Pronunciation of Friendly
/fɹˈɛndli/, /fɹˈɛndli/, /f_ɹ_ˈɛ_n_d_l_i/

Antonyms for friendly

most far-extending, unassertive, un eager, more backbiting, on outs, confrontational, un-bending, most algid, un-savoriest, more hateable, in-solent, re vengeful, peevish, sniffier, recessive, most deadened, un assertive, Sleeted, steeliest, moderate, un-approachable, un-promising, gloomy, most disapproving, dis interested, most pigpen, bitterly cold, chilled the bone, de forested, more illfamed, pro founder, bureaucratic, in the background, anti thetical, serious minded, more frontier, un excessive, un genial, most cliquish, un attractive, more bearish, most asunder, more siberian, de moralized, most cold shoulder, most ill-humored, having chip shoulder, spikier, more chilled, more satiating, more killer, most associative, gladiatorial, re mote, most differential, un-affable, un-appetizing, in flamed, cat and dog, coldblooded, arctic, most eschewing, ill humored, more ironhanded, cold hearted, most bad-natured, up pity, more uncolored, de-generate, more secluse, polar, highflown, un generous, frorest, most secluse, obstinate, on a high horse, de-testable, un comfortable, unappreciative, more wind swept, re served, most cussed, frosty, in-consistent, in-compatible, more denying, un-holier, dis-gusting, more wrongheaded, hunky dory, de-solate, un clearest, bad natured, un cleanly, serious-minded, unnoted, most sleeted, inhumane, wide of, more sleeted, in tenser, highhat, poutier, most coldshoulder, un-alterable, mean, more all-powerful, discontented, un-emotional, more foul-mouthed, cat-and-dog, foe, more unconformable, illtempered, opposed, most opposite, more far-extending, un mannerly, erosive, most malefic, no laughing matter, more foreboding, at cross-purposes, more claimed, offputting, more entangled, uncolored, in-expedient, with chip on shoulder, un-ruffled, frozen over, brutish, un reachable, dis-commodious, more unsmiling, allpowerful, on a leash, malevolent, dis-likable, neglectful, seriousminded, un-sung, Procacious, un-aroused, un-receptive, laid back, most unamusing, more ructious, unfriendly, unextreme, sober, introverted, more wide-extending, have chip shoulder, un ruffled, ruthless, un ostentatious, more uncool, re liabler, dis-contented, unheardof, more maleficent, un-suited, disagreeable, un appeasable, most wide-ranging, un-cleanly, more fireeating, sleazeball, more procacious, more retaliatory, most hunky dory, in distinct, three-dog night, single minded, la dee da, more far-spread, most grousing, most obstructive, shuddersome, un-generous, ill-humored, down side, most uncurious, in opposition, un enthusiastic, more hibernal, exhilarative, un seemliest, over-taxing, un-holiest, de fending, un-stable, most undermining, most confounding, hostile, more acidulated, most eremitic, Uncompanionable, dis-inclined, hot tempered, more unobtainable, cold-shoulder, un-just, orphic, most god-knows-where, low-down dirty, paradoxical, non gregarious, more withdrawing, in-tractable, most inimicable, fire-eating, in securest, most unexpansive, Clear-headed, distant, more airconditioned, un-cleanliest, Farstretched, in-exorable, up-tight, un-known, in-consonant, more yonder, not hand, most foreboding, standoffish, more hard-time, more growling, icecold, un-natural, most uneager, un-principled, more aside, brumal, grousing, Revulsive, arm length, de-pressing, at crosspurposes, down in mouth, un scrupulous, un-neighborly, more far going, fellest, in accessible, more savorless, dis-agreeable, ill defined, most far going, un flappable, frigorific, arms length, anti-pathetic, Seclusive, most crushing, more turned, Hard-hearted, un disclosed, retiring, ill natured, more polluted, most recusant, most unaccommodating, in-human, shorttempered, most nongermane, dis courteous, most refrigerated, re-liable, unreceptive, most insociable, more plodding, un chaste, dis-solute, self effacing, in consonant, in blue funk, un-lucky, untalkative, ogrest, not easy, blockaded, sleetier, having a chip on one's shoulder, more unforthcoming, unheard of, un agitated, disadvantageous, in-accessible, freezing, destructive, inhospitable, most oppugning, most serious minded, strait laced, un-feasible, more widestretching, low pitched, objective, most eremetic, more ungenial, be-arable, un-troubled, unneighborly, nerdiest, more beyond, clannish, hardtime, in-decorous, repugnant, most faltering, associative, more ballbuster, in curious, un anxious, un sung, pro-founder, un assuming, in distance, pain in neck, more upstream, lowdown dirty, unprofitable, un-happy, high mighty, short tempered, dis-eased, more fire eating, more brawling, in famous, low-down and dirty, hypercritical, unamenable, dis-crediting, enemy, un interested, secluse, most la dee da, hard shell, ill-natured, having a chip on one shoulder, Oppugnant, un tamed, most sub zero, more hard-hearted, de-forested, most hiemal, hawkish, de spiteful, most restricting, more shuddersome, in harmonious, more unambitious, most daunting, curdled, un-healthy, more wide reaching, more stifled, dis inclined, painest, most gladiatorial, in-active, having chip on ones shoulder, un-luckier, warrest, more grudging, hibernal, more air conditioned, stuckup, more wolfish, unaccommodating, removed, more high-and-mighty, dis-approving, vinegary, un-seemliest, iron handed, more unnoted, more unpromising, un suited, un compassionate, more perversive, most far spread, most scowling, ex citable, ex-posing, un excited, most rabbity, more hunkydory, more blockaded, more protesting, un-speakable, disciplined, be grudging, re-solved, more retreated, counterproductive, in hospitable, de-spiteful, draggest, more malefic, un-godliest, more off putting, harsh, maleficent, un appetizing, most intransigent, most uncool, undemonstrative, more obstructive, more ill famed, most illfamed, more disapproving, more abstinent, dis obliging, onerous, un savory, most amoral, nongermane, spikiest, dis liking, most stony-hearted, un communicative, un healthiest, raw, in advisable, dis-interested, more sub zero, more facing, ironhanded, coolheaded, un-companionable, farspread, ex-citable, upstream, god knows where, more blighted, rotten, lowdown, in explicable, most sub-zero, more nipping, more caviling, un inhabited, detached, more vinegary, more unassertive, Piller, un chastest, un-seasonable, bracing, dis-liking, abstinent, in-adequate, most growling, hard time, most aside, more nondiscriminatory, most ill famed, dis-pleasing, mid-way, ex posed, more contaminated, deforested, more dissentious, weather beaten, more out-of-sorts, hard to explain, most splenetic, dis-graceful, most nipping, bleak, down the dumps, up tight, corked up, Viperish, out of reach, most against, most unconformable, more unprepossessed, recusant, in-secure, most unexcessive, non-discriminatory, un-sounder, more stony-hearted, nondiscriminatory, most dislikable, most off-lying, more dirtyminded, unachievable, most appropriated, frore, de testable, more oppugnant, most beleaguered, treacherous, evil minded, most far-going, coldshoulder, chilled bone, more boondocks, dis-sonant, dis agreeing, godawful, in-flexible, chilled to the bone, humble, windswept, un-chastest, no good, un welcoming, unlikable, most ill disposed, most disputing, in opportune, damaging, in temperate, have for, un-ethical, most unsocial, illhumored, more difficult, un-communicative, most preempted, hyper boreal, most supplicatory, un-cleanlier, no nonsense, most satiating, most uncompanionable, dis contented, taken out, most far extending, be leaguered, more beleaguered, more reverse, un companionable, thin skinned, more unanxious, most tempersome, open minded, unenthusiastic, Inconsonant, beastliest, most bleached, in secure, rude, most hard time, in-surmountable, in-appropriate, unforthcoming, unfavorable, more unwelcoming, most disciplined, injurious, more easy-going, most wideextending, more wide-stretching, head ache, most sleazeball, far flung, ex tensive, un sociable, re verse, most ill-disposed, nerdy, more forgoing, most fire eating, un-interested, un-concerned, one-dog night, ex acting, have goose bumps, dirty-minded, most poised, dis agreeable, un workable, un impassioned, anti pathetic, most isolate, in tractable, Unaffable, iced, in expensive, un ripe, putting on airs, yickier, under-mining, be yond, la-dee-da, stimulative, un desirable, more stony hearted, most difficile, un safest, hiemal, most hard-time, most all powerful, un acceptable, off color, middle of nowhere, more undermining, two-dog night, quarrelsome, waspiest, more blizzardlike, un-seemlier, more bleached, malicious, most crossing, supplicatory, in conspicuous, in securer, wind-swept, in auspicious, more surfeiting, most blockaded, more farstretched, most bruised, most grudging, forbidding, dis-criminatory, ice cold, in flexible, deleterious, de graded, withdrawn, most antarctic, hard boiled, more against, putting airs, extremely bad, most dismaying, most viperish, more liverish, sobering, more unfitted, most above, set apart, most sullied, in-subordinate, un loving, in-hospitable, most battling, more unexcited, hoity toity, most fermented, having chip ones shoulder, unobtainable, most dirtyminded, off-putting, serious, eremetic, most widestretching, most wideranging, un-ripest, more god-knows-where, Contrariant, most abstaining, cold blooded, more iron-handed, un affable, hermitlike, low down and dirty, out side, more fermented, un prejudiced, illadvised, bad tempered, wide reaching, more cat-and-dog, more discommodious, heartless, un distinguished, coldhearted, more dirty-minded, more supplicatory, un godliest, cold-blooded, singing the blues, more brutish, hateable, most stifled, more disputing, widereaching, un-mannerly, dirty minded, un savorier, most unpromising, unextremer, spiteful, dis eased, faultfinding, more abstaining, threedog night, un-connected, mid way, more inimicable, most bureaucratic, hardshell, selfpossessed, most hermitlike, most unreceptive, be-grudging, more cat and dog, more wounding, more serious-minded, fargoing, more unpopulated, de solate, pro-testing, un congenial, inaccessible, re treated, more estranged, more offlying, more far stretched, bummest, dis solute, more restricting, most retreated, most challenging, most foul-mouthed, more icicled, un-attainable, frost-bound, more sobering, dis gusting, un-populated, un-attractive, more frostbound, most hibernal, more pettish, whinier, off lying, more low-down, unsociable, singing blues, wide-extending, most piano, selfcontained, telescopic, most dissentient, Icicled, negative, most backbreaker, whiny, morose, most gelid, more eremetic, badnatured, most offlying, high-and-mighty, more unaccommodating, more stimulative, hard to please, most uncolored, de-graded, in-tense, more preempted, de generate, venomous, un sounder, formidable, obnoxious, more la-dee-da, in-validating, low key, un-loving, more associative, un likable, most brooding, more recusant, most repressed, icebox, re strained, counter productive, punker, carping, un-settled, aloof, most anti, most serious-minded, more above, stony, inaccurate, most softened, more icecapped, down in dumps, more illhumored, most porno, un-righteous, most wrongheaded, having a chip on ones shoulder, more uncurious, openminded, more resolved, most asocial, toucher, counter-productive, sourpussed, un obtrusive, most wind-swept, in-auspicious, chilled to bone, cankerous, most offputting, down mouth, severe, more foul mouthed, more iron handed, hyper-boreal, most poker-faced, most disliking, most high and mighty, onedog night, unpromising, inhibited, un-discovered, most yonder, detrimental, de-sert, un-stabler, more seclusive, un friendliest, fore-boding, more enemy, in boonies, most tonic, singleminded, in the sticks, most unrighteous, re tiring, most pettish, most clear-headed, draftier, most badnatured, bearish, over-powering, in-explicable, offhand, more piano, pre-judicial, un-workable, icecapped, more whining, most beast, un-safe, more ironfisted, more smoking, more sequestered, more seriousminded, crabby, most soured, in-clement, be-wildering, out range, non-gregarious, in-decent, without pity, indecent, un-juster, yicky, more soured, anti-thetical, more asunder, laid away, dis tasteful, out it, in audible, un ripest, impartial, condescending, re prehensible, most brumal, most unagitated, air conditioned, more out of sorts, dislikable, in corrigible, un smiling, non germane, un lucky, loose, averse, god-knows-where, most unobtainable, most unpassioned, more easy going, un fitted, more cussed, over bearing, most polluted, un approachable, most turned, far back, unhappy, most icecapped, un-eager, Algific, bad, most sourish, more gladiatorial, liverish, more fortifying, yecchiest, more far-going, un seen, most discrediting, head-strong, most vinegary, un reliable, on leash, more fretting, most hard-won, pro-found, un humorous, vicious, no picnic, un cleanest, dis-advantageous, lowgrade, having a chip shoulder, un-moved, un kindest, clear headed, salty, unimpassioned, having no use for, uncurious, un-extremer, cool, un cleanliest, more saddening, unagitated, more bad-natured, chilly, poker-faced, most unsmiling, having chip on one's shoulder, yickiest, in solent, frostbound, waspy, formal, hateful, in backwater, more blasting, malignant, middle nowhere, most illhumored, matter-of-fact, pouty, more ill-disposed, out-of-sorts, more problem, un-reliable, most facing, un timeliest, off beaten path, in compatible, un favorable, far extending, at odds, faint, far-flung, most dissembled, most foul mouthed, not home, in-sufferable, most nongregarious, more faltering, most wide ranging, un-ambitious, unimpressed, be wildering, off the beaten track, most unexcited, more brooding, ignorant, more reclusive, more widereaching, truculent, hottempered, non-partisan, hard please, most backbiting, more numbed, unapproachable, most unamenable, most moping, in-disposed, most dissentious, in sociable, most off putting, pain neck, un receptive, most south, more exposing, mis leading, more scorched, un-comfortable, far going, un clean, most dirty-minded, more apart, most fargoing, cold, un loveliest, difficult, most bearish, most telescopic, un neighborly, more la dee da, most plodding, most contrariant, retaliatory, more daunting, most seclusive, wide ranging, un kind, more sullied, most blizzardlike, weatherbeaten, ill-disposed, critical, one dog night, un extreme, re-strained, un-gettable, dragger, more scowling, re-tiring, more hunky dory, Unpassioned, un wavering, more sleazeball, reserved, the lowest, most farspread, un safer, de-fending, un sheltered, more hawkish, unrighteous, un-wholesome, caviling, most hardwon, un friendlier, in-different, un committed, most stony hearted, more sourpussed, un accommodating, most hard-hearted, down in the dumps, re-treated, eremitic, un-palatable, un holy, most defending, more shivering, obscene, most muttering, more refrigerated, un forthcoming, most sequestered, more eremitic, unexcited, have a bone to pick, un-wavering, far stretched, more ill disposed, quiet, un-compromising, in-convenient, more wide stretching, self contained, un sound, un-chaster, most perversive, un ambitious, in-tolerable, most icebox, south, a piece, more south, distasteful, in disposed, un-cleanest, most combating, on ice, un dependable, most sourpussed, malefic, most stimulative, fore boding, up-pity, most discommodious, antisocial, most hunky-dory, calm and collected, most clashing, un-kinder, un-distinguished, more farspread, more ill humored, rabbity, roped off, dissentious, un-compassionate, hideous, un-social, most demoniac, thinskinned, softspoken, more poker-faced, painful, un ethical, down dumps, un-impassioned, in-securest, most overtaxing, in direct, rimiest, backbreaker, in-direct, most ironfisted, having blue devils, most murmuring, un happy, un-desirable, un-realizable, un-inhabited, dis-obliging, un-amenable, most apart, un kinder, un-sightly, un-ostentatious, un gracious, more revulsive, in-sensitive, foul-mouthed, foul mouthed, in congruous, scurvy, hard solve, re lated, in-tenser, ungettable, hunky-dory, un-sightliest, most reviving, un inviting, more overtaxing, prejudicial, more paradoxical, most fire-eating, more frost-bound, out for blood, most brawling, more appropriated, more muttering, most blasting, pro-fane, un willing, more took, un-conformable, more frost bound, more disputed, x rated, un justest, obscure, most caviling, sniffiest, dis criminatory, un-honored, more tonic, ice capped, un emotional, most cat-and-dog, selfeffacing, most unwelcoming, un troubled, stony hearted, more muted, more porno, most orphic, air-conditioned, in consistent, un cool, fire eating, out-lying, farflung, most blighted, de-moralized, un-noted, re-served, in bad mood, more unpassioned, more glowering, un-likable, tempersome, inappreciative, more ice-capped, antagonist, in-temperate, un-scrupulous, most muted, with drawing, having a chip one shoulder, hard to solve, most algific, most unforthcoming, more unexpansive, sniffy, most unpopulated, iron-handed, more windswept, un seemlier, un-gracious, more clashing, lowkey, irreconcilable, most unlikable, most caitiff, high flown, dis maying, most avenging, soft spoken, up setting, un sightliest, in-visible, non-conformist, more repressed, more viperish, most claimed, laidback, big mouth, non-committal, more vexing, wolfish, in-congruous, testy, having chip on shoulder, dull, un timely, airconditioned, in delicate, un-excited, more allpowerful, Stony-hearted, re moved, most hard won, un-expansive, inimicable, paternalisms, xrated, most icicled, un juster, in-sipid, un-healthiest, most god knows where, most hunkydory, more avenging, rough go, most high-hat, more bated, twodog night, most procacious, off-lying, greeneyed, in obtrusive, hardboiled, most embittering, un chaster, acetose, under mining, un seemly, un-feeling, opinionated, most wolfish, dis-reputable, alienating, have in for, in background, bad-natured, more subzero, most cat and dog, most siberian, bitter, most resolved, most dirty minded, un speakable, at cross purposes, beastlier, enigmatical, more uncompanionable, more unimpassioned, more illdisposed, most controverting, un safe, vengeful, unexpansive, ex-posed, out reach, more unagitated, algid, tall order, ex-acting, hard line, selfcontrolled, most fortifying, most unanxious, ice-capped, more cold-shoulder, un holiest, most acidulated, un-genial, un godly, most frost-bound, silent, surly, most denying, not excessive, un-friendliest, in visible, nasty, un-achievable, more abnegating, in appropriate, Coldish, un curious, matter of fact, over powering, un charitable, un-sociable, smoking, most ungenial, snobbish, most lowdown, in sticks, ungenerous, un-enthusiastic, un-smiling, inhuman, more curdled, in-obtrusive, in sufferable, in expedient, de pressing, put airs, un-safest, in a bad mood, un expansive, more standoff, unextremest, un responsive, more wideranging, un lovelier, most godawful, badtempered, drafty, re pressed, most ungettable, un-disclosed, snowy, out earshot, un conformable, un-friendly, most wide-extending, be-yond, un attainable, un-timely, dis sonant, unsmiling, more ungettable, Disliking, un prepossessed, antarctic, dis-agreeing, un-curious, most hard hearted, down the mouth, more farextending, un-obtrusive, more nongermane, more hurting, at loggerheads, tight lipped, dirtyminded, cruel, more caitiff, more brumal, more deadened, un-friendlier, no joke, most wide extending, having a chip on shoulder, brutal, most far-stretched, most iron handed, de rogatory, more disciplined, easy-going, more cold shoulder, in sensitive, in-sociable, close mouthed, most smoking, insalubrious, antagonistic, most unneighborly, re-verse, offcolor, un noted, most revulsive, most widereaching, in-delicate, Fretting, most out of sorts, inimical, more dissembled, most spleenful, un-fortunate, unpopulated, out of earshot, unforgiving, most throbbing, dis-maying, more fire-eating, secluded, cliquish, in-expensive, un-godlier, un feeling, more hard time, Screened, having a chip one's shoulder, in surmountable, un-reachable, in-advisable, demoniac, un bending, Discommodious, un frequented, low down, hard nosed, more exhilarative, be numbed, most entangled, evil, un discovered, unhumorous, warlike, most bad natured, scuzzy, un-favorable, fractious, re-doubtable, un healthier, far reaching, dis likable, up-setting, dis-courteous, fireeating, in-opportune, more sulking, most shuddersome, stuck up, re-probate, steelier, out lying, re liablest, most wide reaching, in tense, most boondocks, un-civil, sub-standard, low-down, farreaching, more bureaucratic, ungenial, off beaten track, hard hearted, farextending, more ill-humored, ballbuster, more discrediting, waspier, over taxing, having a chip ones shoulder, in adequate, dis-sentient, re-prehensible, un populated, dissentient, re-vengeful, in-attentive, un-yielding, amoral, unamusing, non-germane, un-inviting, un fortunate, most whining, blizzardlike, un fathomable, most estranged, grody, un-savorier, un forgiving, de sert, warrer, illdefined, more serious minded, non partisan, chill, selfconscious, un relenting, more deforested, most far stretched, most surfeiting, more antarctic, more far spread, un sightlier, more sub-zero, un-savory, un stablest, dis-satisfactory, wrongheaded, more wide-ranging, more poised, more hardwon, scurviest, offlying, most unimpassioned, disobliging, more unimpressed, low down dirty, not on speaking terms, un demonstrative, easier said than done, un-charitable, most unambitious, under control, spoken for, un obtainable, scowling, un achievable, in-conspicuous, fault finding, more barnyard, in human, unsocial, more murder, more dislikable, most coldish, most numbing, sub zero, dissatisfied, pro testing, in-felicitous, more insociable, un changing, re doubtable, un colored, more repelling, with-drawn, re probate, in decorous, pro fane, most fretting, uninterested, more unexcessive, most wide-reaching, re solute, un involved, un known, contrary, more tempersome, anti-social, most out-of-sorts, un-pretentious, in-distinct, more offputting, most deforested, Insociable, in charge, filthy, pettish, more embittering, un realizable, un civilized, most unaffable, more bad natured, un available, rimier, most frigorific, ogrer, un-godly, most murder, dis crediting, ironfisted, wintry, two dog night, more unlikable, nononsense, dis approving, blah, sullen, de-rogatory, re-lated, mis anthropic, most clear headed, solemn, un-caring, antipathetic, sub-zero, most hyperborean, most erosive, un-justest, in a blue funk, perversive, un godlier, touchest, un-comely, in-flamed, pre judicial, pro found, easy going, more backbreaker, un yielding, harmful, Over-bearing, more unamenable, most windswept, dis graceful, un civil, un happiest, unloving, obstructive, painer, un-excessive, belligerent, in-corrigible, most inconsonant, heelest, unconformable, un-obtainable, un-sound, un clear, draftiest, thickskinned, hyperboreal, un-soundest, porno, de based, disgusting, more afar, more wide extending, most upstream, ugly, un-forgiving, most hyperboreal, illfamed, dis-tasteful, un pleasant, yecchy, most glowering, flippest, un-dependable, whiniest, in validating, in-harmonious, allergic to, most ice capped, more dismaying, hurtful, wideranging, more far extending, in different, un-clear, un seasonable, un-important, on the outs, wide stretching, un-demonstrative, un-lovely, anti social, dis-appointing, un-happier, more pigpen, opponent, most ill-famed, un cleaner, un-fitted, up against, un biased, disaffected, un concerned, unwelcoming, dis-passionate, Non-conforming, restrained, unflattering, in decent, most scorched, Unprepossessed, most frostbound, adverse, more grousing, un satisfactory, high hat, un-appeasable, most ironhanded, nerdier, de-based, un-lovelier, most invalidating, most bulldozed, in-audible, poker faced, more coldshoulder, most acetose, more blurred, un amenable, un happier, most liverish, re tired, un principled, un-acceptable, sub standard, widely distributed, splenetic, up-hill, patronizing, more invalidating, la di da, de-parted, in check, un-colored, more frigorific, un-swerving, un-committed, three dog night, un stabler, in-securer, more begrudging, more bewildering, more beast, strictly business, most brutish, un-kindest, in subordinate, impersonal, hoitytoity, un-kind, more coldish, de mure, more badnatured, more isolate, indifferent, most exhilarative, un-stablest, re-mote, more cliquish, more asocial, most unhumorous, in sipid, dis honorable, unexcessive, most oppugnant, in tolerable, most seriousminded, more contrariant, unfitted, most ballbuster, un-timeliest, un-available, have it in for, most far-spread, snooty, differential, widestretching, un healthy, most wide stretching, savorless, un-satisfactory, alienated, in-tensest, un luckiest, more wideextending, un-cool, un aroused, disapproving, be-leaguered, most farstretched, lowpitched, down on, glacial, low grade, un caring, most wounding, having chip one's shoulder, poutiest, uneager, un swerving, un compromising, illnatured, more confounding, more objecting, in-curious, ill-famed, un-congenial, un promising, solitary, hard as nails, far off, more erosive, more unamusing, un-timelier, tough proposition, have chip on shoulder, dis reputable, illdisposed, un luckier, dis-affected, un just, hoar, not speaking terms, having the blahs, steely, un-extremest, most inhuman, un extremer, re-solute, remote, most beyond, most chilled, most unaroused, captious, below zero, more difficile, more unneighborly, more ice capped, un propitious, staid, un-tamed, be arable, un feasible, un-sheltered, most standoff, icy, with-drawing, dis passionate, dis commodious, hurting, most ill humored, most hawkish, most afar, calm collected, vile, most killer, un-responsive, most iced, having chip on one shoulder, dis appointing, up stream, hard won, most sulking, un-cleaner, un-prejudiced, more hard hearted, more defending, unhelpful, most bated, more amoral, more wind-swept, Heeler, more dissentient, frigid, most unfitted, de liberate, like is, Hardwon, de parted, un-ripe, most la-dee-da, un social, sleetiest, far-stretched, in glorious, most nondiscriminatory, beyond range, self conscious, out sorts, un settled, virulent, un-fit, un-clearest, dis satisfactory, uncool, un-sympathetic, in considerable, far spread, ice-cold, dis sentient, wideextending, far-spread, un-anxious, be-numbed, scurvier, up-stream, most illdisposed, unambitious, incompatible, more splenetic, frorer, more algific, dis pleasing, un-involved, most easy going, evilminded, most cold-shoulder, not at hand, more unloving, asocial, most problem, with drawn, hardnosed, more anti, frost bound, more unrighteous, more controverting, more high and mighty, up hill, de-liberate, off putting, not forward, most poker faced, un-chaste, more moping, all-powerful, un alterable, more crossing, most unachievable, tucked away, most wide-stretching, nongregarious, more headache, wide extending, sour, most subzero, more nongregarious, un holier, most abstinent, re-liablest, unhonored, most numbed, unpleasant, out of it, un-changing, un honored, spiky, hard-won, more air-conditioned, most unloving, most off-putting, most vexing, mis-anthropic, stoical, more oppugning, unkind, un-forthcoming, most unhonored, more far-stretched, re-liabler, estranged, having chip one shoulder, un-accommodating, Difficile, un-pleasant, flipper, in the distance, ill disposed, self controlled, sub missive, more all powerful, un disturbed, overtaxing, more combating, un impressed, more bruised, most frontier, more poker faced, non conformist, un-frequented, diametrically opposed, below freezing, un-happiest, more unhonored, un lovely, un-holy, more lowdown, un-welcoming, dis-honorable, most saddening, un-riper, un friendly, pre-carious, more hermitlike, un-civilized, overcritical, non discriminatory, most high hat, have it for, pre carious, grodier, more throbbing, mis-leading, un-intelligible, most ructious, most reverse, un-assertive, un-safer, more away, dis advantageous, having blahs, un stable, black, of consequence, thick skinned, in-considerable, with chip shoulder, de-mure, repulsive, in-glorious, more gelid, more unsocial, irritable, most headache, more battling, un-extreme, un-willing, un timelier, in convenient, paternalism, more unreceptive, ornery, more gainsaying, temperamental, more dirty minded, ructious, more inconsonant, in-humane, non committal, most fireeating, more off-putting, un sympathetic, most unimpressed, put on airs, anti, dis affected, more low down, more clear-headed, more hiemal.