Pronunciation of Closure
/klˈə͡ʊʒə/, /klˈə‍ʊʒə/, /k_l_ˈəʊ_ʒ_ə/

Antonyms for closure

re spite, dis relation, headroom, Diaphyses, vaccum, defoliated areas, ravine, de-lays, depletednesses, emptiness, Interregnums, headrooms, dis junctures, keyholes, defoliated area, coverts, de-solation, inter space, commencement, fragmentation, dis-solutions, in consistency, by-places, dis-solution, on the rock, porthole, Foramina, by place, hollow, clearing, re-leases, bustup, re treats, un soundness, dis engagements, over look, keyhole, with holding, VISAS, cutting ups, dis-partings, sockets, inglenook, breakoffs, dis-parting, contrastings, doorways, Bursae, mis-understanding, catch22's, pffft, nocks, with holdings, cut, bursas, head rooms, iron the fire, interval, tatters, pre serves, departmentalizing, dis continuity, mis-take, pretermission, sub division, beginning, dis placements, curtain-raiser, Cross-road, gaps, disrelation, dis-tress, one's turns, in-dentations, desertedness, raceways, eyeholes, de-file, over-sight, distinguishings, breakoff, carvings, rough goes, dis-parities, pre serve, difference opinion, breaking down, preterition, segmentation, tear, fallingout, outlet, settingout, fracture, ones say, hollowness, de files, in advertences, breaking ups, dis-coloration, Herniae, interstice, bisection, void, de-files, tatter, choke points, setting-out, catch-22's, dis-regards, mutilations, pfffts, be-falling, caries, non-inclusion, dismemberments, split, sub divisions, de faults, COMPS, dis continuances, rimation, dis-relations, dis-unity, prolongation, break ups, be-wilderments, de lay, in advertency, dis affiliation, de solations, re-treat, empty space, Dialyses, leavetakings, separatings, break offs, re-lease, clearance, recess, parting the way, interregna, cloves, out pouring, elision, good fortune, in dent, marrings, rabbets, dis-harmony, rimations, setting outs, key, parting ways, one says, meltdowns, break-off, niche, dis-continuances, shaft, parceling, dis continuities, start, out-break, dis parity, helve, on rock, parting, preteritions, in jury, the running, dis cords, splitups, out sets, dis-uniting, nock, go at, dispartings, dis connection, re leases, nook, dis agreement, rent, inter-ludes, cleavage, dis-harmonies, dis unity, hangup, in consistencies, portholes, rendings, vivisections, vent, re-lief, dis severance, opener, be falling, exit, de-domiciling, pausation, de-faults, de-cay, dis placement, rough go, lacuna, de-solations, cutting outs, crevasse, helves, dis harmony, cloughs, dis partings, Hernias, dis junctions, be wilderment, catch22, gap, vaccums, un-soundness, in-advertence, exitings, womb, bisections, puncture, inter spaces, schism, Assart, rift, over-looking, desertednesses, dis coloration, hiatus, non inclusions, curtain-raisers, defect, harborage, rip, flutings, dis sections, valediction, safe-conducts, dis juncture, go-at, dis-cord, opportunity, orifice, dis-affections, dis parting, in-consistencies, severance, over-sights, missings, dis continuance, dis solutions, dis affection, hernia, inter sections, look in, dis-affection, setting out, inter-section, over looks, parting of ways, re sources, dis parities, non inclusion, ex plosion, dis uniting, in-dentures, continuation, disaffiliation, safeconducts, channel, refuge, cutoff, mis understandings, sub-divisions, interruption, mis take, dis-continuity, dismemberment, dis-sections, in-dent, by places, herniation, in juries, re-course, leave-taking, dis engagement, re-spite, ones says, harborages, inter-space, leavetaking, ones turns, dis-juncture, in running, ones moves, ones turn, pothole, cavity, large order, dis-placement, dis cord, curtainraiser, in advertencies, rupture, Availabilities, in dentation, pretermissions, de fault, de domiciling, secession, de cay, one moves, breach, dis-cords, re-courses, large orders, dis tress, dis-section, dis-placements, dis charges, breaking downs, bi-sections, byplace, dis-connection, in-advertencies, leave takings, noninclusion, ventilator, safe places, herniations, dis-tresses, in dentations, ex plosions, dis-agreements, fragmentations, leaving out, pass, re lief, safe conducts, empty spaces, Scarification, dis-parity, leave-takings, aperture, befallings, dis-engagements, dis unions, over-look, flat tire, dis-unions, sub-division, dis regard, break-ups, over sight, inter-sections, bursa, out-pouring, dis union, dis-charge, withholdings, passage outs, dis-severances, go-ats, split ups, inter ludes, one move, openers, in denture, break-offs, eyelet, sinkage, WOMBS, bi sections, one say, head-rooms, notch, inter missions, time out, dividings, thill, in-jury, re-source, excludings, hang up, gulf, hour, dis agreements, thills, passing overs, availability, de cays, perforation, re course, choke point, breakaway, dis severances, rough spot, opening, disrelations, the hunts, Ventilators, be-wilderment, dis-charges, in dentures, re-sort, byplaces, socket, eyelets, cranny, open spaces, embarkations, dis tresses, dis-engagement, dis-connections, out set, parting the ways, crevice, big breaks, parting of the way, segmentations, pinhole, Disparting, vacuousness, one's says, safe conduct, be wilderments, setting-outs, splitting ups, mutilation, re lease, persistence, mis takes, one turn, break-up, out-breaks, cleft, inadvertency, rabbet, slit, departmentalizings, dis-junction, elisions, extension, chasm, dis-union, Good-bye, chink, re-sorts, leaving outs, assarts, cross road, dis-junctions, head-room, parcelings, crack, inanition, interregnum, hours, go ats, iron fire, dis connections, dis-relation, noninclusions, re-treats, RIMAS, de lays, the hunt, soups, strait, on the rocks, mis adventures, de-cays, foramen, de-lay, out breaks, one's move, big break, de solation, dedomiciling, omission, dis-continuance, inter-spaces, blank, depletedness, out break, in-advertency, meltdown, mis adventure, dis relations, out-sets, re source, visa, pre-serves, de-fault, over-looks, safe-conduct, cross roads, dis affiliations, in dents, dis solution, mis-adventure, inter section, gash, flat tires, dis-affiliation, catch 22, emergency, mis-takes, ignorings, doorway, inter lude, dialysis, COMP, dis-agreement, good bye, break, in-denture, introduction, inglenooks, bi section, disaffiliations, over sights, embarkation, dis colorations, one turns, separation, inter-lude, in-consistency, in-advertences, vivisection, dis-colorations, breakaways, sinkages, re-spites, parting way, dis-junctures, dedomicilings, ones move, ex-plosion, tall order ticklish spot tight situation trouble, safe place, dis section, detachings, gorge, mis-adventures, bustups, laceration, hole, dis regards, dis affections, diaphysis, soup, overlookings, mis-understandings, bi-section, dis-continuities, burst, un-soundnesses, rough spots, one's turn, rima, inanitions, dis harmonies, cross-roads, split-ups, re courses, continuance, By-place, disunitings, quagmire, dis charge, re-sources, leave taking, dis-affiliations, dis-severance, dis-regard, dis junction, disregardances, mis understanding, in the running, Kerf, catch 22's, one's moves, curtainraisers, with-holdings, re spites, disregardance, Clough, in-dentation, de file.