, under taking, in stalled, prevail up on, getting soapbox, arrives in time, pro-creates, gifted with, crossed heart, pressurize, pre-tends, caters to, over seen, locked up, certify, swore to, counter-claims, over-saw, leading to, buy in to, copping, caring for, buy into, Tendered, be-gotten, pro-duces, pushes for, keeps safe, gets in touch, plays on, back at you, re commends, over looked, feel, get to, co wed, de riving, backs at you, getting into, re butted, give an affidavit, up held, pro-create, altered conviction, de-ducting, questions, make an affidavit, sticking up for, asservate, get vibes, uphold, re presses, whipping out, are in receipt of, be stow, art informed, beared testimony, taking one upon, crossing ones heart, catered to, with stand, de-crees, becoming valid, lent ones name to, am told, says so, pushed for, threw together, dis proving, dis plays, all-owed, be friends, throw together, hath hunch, took upon, am saddle, be excited, cross one's heart, re-quired, re-aping, were touch, gets vibes, hast a lock on, was impressed, gives the nod, deferring to, concur with, press in to service, disambiguating, has lock on, have vibes, hatsing to, gat on soapbox, co-signed, were turned to, sets motion, gives snappy comeback, gotten into, wast saddle, was in saddle, concuss, ex pended, under-taking, pre-serves, were affected, guarding against, hadst vibes, gotten hold of, reasserted, subscribe to, stood up for, Bulwarked, reaffirmed, under taken, had funny feeling, constating, co oking, sat still for, sub due, haddest a lock on, caused adopt, are positive, swears to, swears god, is informed, is excited, attesting to, re-aped, made affidavit, re cognizing, gave ones word, pushes buttons, implores, dis covered, sur-renders, was turned on to, plays game, keeps eye on, is given, acknowledge, getting on soapbox, wert sensible of, run things, pre-serve, take upon, co-wed, thump for, held reins, pushing for, give thumbs-up, were in touch, vote in, dost with, shook on, makes use, pro-created, get touch, have confidence in, latches to, pro-mises, thumping for, calling signals, giving the green light, pro claims, was given, de posed, sub-due, call the signals, be told, hath a hunch, is established, turning account, providing sanctuary, giving goahead, give stamp approval, change belief, are responsible for, up holds, get behind, under-stood, stuck for, pro create, swearing up down, wast told, having a hunch, was turned to, swore and down, was in receipt of, stick up for, put to use, re quires, pressed in to service, pro-positions, rubber-stamps, yielding to, re-lated, gave go-ahead, profess, setting in motion, dis-closed, swear bible, cater to, guard, avow, makes most of, pro mises, go down line, pro positions, hold the reins, keeping safe, reigns over, stumping for, gets into, bringing forward, give out, over-sees, gets hold of, is in receipt of, hold, de-rived, re-deem, counter claimed, simmering down, pre-dominating, availing of, declare, re-presents, hadst lock on, comes out closet, occupy, make, got in touch, be ordained, contend, proclaims, under-standing, re deeming, de fended, breaking for, were in receipt of, got to, pro-pounds, take as gospel truth, held at bay, watched out for, lap up, under-gone, puts a good word, pro pounds, dis-playing, put good word, changed belief, took up on, de rived, sur-render, shoot back, pre-vents, is ordained, care for, ex-pends, swear up down, pre-tending, wast touch, rubber-stamped, took one upon, super-intended, soapboxed, re deem, put work, pro fess, fitting in, over-seen, re plying, apologized for, doped out, put ice, goes in for, led to, pro creates, hold dear, got chest, were turned on to, re marking, giving stamp approval, re assured, concurred with, pre-paring, acted as a witness, came around, re-cognize, swore down, lends ones name to, be friending, wert sensitive, proving a case, swears down, dis cern, sitting still for, re-veal, re-affirmed, crossing one heart, pro claiming, re torts, Circumstantiated, haddest vibes, pro position, availed of, cooperate with, cleaned up, re cognized, beared one out, dis proves, agree, wast in receipt of, had vibes, structuring, rubber stamped, re commend, Re-turn, go along with, apprizes, hit on, had lock on, turns to account, de duces, super intended, tend, come in to, ratify, over-looking, subscribing to, reaffirm, back talking, took one up on, under written, wert saddle, beating off, catering to, gat back to, appropriate, counter-claiming, come to defense of, are excited, seeing after, calls upon, be affected, opened up, circumstantiate, under-written, becomes ratified, don't rock the boat, fights for, Dragooned, in vent, in vented, put forward, give boost to, held the reins, Revering, subscribes to, caught the eye, played the game, is affected, play on, advocate, crosses one's heart, came into, gave the go-ahead, de-ducted, keeping an eye on, attested to, repel danger, being turned to, get chest, broke for, taking as gospel truth, ran the show, pro curing, signs for, prove case, re-veals, is touch, re-assuring, signs off on, is sanctioned, re marks, turned account, sets forth, taking possession, re spect, wast informed, head up, thumbses up, re turns, pre dominates, apologizes for, subscribed to, hast lock on, proves a case, give witness, kept tabs on, disciplined, keep eye on, giving rise to, gotten soapbox, comes defense of, art given, co signing, dis-played, getting hands on, setting out, lend one name to, wert informed, gave nod, being given, Relished, re aped, re acting, cooperated with, acting as a witness, de fends, comes to defense of, inter feres, crosses one heart, pushing buttons, allegates, control, dis-plays, condone, be saddle, beats off, re sting, brake for, pro positioned, breaks for, gives word, gat in to, re mark, swears on bible, sware god, whips out, cared for, hadst a hunch, re-sting, are turned on to, gives the go-ahead, counter claiming, coming defense of, don't make waves, sub jugate, was sensible of, call upon, ministers to, art in saddle, swear and down, own up, runs show, holding with, pre tends, re cognizes, takes one upon, pro-cured, signing off on, ex plains, dis playing, speak up for, kept safe, gat chest, re commending, re joined, gave word, takes to heart, sur-rendered, bear testimony, were receipt of, finding use, in forms, art affected, swore up down, de note, pre serving, having hunch, give go ahead, are impressed, are born again, dis-covers, swear, dont rock the boat, was sensitive, Disciplining, up holding, pro duce, wast responsible for, pre-serving, torn off, in-vents, re-spect, re-quire, de-pose, crossed ones heart, sticks for, de-fends, pre-pared, setting store by, re-commend, swears bible, soapboxing, cross one heart, pre-scribed, talks back, reaffirming, ran show, dis-proving, take an oath, watched over, reined in, pro posed, in-vesting, got soapbox, was touch, re spects, pro-mise, pledges oneself, cleans up, re peat, art sensible of, answered back, became ratified, backed you, in-venting, sware bible, giving stamp of approval, de-fended, owned up, lead to, wast sensitive, talk big, deferred to, arrogate, proved a case, re-turned, laps up, shooting back, beat off, re quired, took heart, art sanctioned, takes one on, wert turned on to, throwing together, push for, repels danger, standing by, thumbsing up, arriving time, wert in receipt of, shot back, pro-positioned, cling to, live with, art saddle, hold reins, pressing in to service, Regimenting, gives stamp approval, re-marks, art turned on to, are given, make use, co-signs, cosigns, concurring with, dis prove, pro cured, acted as witness, re turn, pro positioning, super-intend, re-commends, went down line, pro claim, pre-vented, under write, repelled danger, swearing down, altering conviction, heading up, shotgunned, be sanctioned, under-going, are receipt of, soapboxes, guard against, be friended, Circumstantiating, made do with, hugging, haddest a hunch, playing on, playing the game, re-joins, acting as witness, art sensitive, went down the line, co sign, be friend, am sensitive, take oath, break for, ex-plain, pre pares, embrace, haunt, Nurtured, ex pending, claim, fighting for, dope out, fielding the question, Re-present, re strains, swearing up and down, putting good word, is saddle, repelling danger, making an affidavit, clave to, giving word, re tain, re-joining, re-turning, pro posing, arrived time, gets ready, under-went, arriving at, re presented, being excited, spake for, quarterback, reaffirms, disambiguated, re presenting, in stalling, engage in, feedbacked, getting back to, under-wrote, are told, re affirmed, answering back, hats off to, gave thumbs up, ministered to, sub-dues, hast funny feeling, tears off, reigned over, Dragooning, pre tend, takes possession, dote on, calling upon, alters conviction, pro-positioning, coming into, re-butting, reigning over, puts forth, up-hold, pre vents, hold high esteem, am sanctioned, gives green light, fields question, parenting, super-intending, calls signals, coming to defense of, being in saddle, stating under oath, de posing, pre-scribes, pledging oneself, re-tains, sware up down, leads to, gets off chest, coming out closet, swearing god, pro fesses, saw after, make most of, spoke for, were sensible of, sets in motion, sets store by, makes affidavit, parented, took under wing, reins in, be-guiles, was responsible for, pre scribe, sur rendering, Subjected, lapped up, turn account, sticked for, holding high esteem, pledged oneself, stood by, de creed, latched on to, re-assures, tear off, makes do with, Garrisoning, is aware of, catching eye, cares for, in sure, puts into action, favor, answers back, asservated, wast in touch, have a lock on, are saddle, be-friended, pro-cure, pro pounded, am born again, seize, de-legate, under went, making use, gave a boost to, has a lock on, endorse, fit in, textured, re-quiring, catch eye, taking one on, inter-fere, was told, wast sensible of, under-stands, sware on bible, be born again, consenting to, get in to, wert touch, give snappy comeback, were ordained, allow, allegating, thumbsed up, being born again, sticked up for, super vise, re acted, fielding question, pledge oneself, pro-position, gotten in touch, am impressed, giving affidavit, am turned to, ex-pend, support, stands up for, be stows, gave witness, put in to action, re-peat, make law, say in defense, pre served, gets in to, being impressed, sur-rendering, re-solves, sticks up for, holding in high esteem, grant, gets from, took over, took stock in, sware and down, swearing to, up-holding, in forming, lends one name to, re commended, gets chest, sware to, brought forward, wert aware of, re affirm, fielded the question, takes under wing, re-butted, swearing bible, back you, co-signing, re solve, re-presses, hold sway over, gives a boost to, got from, was receipt of, re-strain, pro pose, cherish, am touch, guards against, re quire, puts use, wast sanctioned, resorts to, re-cognizes, grooved, cross heart, in vested, Shepherded, gift with, constates, holding at bay, pro-fesses, take possession, arrive in time, becoming law, get, has a hunch, use, got on soapbox, piloting, bears testimony, held high esteem, de-rives, owning up, speaking up for, over saw, thumped for, swears to god, put in a good word, saw to, be in touch, re-peats, presses into service, did with, bear one out, running show, clinging to, calls up on, de crees, taking upon, carrying through, re tort, took care of, are touch, establish, Subjecting, holding the reins, field question, crossing one's heart, were established, taking up on, de noting, counter-claim, took oath, lapping up, pre vent, under stands, am aware of, de fending, spieling, giving ones word, holds high esteem, re-deems, said so, concusses, gotten touch, put in good word, gets soapbox, pre-dominate, holds with, being sanctioned, sub dues, art touch, is in saddle, becomes law, tearing off, turning to account, pro-creating, structured, put forth, kept eye on, re-strained, re presents, pro-pose, under-takes, stand behind, giving witness, gave green light, wast affected, pro creating, is sensible of, be-stow, being informed, adhere, getting to, made valid, de-notes, pro-curing, talks into, super intending, buys into, took possession, be-stowed, deal with, apologizing for, got in to, being in receipt of, be receipt of, held purse strings, is responsible for, art positive, turns account, gives thumbs up, hatsing off to, found a use, with-stand, un-derwent, putting on ice, locking up, take stock in, consented to, wast born again, give word, asservating, pre-sents, with-standing, dis-cern, became valid, states under oath, got into, in-forming, made most of, be turned to, haddest lock on, taking stock in, co oked, dis-proves, co-wing, being in touch, act as if, seeing to, re-torts, bring bear, takes as gospel truth, held sway over, wast ordained, re straining, caused to adopt, sign for, take heart, being sensitive, find a use, arrive at, swear to, dis-covered, were saddle, being ordained, held with, in-stall, votes in, took one on, co-oking, de ducted, talked into, dis-covering, were informed, has hunch, talk in to, keep tabs on, arrives at, putting in a good word, under-writing, swearing and down, had confidence in, hast hunch, pre-served, de-legates, lived with, pre-venting, held dear, revert, being responsible for, comebacking, gat into, brings forward, put a good word, pre-dominated, gets on soapbox, putting in good word, re asserting, argue, swear up and down, in-forms, under stand, re asserts, were sanctioned, up-held, holds purse strings, have a hunch, re-tain, having a lock on, getting ready, wert established, signing on, being receipt of, re-plying, were positive, art in touch, apprize, nailing down, keeps tabs on, de rive, was established, sticking for, re affirming, gotten hands on, got touch, doing with, ran things, swore up and down, are in touch, re pressed, dis-closes, played on, cleft to, cosigning, re-turns, talked back, doeth with, proves case, Garrisoned, holds the reins, gotten to, up-holds, lending one's name to, rode shotgun for, counter claim, seek, pre serves, swear god, cooperating with, give thumbsup, was in touch, gives witness, signed for, covers for, makes the most of, cosign, usurp, re-assured, gives the green light, stands behind, crossed one heart, de ducts, holds dear, re turning, holding reins, pre scribing, vow, with stood, stump for, came in to, were in saddle, puts to use, state, am turned on to, wast established, counterclaimed, coming around, holding dear, gives the goahead, giving the go ahead, comebacked, simmers down, prove a case, cosigned, swear down, pressurized, was excited, catching the eye, pro-posing, pro cure, adopt, saying in defense, keeping eye on, covering for, was ordained, dis-close, gave affidavit, sur renders, in-stalled, arrives time, am established, pro-claiming, are informed, was born again, dis-play, rubber-stamping, re affirms, rubberstamps, giving green light, de-duct, proved case, gat off chest, sub-jugate, swore bible, sets out, buying in to, be stowing, de rives, wert sanctioned, whipt out, Constate, be stowed, all-owing, cleaves to, pushed buttons, making valid, takes care of, pre serve, say so, swears up down, under writing, re-pressing, ride shotgun for, re veals, got behind, puts to work, counter-claimed, giving a snappy comeback, talked big, sits still for, signed off on, super intend, Valuing, avail oneself of, super-vised, didst with, under-writes, re-assert, de-noted.

Usage examples for renounce

  1. He did not therefore renounce his design. – A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6) by Leopold von Ranke
  2. Do you love this Fromont so dearly that you prefer to die rather than renounce him? – Fromont and Risler, Complete by Alphonse Daudet Last Updated: March 3, 2009
  3. Whilst so many around her were craving for something to set them above their neighbours, some gift of fortune, some distinction, she was learning the need of that which should place the poor blind on the same level as others, learning to renounce for herself and for them any higher ambition than that of being like the rest of mankind. – Elizabeth Gilbert and Her Work for the Blind by Frances Martin

Idioms for renounce

  1. renounce sm for sth;

Rhymes for renounce