Come Pass

Pronunciation of Come Pass
/kˈʌm pˈas/, /kˈʌm pˈas/, /k_ˈʌ_m p_ˈa_s/

Synonyms for come pass:

be (verb)

befall, come about, occur, take place, transpire, come to pass.

befall (verb)

action, bechance, betide, break, chance, come down, come off, cook, develop, ensue, fall, fall out, follow, gel, go, go down, hap, happen, jell, materialize, shake, smoke, supervene, cook up a storm, cook with gas.

break (verb)

appear, burst out, come forth, erupt.

chance (verb)

arrive, bump, come, light, light upon, luck, meet, stumble, tumble, turn up, stumble on, hit upon, be one's fate, blunder on, fall to one's lot.

come (verb)

turn out.

come about (verb)

arise, result.

eventuate (verb)

end, issue, stop, terminate, be consequent, eventualize.

fall (verb)


hap (verb)

chance upon, pass.

intervene (verb)

bedevil, succeed.

materialize (verb)

actualize, coalesce, embody, emerge, evolve, exteriorize, externalize, hypostatize, manifest, metamorphose, objectify, personalize, personify, realize, reify, substantiate, symbolize, take form, take shape, typify, unfold, visualize, Personize, Pragmatize, Substantialize, make real, be incarnate, be realized, become concrete, become real, become visual, corporealize, entify.

occur (verb)

crop up, eventuate, exist, obtain, show, be present, present itself, be found.

pass (verb)

catch, come up, crawl, cross, cruise, depart, drag, fare, flow, fly, fly by, get ahead, give, glide, glide by, go past, hie, journey, lapse, leave, linger, move, pass away, pass by, proceed, progress, push on, reach, repair, rise, roll, run, run by, run out, slip away, travel, wend, blow past.

turn up (verb)

come across, come to light, descry, detect, dig up, disclose, encounter, espy, expose, find, learn, pop up, reveal, see, spot, track, track down, uncover, unearth, meet with, bring to light, become known.

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