Pronunciation of Happy
/hˈapi/, /hˈapi/, /h_ˈa_p_i/

Antonyms for happy

junkest, un-fortunate, got up wrong side of bed, in the soup, most godawful, more lead-footed, un committed, more perversive, catastrophic, uncool, un charitable, oft-repeated, un-yielding, downtrodden, irrecoverable, more attenuated, in a stew, more hyper, ill-at-ease, in-supportable, philosophic, unskillful, in need, consciencestricken, most repressed, most kicking, bone-tired, more outraged, on the make, in sipid, gray, more blood-warm, more below, mad dog, most grieving, in-animate, most roughneck, un luckier, most hacked, de sert, at feet, in cold sweat, most bulldozed, more unenjoyable, incompatible, more underfoot, ex-posed, most zestful, most deforested, Over-bearing, most ill fitting, smoking, un-safer, on shelf, out kilter, in curable, most harrowed, more maltreated, matest, most snakebit, more malcontented, ill-humored, most dwarfed, more fulltoned, at one's beck call, un sure, woebegone, more cross-grained, foul-mouthed, mis treated, most dark-complexioned, dis comforting, most unconsequential, aper, feeling awful, no good, un done, in the toilet, more god awful, dis-graceful, most terrorized, taut, four-star, like a bear, de calescent, un firmest, queasy, more self-willed, waspier, un-fairer, pungent, pained, hyper critical, on warpath, more sickie, dis-loyal, dis-contented, have cold feet, most propitiatory, un-impassioned, most foul mouthed, more cast-down, in adequate, in docile, more guilt-ridden, come-apart, most cerulean, un-determined, most blood warm, in low spirits, most tyrannized, all aquiver, scaredy-cat, underfoot, under ones thumb, bad, attritional, over come, most monotone, nowhere, most sniveling, in exorable, more appalled, most rousted, most sulking, dis-composed, back wall, more beset, un-promising, more bleeding, in one's pocket, most reddened, more worked up, up here, most snarling, ex-cited, broodier, fairiest, most immobilized, motheaten, un safest, most bruised, de-lighted, re-sonant, de-monic, more seething, all torn up, irredeemable, dis-pleasing, flawed, most chafed, disadvantaged, un godliest, most dissuading, guilt ridden, un-eager, ebon, most scaredy-cat, most bluegreen, disgruntled, most brutish, mater, mirthless, more nettled, racialist, most atoning, dark-complexioned, in need repair, in-curable, Unpliable, in soup, more misfortunate, more odoriferous, nerve racking, most ill-fitting, behind eight ball, more abnegating, sorrowful, hotblooded, more repelled, most unrestful, caved-in, in clutches, down and out, ill-lighted, jerry built, over-cast, dis liked, badhumored, at end one's rope, more castdown, most moneyless, in the shop, toucher, half hearted, un dependable, like a chicken with its head cut off, more catastrophal, more ill humored, wistful, teary, mixedup, macabre, more howling, Unmoneyed, drab, busted up, in firm, in-dented, in famous, dusker, dis quieting, more blighting, most shot down, most wellbaked, more disfigured, ill favored, most split, de graded, more exercised, sorrow, in mourning, un-inviting, off one's rocker, doughier, more mourning, in satiable, unsated, tied up in knots, highpressure, un-controlled, at one's beck and call, harried, under-dog, most trembling, out of whack, most ill bred, Earthward, most beefing, most heartsore, in-firmest, most short-fuse, un-fulfilled, most intensified, Corybantic, dolorous, at wits' end, more dirgelike, fulltoned, red hot, most subjugated, trans ported, scurvier, having blahs, de solate, un handier, more browbeaten, un-friendly, cheerless, more horrifying, deep, un-neighborly, more weak-kneed, witless, more nowin, most relinquished, unfirm, more ill-fitting, most changeful, more undraped, castdown, butterflies stomach, in-valid, most grim-faced, in toilet, lowspirited, co-wed, in consistent, most sobbing, got up on wrong side bed, more milkwarm, un imaginative, grim-faced, shabby, up to here, shortfuse, more bummed-out, selfeffacing, out of humor, most hard-time, out line, out-standing, depressed, most devalued, most unscrewed, dangersome, more cheapened, more goose bumpy, dirt poor, not set, pessimistic, Beggared, over powered, un-screwed, most lightless, more twoton, in capacitated, off ones rocker, most harassed, under dog, have a hunch, most badhumored, most demolished, ill boding, most castdown, more messedup, un changing, bundle of nerves, more abstaining, most crepuscular, matter life and death, tied up knots, peevish, mono maniacal, more pod, un obtrusive, dis concerted, in disposed, most high power, most ill-adapted, tragic, selfreproachful, in substantial, boiling over, more weak kneed, not clear, dangerous, un-successful, concerned, dis-possessed, hard nosed, heartsore, in-expert, quarrelsome, most ill omened, wishy-washy, most robbed, more black-and-blue, hard pressed, Dirgeful, sickest, un tamed, beat down, dis-agreeable, bassest, more toilful, wretched, farreaching, most dispossessed, more impugnable, irascible, most strabilious, most nothing, undone, clear headed, most unamusing, thin skinned touchy, chauvinistic, boiling mad, un-godlier, more have not, most curmudgeonly, in-decorous, more kvetching, subpar, more faltering, in tractable, re cessed, dis-honorable, more flustered, more mauled, most blood-warm, incompetent, dis satisfactory, most dolorific, in complete, more selfstarting, dis honored, subdued, most deteriorating, under-neath, more spine chilling, on ones knees, more foreboding, most unaccented, dis-ordered, out of action, more mumbled, out order, Mumpish, two-ton, un eager, most self accusing, irretrievable, un washed, more loser, dis concerting, re-signed, most fedup, worried stiff, shorttempered, pebbly, bouldered, in-secure, under neath, dis reputable, most guiltridden, more caved in, head long, illadapted, most starless, more inapposite, spinetingling, in appropriate, most fortuneless, most scorched, all shook up, un happier, most unnerved, most rock-ribbed, de valued, in tense, most obsidian, more attracted, dis-enchanted, more inadept, most lowset, most nasty-tempered, un-friendlier, most amazed, catastrophal, most bereaved, more inconvenienced, dis-inclined, un-savoriest, vinegary, most discommodious, most dog-tired, Searing, in pieces, most charcoal, most black and blue, unqualified, uneager, in doldrums, un savory, most dark complexioned, more have-not, more nastytempered, most huffish, aflame, shooker, most below, more unappeased, satiated, in-elegant, Ultraist, over anxious, most riven, undexterous, dis-satisfactory, most four-star, at end ones rope, un-clad, truly needy, re solute, dis trait, un-easy, more dislikable, self condemnatory, not known, not high, scurviest, most gladiatorial, un-godly, most corybantic, most cavedin, pitch-dark, more hacked, un-cool, most turned, un-submissive, Fluctuant, overclouded, more shredded, poignant, goose-bumpy, more cat and dog, nervy, unneighborly, incapable, inadept, po'd, more long faced, most unappeased, more ignited, in sensible, in sane, mad as a hornet, more nowhere, de-void, bilious, un-easier, huffish, low down and dirty, more tumbled, having short fuse, miffed, pitsest, more stung, in culter, more attritional, de-voted, full sorrow, gone pot, most bouldered, matter life death, more persecuted, more grim faced, most prostrated, most nowhere, most discomposed, un-interested, un-comely, knocked over, dis figured, malefic, in-flamed, un dignified, most acetose, un-sightliest, whitish, vile, in-tense, lowhanging, de-liberative, most scratched, most nontranslucent, be wildered, more wild-eyed, un consequential, most malificent, apathetic, more tarnished, teed off, mournful, huffy, most low-down, low-set, dis connected, lost thought, most self-starting, more relinquished, more lowbred, un-excited, un godlier, more irretrievable, more subfuse, more steamed, in a bad mood, un-draped, un resolved, more chauvinistic, deplorable, in hospitable, inconvenient, most short fuse, un fairest, most subsided, most moping, un fulfilled, most terrorstricken, most wailing, un ripest, ex cited, hard, at end of ones rope, un-meeter, tealer, hot bothered, over-due, un-cleanly, in-different, indignant, dis regarded, most tortured, black, dim, restless, most inoperable, bleak, inculter, atrabilious, more no win, more tremorous, more unnerving, torn up, unsettling, most severed, un refined, more goner, have funny feeling, de-graded, re served, shot pieces, more sagging, perversive, unhandier, un-sated, more without, most delphian, more bottomward, most frontpage, got wrong side bed, un timely, piteous, more roughneck, in-capacitated, unconcerned, querulous, sick of, bramblier, more rootless, twobit, in-auspicious, sickie, un assuaged, back the wall, un-steadiest, Mopish, unsatisfied, kvetching, dirgelike, on the sick list, scandalous, laid low, untimely, un-reliable, frantic, more vexing, sombrest, beat-down, most bated, most maddened, tossing turning, more dissentious, godawful, forsaken, most commiserable, more exasperated, weirded out, more self-incriminating, un-restful, more ungratified, more terror-stricken, most lapidarian, heated, in one's clutches, more vinegary, most sharp-tempered, most obsessive, most nontransparent, sub-standard, more goosebumpy, un smiling, slow, stonelike, dogeared, in-sensate, in despair, more questioning, more bonetired, un propitious, more bated, more long-faced, running out of time, improprietous, maddog, at end rope, more amazed, pro-founder, dis-heartening, most ripped, stygian, most blighting, dead tired, imperfect, chapfallen, dis integrated, more lowdown, most whimpering, over-wrought, most outraged, most dragged, low-down, Hacked, un-wanted, dis-mayed, most low set, unsmiling, illstarred, most sharptempered, over-board, ground level, most aflutter, most beast, more depressive, more fourstar, out ones mind, onesided, cross-grained, un friendliest, grousing, most bloodwarm, fluttery, hardnosed, more disciplined, most affrighted, dis-trait, more bummedout, more chicken, more aphotic, in dented, in apposite, discouraged, more psychedout, more no-chance, more rioting, most low hanging, calescent, most havenot, most delphic, with style, out luck, more qualmish, at one beck call, most pouting, sick tired of, small minded, morbid, low pitched, un easy, most fragmented, most downgrade, more uneager, singing blues, ructious, no-win, head-long, trouble, most saddening, dire, more crumbled, tense, most god-awful, ashake, most calescent, most mirthless, more oppressing, most warped, all in, more havenot, most polluted, wellbaked, dis-maying, more grieved, un-elevated, mono-tone, more noway, more blue-green, more bugged, slatest, in a fit, most uncontent, more low-lying, dis respectful, in-substantial, darkcomplexioned, most depressive, more dismayed, more degenerated, more discommoding, in one power, at end of rope, like a bag of bones, unimpassioned, coalest, most melanoid, mattest, dragger, most hypersensitive, more low-set, in decisive, more hard time, more shuddersome, more polluted, be set, un-safest, un-imaginative, hideous, most groundlevel, most infringed, most appetent, over-powered, more putout, offcolor, most aggravated, most uncostly, insecure, most steamed, un sheltered, self reproachful, in a panic, cast down, un-easiest, fidgety, acrimonious, acetose, most harassing, more unglued, had bellyful, most crabbed, gaunt, un-seemlier, more snarling, seeing red, more anguished, more sharptempered, desperate, more dreading, un clean, most dolent, most malcontented, most zaftig, turnedon, non translucent, tumultous tumultuous, illfated, grimfaced, most two ton, running scared, down-in-the-mouth, heart-rending, un-concerned, hot tempered, uneasy, most dismembered, unsubmissive, ghoulish, long faced, more grimfaced, de generated, more petrous, faint-hearted, unpleasant, more forgoing, low key, in-expedient, more threnodial, more nonplussed, most humbled, un steadier, un-cultured, offputting, fed-up, in bad mood, unfitting, in censed, most ill-at-ease, affected, bummest, most noway, harassed, most underneath, sharptempered, dis satisfied, in one pocket, more emptyhanded, matte, under thumb, in-admissible, most depressant, more whimpering, un-nerved, most wild-eyed, most slashed, got up wrong side bed, in sufferable, more short-fuse, fit be tied, ex-acerbated, unconfident, more supplicating, most rioting, more foul-mouthed, most hardpressed, most blue-green, de-ranged, more rockribbed, impatient, un neighborly, dis illusioned, terrible, beyond recall, un desirable, dis honorable, re-served, be neath, like oven, most discomposing, most milk-warm, povertystricken, cimmerian, lowgrade, crestfallen, in state, most raven, up here with, out spirits, in-temperate, in a cold sweat, strabilious, more scraped, most vinegarish, un kind, gruesome, re-cessed, impaired, un-timeliest, more tyrannized, more ultramarine, more harefooted, hospitalized, more lacerated, in stew, more off-putting, most decalescent, up to the minute, most ennuied, frightened, more dashed, brierier, most objecting, bluegray, fore boding, characterless, more chicken-hearted, un assured, hyper-sensitive, un stable, ranting and raving, flat tire, in flamed, gone to seed, most pukish, pre occupied, fearful, most whitish, sub normal, most unsubmissive, scared to death, in-considerable, diddliest, most rent, under-foot, unhandiest, grodier, ready drop, most maniac, most stung, ill fitting, warrer, in consolable, un-clearest, unfacile, in-tensest, be-draggled, un-manly, low, more dynamite, nosey, un interested, more toned down, un dexterous, more white hot, most unpeaceful, like bag of bones, more growling, most smoking, un sound, having blue devils, curmudgeonly, hot under collar, most darkskinned, in experienced, guiltridden, dis-trustful, most nether, more stygian, more dreaded, most bilious, in suspense, cant win, more nochance, biting ones nails, un timelier, more maniac, most dismayed, more dark-skinned, most blackhearted, more strabilious, whitehot, more precipitating, un ripe, more overpowered, most oft-repeated, in-decent, pushing the panic button, more put-out, more bawling, more overanxious, most bummed-out, ghostest, most faint hearted, re pressed, un draped, most unfulfilled, un friendly, most dissentious, un inspired, got up on wrong side of bed, most gungho, most rockbottom, more nasty-tempered, more fluctuating, dis armed, more come-apart, more crushing, more thermogenic, more grousing, more fagged, un-quiet, most cloddish, dis ordered, more stonelike, more dragged, more cross grained, calamitous, in effectual, more harrowed, in-satiable, more vexed, more careful, more wellbaked, in-tolerable, more gravitating, most clear headed, lowkey, in flexible, more off putting, more full-toned, most jellylike, unproficient, bummed out, all nerves, more discomposing, at ones beck and call, more unindulgent, dis-courteous, back to wall, fanatical, more shotdown, most attritional, in-saner, un cleaner, not fair, more highpower, on qui vive, hurt, un-chaste, in significant, over wrought, most vexed, wrother, gung-ho, peakier, dis mayed, pitch dark, more unaccented, un moneyed, un-savorier, chuffier, hard-pressed, on-the-spot, most no win, un worthiest, more chastened, un-fit, pro-nest, downcast, ranting raving, most tigerish, more devalued, on pins and needles, most no-way, most tormented, more chafed, un finished, more mortified, most cascading, dis-appointed, more fleeced, most straining, most agonized, more weighted, un relenting, duner, weatherbeaten, most difficile, acherontic, disturbed, more scaredycat, irritated, disgusted, more dispossessed, un-prosperous, most supplicating, scraggy, most sourpussed, more unmitigable, more foiled, most clear-headed, more sharp tempered, more mistreated, cat-and-dog, more stirred, disagreeable, most beseeching, be reft, god awful, longfaced, more fedup, most unentertaining, junkiest, most self condemnatory, self-accusing, empty handed, most deploring, un comfortable, remorseful, most discolored, un steady, most unimpassioned, most clodhopping, un hinged, most degenerated, more high power, unglued, un-dexterous, most despisable, more difficile, more ill fitted, out sorts peevish, in ones clutches, unenjoyable, drearer, have stage fright, more terrorstricken, more pitch-dark, most grudging, more antagonized, more slivered, un-exciting, un-wieldiest, de ranged, more indigo, most crumbled, over whelming, most rock-bottom, incultest, more maddened, dis-gusted, panicky, most racked, most mourning, un earthliest, more ruffled, cantankerous, baritone, plaintive, go for broke, sated, more ashake, most uninspiring, bone tired, most derisory, un sociable, overanxious, waspiest, distress, most rootless, down the mouth, regret, anti pathetic, in saner, de forested, in-advisable, un peaceful, miserable, more enfeebled, more dampening, most unglued, most spine chilling, inapt, ass a sling, worrying, like bag bones, in-congruous, out for blood, most dog tired, Commiserable, in adept, peeved, more cascading, ill fated, heavy hearted, re pressing, distressing, most battered, in pain, dis-likable, dis heartened, with drawn, out of line, un-lovelier, un-enjoyable, un cleanest, un appeased, most butterflies, un-controllable, more malificent, most doomful, more blustering, prickly, un-handiest, illboding, re-doubtable, highpower, most ignited, be-moaning, sable, more unlighted, most voodooed, more undexterous, more obfuscous, un earthlier, more whining, more ill lighted, more ill omened, Thick-headed, in commodious, Slivered, goose bumpy, in animate, more reflecting, have blahs, hottempered, derisory, un-luckier, most quaking, philistine, unruly, unpleased, most beneath, most nowin, tribulation, most fermented, full-toned, wishy washy, more beseeching, pebbliest, most dampening, un-likable, more disheartening, dis approving, pettish, un-gratified, more tamed, incurious, spine chilling, unilluminated, un-smiling, most agitating, in-complete, un becoming, heavy, out of luck, more inoperable, un lovely, more aroused, depressive, more messed up, ill starred, grossed out, more disarmed, suffering, be moaning, more unpromising, more self-accusing, un holiest, un-lettered, un stabler, scraggier, dis-obedient, unfavorable, most maltreated, somber, more wronged, more stammering, most front page, not fixed, most exacerbated, more bilious, snappish, un compliant, most titillated, un-satisfied, unrestful, dis maying, most grousing, most weak-kneed, be grudging, cross grained, off rocker, pale, greyish, more repressed, nocent, more corybantic, more presaging, most wracked, out countenance, most declining, rock-bottom, more ill-omened, insufferable, most bawling, more decalescent, more panicked, most tumbled, self-incriminating, most zero, low toned, acheronian, most discommoding, most spooked, more no-way, more saddened, sick heart, more aflutter, more blighted, more frazzled, mis-trustful, dis quieted, more blurred, un-enthusiastic, most hard pressed, in a bad way, more crepuscular, more impeding, more exacerbated, more delphic, un-firmer, aflutter, dis-pleased, pitchest, unmeeter, in tent, most worsening, unpeaceful, black and blue, most affronted, deliberate, Bummed, coarse, more four star, in sorrow, on knees, un restful, in-definite, more scorched, fallen apart, sub missive, senseless, most sullied, most selfincriminating, poutier, most bearish, lowdown dirty, un-illuminated, off putting, doleful, under privileged, displeased, un-changing, most acheronian, Malcontented, most splenetic, full up, reedy, more no way, in huff, hanging by thread, more unmoneyed, un-stressed, dis enchanted, most imploring, more unexcited, most dreading, more mopish, most shivered, in-culter, un-usual, out of spirits, in botheration, more blood warm, weakkneed, more fed-up, in effective, most irked, most cimmerian, at wits end, awful, bereft, more tornup, most unzipped, detached, more short fuse, swarter, in-audible, more garbage, most without, un seemly, un populated, of consequence, more uncool, gladiatorial, anguished, hopped up, tremorous, most brawling, more four-star, down in mouth, most down-in-mouth, more caved-in, narrow minded, be-neath, more dolesome, idiotic, more abhorred, dis-commodious, hard time, un nerving, in decent, clumsy, more terrorized, more flipped, most unpopulated, un paid, most crybaby, more messed-up, most thermogenic, dog-eared, melanoid, most disheartening, more selfaccusing, worried, awe inspiring, Difficile, most long-faced, junkier, more uninspiring, tied knots, more liverish, most disconcerting, more hexed, most rabbity, in-sensitive, most chastened, most nicked, low grade, more balked, most bad humored, more reasoning, goner, in-felicitous, brambliest, most fretting, no nonsense, most unsmiling, more hard pressed, up to here with, spine-chilling, more ripped, most milk warm, un facile, in-decisive, more baritone, most wounding, dejected, swartest, wild-eyed, most torn up, more sated, most crushing, propitiatory, dog eared, most threnodial, most subfuse, precarious, got on wrong side bed, most rocklike, in candescent, more jonah, under weather, un clad, caught balance, more low-toned, most jonah, most dog eared, carried away, more dark-complexioned, in solvent, dis gusting, painest, more appetent, beefing, more po'd, most gung-ho, in-effectual, more snakebit, aggrieved, most desponding, shook-up, at one beck and call, premonitory, effluvious, illfitting, un-settled, more crouched, most driveling, more begrudging, squattier, snakebit, zesty, pre monitory, disconsolate, out place, most frazzled, dis-satisfied, opprobrious, blue chip, more ultraist, on make, out on limb, more sniveling, heartbreaking, more chicken hearted, illfavored, hopeless, un-inspiring, basser, un-kindest, easily upset, in-aptest, more declining, most lead footed, over worked, foreseen, most indigo, most foreboding, uninvolved, most sharp tempered, poorer, dis appointed, biting nails, most yearning, lusterless, un fitting, dis composed, most sickie, back to the wall, more unsmiling, down, most cut rate, dis commodious, most wasting, on thin ice, more lightless, un-appeased, more crybaby, most eschewing, most unpromising, more cut rate, most illomened, most selfwilled, more offputting, bluegreen, most oftrepeated, strictly business, most gravitating, more nubilous, dis graceful, un-godliest, mis fortunate, most bottom of barrel, more beryl, out of kilter, bottom out, more transgressed, illadvised, casual, thin-skinned touchy, in correct, gone on, more lusterless, more titillated, nochance, most down-in-the-mouth, very upset, most twoton, more humbled, most disciplined, most ill adapted, more objecting, most seething, un-wholesome, windswept, un-willing, un-handier, more whitish, in ones power, run of the mill, most beat down, most improprietous, under one's thumb, more dismembered, more rousted, got wrong side of bed, fellest, most self incriminating, more dwarfed, rocklike, shot to pieces, starcrossed, grumblier, un-hinged, in-obtrusive, Grumbly, un-holy, most self-accusing, un-ruffled, more oftrepeated, more troubling, cat and dog, more shorn, most fulltoned, regretful, unpromising, un firmer, blowing ones top, most daunted, most abhorred, more chapfallen, more sourpuss, more shot, most mortified, over-weight, well baked, awkward, most turquoise, more nicked, more smoking, most whining, most tantalized, most oft repeated, most shot-down, most bluegray, most fuming, Half-hearted, blue-green, un-paid, most bugged, grisly, more gungho, most beat-down, most persecuted, low spirited, illhumored, un eventful, woeful, dis jointed, most four star, Fretting, more front page, to the bottom, browned off, more let-down, murky, in disrepair, un-peaceful, dispirited, more convulsed, more unproficient, raging, thinskinned touchy, bad humored, lower, in on, un firm, most stressful, most high-power, front page, un-intelligible, xrated, more infringed, re strained, more fuming, dogtired, high power, most ungratified, most caviling, temperamental, over bearing, ex plosive, most gung ho, more overboard, un manlier, Doomful, with-drawn, mis-fortunate, most chauvinistic, poor, lowdown, most ultraist, weather beaten, in-constant, anti-pathetic, on one's knees, most adumbral, more turquoise, most convulsed, un-seemliest, most cast-down, more dismaying, more gung ho, funereal, spastic, out-of-sorts, most shotdown, more agonized, most marred, un fair, be-set, un-earthlier, more unfulfilled, dissentious, more unread, in-expensive, dis-advantageous, selfstarting, matter of life death, more retracted, un likable, brutish, insouciant, Unassuaged, uncostly, on collision course, un-sheltered, most under, un successful, stressful, gungho, lily livered, more clutched, most soured, apest, most fazed, more cat-and-dog, more ill at ease, most chagrined, quick tempered, most liverish, most irrecoverable, at ones feet, un-developed, most heartsickening, more cavedin, in want, more stained, sick and tired of, most impencunious, more fatalistic, in delicate, more shook-up, most stressed, sad, most obfuscous, illlighted, more jellyfish, dis-concerting, full of sorrow, led by the nose, more melanoid, more weakkneed, de-scending, most acherontic, most sagging, shantiest, painful, serious, most warmish, un-indulgent, most inadept, most unlikable, fault finding, more sobbing, illtempered, un nerved, most oversensitive, chicken hearted, de liberate, more lead footed, de-sert, biting one nails, in operable, out action, most aphotic, most malefic, more vanquished, irritable, more ignored, un pliabler, in-fringed, more bleached, dis colored, no fooling, un-earthliest, un predictable, peppery, de-stroyed, more illhumored, more storming, most aggravating, intolerant, ovenlike, un-trustworthy, thin skinned, more unfitting, most reflecting, most earthward, most chicken-hearted, more harassed, un-wieldier, more low set, touch go, more sulking, more frontpage, most worked-up, long-faced, more brawling, more low down, hard to understand, most abstaining, taken aback, more flaring, Racked, coming unstuck, poor fish, huffy irascible, most mumbled, psyched out, have the blahs, most fidgeting, more black and blue, un handy, most revolted, dark skinned, white hot, whiny, elegiac, in auspicious, un kinder, un-productive, weak kneed, more shookup, most shuddersome, dis-quieted, more self accusing, most grieved, dis-honored, fractured, terrorstricken, more full toned, most fatalistic, lithic, more petrifying, more repulsed, Piceous, biting one's nails, un mannerly, a slave to, oft repeated, more imploring, tied in knots, un-decided, un settling, most well-done, more depreciated, badtempered, un suitable, more lowset, un-sightly, like bear, more torn-up, toned-down, un-earthly, dis likable, more crushed, pro found, mono-maniacal, wiggly, blackhearted, most catastrophal, un-civilized, most sourish, un-mannerly, have chip shoulder, dis-regarded, un-mitigable, unsatisfactory, beastlier, more subnormal, be reaved, at ones mercy, most dashed, un covered, most ground level, more shot-down, grim, downbeat, most qualmish, aquake, ticked off, more steamed up, most dampened, at beck and call, in a sweat, dreadful, more doomful, un inviting, malificent, lowset, disastrous, cut-rate, broody, most recalescent, Qualmish, most shot, contused, most tilted, sweltriest, more downer, most torturing, un handiest, more dog-tired, up arms, in distinct, more nervous, more attacking, un sympathetic, dis gusted, jonah, out humor, more bruised, in-solvent, in the doldrums, selfincriminating, low-lying, un-couth, down luck, most milkwarm, most mauled, most vexing, up-tight, more disobeyed, un-natural, self starting, most discontented, more quickened, more dog-eared, no way, over-worked, in secure, more recessed, un-suited, more mumpish, in-tenser, rabid, in expert, got bug, most aflame, most messed up, unfirmer, out standing, more scandalized, no-way, unnerved, more fragmented, wrecker, non-transparent, strung out, more bluegray, in dumps, un-assuaged, more moderated, bigtime, more rock bottom, deforested, un-sound, more beggared, most bad-humored, more fanatic, more low hanging, fairier, got upon wrong side bed, more cobalt, more communist, more pauperized, most chafing, de testable, more low lying, un-compliant, un wieldy, un pleasant, sour, god-awful, more fortuneless, more unamusing, un fortunate, most empty handed, most cat-and-dog, most nettled, most emptyhanded, un-appetizing, most bummed, not a prayer, un consolable, in considerable, most attracted, faint hearted, broken up, un frequented, un disciplined, more self condemnatory, most hexed, more nether, bottom-of-barrel, in sensate, in disarray, ill-fitted, blood warm, un-skilled, de liberative, pushing panic button, led by nose, incensed, ex acting, ill-bred, more on the spot, more let down, Unconsequential, decalescent, most ructious, un-tamed, most psychedout, un civilized, down dumps, de-generate, most anarchistic, rabbity, most lemon, more intensified, most dark-skinned, taken down, more starless, more toned-down, most unproficient, most ill fitted, ultramarine, sweltrier, unmeetest, crepuscular, can't win, dis-composing, more acheronian, Thermogenic, most dejecting, most unassured, de-calescent, unfortunate, ulcerated, grief stricken, more monotone, more tormented, un cool, more suppressed, passionate, more teetering, more jellylike, most caved-in, most murder, more spooked, un-sure, most self-condemnatory, up the wall, mis trustful, over weight, most odoriferous, most grazed, stern, brieriest, zestier, briery, behind eightball, more subsided, Clear-headed, ill lighted, over due, in sensitive, most aroused, steamed, more dirgeful, dis pleased, most windswept, down-in-mouth, un-civil, dis-integrated, rootless, pitchdark, unlit, most balked, more self willed, more milk-warm, changeful, most put-out, unfirmest, un satisfied, most dog-eared, self incriminating, ashamed, most unexcited, out of date, un easiest, sourpussed, blowing top, un substantial, betwixt between, ill suited, more robbed, most ebon, more suffering, most acidulated, scared death, sub standard, most come apart, most on-the-spot, in-sufficient, solemn, more scowling, scraggiest, more brutish, Museful, fretful, going ape, putout, un inhabited, more comeapart, despairing, more caviling, more dogtired, on one knees, most crouched, un-holier, more warped, short tempered, non transparent, lowpitched, more difficult, un-suitable, un-firmest, in a blue funk, more selfwilled, unamusing, in power, more unnerved, grievous, de-based, most illfitted, anarchistic, odoriferous, most cat and dog, most flipped, un indulgent, green around gills, betwixt and between, un-pleasant, most impeding, more high-pressure, under-privileged, of unsound mind, depressing, un content, most saddened, most at, un-scrupulous, most recessed, lowborn, in fertile, most brooding, in-firmer, un-finished, cursed, untrained, most exercised, more moaning, more low-down, up the air, most selfreproachful, more bellyaching, unfulfilled, draggy, penitent, in convenient, un elevated, cross, more immobilized, dis-approving, snappy, un manly, in-spiring, more unfixed, more toneddown, sick as a dog, most growling, black-and-blue, on sick list, most impugnable, brambly, in-disposed, in definite, hardpressed, dark complexioned, more irked, more malefic, distressed, inoperable, most high pressure, most pettish, in-commodious, most petrous, most parching, most uneager, wastest, most garbage, mean, more depressant, most rockribbed, more blue green, most panicked, more curmudgeonly, illomened, un settled, more contused, most fleeced, inadequate, most mad-dog, most discomfited, most down in the mouth, de-testable, dis appointing, pro founder, un-achievable, morose, blowing gasket, more dangersome, far reaching, in-clement, bloodwarm, whiffy, un-zipped, Acroamatic, de monic, most hyper, more well-baked, tumultous-tumultuous, crispy, dark, un-enlightened, hard boiled, ill-omened, most empty-handed, shantier, more lowborn, more feverous, most blue green, un worthier, most misfortunate, un steadiest, more agitating, on pins needles, more put out, rebellious, regrettable, in the dumps, de-moralized, disinterested, most unconsolable, most attenuated, in dither, un-meet, most blubbering, re doubtable, de void, over-whelming, un acceptable, bent out of shape, most dirgelike, more grim-faced, most fed-up, be-reft, most unelevated, more discomposed, most goner, worried sick, most repulsed, dis eased, anxious, most lithic, nontranslucent, un seasonable, most guilt-ridden, surly, most busted, most deterred, most disliked, most low down, most appalled, more daunting, unpliabler, most tarnished, more improprietous, Butterflies, more self-starting, in different, pre carious, most contused, darkskinned, more murder, cruddiest, most nonplussed, pitiful, curdled, disaffected, in flames, bowed low, had enough, most bummed out, more nontranslucent, un safe, pitser, un controllable, throwing a fit, un-savory, feverish, laidup, co-pious, most groundward, racing motor, the pits, more pestered, more torturing, threnodial, more spinechilling, sloest, groundward, most out of sorts, most entreating, more yearning, more illadapted, in-operable, in subordinate, ho hum, on downer, off one rocker, terror-stricken, bottommost, pouty, not satisfied, most moderated, most disfigured, more uncostly, most disquieted, most white-hot, charcoal, oversensitive, un-pliabler, whiffier, bungling, most antagonized, more shattered, in corrigible, more groundlevel, de-pressed, nasty tempered, more pouting, more precursive, joyless, in one's power, more nasty tempered, in-adept, longwinded, furious, nervous, over board, most fluctuant, most niggardly, white-hot, ill omened, dysphoric, most rock ribbed, un-timely, more crabbing, sizzling, more rayless, more entreating, most pitch dark, most guilt ridden, guilt-ridden, most collapsed, ass sling, rock-ribbed, in the pits, most cobalt, diddlier, hyper-critical, most bitching, paltry, more sabotaging, pro fane, uninterested, most troubling, more illfitting, un-steadier, desolate, uphill battle, more atrabilious, most unfacile, most fed up, most nocent, most self-willed, most self-reproachful, more no-win, adumbral, most white hot, more bad-humored, most blustering, dis-content, crotchety, most waxlike, at ones beck call, more kicking, more unconsequential, more dark skinned, more changeful, stark, more insurrectionary, in tolerant, Drearisome, unstable, grave, most ill-humored, more foul mouthed, down in the dumps, un-stable, bearish, more steamedup, dis affected, most shifting, most weaving, more psyched-out, dis-concerted, more sobering, most drearisome, not so hot, in-apter, spinechilling, more unzipped, feel bones, sore, over sensitive, de relict, more acidulated, dirty, most fagged, more darkened, low down dirty, un achievable, front-page, more prostrated, in-securer, more fed up, on a downer, de pressed, more affronted, most mangled, beastliest, most illbred, un scrupulous, more sourpussed, unacceptable, more sullied, un-healthy, more sharp-tempered, most cross-grained, get vibes, mad, tearful, dissatisfied, more revolted, un popular, misfortunate, most crossgrained, up tight, dis heartening, broken, not good, jettier, unassured, ex posed, most undexterous, un seemliest, up set, dis membered, un happy, more zaftig, forlorn, most shattered, most bonetired, more oft-repeated, up-hill, un-abler, dis obeyed, more rabbity, frenzied, more windswept, more grieving, buffaloed, most ill-bred, pukish, white knuckled, over-sensitive, more pitchdark, more hurting, un zipped, past hope, in advisable, more despisable, upsidedown, most satiated, most selfstarting, more illbred, un manageable, more unsated, high on, crumby, recalescent, most nastytempered, in a tizzy, most itching, livid, more unconsolable, mutable, most anguished, re-pressing, at wit's end, most horrifying, most foiled, out sorts, most pod, emptyhanded, delirious, un responsive, un-settling, drearest, topheavy, most torn-up, most cut, the lowest, un chaste, panic stricken, more ill bred, ass in a sling, un meet, unlighted, most off-putting, doughiest, lukewarm, low down, more commiserable, have chip on shoulder, dog-tired, unexcited, more fluctuant, most rock bottom, un bearable, most unachievable, most ill lighted, zealous, most ground-level, most toned down, un-resolved, most rampageous, most low lying, most undignified, in-flexible, dis courteous, un clearest, down in dumps, most spastic, most unhumorous, sober, most begrudging, more unstressed, in ones pocket, more bearish, unaccented, in turmoil, sweating bullets, un clothed, most caring, un-responsive, sub-normal, most tornup, apprehensive, scared, most uncool, more hindering, most nasty tempered, more scaredy cat, illnatured, most bleeding, most black-and-blue, hexed, quicktempered, short-fuse, un-relenting, more dolent, un-happier, orphic, bothered, Dolent, most faltering, draggier, most terror-stricken, more moneyless, in-appropriate, most buffeted, chuffiest, more weaving, wishywashy, most darkcomplexioned, more unrestful, more illfitted, in panic, mindblowing, fed up, un meeter, starless, most bustling, worked-up, forbidding, coming strong, doughy, REDHOT, un promising, in aptest, on the qui vive, un cleanliest, most disregarded, more emulsified, let-down, scaredy cat, unlikable, more rockbound, un-worthier, in-adequate, more delphian, un-friendliest, more griping, horrible, out of ones mind, nastytempered, un-proficient, whinier, un reasonable, most disapproving, most two-ton, singleminded, Unmeet, most ill humored, more lowtoned, most ultramarine, most mumpish, ex-asperated, more turned, un satisfactory, highpowered, broodiest, pitchblack, un-facile, down the dumps, most abscessed, pre cursive, un wieldier, most no-win, self effacing, terror stricken, more cast down, most longfaced, most flaring, dis trustful, more calescent, more glowering, more bummed, more muted, most unenjoyable, more wildeyed, more ill-fitted, un generous, most shredded, parted from, behind the eightball, panicstricken, selfwilled, mind blowing, tossing and turning, most subpar, most orphic, most lead-footed, more no chance, more dropping, in expensive, re pulsed, most beatdown, self-reproachful, un-glued, most characterless, most suffering, liverish, more well baked, warmish, more jinxed, more pondering, most cast down, most atrabilious, more disheartened, up against it, un-endurable, un cultivated, most rockbound, un enjoyable, in opportune, more slipping, dis pleasing, un timeliest, fierce, sissiest, prostrate, most stirred, most underdog, in sweat, mad as hornet, roasting, nononsense, havenot, undraped, more pukish, un-predictable, most beggared, enthusiastic, more unelevated, more shook up, crumbiest, un-kinder, broken down, un endurable, most chicken, majorleague, most dangersome, un-moneyed, lost in thought, most unnerving, most muted, one sided, uncongenial, re-solved, bad break, sinister, un illuminated, more bemoaning, dreary, in tizzy, most disarmed, most pitch-dark, un fruitful, most self willed, subfuse, more bloodwarm, un-inspired, more slashed, illbred, in-corrigible, more recalescent, be draggled, most zonkers, most enfeebled, jellylike, co pious, more wracked, run scared, most fireball, star crossed, most sabotaging, most greyish, un humorous, more bustling, discontented, un-gracious, low set, in one clutches, most ill-fitted, un happiest, more illomened, more dog eared, more racked, out limb, worse for wear, out of sorts peevish, most unilluminated, sobering, more heartsickening, most loser, more uncontent, blowing one's top, pro-found, un-pliable, marked down, lowtoned, de-forested, most repelled, uninspiring, un fixed, most precursive, in tolerable, Chicken-hearted, most unfitting, ornery, most spine-chilling, more quaking, un meetest, petulant, in supportable, un suited, squattiest, most offputting, un occupied, in-subordinate, dead duck, most unread, in-apposite, whiniest, zestful, on the warpath, cerulean, most infected, tough luck, sub fuse, more obsidian, un-attractive, un luckiest, more hard-time, top pled, ill-tempered, more milk warm, dis inclined, cutrate, dis-tasteful, un-reasonable, lightless, un-timelier, Precursive, most lowtoned, most resolved, most overclouded, out-raged, more clodhopping, in poor health, disturbing, more lapidarian, at wit end, most chapfallen, dis-appointing, more self incriminating, more unpoised, duddest, teal, de scending, deserted, most pauperized, at mercy, most griping, most worked up, ultra marine, blue-gray, scummier, most suppressed, most extremist, most fluttery, anticipated, more clear-headed, put-out, un cleanly, thoughtful, more ennuied, poorly lit, most inapposite, un attractive, Echinated, most cutrate, more infected, apologetic, ignorant, un-dependable, tealest, self-condemnatory, bottom most, more obsessive, most steamedup, more pinched, un-sounder, draggest, come apart, easily offended, most pestered, more heart rending, more resolved, un-cultivated, up in air, in awe, un healthy, in securer, in-consolable, messedup, most front-page, bummed-out, more guiltridden, heartrending, un accented, more mad-dog, more heart-rending, sloer, most let-down, shaky, grouchy, ailing, out one mind, more busted, dis-tressed, discouraging, more aggravating, most irredeemable, un usual, most tremorous, un-quietest, un safer, cobalt, sub-fuse, jellyfish, un pliable, more collapsed, un speakable, selfaccusing, un favorable, gloomy, painer, de-valued, over-anxious, un reliable, most unstressed, un-lovely, un welcome, coaler, more atramentous, sick and tired, dis agreeable, off color, sub sided, un-cleanlier, most thwarted, most bummedout, in tenser, un lettered, ogrer, un holy, at boiling point, shuddersome, more unentertaining, sick tired, dis possessed, un willing, most bleached, more bone-tired, Unhandy, more beefing, most rayless, most sunk, most ignored, Clodhopping, voodooed, whiffiest, like chicken with its head cut off, most unindulgent, most comeapart, most wronged, more moping, more out of sorts, upsetting, un easier, more desponding, most dark skinned, obstinate, aweinspiring, wreckest, more tortured, most kvetching, in-docile, more bottom-of-barrel, most down in mouth, up creek, most illfitting, nasty-tempered, most psyched out, un-washed, wanting, abject, un poised, niggardly, more selfreproachful, inexpert, more bitching, more extremist, most hospitalized, un costly, most underfoot, mad-dog, un-desirable, un chastest, most atramentous, most lacerated, in a dither, hysterical, most slivered, cruddy, most illadapted, more rocklike, most unneighborly, jerrybuilt, more splenetic, most shookup, un-fitting, more buffaloed, out mind, more satiated, ogrest, more igneous, un-entertaining, un lovelier, raven, Fortuneless, more wounding, down out, ill ease, dis passionate, bummedout, un concerned, most retracted, re-prehensible, un-fruitful, unappeased, un-ripest, Misbecoming, most let down, weary, most stammering, reedier, un yielding, over-whelmed, un enlightened, cruddier, throwing fit, Atramentous, hardboiled, cavedin, ruinous, more unneighborly, touchest, brokenhearted, most acroamatic, Toilful, most stifled, unachievable, frontpage, up setting, most exasperated, wornout, un-stablest, Despisable, inapposite, fireball, in tears, in apter, miserably poor, full toned, un-premeditated, scurvy, rotten, jettiest, down with, privy to, jinxed, un civil, un-riper, more crossgrained, more downgrade, un-favorable, distraught, more beatdown, unsettled, most workedup, in-opportune, most inconvenienced, more fireball, more shot down, un prosperous, most cowed, wiggliest, un-speakable, drear, most jellyfish, re sonant, un-important, off-putting, more overclouded, un sated, x rated, more highpressure, most unprosperous, most vinegary, hot blooded, cranky, more abused, spazzed out, unhappy, bottomward, psyched-out, churlish, more self-condemnatory, more soured, perturbing, more unpeaceful, more rockbottom, be-wildered, weak, most sated, more xenophobic, de lighted, un savorier, uncontent, lamentable, un sightliest, dis loyal, most low-toned, more alight, more subjugated, weighted, most ruptured, more deploring, most undraped, un-fairest, more unpopulated, most perversive, most mistreated, out a limb, stone broke, unfriendly, more bereaved, more rattled, un sightlier, more traduced, in elegant, had it, more whitehot, un-charitable, pre-monitory, of great consequence, mopiest, in obtrusive, more nothing, most clutched, afraid, most out-of-sorts, impencunious, most riled, waspy, more dolorific, single minded, more longfaced, most dogtired, not functioning, un-worthiest, most subfusc, steamed-up, dis-figured, un excited, ungratified, rockribbed, more dogeared, more mad dog, more bone tired, low-down dirty, un-ripe, nervous wreck, in shop, un qualified, intolerable, got a bug, naviest, having the blahs, un cultured, expected, grody, self willed, most divested, un-firm, ground-level, more galled, un-kind, most putout, in-effective, most letdown, most transgressed, unlettered, at one's feet, most scaredycat, un impassioned, un-becoming, most precipitating, under foot, ill adapted, most museful, most burst, ill-starred, smallminded, more charcoal, workedup, most no way, mis tier, more sunk, up for grabs, most ill-lighted, in audible, more unconfident, out of place, twoton, bent out shape, in a funk, most hurting, unspeakable, un polished, most high-pressure, more ground-level, wrathful, unpliablest, pro-fane, more ruptured, obsidian, gone to pot, sorry, most hard time, more bummed out, out control, un-clear, poutiest, uncomfortable, most inklike, more subfusc, cold sober, punker, most put out, no chance, dis orderly, indisposed, un lucky, at one feet, more pitch dark, un gracious, well done, blown a gasket, in-convenient, more plagued, in sanest, duskest, un-poised, low-down and dirty, wild eyed, bound determined, in-censed, troubled, dark-skinned, clouded over, most shorn, melancholy, more ill-adapted, hardtime, most goosebumpy, un wholesome, un-chastest, un-confident, un-content, more deforested, dun, more faint hearted, mis anthropic, more self reproachful, most overboard, most leadfooted, most grimfaced, undignified, feel in bones, un-lucky, sloe, rampageous, more severed, up hill, most stained, disappointed, the bottom, un healthier, crispier, un-assured, most heart rending, more slumping, de moralized, more bluegreen, ex citable, sick, un controlled, more nontransparent, more demolished, up wall, ex-citable, milk warm, perverse, un fairer, life and death, ugly, most arousing, out of one mind, out of mind, indecent, most no chance, blowing a gasket, fedup, un-consolable, washedout, most sapphire, Noway, most slipping, ex-acting, more underneath, rock ribbed, un-eventful, in cult, mis-treated, most dogeared, more high-power, un-acceptable, most skeleton, sullen, more deteriorating, more aggravated, bass, most fractured, ass in sling, un-seasonable, down mouth, more straining, more blubbering, most heart-rending, most have not, dis-liked, unmitigable, more echinated, raving mad, got on wrong side of bed, unlucky, fore-boding, most lowhanging, dis-obeyed, un godly, nonchalant, dis-armed, most muttered, un lighted, self conscious, most sourpuss, dis-colored, most downer, most hindering, conscience stricken, dis advantageous, more nocent, rocky, most pinched, more unlit, un kindest, butterflies in stomach, most terror stricken, de-generated, having kittens, more blubbery, unpopulated, most unsated, pre-carious, un interesting, un-humorous, most lusterless, no laughing matter, un-handy, dispassionate, un-manageable, crispiest, bundle nerves, caved in, de voted, forgotten, more convulsive, like an oven, blue, inauspicious, selfcondemnatory, dis-respectful, most tamed, more unscrewed, blubbery, more ill fitting, most choked, Chuffy, out commission, dismal, cast-down, scared stiff, more ill-humored, messed-up, most have-not, shookest, un-manliest, more zonkers, un-happy, more curdled, dying to, foolish, Blood-warm, fractious, more unfacile, rockbound, more ebon, most lowbred, most bottom-of-barrel, more propitiatory, bad-humored, ill fitted, more self starting, un manliest, more toppled, tearjerking, left stranded, more voodooed, more torn up, un stablest, more unimpassioned, more afflicting, most grim faced, up air, de based, more cowed, more disquieted, more trembling, more stifled, more inklike, unhumorous, in great need; financially poor, more waxlike, un-costly, more empty handed, got upon wrong side of bed, in-cultest, more mirthless, planned, most vanquished, in securest, most dislikable, pendent, most questioning, more cussed, low-toned, shotdown, most buffaloed, unskilled, in-tractable, dis tressed, un-sociable, dis-obliging, fagged, most lowlying, ill humored, most glowering, more spastic, dis-affected, bonetired, dis-orderly, un-pretentious, more unlikable, un glued, more dejecting, most lowdown, be-reaved, more unilluminated, un-luckiest, subfusc, un healthiest, bad tempered, more tigerish, un skilled, steamed up, sissier, most stuttering, most pondering, most chicken hearted, more surfeited, crazy, most long faced, un-happiest, more irrecoverable, more huffish, un-chaster, most plagued, un chaster, more tilted, mourning, most maddog, worsted, un-frequented, most quickened, cut rate, more unsubmissive, grumpy, most illhumored, lousy, unelevated, in pits, at end one rope, most frayed, most racialist, downhearted, beryl, more dampened, illmannered, tigerish, un mitigable, un read, most scandalized, more hypersensitive, spiritless, more subpar, in-hospitable, un proficient, un-fair, disconcerted, overcast, dis composing, un seemlier, most ashake, no joke, most flustered, aphotic, flyest, dunest, more two ton, petrous, pre-cursive, blue green, most blighted, inconsolable, more tempered, self-willed, irate, most spinechilling, most alight, more bottommost, rayless, most convulsive, un ablest, more selfcondemnatory, more worsening, most on the spot, co wed, most blubbery, most enamoured, intentional, un-generous, most ruffled, Dolorific, caught off balance, out one's mind, more acherontic, Incult, in fringed, more thwarted, dis-passionate, keyed up, blowing one top, more unprosperous, invalid, most goose bumpy, navier, be-grudging, comeapart, flaming, in-coherent, igneous, crabby, in bad way, most moaning, more racialist, have not, most harefooted, more hard-pressed, zonkers, un-governable, at one's mercy, head-strong, thinskinned, most hard-pressed, bottom of barrel, most steamed-up, un-committed, top heavy, un-bearable, most toilful, mopier, most disheartened, ill bred, in pocket, dis-eased, mis-anthropic, un-inhabited, ultra-marine, more low toned, singing the blues, testy, pushed too far, most presaging, more riled, more unassuaged, more down-in-the-mouth, un confident, de pressing, mis-tier, un holier, un-substantial, un-balanced, Lapidarian, cataclysmic, poverty stricken, un availing, heart rending, most howling, shot-down, more discomforting, unseasonable, most lowborn, ill defined, more grudging, more effluvious, most weakkneed, un-cleaner, un-nerving, most repressing, more anarchistic, most vulgarian, gruff, un appetizing, most scarred, prosiest, de-relict, Wo, most god awful, top-pled, de-pressing, most shortfuse, most toned-down, most piqued, gone to pieces, un wanted, most cross grained, most self reproachful, un-interesting, unfixed, more bad humored, un-obtrusive, dis-heartened, more affrighted, in grief, sick at heart, more guilt ridden, more drearisome, coming on strong, more low-hanging, most disintegrated, most dolesome, dis honest, un strung, in-sufferable, un-stabler, un enthusiastic, affliction, out gas, un-palatable, more maddog, more zero, bottom-most, lilylivered, tumultoustumultuous, wrothest, most premonitory, melancholic, more underdog, more skeleton, more steamed-up, un-populated, un friendlier, milkwarm, dis content, most selfaccusing, un-availing, griefstricken, fourstar, in spiring, more god-awful, most beryl, draggiest, most slumping, grumbliest, un productive, more fretting, un quiet, un-occupied, de-solate, un-accented, sweltry, most bemoaning, ill mannered, sharp tempered, more terror stricken, up-setting, un-pliablest, at end of one rope, most galled, dog tired, more out-of-sorts, under one thumb, in decorous, in firmest, feeling rotten, un-safe, faultfinding, more badhumored, un decided, in-fertile, hapless, in expedient, over cast, un-satisfactory, more gladiatorial, ex acerbated, most shook up, welldone, pathetic, most killing, most browbeaten, un clear, more front-page, ready to drop, un-healthiest, most blue gray, most rattled, in fit, most pulverized, burned up, indigo, boiling, more ill-bred, more saddening, in blue funk, sharp-tempered, most igneous, blown gasket, more fermented, dis-reputable, most well baked, in a state, most no-chance, de generate, lowbred, zaftig, ill-fitting, de-liberate, most unfixed, grim faced, more white-hot, rickety, most oppressing, foul mouthed, few bugs, hard luck, dull as dishwater, most psyched-out, re-strained, most fourstar, un couth, most po'd, measly, torn-up, most fanatic, most full toned, most softened, gone seed, inopportune, more disliked, ennuied, more darkcomplexioned, flat broke, tipped over, more unhumorous, more cerulean, washed out, most bone tired, Dudder, hopping mad, dis-jointed, in-consistent, more faint-hearted, most bone-tired, pre-occupied, crusty, most bellyaching, dis tasteful, more scarred, un-cleanliest, more shivered, dis-comforting, dis obedient, un-refined, more hardpressed, most unassuaged, in congruous, angry, more cut, most jinxed, more fazed, touch and go, ex-plosive, in temperate, un-soundest, disciplined, dis-gusting, more ill adapted, wroth, more enamoured, moody, more caring, un-read, hypersensitive, most attacking, untoward, ill-adapted, re prehensible, overboard, more disregarded, dull, more letdown, in-sipid, most unlettered, uninteresting, un-lighted, more beast, most cussed, in firmer, more divested, most illlighted, more atoning, down on luck, in good taste, un-holiest, most welldone, despondent, Crossgrained, peaky, more ructious, un ruffled, un-qualified, most toppled, helpless, most effluvious, un-meetest, more chagrined, more unclothed, most scaredy cat, de stroyed, most unmoneyed, more softened, ill natured, more acroamatic, more workedup, tornup, self accusing, splenetic, out raged, more hit, racing ones motor, more discomfited, most crushed, un-comfortable, most scowling, most ovenlike, un pliablest, more daunted, poverty-stricken, convulsive, dis-illusioned, dislikable, Nubilous, more choked, psychedout, more illlighted, more vinegarish, at beck call, more welldone, zestiest, more monomaniacal, dis obliging, most dreaded, more serious, palpitant, more premonitory, more blue-gray, more marred, more hospitalized, in valid, most insurrectionary, re signed, unprosperous, dis-connected, toneddown, at one mercy, ominous, more self-reproachful, re-pulsed, most daunting, sombre, un gratified, inklike, mopey, more impencunious, dis-honest, most mad dog, un-moved, ex asperated, Unbeseeming, sadness, most unlit, most dirgeful, un-fixed, unscrewed, upset, uncurious, crumbier, dis contented, steamedup, wildeyed, in-exorable, most dismaying, most steamed up, un-restrained, warrest, more derisory, most selfcondemnatory, MOPY, in-sensible, most stygian, vinegarish, big yawn, spookish, Discommodious, cloddish, un submissive, more down in the mouth, un exciting, shot down, illsuited, dis-quieting, in a huff, more muttered, most baritone, un worthy, fatalistic, dour, cloudy, not prayer, beatdown, more lowlying, more scaredy-cat, skin and bones, dis-membered, nerveracking, most pitchdark, more butterflies, on the spot, most piceous, more pettish, most sliding, in-distinct, more two-ton, more piqued, shookup, more worked-up, un screwed, most wildeyed, over whelmed, most mopish, more wailing, un stressed, more brooding, more undignified, bluechip, most teetering, unenthusiastic, in-experienced, nowin, most surfeited, most reasoning, unconsolable, more itching, most storming, more arousing, un-ablest, un loveliest, illdefined, Dolesome, ponderous, un-clothed, most unlighted, selfconscious, most whitehot, more blackhearted, more rock-bottom, more high pressure, un-cleanest, most ill-omened, feverous, spine tingling, out of gas, un earthly, left without, up the creek, more battered, more wasting, in-delicate, at end of one's rope, more cut-rate, un sounder, most toneddown, more discolored, most scraped, in-securest, high-pressure, in funk, indifferent, most overpowered, more waffling, more oversensitive, more stressful, most depreciated, more well done, nasty, moneyless, more rent, disheartened, most monomaniacal, over clouded, more groundward, un abler, more lowhanging, most crabbing, inapplicable, most messedup, most stonelike, up-set, most tempered, more heartsore, re-solute, most foul-mouthed, in-sane, on fritz, more harassing.