Took Steps

Pronunciation of Took Steps
/tˈʊk stˈɛps/, /tˈʊk stˈɛps/, /t_ˈʊ_k s_t_ˈɛ_p_s/

Synonyms for took steps:

act (verb)

accomplish, achieve, begin, carry on, carry out, consummate, cook, create, develop, enforce, execute, function, go about, intrude, labor, maneuver, move, officiate, operate, percolate, perk, perpetrate, persevere, persist, practice, preside, pursue, respond, serve, take effect, take part, undertake, work out, take up, knock off, go for broke, DO, go in for, make progress, go for it, do a number, do one's thing, get in there, go that route, go to town, take steps, transort.

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