Pronunciation of Get
/ɡˈɛt/, /ɡˈɛt/, /ɡ_ˈɛ_t/

Antonyms for get

am overcritical, out race, come pass, pushing on, taking wrongly, are cross purposes, over-valued, comes to close, come to hasty conclusion, taking away, may not, mis-translates, blows past, tire, pre-supposed, taking place, de livers, come hasty conclusion, wasted away, mis understood, cash in, misconjectured, neglect, miscalculate, Passed, mis conjectured, have none left, mis calculate, using up, hadst no more, be unfair, became ratified, calm, overestimated, mis construes, mis-takes, dropt a line, leaving behind, foot bill, dis-counted, defecate, de liver, drops line, drop, radioed, mis apprehending, disturb, mis deems, paid up, hadst none left, frustrate, came hasty conclusion, mis-judges, am partial, is unfair, trans fusing, dropt ball, mis spent, becomes valid, puts end to, be falling, explicate, slips up, out raced, make free, spring for, be-stow, dis counts, let have, cede, becoming law, went wrong, re-pairs, assist, repudiate, unburdens, became valid, dropping line, pre-supposes, dis-embarrassed, siphoning, de-mise, liquidate, had no more, pass, being cross purposes, miscomprehended, out-distancing, being confused, dis-encumbers, take the wrong way, go wrong, mis read, over looks, putting foot in, stop, are unfair, art out of, disarrange, pass on, diffusing, misinterpret, misestimate, mis-translating, kiss goodbye, mis-apprehends, mis construing, progenitor, dis-patched, coming close, forego, had none left, is partial, re paired, paid down, give call, depart from, paying down, slip away, Dogmatizing, cashing in, missed point, be falls, coming a close, forebear, be stowing, got signals mixed, vote in, art perplexed, sent forth, fly by, are confused, repel, wert cleaned out, de-cree, fail notice, was ordained, wert sanctioned, be-falls, art partial, under valued, de-crees, gets signals crossed, in-vested, disorder, dis torts, miss by mile, kissed goodbye, mis-interpreted, out-went, ex pend, putting an end to, ex-cretes, letted fall between the cracks, un burdened, dis-carding, cash chips, blow past, enlighten, took wrongly, leaving undone, mis-knew, out distancing, use up, dis-charges, out-shines, out-raced, not heeds, handed, dis embarrasses, dis solving, mis-counted, clarify, going past, mis-apprehend, mis-using, disembark, out went, be out of, dis-charged, re aching, rid, getting wrong, has none left, were wrong, putting air, dis abusing, drops a line, abdicate, de frays, cashes in, puts in, be-fallen, mistranslate, springs for, goes beyond, mis estimated, mis-spent, de creed, was perplexed, renounce, over rate, de crees, ex change, pro-mises, mis-calculate, am at cross purposes, anteing up, dis patched, wert established, dis-solved, out did, mis-knowing, art unfair, upset, mis interpreting, out-stripping, dis encumbering, vacate, slipt away, carry off, mis calculating, am sanctioned, de-ceasing, out shone, dis-card, heaveho, dogmatize, ex pire, ex pended, under-rates, mis-thinks, dis encumber, out strip, is misled, release, mis places, spend, destroy, paying up, mis comprehend, being cleaned out, cough up, mis spending, let fall between the cracks, get signals mixed, re-pairing, mis-used, under value, kisses goodbye, de-clares, over-value, wast out of, cast away, outlaid, gat signals crossed, wast confused, leave behind, being ordained, over passed, overestimate, cease, disappoint, passes on, heave-hoed, de clares, coughs up, wast ordained, mis comprehended, mis-translate, in-vesting, giving a call, dis abused, pre-suppose, is overcritical, mis-estimated, re-laying, under rated, flubbed, mis deem, in stilling, dis-burdens, give a ring, dis regard, go forth, under-rate, Overpassed, lets pass, mis-conjectured, radioing, are perplexed, buying it, under took, are at cross purposes, discourage, are wrong, wert overcritical, coming to pass, taking amiss, over estimating, Demising, is confused, mis applies, de-liver, payed up, wert confused, ex cretes, mis-reckoning, abjure, fell short, put death, puts an end to, ignore, takes wrong way, uses up, payed down, dis-regarding, puts air, ex-terminated, bite dust, taking the wrong way, murdered, is bewildered, get signals crossed, outraced, Defecated, under-estimate, flying by, propitiate, be-falling, ante up, be stowed, mis-comprehending, misread, came to a close, de voted, hath none left, dis-regarded, was partial, re-leased, mis counts, leave alone, dis-counting, dissuade, bear away, mis reckoning, sur-mounted, mis applying, give brush, dis carded, dis solves, dis burse, sending forth, miscounted, were partial, primogenitor, mis conjecture, hast none left, misconjecturing, is cross purposes, get wrong impression, pay down, mis deeming, cashed chips, getting through, re laying, re-lay, art sanctioned, pays no attention, puts on air, heave-ho, ex changing, dis charged, became law, dis-cards, were cross purposes, ex-pends, made light of, dis-burdened, de-votes, waste away, dis-continuing, comes to pass, mis apply, acquire, mis-estimate, dis card, repress, mis thinking, under-estimates, Overpassing, kick bucket, depart, bark wrong tree, mistranslated, put to death, missed the point, be-stows, mis-applying, under rate, out-laid, take away, be overcritical, sur mounts, dis-encumbered, got wrong, mis-comprehends, gives the brush, forebearer, giving a ring, misthinks, de-clare, out-doing, cashed in chips, out-gone, takes place, tossed out, mis applied, slipt up, was confused, evoting, dis-counts, flew by, miss, under-value, gat signals mixed, mis-understanding, trans pire, trans ported, wasting away, de part, de fraying, out laid, hinder, bought it, out-stripped, de mise, kill, going beyond, gotten wrong impression, dis-appear, over pass, misconjectures, dis patch, unburden, ex-pended, offer, was cross purposes, do away with, de voting, under-valued, get on, de cline, not heeding, mis-translated, re-moves, mis conceiving, give in, give out, dis-embarrasses, mis reckon, sur mount, under-estimating, used up, evote, out done, dis counting, mis-deeming, becomes ratified, must not, up die, over-rates, dropped the ball, failing to notice, dis abuses, give a call, out-racing, passing up, out does, pre supposes, pre supposing, resign, is at cross purposes, mis translated, over look, barking wrong tree, put the air, Handing, re-leases, halt, takes wrongly, dis-burdening, missing point, art ordained, miss the point, trans fused, dis appeared, de-frayed, was at cross purposes, up-root, over-passes, missed by mile, pro mise, came to pass, re lays, dis-burses, gladden, mis apprehends, gave the brush, dis-continues, be-stowing, un loaded, disorganize, under-takes, heavehoing, lets fall between the cracks, gat wrong impression, de-parts, Trajected, dis regarding, are sanctioned, encourage, anger, in vest, wert at cross purposes, art confused, mis-estimates, put an end to, barked up wrong tree, passing on, relayed, out going, out laying, puts the air, Misconstrued, over estimates, wert unfair, giving call, de-part, mistranslates, falls flat face, gotten through, yield, be wrong, melting away, gave ring, mis took, went past, dis burses, dis cards, wast partial, forsake, dis-embarrassing, dis-torts, over rated, dis-charge, drop the ball, dis-carded, mis-calculates, under-rating, putting death, dis regarded, missed by a mile, bore, mis-apprehended, has no more, pays up, re move, shooting ahead of, de vote, heave-hoes, dis embarrass, putting on the air, wast cross purposes, dis-patch, mis spends, mis-apply, dis charges, take wrongly, were misled, un-loads, out-strips, free, took away, slip up, art bewildered, mis-conjectures, re moving, miscomprehends, getting signals crossed, sending out, mis-applies, overvalue, getting signals mixed, mis-construing, over-pass, misknew, are out of, being at cross purposes, under takes, be fall, mis-estimating, giving brush, gets signals mixed, come to close, came to hasty conclusion, being misled, mis-take, mis judging, in-stilling, leaves behind, handed on, mis known, out gone, casts away, wast bewildered, un load, comfort, mis-taking, overestimating, am established, out races, fail to notice, over value, melted away, please, be-stowed, sling, under-estimated, missing by mile, board, mis-know, assuage, re-fused, un-burden, mis-spend, mis-reckoned, were bewildered, liberate, under estimated, misconstrue, heave hoing, sur-mount, de-clines, am wrong, de fray, misknows, puts to death, becoming ratified, pro mises, under take, mis apprehended, were at cross purposes, delight, failed notice, were cleaned out, take amiss, re fuses, being established, pays down, comes pass, send forth, melts away, junked, comes a close, going wrong, gat through, out-distance, trans-fuse, whiled away, re-lays, payed no attention, putting to death, mis thought, mis used, de-parted, de cease, de clare, dis abuse, were overcritical, dis-solve, dis appearing, out-laying, running out, re-laid, sur mounted, am perplexed, upping and die, flubbing, letted have, gotten signals crossed, Traject, come a close, ups and die, overthrow, lackest, de-voting, dis solved, de-cease, bear off, got through, dropped note, dis-continued, mis-judged, de-creed, re pair, Outwent, is perplexed, left behind, re fused, art wrong, accumulate, go past, let slide, re-moving, gotten signals mixed, glides by, comes to hasty conclusion, soothe, forfeit, mis-conceiving, art overcritical, mis-thought, satisfy, recede, up rooting, defecates, comes to a close, mis translates, put foot in, fall behind, puts on the air, gives brush, dropped a line, be deprived of, was established, letted slide, Lacker, gratify, anteed up, be misled, mis judges, get wrong, go away, letting slide, mis reckoned, dis burdened, de ceases, push on, takes away, mis think, ex pending, de ceased, letting have, evoted, placate, mis-construed, refuse, over-estimated, needest, mis-calculating, go short, were out of, misses by a mile, Overvalued, under-values, ex-terminate, out-strip, gave brush, lose, bark up wrong tree, not registers, Idled, de livering, mis-spending, overvalues, overlook, annoy, in-vests, are bewildered, tosses out, ups die, wast wrong, under values, upping die, under-valuing, wert cross purposes, mis counted, shoot ahead of, out-shined, giving the brush, cash in chips, Defecating, re-lease, misunderstand, being perplexed, dis-charging, help, re-ached, missing the point, leaved undone, barking up wrong tree, dis-tort, over estimated, slips away, de frayed, de-livered, fell out, dis-solving, disarm, overpast, dis encumbers, mis understand, Dogmatized, springing for, be cleaned out, is wrong, dropped ball, out lay, takes amiss, mis estimate, re-paired, de-frays, more abstain, passed on, mis translate, mis-thinking, pre supposed, overestimates, diffuses, lets have, leaving out, come close, forefather, disallow, trans-lated, goes past, be sanctioned, is sanctioned, ex-changing, mis-comprehend, making free, out-does, mis conjecturing, aid, am unfair, unburdened, Misknow, re fusing, takes the wrong way, are established, pre-judging, dropping a note, dis patches, giving ring, let go, ex terminate, ex-changed, misknown, took wrong way, mistranslating, flies by, Misdeem, ex crete, outracing, hurl, came pass, dis-appeared, dis embarrassing, mis interprets, being partial, heave hoed, trans fuse, reject, over-estimating, mis spend, out-distances, dis tort, de-mises, conciliate, gave call, emit, being unfair, mis construed, mis-understand, over rating, are overcritical, ex terminating, over passing, wert out of, most abstain, understand, mis-construe, trans-pire, debark, retreat, hand on, over-look, gives a ring, mis judged, cashing chips, out racing, paid no attention, over-looks, voted in, dis patching, dis charging, dried up, out-race, wantest, mis understanding, being overcritical, under-taken, siphoned, mis-reading, took amiss, cashed in, mis-apprehending, mis apprehend, over passes, putting in, pre judging, am cross purposes, dis burden, put on, barks wrong tree, de-ceased, ex-pending, mis-conjecture, hath no more, coming to close, over estimate, out doing, ex-terminating, over rates, de mises, wastes away, up roots, trans late, mis conjectures, re lease, under taken, miss point, in-vest, un-burdening, wast overcritical, mis-deemed, de-fraying, over-rate, mis-conceive, mis taken, be-fell, misdeeming, de parting, being wrong, gives a call, mis-judging, be-fall, misapprehend, am cleaned out, was wrong, recant, in-stilled, slipping up, mis reading, sprung for, mis conceives, exterminates, dis encumbered, buys it, went beyond, drop a line, pass up, coming to a close, passes up, dropt line, grandfather, re-move, left undone, am ordained, Misthink, wert misled, makes free, up root, surrender, got wrong impression, leave, mis-reads, ex terminated, voting in, un burdens, out-shine, become law, become valid, drying up, dis burdens, repulse, running by, ex-terminates, tost out, casting away, un-burdened, toss out, dropt note, missing by a mile, are ordained, un burden, put on the air, mis-reckon, lull, misknowing, barks up wrong tree, in vests, re moved, dis continuing, out-did, go without, out-going, pre judged, handing on, un loads, not registered, outrace, under-rated, mis-conceived, heave hoes, art misled, Outgoes, letted go, junking, mis knew, parent, mis calculates, comes hasty conclusion, pre-supposing, dis appears, misses the point, over-valuing, fails notice, de-cline, de-voted, over-passing, out shine, mis interpreted, over valuing, upped die, re ached, mislay, art cross purposes, re-fuse, were confused, de clines, fail, re pairing, mis take, dis continue, whiling away, whiles away, wast perplexed, not register, misconceive, slipped away, out-done, antes up, dropping ball, un loading, trans-fusing, out distanced, quit, ancestor, forswear, make happy, tossing out, be cross purposes, evotes, dropt the ball, drop a note, under estimate, makes light of, came a close, mis taking, mis takes, father, sent out, shot ahead of, mis-conceives, art at cross purposes, be immune, fails to notice, drops a note, dis-continue, mis-construes, transmit, appease, letting pass, am bewildered, were established, sur-mounts, were unfair, mis know, took place, out-shining, Demised, mis-known, got signals crossed, wert ordained, mis-knows, pre-judges, mis-deem, sur-mounting, dis-abusing, kissing goodbye, de-livering, over-rated, is out of, wast at cross purposes, misthinking, desert, not registering, dis charge, be bewildered, Outgone, under rates, re-aching, art cleaned out, gets through, up-roots, de parts, wast sanctioned, dis-encumber, come to pass, mis-applied, send, dropping note, under rating, dis-regard, haddest none left, dis-solves, dis-encumbering, putting on air, is cleaned out, leaves out, leave out, over-shot, be confused, mis estimating, over-rating, be established, were perplexed, dis burdening, mis construe, Misconjecture, coughed up, depute, miss by a mile, came close, putting the air, pre suppose, go, is established, gliding by, am confused, coming pass, puts death, ex-crete, cashes in chips, relinquish, over looked, outlaying, being out of, dis embarrassed, give the brush, haddest no more, sends out, send out, de-ceases, cashing in chips, avoid, over values, dropping the ball, coughing up, coming hasty conclusion, put in, be partial, mis-read, coming to hasty conclusion, pre-judged, get off, took the wrong way, de-livers, diffused, heave ho, pro-mise, Misthought, over-estimates, mis-reckons, were ordained, becomes law, was out of, blew past, dis-patches, are cleaned out, being sanctioned, wast misled, sprang for, was unfair, made free, glided by, over-estimate, was cleaned out, dis regards, de-fray, misjudge, cashes chips, having no more, run out, pacify, become ratified, re leases, misperceive, over-looking, was overcritical, drops ball, overtake, sur mounting, put end to, wast cleaned out, was bewildered, throw away, put on air, hast no more, mis-deems, be at cross purposes, ex changes, dis appear, mis conceive, up-rooting, drops the ball, wanter, Miscomprehend, dis-appears, trans fuses, mismanage, dropping a line, dis carding, take wrong way, dry up, dis-abuse, mis-think, de-vote, have no more, drop note, be fell, melt away, re lay, up and die, leaves undone, not heed, shoots ahead of, mis-understands, de ceasing, out-lay, misdeemed, fall short, mis calculated, trajects, in vested, mis-took, de-parting, heave-hoing, mis comprehends, trans-fuses, mis using, ex pends, drop ball, comes close, fell flat face, in stilled, put air, ex celling, making light of, under taking, ex-pend, anted up, misses point, ex terminates, clear up, un-load, re-pair, dropped a note, dis-abused, mis comprehending, letting go, getting wrong impression, being bewildered, barked wrong tree, de votes, re fuse, give up, came to close, ex-pire, out distance, passing away, out strips, wast established, un burdening, outgo, mis reads, mis understands, gets wrong, mis deemed, dis-burden, gets wrong impression, dogmatizes, is ordained, dis solve, passed up, letted fall between cracks, be fallen, get through, mis-interprets, re laid, pre judges, dis continued, take place, dis-burse, dis-patching, abandon, give, under estimates, drops note, unfasten, go beyond, over-passed, discontinue, de livered, mis estimates, mis-spends, under-taking, up rooted, un-burdens, mis knows, runs by, dis continues, needer, over valued, let pass, gives call, dis counted, heavehoes, run by, votes in, retract, be stows, Overvaluing, having none left, explain, wert bewildered, pay up, drop line, are partial, quiet, unburdening, dropt a note, slipped up, Trajecting, wert perplexed, am out of, miscomprehending, dries up, dis-abuses, order, push, be stow, de parted, prevent, make light of, wert wrong, dis-regards, ex celled, out shined, buy it, failing notice, leave undone, dropped line, dis-embarrass, ex-celling, antecedent, mis knowing, de cree, be ordained, dis-appearing, mis-counts, trans-fused, miscounting, blowing past, carry away, mis translating, becoming valid, heavehoed, come to a close, were sanctioned, mis-comprehended, re pairs, taking wrong way, putting end to, mollify, expire, lets go, be perplexed, ran by, rejoice.