Pronunciation of Persist
/p_ə_s_ˈɪ_s_t/, /pəsˈɪst/, /pəsˈɪst/

Antonyms for persist

causes to adopt, created anew, subside, suspend, assimilate to, re signed, in-cline, transplaces, re claim, speak haltingly, be come, pulling back, laid on table, changing position, take a break, de liberates, pro-tracts, move to and fro, de-tours, lays over, wast defective, re-ordered, de legates, tripped up, prorogues, filled for, being unable decide, de-pended, coming standstill, alters conviction, moves to and fro, sees the light, pro-roguing, ex-press, re builded, re invigorates, de bates, re constitutes, dis locates, sidelining, re-direct, turn the tables, up-ending, de bar, inactivates, came to standstill, Handing, post pones, hanged fire, not do, turn inside out, re-habilitate, in activating, was irresolute, re-ordering, lay on the table, dropping the ball, re turning, bow, lurch, Teetering, laying aside, acted reciprocally, fluffed, submit, were undecided, put on ice, Stammered, putting on shelf, hast done with, yo-yo, rises fall, de parting, over turning, volte-face, has done with, altering conviction, re deeming, inversed, fencestraddle, dropt the ball, re claims, inverses, succumb, re building, ebb flow, leave, dropt ball, detoured, re constructed, pro-vide, laying table, pro long, in-verse, pro viding, de bars, volte-facing, comes standstill, wigglewaggles, be-come, assimilates to, saw light, whiffles, ebbs flow, was unable to decide, dropping ball, being dilatory, trans plants, post pone, fluctuate, Floundered, pause, de parts, was born again, surrender, de-pends, moves fro, halt, dis-patch, break it up, act reciprocally, inter-changes, change in to, pro tract, give run around, lead to believe, re-located, re-legates, inter change, cease, zigzags, lay over, inactivating, are pendent, de-part, re legate, pussyfooting around, wert undecided, changes of heart, turns inside out, acts reciprocally, puts stop to, create anew, shies away, rehabbing, wast reluctant, yo yo, breaks it up, lays aside, took a breather, re invigorate, re-locates, ebbed and flow, give over, in versed, trans posed, re locates, dis continues, YOYO, re-habilitating, move fro, pro-longs, re-stores, wast unable to decide, caused to adopt, thinks about, wert born again, passes on, de-tracts, playing waiting game, de part, ebb, re invigorated, art unable decide, reintegrating, gives over, de-laying, Wigwagging, re-constructs, putting hold, hangs down, de-tract, trans ported, up sets, come standstill, dis patching, Paused, re claiming, with-held, were irresolute, putting on back burner, hanged up, bobbled, putting shelf, inter changed, drags ones feet, re-invigorated, grew into, Zigzagged, reintegrated, re-coiled, ex pressed, passes in to, substitute, ex-changing, dragged one's feet, de tracts, re news, changed heart, creates anew, re-turned, assimilated to, re stored, give up, up-turning, de-bars, laying on the table, reintegrates, rise fall, drags one feet, de livered, drag feet, lay table, hangs fire, moving to fro, re turns, gave run around, re habilitates, leads to believe, hang down, re-instating, speaks haltingly, go up down, redirects, letted slide, see light, changes in to, was pendent, de-bate, de bating, re-integrate, be unable decide, re peats, am unable decide, give in, re locate, fence-straddle, de parted, downlinked, dis-continue, over turn, re lapsing, calls time, putting back burner, be reluctant, hang fire, dis patched, pro-vides, re-channeling, goes and down, re-deems, take five, falter, reconstitutes, wert indecisive, catch ones breath, de-liberating, laid table, puts on ice, fencestraddling, going up down, re fashion, dis locate, yield, playing a waiting game, re-stored, inversing, re orders, is undecided, art unable to decide, dis continued, trans-place, de-barred, come to standstill, caused adopt, pro-rogues, re-invigorates, de-touring, puts a stop to, discontinue, speaking haltingly, re-coils, being unwilling, be dilatory, re directing, brake it up, dragged ones feet, re-turns, re-coiling, trans-places, be born again, de bate, de livering, hem haw, up-turned, are unable to decide, yoyoing, re deem, takes a break, de liver, de-lay, art dilatory, re habilitate, rise and fall, coming and go, coming to standstill, lurching, shied away, sur cease, re-signed, up turned, wert dilatory, moves and fro, reconstituted, takes break, grow into, drag one's feet, dis-patched, intermit, were indecisive, re-arranges, take ten, stub toe, yo yoing, dis-locate, followed turn, re channelled, ran hot and cold, sheers, waver, moved fro, wert reluctant, re vising, be unwilling, sidelined, hadst done with, re constitute, dropped the ball, re trace, took break, deeded, changed mind, changed into, Sheered, rises and fall, re signs, come and go, having done with, re lapses, refashion, changes into, lays table, re instating, de toured, dis-continues, de lays, changed position, being irresolute, play a waiting game, de-livered, de barring, am born again, wiggle-waggling, re-trace, re-news, switching over, ex change, fence-straddled, re-covers, runs hot and cold, shilly shally, ebb and flow, in activated, put shelf, taking a breather, comes go, voltefaced, catch breath, re fashions, reorders, causing adopt, wast born again, saw the light, filling for, comes and go, rehabilitate, be coming, refashions, filling in for, taking five, wigglewaggle, were unwilling, re-directed, hang back, lay aside, re legates, re storing, re coiled, dis-located, swishing, terminate, put on the shelf, dis-continuing, putting on the shelf, put back burner, pro-long, face about, in cline, coming go, fence-straddles, passed on, wiggle-waggles, hath done with, see the light, laid on the table, re-build, am unwilling, blow hot cold, end, taxis, over turns, gave over, about facing, de-legate, take breather, detouring, am unable to decide, re-locating, be-came, diversify, Whiffled, pass in to, flipflopping, changes mind, reordering, die, ex-pressing, re-established, de-livers, moved to fro, wast unwilling, wast undecided, wigwags, put on hold, changes heart, taxiing, with held, fence straddle, re-channelling, de-bates, ex changing, sits fence, play waiting game, takes five, putting end to, changed in to, upended, dis patches, thinking twice, de barred, passed into, moving fro, turn, art defective, de liberated, re integrate, with-hold, passed in to, think twice, wast indecisive, re-deeming, be-coming, undulate, dis locating, flip-flopping, am undecided, dis continue, fill in for, pass, lays on table, deeding, re sting, re established, be irresolute, fills for, makes good, being indecisive, de-tour, re channeling, ex press, puts ice, putting ice, lead believe, re-constitute, thought about, was unwilling, switched over, sur ceased, re new, re-constructing, puts on hold, redirect, de-liberated, laid the table, leading to believe, wast dilatory, drops ball, Re-turn, thought twice, sur-cease, drop the ball, putting stop to, de-parting, up ended, swished, faced about, swishes, finish, re directs, re fashioning, re channelling, laid over, re-lapsed, puts on back burner, causes adopt, yoyos, run hot and cold, pro rogue, Whiffle, re-builds, fence straddling, de tours, up-setting, was reluctant, were dilatory, downlinking, re constituting, re-arranged, was indecisive, taxi, growing in to, scruple, re arranged, re-cover, rechannels, trans pose, de lay, being unable to decide, being reluctant, forget, re-locate, re integrates, put end to, with-holds, flipflopped, de touring, passes into, up-set, turned the tables, was defective, sat on fence, re-channeled, re-new, de laying, rising fall, was dilatory, voltefacing, laid aside, dis-continued, move and fro, stubbed toe, re builds, change, Transplacing, run hot cold, were unable to decide, let slide, re locating, inter changing, re establish, quit, trans-planted, in verse, am reluctant, rising and fall, putting on hold, goes up down, facing about, fencestraddles, laying on table, re-integrates, causing to adopt, re-traces, ex-changed, dis located, being born again, in activates, over-turning, change position, de-pending, de-bar, am irresolute, went up and down, moving to and fro, lay on table, being undecided, oscillate, going up and down, am dilatory, plays a waiting game, puts an end to, yo-yoing, yo yoed, changing into, re lapsed, are dilatory, fill for, reorder, turn tables, break, hanged down, sit fence, wobble, changes position, re-vise, re-constituting, re-deem, trans places, de-bated, in activate, re-lapses, putting on ice, re-signs, pro-longed, wane, art reluctant, switch over, re-claimed, re channels, wert irresolute, puts the shelf, in-versed, re-building, up set, signs over, lapse, are born again, fluffing, re located, re vise, fence-straddling, tripping up, acting reciprocally, re-instate, put on back burner, pro-rogued, de tour, exchange, de-lays, up turn, re furbished, Introverting, re-builded, Prorogued, inactivate, dithering, handed, is reluctant, drops the ball, post-pones, re channel, are unwilling, changing of heart, is unable to decide, Shunting, art indecisive, re-invigorating, rechanneling, put an end to, bobbles, de-bating, volte-faces, re covering, ebbing and flow, re-furbished, inactivated, up setting, de-pend, alternate, hooking up, re-channel, re channeled, sat fence, drags feet, re-constitutes, abate, be pendent, re-directing, put a stop to, trans-planting, is unwilling, turning inside out, come go, were born again, stopped briefly, inter-changing, pro-vided, re-constituted, Transplace, re coils, assimilating to, trip up, re-arrange, re habilitated, am pendent, wiggle-waggle, yo-yos, puts end to, in-activates, passing on, are undecided, cause adopt, trips up, upturning, ebbs and flow, yoyoed, re-channelled, be indecisive, art born again, running hot cold, wiggle waggle, up turning, pro longs, up ends, Everted, de pends, be defective, took ten, laying over, goes up and down, de-liberate, re-directs, breaking it up, go up and down, Proselyted, pro rogues, is unable decide, yo-yoed, with hold, laying the table, took a break, art irresolute, were pendent, re instated, wert unwilling, following turn, re order, desist, de-liver, pro vide, is defective, commute, wave, in-activating, pull back, changing heart, Intermitted, running hot and cold, de-barring, turning the tables, be comes, re furbishes, stopping briefly, pro longing, put the shelf, art undecided, dithered, came standstill, stop, transfer, about faced, came and go, de legate, wast pendent, Shunted, inter changes, trans planted, stammer, sur-ceases, stop briefly, re-establish, top-pled, re direct, re-establishes, re-sting, re instate, with holding, re ordering, ran hot cold, stubbing toe, de-liberates, stopt briefly, reintegrate, ebbed flow, putting the shelf, re signing, pass on, is pendent, growing into, re-orders, trans-plants, dis-locating, change into, rechannelled, Hesitated, put ice, played waiting game, rechannelling, re lapse, re-peats, re-fashion, convert, rechannel, sur-ceased, re arranges, alter conviction, fence straddles, ex changes, trans-posing, dragging feet, pro roguing, dis-patching, altered conviction, changing mind, dis patch, de pended, hesitate, being defective, spake haltingly, re turn, puts on the shelf, wast unable decide, changing in to, voltefaces, de-parts, de tract, wiggle waggles, being pendent, be unable to decide, intermits, re-instates, puts on shelf, turning tables, pussyfoot around, drag one feet, were unable decide, re arranging, led believe, re establishing, taking ten, up-sets, de bated, re-peat, dragged feet, creating anew, seeing light, leading believe, lays the table, shillyshally, re vised, sur-ceasing, re cover, wiggle waggling, over-turn, lays on the table, re-turning, close, making good, sitting on fence, up turns, putting a stop to, thinks twice, led to believe, bobble, re fashioned, re-arranging, followed in turn, be-comes, pro tracts, hanging up, dragging one's feet, in-versing, change heart, re peat, broke it up, call time, re-invigorate, dis-locates, re-order, de-toured, had done with, re-lapsing, have done with, re-habilitated, re-covered, pro-viding, take a breather, procrastinate, in-clines, wast irresolute, are indecisive, shunt, refashioning, dilly dally, put stop to, rechanneled, moves to fro, pro vides, is dilatory, wigwag, gives run around, dragging ones feet, trans place, leads believe, wert defective, pussyfooted around, upending, top pled, lay the table, giving run around, are reluctant, art unwilling, be came, up-turns, drags one's feet, turns tables, sur ceases, dragging one feet, puts shelf, wert unable decide, spoke haltingly, are irresolute, shy away, re-tracing, yo yos, everting, taking break, giving the run around, give the run around, pinkslip, stops briefly, redirected, switches over, dropped ball, volte facing, flip flopping, is indecisive, turned tables, with holds, are defective, upend, came go, change mind, re-furbish, am defective, up-turn, pro-tract, sees light, think about, trans-placed, prorogue, dis continuing, hanging fire, trans placing, pulled back, vacillate, re constituted, re directed, thinking about, hanging down, in-activate, re establishes, de pending, catch one breath, re coil, re-coil, pro vided, drag ones feet, evert, de-parted, drop ball, re build, re claimed, de pend, are unable decide, took five, in-activated, trans-plant, hang up, about face, hook up, moved to and fro, Re sign, Whiffling, were defective, bobbling, upends, comes to standstill, ex pressing, de liberating, go, Wigwagged, inter-change, Proroguing, called time, reconstituting, re invigorating, pro-longing, wert unable to decide, de-livering, EVERTS, transpose, went and down, re-fashioning, de livers, re covered, cause to adopt, shift, moderate, hooks up, invert, Intermitting, re-covering, filled in for, playing for time, grow in to, rose fall, re-vised, re stores, re-integrating, sit on fence, go and down, dis-patches, re-vising, re-lapse, re-furbishes, up-ended, re coiling, were reluctant, re constructs, make good, turns the tables, put on shelf, changed of heart, hung fire, re deemed, re store, puts hold, wiggle-waggled, passing in to, art pendent, Sheering, was undecided, put hold, sitting fence, Zigzagging, re construct, grew in to, be undecided, re-legate, refashioned, going and down, up-ends, in clines, re-storing, dragged one feet, taking a break, follows in turn, letting slide, went up down, rehabbed, de-legates, puts back burner, de liberate, stubs toe, trans-pose, re-integrated, wigglewaggled, re-channels, re-traced, re-furbishing.