Pronunciation of Perfection
/pəfˈɛkʃən/, /pəfˈɛkʃən/, /p_ə_f_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for perfection

dis-coloration, de-scent, beauty spots, corrigendum, mis conducts, shortness, macroseism, re-strictions, suscept, ordinariness, mis-understandings, wrongness, quakers, deficit, catch 22, misprint, disrepute, mis-conduct, un popularities, retrenchments, start, faintnesses, tatters, breaking law, in-sufficiency, unpopularities, in-stability, goofup, un-doings, sinkage, over-throws, de-fiances, dis advantage, non performances, total losses, in advertences, de-stroyer, de scent, in validity, self condemnation, de crease, default, crumminess, in capacity, tall story, over throw, in decorums, fly ointment, mis-print, dis-favors, implosion, retardments, breaking of law, de-cay, blameworthiness, catch-22's, want, de privations, dis-tress, dis-colorations, in constancy, de fiances, shortfall, in-advertences, sag, self-reproach, in exactness, mis statements, sparsity, re lapse, vagueness, goof-ups, mis-cue, devolutions, Leannesses, male factions, fault, dis regard, blackheads, dis-grace, little bits, de feats, Veniality, omission, dis favors, mis steps, in consistencies, Malefaction, de-merit, in advertencies, puniness, mis statement, evil doings, scar, over turns, de-cline, over sights, mis carriage, mis adventures, un-reliability, de cadences, dis-ease, mis-applications, un certainties, retro gradation, un healthinesses, bad job, skimpinesses, imprecision, re verse, in completeness, fall, mis representations, implosions, un righteousness, in cline, nonperformance, in-fractions, deformations, total loss, de cadence, blemish, selfreproaches, un evennesses, in-effectiveness, boo-boos, nose dives, evil-doings, un-truth, de-formations, in correctnesses, wanderings, over-looks, in-stabilities, flub up, dis-advantage, downward slope, de lays, in-effectualness, ailings, Ingloriousness, dis credit, blot landscape, mis-calculations, un fitnesses, de-fiance, howlers, exiguity, shortcoming, booboo, dis-cords, mis beliefs, in effectualnesses, misprints, pratfalls, mis-demeanor, defalcation, in-discretions, ill favor, flub-up, in efficiency, criminalities, rareness, with-holdings, dis-cord, faintness, in-gloriousness, inter missions, slightnesses, non feasance, kink, de generation, dis-repute, dis coloration, mis-conception, goof-up, dis-credit, dis-obediences, insufficiences, in-constancies, de volution, in-frequencies, de-lays, rough spots, skimpiness, due bill, mis-apprehensions, fly the ointment, blot the landscape, weakness, goof ups, male-faction, over-throw, imperfection, deficiency, un-wellness, variabilities, due bills, catch 22's, weak point, Retardment, in discretion, in-capacity, miss, leaving out, de-merits, dis-advantages, dis obediences, in competence, in hocks, incompleteness, in torsion, spot, delinquency, intorsions, ungodliness, in-dispositions, disregardance, un popularity, un certainty, noninclusion, mis-cues, un-reliabilities, flash the pan, in decision, dis obedience, mis calculation, over-sights, in-correctness, in effectivenesses, dis cord, mis belief, unwellness, in decisions, de-privations, in-adequacies, sub-version, howler, un-faithfulness, in adequateness, un-suitableness, dis-eases, beginning, suscepts, non-successes, in-substantiality, mis judgment, uselessness, nonsuccesses, de formation, in accuracy, withholdings, macroseisms, dis credits, in dispositions, slip-up, in-substantialities, boo-boo, in-jury, de fault, self reproaches, mis demeanors, in-decorum, de cline, introduction, inaccuracy, pratfall, foulup, re-lapse, in competencies, non payments, Cicatrices, re morse, non-observances, mis take, de stroyer, de-feat, sinkings, Flyspeck, un-fitnesses, nonfeasance, dis-regard, un commonnesses, in-efficacy, malconformations, slip ups, irregularity, sore point, dis-orders, in-disposition, dis-obedience, de-formation, in adequatenesses, typo, in-efficiency, non inclusion, in torsions, de scents, dis-reputes, dis cords, de-volution, dis repute, in constancies, pauperism, un doings, macro seisms, nose dive, looseness, de fiance, under estimations, bad omen, indefiniteness, un-healthinesses, oversteppings, re cessions, inability to hack it, elisions, lead balloon, macula, oversight, sub version, Maculae, failings, mis-managements, in-completenesses, in-clines, retro gradations, lead balloons, nodule, un healthiness, downtrends, unevenness, un-commonnesses, de-crease, mis fortunes, over-estimation, jaggedness, dis reputes, nonsuccess, computer malfunction, preterition, unrighteousness, mis-steps, de volutions, dis-tresses, flash in pan, dis eases, in-decorums, in-accuracies, un-wellnesses, de-fault, over look, mis chance, bumpinesses, re versal, tort, red inks, mis-representation, lack, tatter, slim picking, re-morses, non inclusions, nonperformances, de faults, in efficacy, typos, over-looking, re-cession, tear, Malconformation, in-advertencies, blot on landscape, in efficacies, disfigurement, foul-ups, dis-honor, inconstancies, inexactness, roughness, re morses, mis understanding, un-fitness, in adequacies, cicatrice, slightness, un substantialities, mis-statement, mis-application, non feasances, variability, in-torsion, over looks, in-competences, in hole, dead weight, Gluttonies, nosedive, in-consistencies, in clines, de clines, badness, bug, self-condemnations, in advertency, drop, sinfulnesses, in-capacities, false moves, inability hack it, infirmity, micro seism, mis adventure, non performance, up-sets, in-exactnesses, dis-favor, scantness, preteritions, failure, daintiness, inadequatenesses, evil doing, in conveniences, mis-behavior, mis shapes, un-healthiness, in-convenience, over stepping, over-sight, in completenesses, de cays, ill health, leaving outs, unwellnesses, transgression, dead horses, un-righteousness, claw mark, self condemnations, re cession, missings, in-fraction, speck, un godliness, Intorsion, blot, in-efficacies, mis-fire, dis orders, nevus, catch22's, de creases, re striction, trip, in-advertence, foul ups, in frequency, macro-seism, dumb moves, flubup, dis order, dis tresses, inadequateness, over turn, sinking ships, frustration, mis deeds, loss innocence, over sight, gaffs, over looking, Sickliness, marrings, dis tress, blunder, mis-judgment, dis colorations, uncommonness, inexactitude, mis-shape, non successes, dis-credits, downside, mis-understanding, selfcondemnations, non-feasances, in-conveniences, co-loring, mis-belief, drop-off, in-equalities, defect, subservience, incompletenesses, mis cues, deformation, un godlinesses, evil-doing, dis esteem, mis-fortunes, settlings, in-gloriousnesses, tightnesses, slip of tongue, re lapses, impediment, in-completeness, non observances, de-clines, in-consistency, co loring, in discretions, in-exactness, passing overs, Torts, de-cays, mis-demeanors, un-evennesses, foible, in equality, jives, de generations, quaker, weak-point, mis conception, loss of innocence, answerabilities, hickey, de-volutions, microseisms, bad break, in-efficiencies, mis chances, re-morse, in attentions, un-doing, sub versions, mis-interpretation, Non-performance, blackhead, in accuracies, pretermission, re-versal, self reproach, in-competencies, mis fortune, unhealths, un-certainties, mis-deed, chink in armor, nonobservance, blot on the landscape, defalcations, goof up, retro-gradations, answerability, offense, de formations, co-lorings, over estimations, mis-apprehension, mis behavior, peccabilities, de stroyers, over-turn, XS, disregardances, commencement, un-godliness, nonobservances, micro seisms, blameworthinesses, mis behaviors, dis ease, foulups, distortion, mis deed, booboos, de-generations, over throws, lentigines, unrighteousnesses, un-substantiality, Non-observance, in efficiencies, non success, downward slopes, vice, male-factions, claw marks, bad breaks, mis-interpretations, over-stepping, in equalities, error, un suitableness, un healths, mis-calculation, de-feats, in-equality, chink armor, defectivenesses, dis-order, un-certainty, de-privation, with holding, in effectualness, micro-seisms, dis honor, mis-deeds, mis apprehensions, wrongnesses, approximation, re-striction, in juries, dishonor, jive, mis-adventure, mis takes, criminality, mis-conducts, computer malfunctions, bad jobs, drop offs, undoing, inconstancy, in hock, under-estimations, misbeliefs, cicatrix, non-payments, mis-management, earthquake, de-faults, goofups, dis grace, under estimation, twistednesses, dis-honors, in the hole, over-look, dis graces, fall-offs, screamer, taint, in-decision, overestimations, mis applications, mis representation, Diseasedness, unreliabilities, dis-graces, de cay, neglect, un commonness, un evenness, underestimation, in-decisions, misadventure, mis cue, vitiation, mis-beliefs, mis-fires, falling offs, in gloriousness, mis conduct, mediocrity, scratch, non-inclusion, mis-takes, in-sufficiencies, blooper, in-effectivenesses, in-torsions, in-adequatenesses, venialities, damage, un-truths, little bit, unhealthinesses, un reliabilities, de-creases, in-advertency, vitiations, malefactions, uncommonnesses, cutting outs, dis-esteem, falseness, faultinesses, un truths, mis-statements, de merit, downtrend, excludings, de-generation, breaking the law, Unhealth, dearth, dumb thing do, de-scents, something wrongs, glitch, foul-up, un-healths, sub-versions, guesswork, sicklinesses, unsoundness, malfunction, tightness, re-verse, de-lay, aberration, in-aptness, beauty spot, de feat, de-stroyers, un-righteousnesses, mis judgments, bad omens, sinfulness, flyspecks, scabs, un wellness, averageness, slip the tongue, overestimation, slip, with holdings, twistedness, mistake, imprecisions, in sufficiency, seimicity, mis print, de privation, daintinesses, dis advantages, dis regards, up-set, in competency, in-validities, Nevi, drop-offs, re-lapses, seimicities, under-estimation, in exactnesses, pauperisms, mutilation, re-cessions, in attention, slip-ups, defectiveness, decline, dwindlings, in gloriousnesses, Misbelief, dis favor, pretermissions, screamers, de-cadence, ill fortunes, slim pickings, un-soundness, dead horse, mis demeanor, selfreproach, in-discretion, dis-regards, in jury, roundness, mis-shapes, knot, scarceness, mis application, un substantiality, non payment, un righteousnesses, inadvertency, screw ups, guilt, de lay, mismanagements, sparsities, over-estimations, shrinkings, male faction, in-constancy, lapse, mis-take, in-adequateness, flaw, rent, unreliability, whiteheads, flubups, catch22, Non-feasance, un doing, ingloriousnesses, sinkages, corrigenda, invalidity, incorrectness, micro-seism, mis carriages, un-soundnesses, in-accuracy, in-cline, mutilations, inadequacy, leanness, ill favors, inferiority, dis-esteems, flus, in-adequacy, breaking of the law, in-competency, ill healths, sinking ship, insubstantiality, frailty, failing, mis management, bumpiness, up set, rough spot, inaptness, worthlessness, un faithfulness, in-frequency, mis interpretation, un-faithfulnesses, un suitablenesses, un soundness, invalidities, inaptnesses, un fitness, BSS, lowerings, un-suitablenesses, un-substantialities, un-health, in aptness, mis-adventures, errors, sin, dead weights, ill fames, mis managements, mismanagement, selfcondemnation, mis fires, in effectiveness, mis conceptions, in fractions, in substantialities, mis-conceptions, de-cadences, up sets, diseasednesses, dis esteems, minuses, slip up, un truth, in disposition, in-attention, re strictions, ill fortune, fall offs, in decorum, in consistency, de merits, exiguities, carelessness, drawback, overlookings, inexactnesses, in sufficiencies, maculations, in stability, screw-ups, gluttony, mis understandings, dumb move, ignorings, impreciseness, mis fire, Insufficience, noninclusions, exiguousness, mis shape, falsity, co lorings, elision, microseism, mis-carriages, mis prints, devolution, dis honors, in adequacy.