Pronunciation of Deficiency
/dɪfˈɪʃənsi/, /dɪfˈɪʃənsi/, /d_ɪ_f_ˈɪ_ʃ_ə_n_s_i/

Antonyms for deficiency

faultlessnesses, luxuriances, scads, drenchers, inordinateness, de-luges, over flow, great quantity, over-runs, be longings, too much a good thing, lap luxury, overdose, over kill, pro-fusion, much, over doing, over-dose, oodles, very muches, outgushings, amplitude, tons, over doses, ex cesses, overkills, out-gushing, a lots, over flows, exquisitenesses, surplusage superabundances, overpluses, over kills, re-fuse, over abundances, too much of good thing, abundance, exuberance, de luge, over muches, byproduct, all kinds of, exquisiteness, over-flow, Recrement, achievement, accomplishment, thrivings, out-pouring, over much, impeccabilities, finishings, fulsomenesses, over-flows, pro fusions, by product, supererogation, REAMS, de luges, over-load, enough, ex-cesses, over abundance, transcendence, adequacy, immoderation, self indulgence, sublimity, in temperances, super-abundance, over-kill, over weights, exactness, over runs, recrements, supererogations, co piousness, over weight, idealisms, nimiety, ex cess, ampleness, un-restraint, perfection, entirenesses, un restraints, Perfectness, overplus, over run, Excellencies, over-doses, ex-cess, co piousnesses, redundances, idealism, sufficiency, stocks bonds, stocks and bonds, Overdoses, transcendences, over supply, over-abundances, plentifulness, excellency, super-abundances, too muches, wealth, opulence, fulsomeness, all kinds ofs, out pouring, too much of a good thing, overkill, over-loads, outgushing, over flowing, over-supplies, strength, ripeness, perfectnesses, tsunamis, plenty, strong point, over-weights, luxuriance, un restraint, too much good thing, sub-stances, substantiality, pro-fusions, ripenesses, immoderacies, over-doing, sub stances, over-kills, superfluity, great quantities, the limits, be-longings, overweights, achievings, entireness, phoenixes, over-supply, phoenix, nimieties, over supplies, Impeccability, advantage, overdoings, niagaras, over-weight, over doings, re fuse, amplenesses, over-flowing, co-piousness, glut, re fuses, in temperance, selfindulgence, surplusage superabundance, faultlessness, out gushing, appreciable amount, sub-stance, over loads, excess, in-temperances, over-run, eagers, redundance, tsunami, over-doings, sub stance, surplus, appreciable amounts, copiousness, the limit, co-piousnesses, success, over-muches, waste, bountifulness, stocks bond, remainder, satisfaction, over dose, super abundances, de-luge, lavishness, Drencher, over-abundance, substantialities.