Pronunciation of Liking
/lˈa͡ɪkɪŋ/, /lˈa‍ɪkɪŋ/, /l_ˈaɪ_k_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for liking

dis comforts, enmity, inimicalities, badnatured, mis-judgment, hostility, envy, dis contents, de spitefulness, boiling points, hang up, illiberalities, repulsion, bad chemistry, de-testing, bad feelings, fretfulness, retaliatory, nastiness, tremblings, re venges, dis gusts, rancor, dis tress, de-spitefulnesses, set-tos, dis-gust, in compatibilities, dis esteems, de fenses, despites, set tos, hate, chillers, illdisposednesses, narrow-mindedness, re-vengefulnesses, cat fit, slow burn, ill humors, de solation, friction, un-eases, un-charitablenesses, nauseousnesses, covetings, evilminded, oppugnations, mis judgments, Oppugnancy, personality conflicts, truculency, dis criminations, dis tempers, invidiousness, nausea, dis comfort, narrow-mindednesses, Nauseation, dis-harmonies, hard feelings, in-disposed, disgust, flare up, obstructiveness, bad vibes, dis-crimination, most disliking, ill disposednesses, phobia, dis accord, dis tresses, in congruity, dis-inclination, obstructivenesses, in justices, one sidedness, murderous, pre sentiments, no love lost, narrowmindednesses, bad feeling, Oppugnation, more avenging, astringency, un charitablenesses, prejudgments, in-disposition, disinclination, de-spite, anti pathetic, de-fenses, revulsion, neglect, malcontentments, black beast, black beasts, vengefulness, confrontings, ruthlessness, thing abouts, greeneyed, re-venge, lack desire, dislike, re-vengefulness, re buffs, de spite, bickerings, unconcern, loathing, fairness, unforgiving, in-compatibility, unwillingness, de spiteful, malcontents, acrimony, crankiness, sour note, jaundiced eyes, hatred, dyspathy, male-dictions, ill feelings, re-gurgitation, dis agreements, re-volts, counter-attacks, astringencies, uncool, dis may, de-fiances, un-friendlinesses, pre-judgment, dis trusts, opposures, un fairnesses, queasiness, de-solations, dis accords, hissy fit, pre-sentiments, bad-natured, anger, de fiance, counter attacks, having no use fors, dis-satisfaction, viciousness, dis quiets, dis-accords, lack of desire, maliciousness, ill humor, un-willing, venom, dis-relishes, de-spitefulness, narrowmindedness, dis-tempers, un-friendliest, most ill disposed, de-fiance, ill-disposedness, in-jury, eschewal, disaffection, pre conception, out rages, more disliking, un friendly, pre-judgments, narrow mindednesses, dis-tastes, more ill-disposed, in compatibility, Mads, dis pleasures, un-easinesses, querulousness, settos, unfriendliness, un cordialities, dis-favor, more ill disposed, ill-disposed, malignance, in dignities, biliousnesses, dis approbations, dis reputes, no love losts, horror, dis approbation, dis-contentment, in juries, in-congruities, displeasure, un kindness, fear, odium, dis favor, dis-likings, retchings, dis-regard, lack enthusiasm, dis-esteem, cold sweats, uncharitablenesses, dis-cords, Grudgingness, de spites, illdisposedness, dis esteem, impedance, dis-gusts, dis-tress, out-rages, un-cool, re coil, cursings, counter attack, dis-liking, justice, more illdisposed, lamentation, dis-criminations, ill-will, dis-approvals, malcontentment, un cordiality, pre conceptions, having no use for, dis-tresses, Revengefulness, factionalisms, dis-composure, averse, excoriation, dis approvals, sour notes, loathsome, dis-trusts, counter-actions, resentment, un-favorable, de fiances, re-volt, Churlishness, in jury, un willingness, dis-content, re-vengeful, hatred; hard feeling, milt, dis loyalty, Contemptuousness, dis gust, prejudgment, negativism, dis-esteems, de-spiteful, dis-contentments, cat fits, hatred; hard feelings, dis contentments, dissatisfaction, re gurgitation, dis taste, re volt, dis-approbation, despisal, lack of enthusiasm, superbities, grudge, dis favors, dis-comforts, Inimicality, eschewals, personality conflict, dis affection, beastlier, squeamishnesses, ill disposed, hesitance, snobbishness, thing about, nasty looks, mercilessness, dis satisfactions, dis tastes, counter-attack, invidiousnesses, beastliest, dispprobation, apathy, dis-agreements, dis quietudes, un cool, dis-graces, malevolence, in dispositions, dis contentment, illdisposed, dis-pleasure, distaste, dis quiet, un favorable, antipathy, greeneyed monster, ranklings, un friendliness, xenophobia, more murder, nasty look, dis temper, dis-relish, dis repute, dis-comfort, dis-affection, fore-boding, dis-composures, dis graces, un-friendly, antagonism, hatefulness, dis-contents, dis harmony, flareup, un willing, re-venges, dis-temper, bone pick, dis-inclinations, nauseations, malicious, Hates, re-coil, uneager, detestation, dis-taste, de testing, negativisms, spleen, querulousnesses, dis-inclined, in disposed, dis liking, in-congruity, Incensement, un willingnesses, bad natured, dis credit, dis-repute, disinterest, impartiality, aversion, ruthlessnesses, re-buffs, milts, cussings, ill tempers, dis relish, oppugnancies, factionalism, in-compatibilities, fretfulnesses, bile, counter actions, anti-pathetic, regurgitations, squeamishness, pre judgments, dis-loyalty, dis composure, dis cords, indifference, more uneager, un friendlier, de solations, churlishnesses, hissy fits, dis-credits, pre-conception, ill disposedness, un friendliest, dis-quietudes, dis relishes, mutual hostilities, allergy to, dis crimination, incensements, male-diction, out-rage, pre possessions, dis-credit, malignances, disdain, dis regards, in-dispositions, re coils, dis credits, blow ups, un-fairnesses, grudgings, dudgeon, un-willingnesses, crankinesses, Downs, re probation, more retaliatory, more bad-natured, dis mays, bad-blood, ill temper, de spitefulnesses, counter action, dis composures, dis-accord, un easiness, re buff, animosity, dis-regards, prejudice, most bad natured, un-forgiving, snobbishnesses, evasion, most uncool, jaundiced eyne, repugnance, Antinomy, dis regard, un-ease, most murder, dis-trust, Antinomies, un-friendlier, infuriations, dis trust, harsh feeling, re volts, re-coils, dis-harmony, most uneager, dis-satisfactions, dis-agreement, un-kindness, bad chemistries, un friendlinesses, militance, re venge, male diction, biliousness, mis judgment, dis satisfaction, dis-quietude, revengefulnesses, dis-pleasures, execration, ill feeling, illiberality, dis-may, counter-action, mis-giving, Disrelish, un-fairness, more badnatured, dis-cord, in-dignities, male dictions, re probations, ill-disposednesses, bad opinion, lustings, dis quietude, most badnatured, malice, set-to, biles, regurgitation, no use for, malevolent, malediction, Retching, dis inclination, contempt, dis loyalties, wrath, nauseousness, anti thesis, un-easiness, malignity, anti-thesis, un-eager, hangup, uncharitableness, most bad-natured, fore boding, un eases, in disposition, un forgiving, re gurgitations, mis giving, de-spites, dis inclined, dis-favors, dis-affections, dis affections, in-justice, more bad natured, allergy tos, un-willingness, un eager, de-testable, dis-reputes, bad wills, dis inclinations, un charitableness, dis-grace, spite, dis-gusting, dis-mays, dis pleasure, dis-quiet, most avenging, excoriations, vengeful, boiling point, uncordialities, Despisement, green eyed monster, dislikings, queasinesses, dis cord, pre-sentiment, tizzy, cold sweat, most cussed, bad opinions, dis likings, detestings, dis gusting, setto, unkindness, bad vibe, dis-quiets, in congruities, most ill-disposed, narrow mindedness, impedances, pre-possessions, hardness of heart, harsh feelings, mutual hostility, de-solation, bad blood, despisements, infuriation, set to, more uncool, dis-loyalties, bone to pick, un kindnesses, fore bodings, abhorrence, un-cordiality, bad will, more cussed, dis content, ill will, dis harmonies, dis-approval, xenophobias, dis-approbations, dyspathies, contemptuousnesses, jaundiced eyen, uncordiality, de testable, re vengeful, opposition, evil minded, dis grace, no use fors, dispprobations, hatefulnesses, most retaliatory, hardness heart, mercilessnesses, dis approval, dis agreement, most illdisposed, un-kindnesses.