Pronunciation of Damage
/dˈamɪd͡ʒ/, /dˈamɪd‍ʒ/, /d_ˈa_m_ɪ_dʒ/

Antonyms for damage

re doubling, remolding, construction, ornament, regrouped, re construct, up beat, sur-passed, puts back together, brought back, kicked habit, sought friendship, re-kindle, paid up, re claimed, playing to, gotten next to, gets act together, biologics, re-furbishing, re-vise, fill up, troubleshot, leg up, re furbish, reacquires, kick the habit, re constituted, dialled back, re-touched, pays one's dues, brought into line, cancels out, re acquiring, up-beat, gets good side of, making for, obtaining again, putting to rights, planking out, re loaded, re covers, reassemble, re finishes, pretty up, finds human resources, make clear, got in with, re build, Provisioning, in-ducts, Counterstep, re coups, comes to order, win back, counter check, re-produce, Re-open, payed for, re leases, re moved, be-stirred, taking out, re-introduces, re organize, in spirit, refine, re-stores, co-operations, counter-act, in creases, rediscover, get second wind, de-livers, ring in, come to order, re-awakens, stepping in to shoes of, giving a lift, brought to date, rediscovers, counter active, made clear, sorting out, give a face-lift, re-arranging, paid one's dues, didst over, ministrations, bringing up to code, slicking up, re tools, gotten back shape, regroup, puts in order, brought to code, re-examined, super-intends, re peats, swears off, bestirs, Spicing, ex celled, resurrect, canceled out, shot the arm, reaffirms, re stated, counter claims, obtains again, optimize, de livered, props up, combine, does penance, win over, emend, vindicate, re-spites, re builds, counterattacking, dis-cuss, paying one's dues, re plenish, re paying, honor claim, re acquire, setting for, Re-examination, Allayment, re does, re calibrates, with-drawing, dis posing, re placement, gives a face-lift, re-models, counter-vailing, makes attractive, up dating, re viewed, doeth justice, re builded, gets next to, paid back, took over from, make presentable, called up, re deem, re-fining, counter-poises, out weighed, pay dues, sit in, re-established, blessing, paying up, made strides, retreaded, consider, bringing into line, creation, make improvements, turning around, re affirming, re-create, restores to health, puts rights, puts through grind, re-states, ex-pounds, re lease, doest justice, over coming, paid one dues, enhance, lets sunshine in, replevined, counteractant, shone to, restoring to health, opportunenesses, gives shot in arm, head for, braces up, adhered to, sur passed, pro-long, laud, up lifted, reimburse, re finishing, cleaning up ones act, cleaning one act, dis-charged, got act together, up-lifted, re double, re-molded, turn around, gives a facelift, re invigorate, health, re-works, groom, rejuvenate, hold to, come life, gat back in shape, wait, bringing to order, re conditioning, de bugged, giving face lift, re-calibrate, PRIMS, offsettings, re captures, bring to order, re makes, re turns, re-stored, Cobbled, dis places, came life, make attractive, payed back, re discovered, gat well, enliven, counter balancing, keep faith, compensate, Excellencies, idealisms, outplacing, make whole, bringing order, brought order, schedule, faultlessnesses, re-placements, re-places, re furnishes, re dressed, impeccabilities, getting on good side of, facilitation, played to, re introduces, re established, re stocked, re-vitalizing, came order, in spires, re-construction, makes for, winned back, breathes new life in to, set right, re-did, co aching, in-cite, coming life, counter-balance, raised from dead, virtue, gets in with, puts feet again, straightens up, re acquires, take over, bless, get on good side of, pays dues, remittal, gotten act together, send back, gets second wind, paying dues, de bug, re imposing, give face-lift, put rights, re-novation, sate in, re-treads, over-hauls, re-organized, de vise, re-peats, countermeasures, ex tend, gave shot arm, vivificated, pay up, re grouping, re-formed, up dates, reequip, refill, recasting, remittance, re-furbish, handed back, re building, Cureall, re-constructing, pro long, recalibrating, re-viewed, re bated, re-building, re-constructions, re-deeming, re-molds, re awakened, out strips, coming from behind, calling up, sucks to, co-operation, troubleshooting, pro-visioned, dis place, load off one's mind, dials back, straightened up, re-warded, over-comes, re take, out-strips, makes well, re-vivified, re-moves, sweat out, finishing off, re generate, re-activating, re-kindles, remedial treatments, gives a new look to, re-fund, cleaned up one act, recondition, getting with, reshuffled, betake oneself, breathed new life in to, re-establish, dost penance, refinishing, outplaces, de-duce, un folded, take-homes, sort out, gotten good side of, happiness, make reparation, re-model, re kindle, made up for, re discovers, seeing to, re molding, de-liver, change one's ways, over saw, made presentable, touch up, re-awaken, regaining strength, re vivify, pro-fits, dis-posing, re-builds, refilling, rebating, re-sorted, re furnish, be-decking, up grading, counter act, pre ferments, putting on feet again, re fashions, in-spect, ceremonials, reshuffling, dialling back, putting place, renew, load one's minds, give shot arm, putting in place, in validates, dries out, paid ones dues, re cover, came to life, re-made, co ached, trans forming, cleaned up ones act, in-spires, comes together, re-discovers, making over, cleans up one's act, benefit, ministering to, re calibrating, put finishing touch on, outplace, re-calibrates, making healthy, re-take, super vise, making strides, settling up, transcendences, clean ones act, dis charging, re making, counter-checks, re-discovering, comes around, ex pounded, assistance, counter-checked, dis till, makes young again, does over, putting working order, gives a lift, puts to rights, over hauled, makes sound, cleans one act, re animating, re news, dis charged, re-funds, re-bate, sub bed, re claim, adhering to, pro-vision, re pay, trans-forming, re impose, reequipping, takes over, pay one's dues, raises from dead, re-condition, timed, gat next to, redecorate, giving a face-lift, breathing new life into, guerdoning, clean act, over sees, un-folding, re conditioned, in-creased, pro-curing, ex-cites, dosing, load off one mind, rediscovered, changed one's ways, cleaning up one act, in crease, gives shot arm, re-group, compensated for, refinishes, Panegyrize, makes over, re-occupies, assist, redeem, out-shine, revamp, spiced up, relief, dis-places, make up for, re-constitute, re-fills, kept the faith, put order, brings to code, out-strip, dost over, gives face-lift, giving lift, re reading, spices up, improves accommodate, does justice, turning the corner, in-spects, brought in to line, remittals, re-invigorate, out places, make good, re furnishing, fiddling with, re-commences, put place, de duces, giving, paying one dues, payed dues, kicking habit, Replevied, re-integrate, re touches, re modelings, re-oriented, counter-attacked, ministers to, makes better, pro moting, over seeing, improved accommodate, grew stronger, re-capturing, retools, re-fit, ex-tend, honored claim, pro-motion, biologic, gives face lift to, perfect, in spire, re-commenced, pro duce, paying back, re-treading, restfulness, putting through mill, re-activates, licks into shape, re calling, counter-check, re touch, countersteps, counter action, re-solving, re-fitting, be stirs, re dressing, pro cure, re assemble, even out, profit, revisings, pro visioning, re-freshed, help, better, regains strength, sets off for, put to rights, re-dressed, re-pairs, in duct, rang in, up-grading, come around, re animated, super intend, preserve, compensating for, give a facelift, up date, changing ones ways, cleaning up, re establishes, setting rights, in ducts, re load, bring to date, dialed back, gotten on good side of, makes clear, re molded, comes order, re-vamp, psyching up, meliorisms, sweated it out, regained strength, re-affirmed, ex pound, counter balanced, re places, ex-plain, reintegrate, re done, re-capture, re stores, re-missions, service, re-worked, spiffs up, fiddled with, PREPS, rightings, clean up, re invigorating, re-habilitate, re-curring, counteractants, re commence, taking over, re funds, re fashioning, gave a new look to, coming to life, refurnish, re commences, sleeks, Disciplining, re discover, licks in to shape, re casts, Negativing, changing one's ways, load off ones mind, devoted to, entirenesses, re invigorates, in validated, with draw, in validate, takes over from, refurbish, come to life, replevining, counter-claim, re instate, gotten back in shape, re-stocked, fronts for, re touched, ex cites, re-examinations, re coup, cleaned up act, re-orienting, Pharmacon, puts on feet again, pre-ferments, re-covered, begins again, call arms, play to, counter-steps, snaps out it, re-modeling, re touching, re claims, renovate, breathes new life into, adjust, Replevin, re readings, in spiriting, re vamped, over seen, devote oneself to, gets on good side of, quitting cold, load off one's minds, re-making, medicants, counter-poised, in-spired, counter poise, re formed, bonds together, made right, reimpose, re condition, abet, exquisitenesses, playing up to, re mold, extrication, shined to, shaping up, cleaning act, bond together, advantage, cherish, signs on, payed ones dues, recover, makes comeback, turning over new leaf, dried out, pro-cure, dis placed, replace, pro-vides, gave facelift, re-examines, ex-plaining, devotes oneself to, quitted cold, re-deem, get better, re-integrating, finished off, breathe new life into, give life to, anti-dotes, shot in arm, re dresses, re vising, come order, counterchecks, re-claimed, re-cover, re activated, gave a face-lift, convalesce, cleaned one's act, counter-balances, making good, load one minds, eulogize, be-sting, furbish, change ways, Reestablishment, pulling things together, counter vailed, over-coming, sorts out, prop up, re-furnished, refit, re-invigorated, re-fashion, woke up, re tread, re generating, smartened up, do penance, servicing, out-placing, reconstruct, face lifted, sorted out, re views, re mission, re introduced, de livering, came from behind, re molds, renovation, make repayment, re affirmed, Bestirring, bringing up code, re fits, sitting in, dis-posed, retread, re commenced, slicks, gat with it, gave back, with drawn, re paired, gives back, revitalize, evens out, palliatives, getting back in shape, wake up, gussying up, counter poising, re deemed, pulled things together, held to, cure, spiffing up, ex-cite, retool, over-saw, pharmacons, out shine, do justice, fleshes out, expiate, cleans up act, counter agents, give a new look to, step in to shoes of, re doubles, gave a facelift, cleanse, cobbling, minister to, re-loading, settle up, gives face lift, refitting, raises from the dead, out-stripped, un fold, with drew, heal, re fined, re solves, entireness, re-vitalizes, filling up, improving accommodate, decorate, re constituting, counter-vail, making a comeback, in-spirit, sends back, re possessing, gave shot in arm, re-quite, suck up to, re-produced, re furnished, filled up, over-sees, re captured, doctoring up, stand in lieu of, gave lift, re store, dis tilling, makes presentable, Perfectness, re-fined, re-finish, re constitute, re assembles, up-dates, obtained again, re working, up beats, be decks, refashioned, raising from the dead, stands in lieu of, doing penance, re modeled, psych up, be-stir, Negatived, re fund, dis-place, bring back, vivificating, pinches hit for, de frayed, re tooling, de-bug, load off ones minds, rally, re-possess, played up to, re-constitutes, ex cited, fiddles with, allow, keep the faith, uphold, de-sert, out weighing, re-furnishing, re occupied, re organizes, re novations, re-storing, amend, meliorate, brings to, put back together, upbeats, reload, regard, re-commence, elaborate, gentrifying, re-vising, counter-action, serviced, cleans act, doeth over, re-vitalized, Co-ordinates, re-coup, get back shape, de-vising, bringing in to line, refitted, re-stock, rectify, put back, re equipped, re-assembling, brought up to date, ex plains, re couping, Spiced, swapped places, re-organizes, evening out, new parts, set upright, sprang up, re-doing, call up, brought up date, re vitalizing, ex plaining, re-modeled, compensates for, re-adies, plays to, re integrate, wins back, re-stated, putting pep in to, re calibrate, re turning, re vitalized, made over, spiffed up, re pairs, refurnishing, pay one dues, over come, kicking the habit, re freshed, out-shined, give shot in arm, re habilitation, counter checked, brings to date, ex pounding, vivificates, makes healthy, getting in with, found human resources, over comes, swear off, re-introduced, refinish, re-habilitations, honored a claim, in spect, re orients, remedy, payed up, re habilitate, building, cleaned one act, keeps faith, making improvements, fills up, re vamps, load minds, re occupies, atoning for, dry out, pinching hit for, gussy up, un folds, reaffirming, pro cess, made healthy, ex plained, giving back, pro-mote, defrayal, grow, in spiring, re-peat, therapeutics, putting in working order, Slicking, re cast, counterattacked, in cite, gets back in shape, payed one's dues, reconstitutes, counter actives, up dated, re-captures, re filling, be-stirring, play up to, build, counter acted, re-plenishes, gives life to, recalibrates, over haul, re generated, brings into line, re-acquire, making young again, cancel out, counter vailing, re-arranges, pro fit, pro vides, exquisiteness, planked out, finding human resources, shield, brought to order, recasts, re-tread, devote to, cleaned up, makes repayment, re fresh, kept faith, re conditions, hand back, re bating, sweats it out, healing, in-ducting, recovery, re-habilitation, re-fitted, get well, re pays, reanimate, reintegrated, overhaul, betook oneself, re-vivifies, re orienting, ex-plains, de-fraying, reawaken, ex-pounding, up lifting, reloading, dis cuss, honors claim, bring up date, winning back, turns things around, refurnished, sets straight, re-furbishes, be stirred, re-does, re-shuffles, pays for, re adies, gat with, give new look to, making reparation, cleaned up one's act, Spruced, counter-attack, re placements, get next to, re covered, re imposed, re imposes, bring code, make strides, Counter-agent, re-establishments, gave a face lift, counter-vailed, re lief, gat act together, re-taking, in spirited, recommences, gets better, re-possessing, re loading, restocking, pro longs, set straight, pro-vided, re-equipping, reaffirm, kick habit, re examined, de-bugs, bring to code, bring up to date, re made, reorienting, countercheck, re place, re placed, fronted for, up-beats, dis cussing, preferment, re-activate, re-stocks, re couped, good luck, put feet again, in cites, Re-form, getting better, excellency, pro-motes, re-furnish, re-organizing, cleans up ones act, cleaned ones act, in-validated, re-double, counter-measure, re-fine, evened out, revisals, be decking, swore off, ponies up, super-intending, licked in to shape, snapped out it, pro cured, re-tooling, dis-cussed, shines to, debug, restored health, re-paired, leg ups, dis cussed, redacts, did penance, re instates, re-placement, Re-store, sees to, bestir, re adjusting, take care of, adorn, get in with, sustain, making comeback, re formations, takehome, re shuffles, making right, kicks habit, makes strides, time saver, up grades, re commencing, pro longing, rubbed down, puts pep in to, re states, load one mind, idealism, re arranges, pro-duces, red-pencil, re-introduce, re calls, counter measures, drying out, reshuffle, cobbles, made amends, re decorated, re-calibrated, putting in order, counter-vails, fronting for, re-fashioning, ex cite, out-weigh, be sting, reimposing, give back, super intends, bring date, brings up to code, counter steps, reequips, reconstituted, slicked up, pro-longs, ex-tends, make for, sent back, in-spiriting, stepped into shoes of, ex-pounded, medicant, trued, take-home, brought up code, signs up, re habilitates, Counterchecked, re animate, tickles the palm, coming to order, didst penance, purify, re produced, restoring health, gave new life to, re gain, step into shoes of, slick up, pro viding, out-places, re covering, pro motions, brings code, brought code, re fill, Sleeking, re possess, Impeccability, straightening up, give new life to, re-assure, facilitations, holds to, Enhearten, reintegrating, turn over a new leaf, protect, pre ferment, extol, counter-acted, calibrates, counterclaim, changes ways, re shuffled, counterclaims, spiff up, re vitalizes, bring to, pays up, gussied up, dis cusses, re discovering, devoting to, counter poised, catching up, re-integrates, revisal, re opens, re curring, did justice, re capture, licking into shape, counter agent, in-cited, bringing date, bringing together, gotten with, retooled, get with it, set off, shone up to, re erect, make amends, Recommence, sets rights, betaking oneself, set for, re establishment, rubs down, re warded, re plenishes, re-call, reform, reconstitute, re-grouping, cancelled out, counter-poise, putting rights, heading for, calibrate, put right, purification, got next to, re-fines, ringed in, in-duct, calibrating, tickle palm, ex-pound, gat in with, regrouping, re occupy, pro-cessed, de-bugged, de-fray, improve, turned around, super intended, pro-vide, recoupments, getting act together, got good side of, re kindled, anti-dote, re models, reaffirmed, counter claim, sets right, de-vised, rereadings, refurnishes, get good side of, sets to rights, gets back shape, Primming, atones for, re-habilitated, make better, changed ones ways, makes reparations, allayments, planks out, quit cold, re-commencing, be-stirs, changes one ways, puts finishing touches on, putting finishing touch on, boon, convenience, pro vided, grows stronger, prettied up, de bugging, re-organize, dis-charge, re-vamping, fires up, re adjusted, perfection, stepping into shoes of, re invigorated, paying for, fiddle with, re-furbished, re view, ex-tended, trues, did over, running after, balancings, re-erected, doctor up, re-readings, dis tilled, load off one minds, tickling palm, re-activated, changings, snapping out it, coming order, counter-claims, rebated, pay back, firing up, counter acting, re-erect, betakes oneself, repay, re bate, gat on good side of, remake, ex citing, re-generations, re viewing, kindness, gotten better, dis-till, juicing up, re dress, re-make, re gained, set to rights, cleaning up act, made comeback, put finishing touches on, shines up to, dis charge, preferments, refills, re paid, re-solve, re-imposing, coming together, re instated, re took, re-constituting, turned corner, making well, re erecting, plank out, settles up, get back in shape, in-spirited, pro cessing, ministration, spicing up, right, re activating, with-drawn, re assured, replevies, Sleeked, re construction, ex-plained, in-validate, reloads, re-news, gat good side of, re-affirm, jazzes up, revive, changes one's ways, cleans up one act, re-forms, tend, re-producing, re examine, recast, re-funded, re-takes, re workings, remolds, pays ones dues, re modelled, brought up to code, re opened, dosed, gave face lift, make young again, up-swing, retreads, re-sorting, in-crease, jazzing up, keeping the faith, ripenesses, gives lift, re fills, refilled, re-instate, editings, re examines, re-state, giving a new look to, load ones mind, bracing up, re-constructs, re new, re-grouped, re-working, sucking to, repair, changes ones ways, re-adjusts, re-opening, take homes, giving new life to, doth over, re create, re stored, re novation, refresh, correction, re placing, co operation, up-lifting, re-affirms, giving a facelift, re orient, atone for, compensation, in spired, trans-formed, lick in to shape, re-doubles, begin again, color, signed up, making better, re-modelings, recruit, re kindles, load ones minds, piece together, re-gains, counter-poising, taking care of, getting with it, re filled, re funded, re-vised, made sound, re-generating, front for, achievings, pay ones dues, re awakening, raising from dead, dial back, ex-tending, re-erecting, sets off, calibrated, counter-acts, come from behind, redacted, be-deck, harden, paid dues, truing, refashions, retooling, got second wind, made improvements, prettying up, re-assured, turns the corner, counter balance, re-shuffled, re-placed, re-erects, re doubled, straightens out, raise from dead, be stir, therapy, re solve, meliorism, re worked, counter-acting, reintegrates, re-dressing, re-couping, re-warding, give a face lift, regroups, re forms, perked up, got on good side of, pro curing, enheartened, in-ducted, bringing up to date, re plenishing, counter checks, took out, shot arm, praise, takes care of, development, pro-cess, turning things around, honors a claim, re-paid, putting right, makes amends, re shuffle, dis-placing, conserve, give face lift, re-kindling, plays up to, sur passes, brings date, re-invigorating, re habilitations, anti dotes, reloaded, re-mold, re moving, re-occupy, re vitalize, improvement, pro-visions, pre-ferment, waking up, in-spiring, healings, re-arranged, be deck, brings order, super-intended, ex celling, keeping faith, brings in to line, re form, out-weighs, letted sunshine in, re-bated, dis-cussing, dis-charges, putting finishing touches on, making amends, re-generation, counter-balanced, standing in, un-folds, puts through mill, bringing to code, set rights, pro vision, re establishing, re-assures, re-finishes, re-freshes, set up, breathing new life in to, re missions, inspirit, square things, ministered to, decked out, un-folded, timing, Bestirred, re grouped, clean up one's act, re possesses, re-touches, spruces, piece, re-assembled, Reerect, re-adjust, restfulnesses, dis pose, pieced together, re-generate, turn corner, re-awakening, brings to order, counterpoised, new part, develop, re vivified, enrich, takes pains with, counter-actions, face-lifting, re animates, re-decorated, counter-actives, co operations, modernize, making reparations, clean one's act, extrications, dialing back, out shone, turns over a new leaf, with drawing, re producing, puts order, disciplined, re-assembles, serviceability, re-casting, beginning again, de vising, re-decorates, re calibrated, re instating, re-conditions, counter-checking, exactness, stores up, re finished, gets with, re treads, patch, brace up, re-assuring, psychs up, cobble, re-animates, cancelling out, sweat it out, bring up code, sucked to, super intending, doth penance, re-tools, re-cast, puts in working order, re-plenishing, devoted oneself to, with-drew, pieces together, pro visions, gave new look to, straightening out, swaps places, clean one act, re-animated, braced up, gat back shape, made a comeback, sware off, took pains with, opportuneness, dis charges, ringing in, counter vail, mollifications, made reparations, straighten up, dis-tills, counter-attacks, brings up date, re-calling, shine up to, re erects, transcendence, re constructed, devoting oneself to, pro-longing, comes life, re-move, super vised, re-produces, re plenished, re-gaining, re turn, kicks the habit, rubbing down, re curred, up lifts, re funding, re affirms, remedial treatment, re stating, set off for, getting well, face lifting, re casting, retreading, waked up, out weighs, clean, spice up, counter attacked, co-ached, re-build, slicked, servicings, put on feet again, restore to health, pro visioned, take home, re opening, retouch, re-occupying, de vised, smartens up, straightened out, let sunshine in, re-touch, gets with it, ex-celling, remakes, giving face-lift, dis-placed, gives a face lift, out-stripping, dis-cusses, doctors up, recommenced, faultlessness, re-vamps, bringing to date, re-captured, reerects, re gaining, re awakens, sub-bed, re-work, up-lifts, revivify, standing in lieu of, re visions, re introduce, re quite, puts finishing touch on, ameliorate, gives new look to, re possessed, re-mission, shot in the arm, brings together, re furbishes, came together, putting feet again, snap out of it, de-frayed, re-doubled, tickle the palm, refashioning, re-couped, re pair, re-vivifying, re constructs, guerdoned, re-bating, trans forms, straighten out, shape up, re claiming, put in order, up-lift, re-sorts, storing up, sur-passing, push on, cleaned act, re-taken, re-plenished, re vised, bonded together, setting to rights, rehabbed, re-covering, reacquired, making repayment, reexaminations, perfectnesses, pinch hit for, restore, taking over from, de frays, brighten, re shuffling, sucked up to, turn the corner, in-validating, getting second wind, load mind, re-decorating, turn things around, counter-active, rectifications, de fraying, re-constituted, rehabilitation, bringing code, trans form, reacquiring, counter-balancing, took over, cleans one's act, re tooled, pays one dues, replevins, restoratives, counteragent, re groups, de-duces, turns over new leaf, put pep in to, reerected, counter attacks, dis-tilled, re taken, clean up act, gave face-lift, re-load, re capturing, fire up, remold, doth justice, slicks up, bringing back, breathed new life into, see to, re-view, reassembles, re generates, setting off, re-discover, getting next to, re furbished, defrayals, raised from the dead, re-pairing, reorients, re-integrated, re-turns, springs up, re-fits, saw to, re examining, re gains, de sert, re fashion, re fitted, changed one ways, trans formed, re-impose, aid, re-moving, time savers, re adjust, square up, re-lief, re-acquires, out placing, re-establishes, setting straight, counter-attacking, gat better, gotten in with, reoriented, reconstituting, ex pounds, re-deems, giving shot in arm, up-graded, over hauls, re-lease, out-shines, in-spirits, palliative, reimposes, counteragents, takehomes, be decked, serviceabilities, counter checking, seeks friendship, re did, settled up, dis placing, pro-cured, squares things, counter measure, re habilitated, redress, headed for, re examination, flesh out, phoenixes, dost justice, repaired, de livers, re stocking, devotes to, rehabbing, squaring up, giving new look to, honor, co-ordinate, signing on, re-turned, fix, juices up, Re-orient, out-shining, cultivate, re-shuffling, seeking friendship, re assembled, give lift, re-loads, pro-viding, re-establishment, re-stocking, co-aching, brings back, out strip, sublimity, strengthen, re-paying, putting order, psyched up, serve, counter actions, changed ways, ripeness, Re-forming, re-kindled, re-done, doest penance, in creasing, shapes up, honoring a claim, re introducing, re erected, re establish, reassembled, clean up ones act, sets for, make comeback, counter attack, re-doubling, de duce, trans-form, redacting, re vise, lightenings, refashion, mollification, re produces, bringing to, regulate, up-swings, cleanliness, decks out, re-filled, cleaning one's act, brought date, enriches, got better, puts place, bonding together, gave face lift to, ex plain, finish off, countermeasure, juice up, fortify, recuperate, re-visions, re-turning, recalibrated, re move, re forming, re decorate, over-haul, tickled the palm, redact, find human resources, turning over a new leaf, didst justice, grow stronger, bring into line, gotten well, fortune, load one's mind, making presentable, sur pass, de liver, re-solved, re-animate, re affirm, out-weighing, in-spire, re-shuffle, applaud, re-formations, taking pains with, adhere to, Replevying, ex tending, in-creases, re-gained, pro vide, took care of, up graded, re-conditioned, re works, gussies up, re-workings, load off minds, refits, over-hauled, decking out, putting back together, care for, getting good side of, sits in, adheres to, deck out, began again, troubleshoot, re-sort, re-took, bring in to line, make well, rehabilitate, turns around, paid for, signing up, de-frays, setting off for, cleans up, re-wrought, pro-longed, re-fresh, re equipping, turned the corner, changing one ways, squares up, compensate for, keep up, re storing, puts right, re-calibrating, pay for, re finish, dis-pose, re vivifies, super-vise, reequipped, subbed, change ones ways, up-grades, gentrifies, clean up one act, re state, out-placed, good, re-imposes, with-draw, re assure, de-livering, re-calls, re-introducing, turns corner, snapped out of it, Recoupment, putting through grind, mend, shining up to, come together, goodness, reworkings, canceling out, sets upright, re group, re-modelled, ex tends, made young again, kicked the habit, spring up, re-construct, re-new, regenerate, counter vails, wakes up, squaring things, in spects, re deeming, re-instates, re treading, lick into shape, re bates, re-adjusted, bringing up date, over-hauling, re make, re peat, enheartening, re-called, stored up, be stirring, catches up, up-date, re-leases, re fine, re-instating, reerecting, handing back, came around, stood in lieu of, counter-agents, doctored up, make sound, re sorting, dis posed, restocks, re furbishing, be-decked, re-conditioning, comfortings, giving face lift to, bring order, restored to health, raise from the dead, re organized, re-molding, take pains with, beautify, recalibrate, pro-cesses, growing stronger, stood lieu of, re-imposed, re-stating, holding to, turned things around, replenish, re-decorate, re-animating, reimposed, sweating out, with draws, regain strength, de-bugging, de-livered, stand lieu of, shined up to, re-acquired, pro cures, re generations, re freshes, brings up to date, makes right, finishings, rub down, prep, good fortune, re-coups, sweated out, gentrify, got with, re warding, re-arrange, prepped, giving a face lift, got back shape, re stock, re-possesses, Counterpoising, pony up, pro-cures, counter balances, came to order, re-loaded, made well, calls up, put pep into, quits cold, troubleshooted, doing justice, maintain, re-dress, reacquire, take over from, re fashioned, stands lieu of, counter-measures, create, make over, super-vised, pulls things together, catch up, pro cessed, re pairing, phoenix, gotten with it, out-place, re-pay, ran after, replacement, in validating, re takes, setting right, super-intend, re-pair, un-fold, restock, caught up, re-views, pro fits, honoring claim, sur-pass, finishes off, un folding, brought together, co ordinates, re constructing, re organizing, re-curred, gentrified, restores health, dis-tilling, sweating it out, up swings, enheartens, make a comeback, pro duces, gave a lift, re-generates, re-habilitating, re-orients, made reparation, re-generated, put through mill, heads for, changing ways, re model, de fray, re-furnishes, ponying up, shining to, counter poises, in ducted, coming around, turning corner, re modelling, swearing off, in-validates, fleshed out, re-dresses, rectification, load off mind, re vivifying, up swing, won back, reassembling, re-tooled, respect, suck to, re-plenish, de-vise, re constitutes, bring together, re-discovered, hands back, over see, re-gain, gat second wind, troubleshoots, makes up for, toughen, Re-turn, re-groups, re-touching, re oriented, re vision, be-decks, re arranging, update, pinched hit for, giving life to, out place, snaps out of it, Replevy, re-vamped, in spirits, propping up, up grade, steps in to shoes of, cleaning ones act, re occupying, re-covers, breathe new life in to, made better, re-invigorates, change one ways, re fines, Provisioned, dis-charging, sign up, re spites, comes from behind, ex-cited, brings up code, puts in place, de bugs, re-builded, favor, counter acts, counter attacking, re-pays, Counterchecking, gotten second wind, re integrates, trueing, re-vivify, re-vision, cure all, paying ones dues, made attractive, makes improvements, correctives, bring up to code, payed one dues, pro-moting, prepping, makes good, dis tills, up-dated, doing over, anti dote, out shined, stood in, re spite, brought to, re-formation, trans-forms, sur-passes, comes to life, licking in to shape, over hauling, re arranged, over-seen, re-occupied, Remittances, improve accommodate, super vising, re taking, retrieve, cleaning up one's act, atoned for, re-solves, re-affirming, up-dating, Sprucing, cleans ones act, out weigh, make right, up lift, correct, stepped in to shoes of, ex tended, co ordinate, steps into shoes of, re-filling, re-novations.