Pronunciation of Uncool
/ʌnkˈuːl/, /ʌnkˈuːl/, /ʌ_n_k_ˈuː_l/

Antonyms for uncool

un-friendly, more velvety, low key, sinful, qualified, corrupt, light, planate, in different, in-active, worldly wise, more procacious, up town, more unbroken, more hunky-dory, skillful, happy, in-solent, good, gentle, most tempered, most hohum, desirous, more dimmed, most schooled, co-uther, un-eventful, stimulating, un-ruffled, experienced, strong, Stormless, exciting, more streetwise, more air conditioned, wonderful, lovable, more in to, more caressing, more world-weary, most nipping, under-stated, pleasant, more coldish, frore, ho-hum, un-emotional, in-curious, world weary, un ruffled, dis illusioned, cultured, wise to, neater, frorest, wellbred, lenitive, un varying, delicious, loving, more hunkydory, respectful, bad, harmless, most mollifying, more hohum, willing, more poised, decent, un emotional, un-friendlier, earthly, re served, in order, loveable, re-sting, with-drawn, more unexcited, facile, helpful, effective, soft, easy, worldweary, more jetset, couthest, un approachable, un-communicative, attractive, most mondaine, knowledgeable, undeviating, un-broken, polite, stagy, un responsive, dis-passionate, more pabulum, calm, wimpiest, air conditioned, more jet set, most unagitated, more citified, un welcoming, more schooled, unagitated, in curious, great, stagier, laidback, air-conditioned, friendly, impure, un-troubled, de liberate, mis tier, most dimmed, uni form, most hunky dory, most rippleless, more unwelcoming, co uther, more refrigerated, un excited, unclear, un-approachable, uni-form, untrusting, most procacious, at peace, most gelid, un enthusiastic, agreeable, more lenitive, in know, re gular, streetwise, more chilled, most ho hum, un-friendliest, nice, most unexcited, most hunky-dory, selfpossessed, kind, un interested, more mirrorlike, most refrigerated, most coldish, self controlled, competent, dis enchanted, most into, more murmured, more frictionless, un interrupted, pleasing, eventful, more nothing, most twilight, re-served, velvety, most stormless, proper, more stormless, coolheaded, most worldweary, at standstill, more ho-hum, wimpy, jet-set, lowkey, most jet set, airconditioned, world-weary, dishonest, more unagitated, more worldweary, de-liberate, likeable, more air-conditioned, been around, with drawn, sympathetic, in-different, re fined, lively, most planate, more airconditioned, sufficient, in variable, most murmured, most jetset, couther, benevolent, under stated, more tempered, interesting, un friendlier, couth, hunky-dory, ho hum, Coldish, un broken, more reposeful, hohum, un disturbed, most ho-hum, palatable, most hunkydory, dis passionate, more mollifying, mis-tier, hunkydory, hunky dory, more windless, most poised, evil, mild, in the know, most streetwise, most nothing, appropriate, trivial, more nipping, active, un-excited, more waveless, nothing much, up-town, selfcontrolled, unexcited, most caressing, Aiding, serene, most mirrorlike, more uptown, un-varying, un-enthusiastic, more understated, un agitated, forgiving, unwelcoming, most uptown, more ho hum, hawkish, frorer, un flappable, smooth, more demulcent, most world-weary, more undeviating, most velvety, cunning, un-responsive, guilty, un friendliest, cool, in-variable, suitable, more shaven, reposeful, fit, refined, re-gular, tasty, most algid, uptown, more twilight, un troubled, un-sociable, most reposeful, cool as cucumber, stagiest, likable, useful, most world weary, more jet-set, more gelid, thoughtful, mondaine, most unwelcoming, un-deviating, at a standstill, Assisting, most reposing, fun, ready, stoical, most muted, well bred, un-welcoming, more reposing, more world weary, laid back, sensational, most unbroken, liking, most citified, most frictionless, acceptable, able, switched on, more hunky dory, adequate, dis-illusioned, sophisticated, algid, demulcent, most pabulum, wise, delightful, JETSET, re sting, most lenitive, un-interested, most hawkish, in to, more hawkish, potent, dis-enchanted, blamable, capable, in solent, moral, most chilled, more into, more muted, worldly, material, cool as a cucumber.