Pronunciation of Plan
/plˈan/, /plˈan/, /p_l_ˈa_n/

Antonyms for plan

falls one's lot, lucked, blundering on, on line, Gamed, fortuity, up shots, where it at, ad lib, out look, didst offhand, conjunctures, tossup, going out of one depth, end angers, falling to one's lot, makes up, newest wrinkles, de-mobilized, crack-up, out on limb, throwing together, disorganize, ex temporize, falls lot, take shot dark, shot the moon, putting faith in, ran the risk, goes for broke, does top head, faked it, turning topsyturvy, fall to one's lot, outside chances, try ones luck, be-falls, doth top head, speaks impromptu, crack ups, being careless, roll dice, up-setting, take flyer, disorder, re spect, goes out depth, mis-place, make a stab at, taking flyer, dis creating, dis-organize, rolls dice, be-falling, fifty fifty, lay money on, inspots, un connectednesses, practicabilities, plays for, goingson, ex pose, in the cards, turn of cards, disregard, in coherences, de-mobilizes, where its at, didst top head, dis order, mis adventure, speaking off the cuff, rat's nests, dare says, coming to pass, puts it the line, luck outs, pre cariousness, mis-takes, dis creates, exposed to danger, dis created, INS, putting it the line, defies danger, mis-lay, dis-jointedness, de-vise, flipping coin, have fling at, co incidences, gaming, rear ender, mis-laying, playing with fire, dare saying, dis-arrays, doeth off top of head, run of luck, haddest fling at, take the liberty, putting eggs basket, lays on the line, doing offhand, in things, re-spects, de-ranged, liabilities, play by ear, going out limb, going out one's depth, having fling at, try one luck, de mobilize, fall to ones lot, takes shot dark, Improvisated, mis-places, put faith in, dis-solution, pro-spects, in-things, haza, doeth top of head, out-come, hanging by thread, speak the cuff, laying line, go for broke, taking shot the dark, did offhand, make a bet, Liableness, Opportunities, did top of head, out-comes, heads tail, are fate, out limb, exposed danger, out comes, newest wrinkle, being fate, un-settles, on spot, dashed out, going out depth, speaking extemporaneously, in venting, run the chance, being one's fate, is one fate, left to luck, de-stroys, run chance, way ball bounce, dis composed, craps games, chance it, stuck ones neck out, dis arranged, dost offhand, Lotting, adventure, lights up on, mis placing, drew lots, end angered, un certainty, ran risk, lay on the line, up set, puts the line, puts risk, in-coherence, cross roads, went out on a limb, disarrayed, lays open, are one fate, end-angering, run risk, dis-organizations, heads tails, hundred-to-ones, dis create, be ones fate, dis solution, look in, spake off cuff, leaving luck, ADLIB, defying danger, Adventuring, pro spects, have a fling at, peradventure, trusted to luck, dare say, pro-visos, craps game, hanged by a thread, trusts to luck, doth offhand, didst off top head, turn of the card, up-shot, taking a plunge, going out on a limb, subjects to, hundred-to-one, skate on thin ice, laid the line, out-look, takes shot in dark, came to pass, doth off top head, going out one depth, dis-arranged, tempting fortune, jeopardying, dis unions, speaks the cuff, does off top of head, exposing danger, mis fortunes, were one's fate, draws lots, be-tiding, dash out, took shot in the dark, Disarraying, dis-create, breaking down, dis positions, fall to one lot, ignore, stack-up, concomitances, de-stroyed, leaving to luck, dis-locating, de-tails, hitting upon, puts eggs one basket, up shot, lighting upon, goes out of depth, lights upon, doest off top head, dis organize, trying ones luck, tost off, fifty-fifties, laying the line, dis arraying, rage, de range, inthing, tossing off, dis perse, dis-ordered, laying money on, goes out on a limb, de stroyed, dis-organizing, dis-order, art caught short, chanced it, turn cards, lucked outs, makes stab at, hazard, ex-temporize, does offhand, dis jointednesses, Adventured, mis takes, trust to luck, skating on thin ice, stick one's neck out, falls ones lot, in security, unconnectedness, making stab at, shooting the moon, de mobilizes, in spots, buck odds, up-sets, playing the market, be fallen, shambles, does top of head, tossed off, flip the coin, lucked out, roll the dice, stick ones neck out, putting it line, go downs, run the risk, lighted upon, dis-arranges, contingency, wast fate, be-tide, dis locates, dashed off, pro spect, dis-creates, speak extemporaneously, putting in jeopardy, were ones fate, sticks ones neck out, were caught short, bucks the odds, wast one fate, neglect, crack-ups, in thing, unconnectednesses, spake extemporaneously, toss off, rolls the dice, fall of the cards, under-taking, takes a header, bucking the odds, taking shot in dark, turning topsy-turvy, streak of luck, skates thin ice, wast careless, dis-position, de mobilizing, in-spot, fifty fifties, was one fate, flipping the coin, after maths, subjected to, Periling, embroiled, speak cuff, dis array, up the minute, attainableness, doest offhand, mis laying, coming pass, putting in danger, does off top head, leaps before looking, wast one's fate, passing thought, went out depth, be-tides, puts eggs in basket, practicability, even chance, in stances, slapdashes, dashing off, be fall, in-stances, ex-temporized, am careless, out looks, laid open, did off top head, goes out one's depth, stuck one's neck out, dis-orders, took a flyer, play market, dis-organized, put eggs one basket, dis banded, turn card, stuck one neck out, do top head, pre cariousnesses, fortunates, de-sire, dis-composed, dis-solutions, dis arrange, crackups, having a fling at, coincidence, un connectedness, slapdashed, in-spots, eventuality, dis-creating, draw lots, were careless, tried luck, played with fire, happy accident, falling one lot, un settle, falls to ones lot, falling to lot, lay on line, be tide, sticking ones neck out, ex posed, dis solutions, put eggs in one basket, screw ups, shoots works, didst off top of head, cross road, latest wrinkles, tries one luck, means, double troubles, blunders on, sticked one's neck out, doing top head, speaking off cuff, put at risk, heads or tail, turning topsy turvy, dis locate, event, improvving, spake off the cuff, go out ones depth, latests, puts line, laid on the line, tried one luck, takes liberty, ex-temporizes, un-settled, chances it, synchronisms, skated thin ice, did off top of head, hangs by thread, trying one luck, wrack up, went for broke, laying on line, wrackup, goingsons, unholy mess, making a stab at, sticked neck out, spoke off cuff, am one's fate, throw the dice, trans pire, foul-ups, dis-arraying, re spects, mis-laid, go out limb, speaks off cuff, laying on the line, go out of one's depth, mis place, goes out of one's depth, hath fling at, un settles, fenderbender, IMPROV, came pass, de vised, Improvisate, putting eggs one basket, bucks odds, concomitance, make do, shoot works, wildcatted, dis organizes, puts it on the line, tries luck, haphazards, going out a limb, fell one lot, spoke off the cuff, dost off top of head, hangs by a thread, screw-ups, achievability, likeliness, playing market, take shot in dark, dost off top head, going out of ones depth, fall of cards, scatters, sticks one's neck out, wrackups, be fell, improvise, leaves luck, out a limb, lucking, throw together, leaved to luck, possibility, going out on limb, are ones fate, hung by a thread, in-security, goings ons, am fate, dis-arrange, put trust in, puts trust in, being one fate, conjuncture, be-fallen, speaking the cuff, un-settle, going out ones depth, trans-actions, de sire, up to the minute, has a fling at, specs, stroke luck, luck out, makes bold, goings-ons, haddest a fling at, lays line, makes do, trans-pire, doest top of head, dashes out, tosses off, taking the liberty, speak off the cuff, fenderbenders, de stroying, is one's fate, went out on limb, odd chances, turn topsy-turvy, de-mobilize, end angering, try luck, dis bands, mis lays, trusting luck, leaped before looking, rolled dice, falls to one lot, latest wrinkle, leaved luck, hitting up on, puts it on line, speak off cuff, shoots moon, put eggs in basket, turned topsy turvy, trust luck, de tails, mis-fortunes, falling one's lot, take crack at, dis-created, wast caught short, hath a fling at, playing for, lucked in to, Littering, in vented, laying open, disorganization, de stroy, in securities, jeopardied, tossed up, mis placed, in-vent, discreating, go out a limb, goes out a limb, cross-roads, putting line, is fate, un-settling, streak luck, way the ball bounces, in-vented, fall one lot, faking it, being ones fate, do off top head, fall of the card, ex temporizes, ex temporizing, wert fate, doeth off top head, rat nest, taking a flyer, stack up, put on line, un-certainty, un-certainties, leaping before looking, good breaks, dis orders, leave to luck, sticked ones neck out, lucked inti, stackup, de-stroy, didst top of head, attainablenesses, shoot the works, took a plunge, puts eggs basket, flips the coin, put it line, out-looks, flip coin, taking plunge, in coherence, de tail, go out on a limb, wrack-up, taking liberty, de-vising, where its ats, hit upon, lighted up on, discreates, sticking one neck out, turn the card, am caught short, turn of the cards, disarrange, dis located, had fling at, skates on thin ice, dis-band, fortune, way the cookie crumbles, cut the cards, NOWS, discreate, fender-benders, hap, flips coin, mis adventures, go out one's depth, misfortunes, end-angers, fifty-fifty, under taking, be fate, put in jeopardy, turn topsyturvy, stack ups, shoot moon, fall one's lot, Lotted, dis arranges, makes a bet, dis-array, hazas, shooting works, toss up, lucked into, make stab at, co-incidence, inspot, lays on line, improvved, Improvisating, turns topsyturvy, Perilling, speaks cuff, up setting, dis-ordering, moirais, fender-bender, puts on line, throw of dice, subjecting to, took header, dis-organization, dare said, put danger, skate thin ice, fall cards, blundered on, went out of ones depth, dis-organizes, be one fate, go out of one depth, took shot in dark, runs the risk, put it on line, is caught short, circumstance, wildcatting, went out of one depth, take shot in the dark, wrack ups, godown, shooting moon, ex-posing, fell to lot, way, under-takings, fiftyfifties, mis-lays, up sets, fell to one lot, falls to one's lot, taking a header, hadst a fling at, rats nest, dis-arranging, be tiding, if it cools, up minute, trans action, mis-fortune, rat's nest, lucky hits, takes the liberty, hanged by thread, hast fling at, has fling at, rolled the dice, art fate, mis fortune, dis arrays, putting the line, running chance, likelinesses, put it the line, foulups, any cases, any case, go out one depth, makes a stab at, after math, if it's cool, sticks neck out, dash off, trying luck, mis-take, take a header, tost up, de-sires, foul-up, laid money on, lay open, spoke cuff, puts on the line, dis-arrayed, chics, made a bet, take shot the dark, hits upon, takes plunge, de vising, making a bet, comes pass, dis union, de-stroying, goes out of one depth, mis take, forget, spec, go out of depth, cutting the cards, did top head, de mobilized, Cross-road, de-ranging, tempted fortune, fell to one's lot, brake down, be one's fate, throw of the dice, doth top of head, putting at risk, went out of one's depth, up to minute, fell ones lot, trans-action, roll of dice, dis-locates, slapdashing, be falling, put risk, putting it on line, destroy, shoots the moon, dis jointedness, puts in danger, putting out order, tries ones luck, put out order, plays with fire, dis arrayed, spake impromptu, re-spect, flipped coin, spoke impromptu, in-venting, achievabilities, if it cool, shot the dark, skated on thin ice, puts it line, light upon, dis organization, put in danger, falling to ones lot, takes flyer, speak impromptu, dis-banding, shoot the moon, be falls, dis-compose, dis-perse, takes a flyer, made a stab at, falling ones lot, dis-bands, being caught short, stack-ups, ran chance, tempts fortune, lays money on, falls one lot, de ranges, mis-adventure, risk, expose danger, way the ball bounce, stumbling on, plays market, un-connectedness, de-mobilizing, went out a limb, do off top of head, doeth offhand, doth off top of head, buck the odds, mis places, are careless, cutting cards, went out of depth, are caught short, doing top of head, tries one's luck, trusted luck, puts faith in, dis-locate, un-connectednesses, where it ats, wheel fortune, running the chance, in cards, trusting to luck, do offhand, trusts luck, goes out one depth, end-anger, dis compose, putting danger, de stroys, ex temporized, comes to pass, doing off top head, cuts cards, goes out on limb, take header, doeth top head, plays the market, in spot, wrack-ups, un certainties, dis composes, dis-union, ad-lib, played for, goes out ones depth, turns topsy-turvy, turn of card, After-math, running the risk, dashes off, spoke extemporaneously, improvs, sticking neck out, shoots the works, dis organized, risky business, be tides, dis organizing, come to pass, Periled, in-securities, even chances, blunder on, tempt fortune, dis band, putting on the line, de-vised, in vent, runs risk, mis-placing, be caught short, turn the cards, dis locating, went out one's depth, put out of order, dis position, method, in-vents, rolling the dice, in the card, exposes danger, stick one neck out, am one fate, disjointedness, hundred to one, be tided, chance, dis-composes, foulup, de sires, dis-located, extemporize, falling to one lot, goings-on, dis organizations, double trouble, turn topsy turvy, chancing it, art ones fate, made bet, fake it, are one's fate, is ones fate, heads or tails, going for broke, cuts the cards, disjointednesses, staked down, foul ups, takes shot in the dark, sticking one's neck out, spoke the cuff, ex-pose, breaks down, art careless, mislay, puts eggs in one basket, defy danger, pre-cariousness, was fate, bucked odds, unholy messes, shot the works, took plunge, was ones fate, tossing up, hadst fling at, shot works, happy accidents, in vents, took shot dark, come pass, make bold, outside chance, play the market, un settled, skating thin ice, dis composing, improvisates, goes out limb, dis-unions, shot moon, trans actions, way cookie crumble, stackups, venture, putting on line, out come, double-troubles, tosses up, stumbled on, way the cookie crumble, bucking odds, go out depth, putting it on the line, dis ordered, made do, crackup, puts in jeopardy, in-stance, broke down, throw dice, throws together, trying one's luck, gamble, wert one's fate, fall the card, co incidence, putting trust in, fell one's lot, cut cards, had a fling at, took shot the dark, spake cuff, sticks one neck out, putting eggs in basket, doubletroubles, leapt before looking, running risk, made up, art one's fate, de vise, takes shot the dark, de ranged, put it on the line, lucky hit, stick neck out, bucked the odds, whim, turned topsy-turvy, hit up on, take plunge, good break, doest top head, lays the line, up-shots, de ranging, ex-posed, if it's cools, mis-adventures, way ball bounces, rear enders, runs chance, tried one's luck, wert caught short, speaks off the cuff, in-coherences, de-ranges, went out limb, after-maths, tried ones luck, puts out order, future, way cookie crumbles, mixup, put eggs basket, spake the cuff, pro-viso, defied danger, take a flyer, likelihood, drawing lots, doubletrouble, make bet, fall of card, on the spot, discreated, lay line, fakes it, if its cools, doest off top of head, try one's luck, try out, took flyer, turns topsy turvy, put the line, leap before looking, dis ordering, making do, puts jeopardy, doing off top of head, turned topsyturvy, was careless, un settling, expose to danger, where it's ats, be-fall, lit up on, be-tided, takes header, jeopardize, supervention, dost top head, hung by thread, roll of the dice, de-tail, rats nests, dost top of head, co-incidences, dis-banded, lighting up on, mis lay, dis-composing, be careless, de-range, happening, threw together, jeopardies, was caught short, stumbles on, sticked one neck out, taking shot in the dark, shooting the works, good fortune, double-trouble, in-thing, after effect, speaking cuff, leave luck, puts out of order, dis arranging, flipped the coin, making bet, hang by thread, odd chance, makes bet, wert careless, Uncertainties, dis-jointednesses, went out one depth, fluke, ex-temporizing, dis banding, up-set, fell to ones lot, hundred to ones, aftereffect, do top of head, on the line, inthings, taking header, put line, peradventures, pro viso, took a header, break down, dashing out, putting eggs in one basket, speaking impromptu, going out of depth, play with fire, taking shot dark, rat nests, hast a fling at, speaks extemporaneously, go-down, stuck neck out, passing thoughts, wert ones fate, dis-positions, end anger, putting out of order, rolling dice, put on the line, am ones fate, be-fell, in card, liablenesses, made stab at.