Pronunciation of Do
/dˈuː/, /dˈuː/, /d_ˈuː/

Antonyms for DO

fence sitting, flew in the face of, hold on, chokes off, is supported, be loose, un shut, being mid air, oversets, re-butted, hits brakes, giving heave ho, un fixed, give the ax, dis agreeing, re-versed, stopt over, is seated on, puts the lid on, un-ravel, were loose, were in mid-air, goes on wagon, all owing, loses time, give rain check, stood aside, mis-firing, leaved alone, drags one's feet, stopt briefly, un-fastens, re solves, dis-continued, dis qualifies, sitting one's butt, keep at arms length, hitting the brakes, laying over, re signing, kissing off, be upheld, take ten, resign, cancelling out, putting on the cuff, pretermit, put the lid on, sees alley, dis frocking, re calling, Experiencing, got wagon, quit cold turkey, putting damper on, backwatering, gave the run around, cancel out, un-ravelled, keeping shirt on, art dilatory, Pensioned, de barring, plays a waiting game, puts the cuff, moving backwards, declares null and void, submitted to, Snowing, mis placed, turned back, holds everything, re-tire, lays aside, call it a day, in-validated, re-side, saves it, come to end, lie down on job, hath done with, mis-behaves, reduce speed, poohpooh, sate up for, be over, brings to naught, see in the alley, goes to pot, keep distance, going the wagon, run its course, gives heave ho, art temperate, dis prove, was in mid-air, holding the phone, re-solves, de-lays, give, un-fixes, parted from, divorces oneself from, Proroguing, be inert, de-camps, over passing, lied low, blowing off, settles down, dis-allowed, be in mid air, is in mid air, not heed, sitting on butt, is negligent, topping off, de clines, sits up for, taking break, de livered, were quiet, rescheduled, bumming around, art fastened, putting up with, hangs onto your hat, de faults, scrounges around, re schedules, diddle-daddling, over-rule, keeps from, re-lease, dis-affirming, be mid air, de-pose, beat around the bush, pro pose, re duces, de-pressed, scrounging around, piddles, dis-qualify, called a day, mis-fires, quits cold, went on the wagon, dismiss, queered, dis-regards, were dependent, table, lies by, gets the wagon, commence, see the alley, sticking around, wash out, fence-sitting, art in mid air, going to seed, keeping at arm length, de train, plays waiting game, divorced oneself from, give notice, re pealing, discourage, giving a rain check, left hanging, slack off, slacks off, dis missing, being in midair, un closed, up-ended, re served, up-setting, taking time out, turning back, moves backwards, am behind, takes five, dis-claiming, slacking off, un closing, be based, give the heave ho, re pulsed, un lock, Snaking, adioses, slow down, re solve, mis fire, By-pass, lie low, thinks little of, was founded, gotten hook, dropped away, re-duce, caving in, trans place, sits for, holding bay, letted out, put a cork in, detrained, leaving alone, re tires, was at ease, wastes one, be founded, dis-counts, art mid-air, mothballing, out fox, calling it quits, was alienated from, are in mid air, taking law into own hands, abide, sitting one butt, not do, being unoccupied, pro-posing, forgetting about, was slothful, over leaping, filibustered, stop over, ultimates, undershoots, re tract, divorced from, call time, gotten done, negate, stiffed, lay down on job, Unclosed, gains time, re-volt, Scanted, keep going, beats around bush, hang, settled down, gave notice, re main, taking it easy, came an end, unbends, washed hands of, un loosening, went seed, dis-frock, un-lock, dis-entangled, lose strength, clamped down on, inter-feres, signs off, go on wagon, Snaked, de-tains, dis-card, being negligent, about face, unstopping, touching down, fall flat on face, re sided, ceases work, laying away, in activated, giving trust, lie down job, is temperate, remands, being derelict, takes the pledge, wast contingent, bringing to an end, called day, un wrap, deselecting, were contingent, submits to, took one time, re-pulses, stayed up for, brought to an end, going on wagon, sur ceases, gives a rain check, de faulting, unlaxes, post-pones, am based, diddle-daddled, hanged onto your hat, turn the tables, stopped cold, art pendent, keeps at arm length, refresh oneself, un-loads, de crease, dis qualify, ratting, are temperate, defer, was inert, keeps arm length, retardate, warming chair, un-buttoning, de-posing, makes waves, beats around the bush, gave the ax, turns away, sit fence, puts end to, de-stroy, hanged loose, saw in the alley, not lift a fingered, un-done, be lazy, dis owned, dis courages, comes to standstill, counter-acted, dropped ball, wert inactive, giving in trust, miss, un-wind, move out of, kicks over, dis-mantles, go away from, letting slip, bringing naught, standing by, gave in trust, are fastened, un wind, mis-carry, back watering, being alienated from, sat on fence, begin, nosedived, re maining, re cessed, prevent, move backwards, fore-going, de-posits, brings to screeching halt, shuffling off, was mid air, leave town, brings standstill, break short, dis-claims, un-bending, Bevelled, stretching out, re strain, leaved flat, downing, clamping down on, de press, separated oneself from, trip up, falls flat on face, un bended, re-cessing, sate one butt, disarrange, lie in wait, de posits, dis-affirmed, loses steam, under going, art seated on, hand resignation, cease fire, de sert, gets no place fast, takes cure, pulls plug, fence sit, re strains, passed up, take it easy, gives over, fill time, sitting the fence, drowses, put hold, unfixed, over-leaped, upending, ceased work, holds bay, pre-ceding, art contingent, de liberates, wasted one, falling short, sate on ones butt, de cays, kept at arm length, sits ones hands, lies down, moved out, art derelict, drop ball, brings screeching halt, un-bends, standing down, fills time, fore-sees, sits one's butt, dis-embarks, hanging onto hat, dis missed, dis-charged, is irresponsible, dis proved, took a breather, in-vested, bummed around, shillyshally, looked other way, un-wrapping, art indolent, wert founded, un settles, be remiss, got the hook, held everything, putting on ice, detrain, ex-changing, be-lying, be behind, de parted, having nothing to do with, over-sets, give go by, sat up for, sit one butt, coming to an end, ex changing, takes the cure, end service, go wagon, cancels out, putting hold, dis-missing, de-creases, out-smarted, stopping short, sits on one's hands, drops ball, bring to screeching halt, quit, sitting out, wert alienated from, were inert, slow, take easy, winding down, staid up, brought naught, un loading, disfrocks, nosedove, coming to standstill, stopping over, turning tables, un-closes, laugh off, withhold, comes to an end, sate the fence, see in alley, un fix, embogging, was based, dis-affirm, keeps shirt on, dis employs, un lax, leave flat, skipped out on, bided one time, pre-vented, were midair, de-posed, slowed down, re-signed, de frocking, in-activate, dis-allowing, bring to naught, bring end, pro-longs, re-sided, pro longs, unbent, compose oneself, gloss over, took the pledge, making waves, take a break, play for time, wast careless, fore seen, was behind, Furloughing, wert poised, sat one's butt, took nap, puts stop to, takes it easy, dis-owning, was irresponsible, re versed, are pendent, pack in, turns tables, re-cessed, wast temperate, leave high dry, stays for, sate around, flip flopped, put on back burner, kick over, are unoccupied, sate one's butt, bring an end, un fasten, de part, leave, packs in, stood by, under estimate, am careless, gets around, de lay, mis fires, leaves hanging, taking one time, denied oneself, kicked the habit, takes life easy, taking a nap, stunting, hit brakes, flying in face of, de pose, hast nothing do with, un locking, glossed over, un-tying, over-leaping, taking oath, go seed, broke short, diddledaddling, biding ones time, post-pone, bringing to naught, de fraud, un-frocking, played a waiting game, sewed up, with held, sat on one's butt, handing resignation, lied down job, de-faulted, looking forward to, dis-mantled, wert quiet, letting go, put on the shelf, over-turning, is careless, dropt anchor, un binds, re-legates, thought little of, stopped briefly, cave in, stall, kept waiting, re-moving, got on the wagon, left town, is comfortable, forgat about, came end, hold phone, upended, with hold, un-shuts, de-bar, out-foxing, drop away, takes law into own hands, pro rogue, take cure, over sets, be alienated from, pinkslip, de-tain, dis-frocks, brought to end, Welch, crack down on, lay over, refreshed oneself, over-turn, warmed a chair, be dilatory, dis regarding, over-ruling, was temperate, put shelf, stood off, re mained, make waves, quits cold turkey, leave alone, art comfortable, part from, be late for, quitting cold, wert in mid air, re-strains, de-liberates, de frauds, un stop, evaginated, shilly shally, cracked down on, mis-place, de bar, loses strength, dis solving, unstops, re-calls, close down, Overpassing, were at ease, slouch, gave heave ho, piddle, plunk down, idles, gives notice, de faulted, wert late for, think little of, in-activated, create, cork up, kept shirt on, re-signs, dis affirms, dis-agreeing, settling down, downed, wast at ease, corks up, going to pot, art careless, anchors it, wast poised, dis-proves, mis carried, de selecting, laughing away, lets go, de-posit, de-selected, adjourn, meets with, in validating, gave the ship, de rides, go counter to, de-feats, blots out, fore sees, sit butt, is remiss, switches off, dis-entangles, de-plane, reschedule, Negativing, were late for, passes up, re-clines, not minds, un-stop, dis charges, over leaps, un did, calls it day, de presses, un-doing, holding over, disemploying, fore-see, pays no attention to, composing oneself, dis claim, were derelict, comes end, canceling out, shlepping along, let slide, dis-carded, plays for time, under went, re verse, keep arm's length, pass up, Prorogued, breaks short, get off the hook, looking for, unfrocks, wert contingent, de planes, blew whistle on, sit the fence, de clare, undergo, lying down on job, go to seed, de-pones, dis-places, un-winding, bringing an end, counter-act, kept one distance, puts on the shelf, un bent, sitting on ones butt, un-winds, sat on the fence, inter changed, parts from, turns thumbs down, holding on, look for, mis place, re buffs, de bars, hanged onto hat, meeting under arch, caves in, lied wait, re pulsing, re-duces, dis-employ, keeps back, touched down, nixed, hang out, swear off, stop short, de-pending, lay the table, refreshing oneself, un-loosened, art lazy, were ease, un button, throw towel, get on wagon, bide one time, de liberate, undershot, sits butt, dis proving, de-pressing, be lying, un loose, dis-obeyed, breaking rules, kept distance, having nothing do with, warmed chair, bringing to end; leave unfinished, keeping distance, in-vesting, un-derwent, un-raveled, Pretermitting, bides one's time, getting off the hook, am dependent, get hook, de liberated, goes to seed, dis-allows, wert ease, were unoccupied, de-frock, bringing to screeching halt, pre vents, nose-dive, come to a standstill, un-loosen, dis claims, wert fastened, de select, putting on back burner, bag it, slows up, bagging it, dis continued, giving the heave-ho, ex-tended, comes standstill, takes time out, took a break, Scanting, kicked habit, dis qualified, trans-pose, goes away from, walked out, un done, deplanes, put an end to, play a waiting game, passes time, nose-dives, fore going, was negligent, kept at arm's length, submitting to, cracks down on, bringing to end, dis-employs, shelf, sweat it, over thrown, handing in resignation, sate butt, sticks around, gotten the hook, ex tends, blow whistle on, post pones, are inactive, stiffing, dis card, de-liberated, un-fix, lays on table, de posited, re butted, packing in, throw in towel, lying in wait, getting on the wagon, over looked, re butting, passing up, dropping the ball, running its course, over-steps, in fringe, re-pealed, dis regarded, dis frock, Hesitated, dis-proved, un-binds, art slothful, sate on one's hands, de-scend, dis allowing, cuts it out, corking up, turned tables, inter fere, de posed, rising arms, not minded, put back burner, un wraps, de-feat, un shutting, in versed, de-presses, dis-honor, stood down, let pass, pre-cedes, dis-tills, put aside, puts a stop to, re tired, re-treating, bringing standstill, brake it up, anchored it, is loose, bide ones time, re-sides, fly face of, ex-changed, sits around, keep one's distance, re-buffs, sitting on one's hands, is pendent, gat around, rendering null and void, mis-fire, de-livers, under estimates, unbuilding, am upheld, post pone, break it up, lay table, am late for, de-cay, lies low, throws in towel, drag feet, bums around, ceasing fire, laid the table, mis behaves, being lazy, adiosing, putting the shelf, hangs onto hat, went away from, bide time, embogs, thought twice, unfixing, call it day, divorcing from, blowing whistle on, Disemploy, got off hook, evert, dis solved, re-serves, un frocked, taking law in to own hands, pulled plug, in-vest, re-dressed, blows off, moved backwards, catch ones breath, drags ones feet, leaves flat, stays up, was remiss, pre venting, fore-saw, let out, pulled the plug, gave the heaveho, dis mantling, biding time, pro-longed, dis honored, with-stands, re fusing, dis agreed, hold the phone, shuffles off, hitting brakes, giving heaveho, sits on one's butt, take walk, deposit, get wagon, gets hook, inches along, trans-place, was quiet, re press, flew the face of, de-frocks, re treats, am comfortable, Overpassed, dis-mantling, sur rendering, overleaping, counter-checks, un-loosed, overleaps, mis fired, postpone, dragged feet, dis-embark, calling it day, gave over, un-blocks, keeps arm's length, dis-solving, holds on, seeing alley, gave a rain check, inter-change, broke it up, dis-continue, dropping ball, not lift a fingering, come end, de-selects, offer, dis frocks, Pretermitted, inter cept, keep one distance, hang it up, in-validate, de scends, were seated on, staid up for, shuffle off, re-butting, lose speed, un-fastening, be temperate, were mid-air, dis-regarding, under gone, inactivate, plunks down, blowing the whistle on, un-buttoned, boots out, gat no place fast, dis-regarded, loiter, evaginate, lounging around, give the run around, un fixt, EVERTS, gives run around, out smarted, are comfortable, packed in, were behind, dis-solves, de plane, de-frocking, diddle daddled, un-seating, back waters, by-passed, dragged one feet, de-clare, un load, de-parts, re-treats, flying the face of, refreshes oneself, goes seed, counter-checked, un ravel, canceled out, counter checked, dis entangle, give up, sitting down, are contingent, sticked around, de testing, come an end, stands down, keeping going, dis solves, Snowed, dis-agree, being mid-air, de-scending, re legate, ex changes, are seated on, give heaveho, wert upheld, intermits, hands in resignation, gives walking papers, give the heave-ho, wast supported, gives ax, sate on the fence, laid away, are over, left holding bag, give heave ho, art negligent, ex-tends, un-locks, switch off, in-fringed, inter-cept, de-camping, uncloses, gets on wagon, laugh away, is founded, dis-courages, re-pulsing, dis courage, undershooting, getting hook, putting ice, flipflopping, paying no attention to, un-load, not did, dis continues, lied still, beat around bush, calls it a day, lies down on job, eased up, standing around, de posing, reduces speed, rest, is dilatory, putting the cuff, art unoccupied, closed off, brought to standstill, not finish, Drowsed, taking walk, deny oneself, dis engaged, trans-places, dropt the ball, re-pose, laughed away, be irresponsible, lay on the table, puts on hold, hanged up, de-parting, diddle daddles, shlepped along, gave rain check, reining in, dis honor, falls short, hangs it up, dis-qualified, giving the ship, vegetate, sat ones butt, leaved high and dry, blew off, kept arms length, wast in mid-air, de-frauds, splay, rendered null and void, lays over, hanging onto your hat, being upheld, bringing an end; leave unfinished, lost sight of, re-scheduled, leave holding the bag, Transplacing, nose dives, Intermitted, come a standstill, brings to end; leave unfinished, plunking down, give a rain check, dis affirmed, giving up the ship, throws towel, gets done, were careless, left high and dry, fence sits, was in midair, looked for, laid over, un-wound, pre cede, was pendent, un-stopping, counter-acts, un buttoning, reined in, sets aside, bides time, gotten off the hook, waste one, brings end, dis-honors, art upheld, wast mid-air, dis-honored, lay low, run out on, puts damper on, pro-tracts, dis-claimed, leave hanging, over-looking, got the wagon, deplaned, taking ones time, setting aside, play waiting game, rises in arms, wast dilatory, mis carrying, out-smarts, un block, fall flat face, going wagon, un-settling, bring to end, cracking down on, are slothful, flip flopping, embogged, disorganize, Bevelling, in vested, stand down, laying on table, standing off, turn away, fail, Bogging, Sauntered, un-builds, be-lied, pro posing, took five, giving over, re-pressing, leaved town, overshoot, holds phone, un-bended, lay wait, gotten wagon, stopped short, un shuts, over-throws, fence-sit, closes off, are based, overpast, sit ones butt, Inched, puts back, mothballs, lay aside, dis-till, re-legate, being dilatory, leave out, in-fringe, signing off, re-dress, stop dead, giving up ship, am negligent, counter-check, were slothful, hath nothing do with, fore-seen, in-fringes, dis-counted, warming a chair, handed in resignation, ran its course, filling time, leaving holding the bag, drags one feet, am slothful, leaves holding the bag, throws in the towel, takes law in to own hands, overleaped, sit on ones hands, lag, mis-behaved, gave the go by, dropt ball, giving the heaveho, lie down, hits the brakes, de feats, over-hanging, putting a stop to, mis-fired, de lays, with drawing, un-close, lets slide, are at ease, in-validating, re peal, Roosting, wast upheld, Remanding, sat on one hands, trans placing, think twice, calls day, not trouble oneself, with-draw, paid no mind, sur renders, taking five, inactivates, come to an end, over stepped, easing up, overleapt, art in midair, be in midair, dis-employing, separating from, closing off, un-fixed, de stroys, in cline, keeping waiting, re-fused, retardated, being based, bode one's time, Inching, by-passing, fore saw, took easy, sit on one's hands, with stand, dragging one's feet, re sides, sat on butt, slowing down, de selected, sur cease, be dependent, moves out, re-fuse, re-leased, putting shelf, fore went, out foxing, turning away, part with, de-liberate, dis mantled, Disemployed, in validate, sloughing off, are dilatory, hold off, sidelined, sat on one's hands, rose arms, give walking papers, art alienated from, not lift fingering, ex pire, be quiet, left alone, out maneuvered, are ease, drags feet, gat the hook, lets pass, is ease, holds over, Pensioning, sate on one butt, bottomed, over pass, spun out, being pendent, kick habit, sits on one hands, turn tables, under-went, over-reaches, giving warning, de frocks, bags it, am supported, taking time, takes ones time, leaves town, losing steam, am quiet, un-ravels, de-clines, flies the face of, lying low, fore-gone, de-camp, coming a standstill, nosediving, make light of, de scend, am over, dis carded, nose-dove, puts back burner, denying oneself, getting the hook, call day, set down, be honest, over-looks, counter check, stops cold, in-validates, not lift a fingers, look forward to, tunes out, got off the hook, art remiss, Unfix, dis-regard, de-laying, took a nap, trans-placed, holds the phone, left flat, turns the tables, cool it, puts on back burner, pro tracts, leaving town, stay for, brings to end, re tracts, re volutions, de-camped, keeping back, are alienated from, blotted out, un buttoned, un-tied, signed off, bring to an end, de cay, being at ease, be mid-air, not moving, Unstop, slough off, refrain, keeping arm length, over shot, un fixes, un blocks, letted down flaps, de-stroys, sat fence, de creasing, with-drawn, packing it in, let slip, end, filled time, left high dry, re lax, ended service, throwing in towel, stand by, over-passed, loses speed, not listens, un ravelling, glossing over, kicked over, re-strain, sur-render, wert loose, has nothing do with, gives notice to, lose steam, wert inert, played for time, sur-renders, re-lying, shlep along, being in mid-air, drag one feet, haddest done with, Counterchecking, goes counter to, gives the run around, warms a chair, with stands, un raveled, de scended, flying face of, un loosed, art over, dis affirming, give ship, taking cure, wast indolent, un settle, dis charging, up-ends, plumping, stocking up, over-reach, keep shirt on, defrocked, comes an end, de camped, going on the wagon, reduced speed, eases off, dis owning, dis-tilled, bagged it, wast in midair, turn around, gotten on wagon, put damper on, give the go by, re dressing, brought an end; leave unfinished, refraining from, over shooting, dis-proving, putting end to, ex tending, reins in, be careless, throws the towel, re-dresses, deselected, came a standstill, composed oneself, backwater, hung onto your hat, broke rules, wast inert, made light of, under-estimating, dragging ones feet, sit on fence, dis entangled, cutting it out, Roosted, backwatered, stop cold, with-stand, rose in arms, putting on cuff, out maneuver, taking nap, laid aside, dis charged, had nothing do with, comes a standstill, am lazy, re strained, un-blocking, mis laying, came to a standstill, knock around, re-calling, put the shelf, put lid on, keep arms length, art midair, called time, ceasing work, stopped dead, quitted cold, counter acts, take the oath, wert in midair, flies in the face of, de-pone, sets down, in activate, getting done, re pulses, goes wagon, re dresses, art at ease, up set, keep at arm length, re-peals, kissed off, art dependent, not listening, putting lid on, dawdle, saved it, put a stop to, wast over, eases up, keeping ones distance, went counter to, turns back, running out on, dis continuing, lays table, being in mid air, were negligent, re calls, lies still, nose-diving, dragging one feet, brings an end, sitting on fence, stopt dead, playing for time, de-cays, un winds, in-versing, inter change, de-livered, not lift fingered, take a breather, trans pose, lazies, give the gate, detrains, sign off, flies down, staying up, kept arm's length, wast unoccupied, comes to end, dis places, looked forward to, were pendent, pro-roguing, took the cure, back-watered, seeing in the alley, gat the wagon, stays up for, take a nap, fencesit, mis behaved, over turn, is dependent, nixing, letting out, over-throw, see alley, going away, re-strict, backwaters, ends service, de-creased, de-clares, un loosened, re-volutions, goldbrick, packs it in, counterchecks, over reaches, give up the ship, submit to, un wrapping, are indolent, pull plug, over-leaps, lies down job, takes walk, paying no mind, were temperate, gives the heave ho, inter feres, sit for, de-faulting, re clines, dis allowed, in-stall, putting stop to, un-fasten, over throwing, inter-changing, de stroyed, lounge around, drop, sit hands, mis-lay, was unoccupied, wert careless, sur-cease, re signs, sees in alley, are behind, keeping arms length, un-build, wert dilatory, Strolled, over turns, saw alley, de tains, cooled it, wert over, over-leap, art inactive, held over, Disfrock, ending service, lying by, pre ceding, stands still, pooh pooh, not listened, re fuse, sits one hands, lays on the table, catch one breath, undershoot, dis-employed, kicking the habit, waive, lazying, puts forward, stay up, gets off hook, swore off, are derelict, dis qualifying, in vests, kicking over, lost strength, art inert, sit around, rein in, unfrock, dis counted, diddledaddle, dusting off, mis behaving, declared null void, washes out, switching off, over-shooting, un-frocked, un bind, re-volts, sits down, in-vests, leaves holding bag, was seated on, takes a break, re posed, getting the wagon, lay in wait, is behind, bring to standstill, went backwards, un looses, de scending, sate on one hands, took the oath, wast seated on, lied down on job, mis-placing, sit one's butt, easing off, dis-cards, be indolent, over reached, separates oneself from, over passed, is alienated from, wast pendent, be contingent, un-shut, de-livering, un locked, dis-agrees, playing waiting game, disturb, recline, hold over, wert comfortable, wert behind, wasting one, plumps, giving ship, tooled, giving rain check, un ravelled, denies oneself, un-loosens, sitting on one's butt, sitting on ones hands, abandon, de-pended, re arranging, wound down, Overset, light, goes backwards, moves out of, get around, coming to end, under-estimates, brings to standstill, de-faults, were indolent, keeps at arm's length, were comfortable, over throws, splays, brake rules, out foxed, being midair, re-arranged, gives the go by, kept back, keep at arm's length, dropping anchor, lying wait, hang loose, live with, letted slip, welched, kicks the habit, swears off, were fastened, unlax, separated from, fence-sat, gotten around, be midair, goes on the wagon, gets on the wagon, under-mined, dis embarked, re tire, sweated it, am irresponsible, starve, de frocked, mis-laying, swearing off, de-ride, whiled away hours, leaving flat, wast irresponsible, un does, dis carding, re pealed, pre-vent, letted slide, dis cards, re-solved, un fastened, dis continue, de trains, pro tract, brought end, un bend, mis placing, lied by, sits ones butt, with-hold, pro longing, de frock, taking the cure, un bound, ex-tending, lounge, keeping one's distance, re siding, art supported, putting forward, de posit, diddle daddling, are inert, out foxes, get no place fast, letting down flaps, un stopping, looking other way, are in mid-air, re move, bringing to standstill, bringing screeching halt, took oath, queering, lay by, counter checks, topped off, not lift fingers, has done with, Overshooting, give up ship, re-arranging, dis-solve, stands by, sate on butt, lied in wait, save it, turning around, sate ones butt, break rules, playing a waiting game, parted with, hadst nothing do with, dis-frocked, inactivated, put with, put cuff, dis-continuing, un-built, slow up, giving ax, leave holding bag, not listen, gat off hook, in-stalling, call it quits, over ruled, un stops, be ease, mothball, was dependent, rises arms, Bumming, de stroy, de-crease, kept at arms length, passes on, over-reaching, clamps down on, take five, haddest nothing to do with, being inert, going counter to, brings to an end; leave unfinished, warm a chair, dropped anchor, bring end; leave unfinished, take breather, hanging fire, keep from, dis-obeying, re-called, pro-rogued, wert midair, turn thumbs down, have nothing do with, kick the habit, move out, dis claimed, re-solve, Ratted, give the ship, defrock, are careless, is midair, had done with, re cesses, sitting on hands, goofs around, am unoccupied, setting down, take law into hands, de selects, be seated on, over rules, un-buttons, stands around, pulling plug, puts an end to, tooling, un-loosing, hadst done with, re-arranges, be negligent, by pass, un-fastened, meet with, sits fence, over leaped, lounged around, caved in, wert based, pro-long, booted out, sloughs off, stood still, re-arrange, sweating it, un-raveling, de-part, Bummed, re-buffed, gives go by, re-serve, gives up ship, Shelving, pre-venting, be supported, dropped the ball, pause, giving the go by, gain time, un-wrapped, keep waiting, by passing, quit cold, undo, re-serving, abstain, drops anchor, watergate, was indolent, dis entangling, giving the heave ho, brings to an end, de-riding, re-pulsed, de-select, re volt, deplaning, un-settle, art behind, sat out, goofed around, keeping arm's length, bided time, taking easy, am contingent, are upheld, dis-qualifies, sitting around, direct, in-cline, malinger, up-ending, clamp down on, putting with, drag one's feet, un-loose, dis allow, gotten the wagon, dis frocked, dis-claim, Unshut, goes the wagon, gave ship, wast founded, with draw, divorcing oneself from, gat off the hook, kicks habit, got on wagon, gives heaveho, tarry, bringing to an end; leave unfinished, de-barred, am loose, not mind, passing time, dis allows, was derelict, leaved holding the bag, un close, being inactive, sits hands, met with, put up with, drop the ball, un-seat, over setting, giving the run around, Oversetting, re-volution, dilly dally, is unoccupied, are lazy, un-button, gat on wagon, with-holds, put by, pay no mind, tune out, art irresponsible, keeps at arms length, about faced, refrained from, de-lay, throw in the towel, Bottoming, over ruling, un-wraps, declare null void, hung fire, hold bay, get the hook, not heeding, being behind, over turning, un tying, hang up, takes easy, separates from, Piddled, counter-acting, gets wagon, unbended, adios, up-set, stood around, de-pends, putting on the shelf, everting, wert lazy, quitting cold turkey, in verse, de-train, pack it in, un-building, lie by, fly the face of, takes law in to hands, un seated, de-stroying, keeping one distance, pass on, art poised, sit on one's butt, passing on, re sting, took pledge, sit one's hands, sits on ones butt, sate ones hands, puts shelf, got hook, dis obeyed, bring standstill, dis tills, drops away, re arranged, diddledaddles, lost time, nose dove, fore-went, over-passing, sat around, wert derelict, moved out of, puts hold, spin out, art founded, un-fixing, coming an end, is mid-air, had nothing to do with, bring screeching halt, all owed, looking the other way, gets off the hook, takes a nap, re side, re-tiring, calls it quits, welches, back-watering, sits on butt, re-presses, calls time, declares null void, laid on the table, pre-cede, bringing end, pre ceded, jellied, winds down, cease, bode one time, destroy, lay down, de pressing, spins out, inverses, de-planing, declaring null void, inter changing, counter-checking, lying still, payed no attention to, re buffing, with stood, dis placed, laying down, de-testing, mis lay, takes law into hands, are poised, closes down, re-main, de-posited, de creased, reschedules, un stopped, re cline, Re sign, flying down, out-foxes, de-selecting, was over, were lazy, staying up for, saving it, start, gave heave-ho, un closes, take one's time, not minding, transplaces, sitting butt, Beveling, un-does, in validates, dis agree, leaving holding bag, being ease, re-scheduling, hesitate, dis-mantle, falling flat on face, art quiet, sit on butt, un loaded, wert seated on, back water, pulling the plug, dis affirm, de-liver, inversing, dis charge, re fuses, stayed for, give over, shuffled off, de-barring, over throw, drowse, dis embarking, ease up, having done with, going away from, inter changes, getting no place fast, kicking habit, turned around, de-parted, dis engaging, unclosing, turned away, choked off, bear, wait, slacked off, re strict, upend, re-straining, gives rain check, sit on one hands, un doing, bides ones time, be slothful, dis-obeys, were poised, was upheld, take time, dis-honoring, is indolent, were irresponsible, gave up ship, de parts, re-cess, take nap, wert remiss, unshutting, bring to end; leave unfinished, pro-rogues, pass, stands aside, lay still, pro-pose, gave run around, drowsing, re versing, dis-placed, ease off, unfrocked, take life easy, is inactive, ex-pire, holding at bay, Back-water, unfixes, sat butt, stop, warm chair, thinking little of, Slumbered, art late for, turn back, be inactive, in vest, fore gone, getting wagon, un fastening, is inert, flew face of, sit up for, quitted cold turkey, being quiet, re signed, were over, pro-longing, de-sert, art in mid-air, rise in arms, calling it a day, lied down, dis-charge, dis engage, de-trains, art mid air, over leapt, in validated, de clares, un-lax, not moved, hung onto hat, disemploys, threw the towel, gives warning, dis entangles, sitting on the fence, counter acted, re peals, putting back burner, looks for, calling a day, be poised, is at ease, inter-changes, took law in to hands, un-bind, gave trust, un wrapped, unlaxing, brings an end; leave unfinished, comes to a standstill, re-leases, plunked down, loses sight of, going backwards, mis-behaving, sate out, re-call, un seat, lay away, re-mains, Vegetated, starves, dis employing, over-passes, take pledge, unlaxed, laughing off, remand, re moved, get the wagon, trips up, am seated on, stay up for, un frocks, takes pledge, up sets, sloughed off, de camps, sit on the fence, slope, sate on ones hands, tripping up, skip out on, sat on hands, wert mid air, gat wagon, un-ravelling, passed on, gave the gate, un loads, brings end; leave unfinished, re-siding, shleps along, in stalled, giving go by, slumbering, gotten on the wagon, by-passes, go the wagon, holding everything, boot out, recalcitrates, up ends, over-pass, threw towel, dis solve, de-tested, de-scends, hast done with, countercheck, nose diving, un-stops, sat down, render null and void, Transplace, letting slide, put on ice, sur-rendering, breaking it up, de-cline, art based, de feat, pro posed, re-lied, in clines, scants, wind down, dissatisfy, washed out, sit one hands, leaves alone, is based, over-set, in-verse, dis-frocking, look the other way, runs its course, de livering, un-closed, defrocking, took ones time, divorces from, re fused, re-posed, breaks it up, sews up, blot out, under-shot, de livers, being seated on, not lift finger, am derelict, sate one hands, diddle-daddle, held the phone, stopt short, upends, wast lazy, parting from, re-sting, dis employed, sit out, dis proves, un loosing, hanged fire, wast based, lets out, re-tract, are irresponsible, over look, wast derelict, is slothful, leaving high dry, beaded, wast dependent, letted pass, mis lays, de-liberating, unbend, brought standstill, sidelining, stretch out, unbuilt, sitting on one butt, re lease, getting off hook, sur-ceasing, by passed, sitting ones hands, blotting out, dis-allow, was in mid air, inter-fere, pro roguing, cools it, is derelict, over-rules, un fixing, close off, being late for, sur rendered, gave warning, retardates, sate one's hands, over stepping, laze, washing out, de-training, sitting fence, out smarting, taking law into hands, fencesitting, de-fault, bum around, give the heaveho, re pressed, coming end, am ease, diddledaddled, be comfortable, up setting, are late for, de pressed, drops the ball, go pot, corked up, overshot, held on, keep arm length, reverse, lose, in activating, un-frock, sit ones hands, de camping, living with, makes light of, put off, Negatived, winded down, un locks, un-fixt, give gate, bided one's time, sat one hands, taking one's time, keeps going, handed resignation, sit on one butt, cooling it, was late for, stock up, flipflopped, was poised, dis-charging, leaving high and dry, hit the brakes, are remiss, dis-qualifying, mis-lays, detraining, stocks up, whiling away hours, switched off, stretched out, stand off, de pends, be at ease, sitting one hands, be lied, intermit, dis honors, was ease, de tested, be derelict, being irresponsible, sits one's hands, calls quits, declare null and void, lie still, tops off, disfrocking, sees in the alley, gives the gate, sur ceased, overshoots, re-treated, re pose, was careless, un built, dis mantles, un-looses, parts with, Jellying, gives up the ship, throwing towel, puts on the cuff, cancelled out, put end to, under mining, stops over, put on cuff, loaf, sat the fence, taking the oath, kept one's distance, disobey, lays the table, un-locked, dis placing, rescheduling, dis-courage, ran out on, trans posed, mis carry, un blocking, beetle, was comfortable, flew down, fly in face of, booting out, ceases fire, dragged one's feet, re-strained, sits on the fence, dis agrees, leaved hanging, call quits, over passes, counter act, anchoring it, re scheduling, dust off, dis regards, was dilatory, up-sets, was supported, de parting, gives ship, leaving out, lets down flaps, sat on ones butt, de-planed, ex tend, dis-embarking, trans-posing, wert irresponsible, thinks twice, with-drawing, counter acting, mis firing, beetling, being poised, putting cuff, gives the heaveho, un buttons, hast nothing to do with, defrocks, over-thrown, called quits, hangs fire, with holds, biding one's time, re-verse, sat one's hands, sur-rendered, went to pot, went to seed, fell flat on face, with drawn, gives the ax, dis-entangle, dropping away, dragged ones feet, taking a breather, put on the cuff, retard, brought to an end; leave unfinished, counter checking, stand around, dis obeys, touch down, dragging feet, re-schedule, wast remiss, re scheduled, back-waters, was fastened, un settled, bode ones time, hung loose, brought to screeching halt, about facing, hanging loose, brought to end; leave unfinished, insurrected, fencesits, over-stepping, am pendent, un-bend, put forward, vacate, cut short, turning the tables, under-gone, dis embark, introduce, hadst nothing to do with, was mid-air, Counterchecked, lies in wait, were in midair, re leases, insurrects, lay down job, over leap, eased off, went pot, by passes, un-settled, dis obeying, coming to a standstill, getting on wagon, over reach, take a walk, un bends, were dilatory, puts ice, pay no attention to, mis-places, puts on cuff, lets slip, suspend, wast in mid air, de stroying, letting pass, gained time, hang onto your hat, hanging it up, holding phone, un-stopped, beetles, de laying, under-going, take one time, un loosen, gave heaveho, were inactive, re-moves, dis employ, being indolent, watergating, dis place, dis-affirms, under mined, forgo, dis regard, de-rides, take oath, re mains, scrounge around, dis-prove, un winding, took law into hands, de riding, sware off, stick around, over-setting, Everted, delay, taking a walk, sit down, brings naught, looks other way, recalcitrated, drag ones feet, blows whistle on, choke off, lived with, unbuilds, re-buffing, de-planes, wert dependent, flip-flopping, ceased fire, are quiet, Bogged, dis engages, sate for, with standing, bide one's time, whiles away hours, divorce oneself from, unstopped, unfixt, kept from, giving the ax, dusted off, be fastened, gave ax, de-bars, dis till, look other way, de-trained, dis-missed, slows down, de-frocked, un-bound, dis-tilling, giving notice, ignore, stopped over, de-stroyed, seeing the alley, de-scended, sits one butt, back watered, was inactive, losing time, under-estimate, get on the wagon, laying aside, un-shutting, pre-vents, have done with, un seating, de camp, over-leapt, de planed, disorder, ex tended, mis behave, re volts, de planing, dis claiming, goofing around, is late for, Reefed, art loose, are supported, gives trust, bode time, took it easy, took law in to own hands, forego, took break, un frock, beading, dis-continues, dis mantle, thinking twice, forgets about, was contingent, keeps waiting, Intermitting, un-seated, put on hold, am dilatory, passed time, flip-flopped, rising in arms, kisses off, top pled, laying table, went the wagon, re-served, took law into own hands, de pend, idle, were founded, prorogue, laid down, catch breath, de tain, evaginates, took a walk, came to an end, beating around the bush, turned the tables, leaves out, out smarts, up ended, coming standstill, be pendent, gat done, losing strength, un-did, dis counts, takes a walk, stiffs, over-ruled, de barred, keeps one distance, hands resignation, stops briefly, pro-tract, gat on the wagon, disfrocked, were remiss, wast loose, re moving, dis tilled, un frocking, inch along, de fault, being founded, laying on the table, Beetled, hanging up, dis-placing, diddle daddle, choking off, re buffed, re legates, with-standing, meet under arch, blow the whistle on, over reaching, stuck around, takes nap, ex-tend, in fringed, takes time, holds at bay, over set, paid no attention to, biding one time, came to end, laughs away, gave the heave ho, took time, pro-rogue, is poised, be in mid-air, dis tilling, wast ease, un loosens, under-shooting, sits on ones hands, being remiss, divorce from, mis-carrying, re-tracts, un-closing, re-dressing, re-cline, in-activates, dis-obey, moving out, closing down, beating around bush, inversed, takes break, de pended, lying down job, puts cork in, halt, leaf, unshuts, gotten off hook, wast comfortable, stop briefly, dis-place, hangs loose, ruin, is in midair, out-maneuvers, pulls the plug, out-fox, go backwards, Unbuild, looked the other way, de-press, revolutioning, goes away, sits out, with-drew, neglected, put ice, bring to an end; leave unfinished, taking ten, keeps ones distance, un wound, sat ones hands, eighty six, de liberating, over steps, un-bent, holds off, wast inactive, forget, re buff, take ones time, take the pledge, de-pend, in-clines, sits the fence, tuning out, re tiring, give heave-ho, re lying, keeping at arms length, making light of, breaks rules, putting feet up, re-solving, flies face of, unshutted, putting on hold, dis-agreed, wert indolent, were in mid air, wast negligent, wert in mid-air, revolutioned, prorogues, lounges around, wast slothful, calling day, declared null and void, all-owing, being dependent, out-maneuver, dusts off, fence sat, got no place fast, in-versed, giving walking papers, un derwent, de creases, dissuade, are dependent, re arranges, wert at ease, over looks, sitting for, loll, inching along, brought end; leave unfinished, pro rogues, stopping briefly, letted go, leave lurch, taking a break, dis honoring, giving the gate, wert mid-air, take law in to own hands, dis-owned, dis-engage, losing sight of, bring an end; leave unfinished, not lift a finger, take law in to hands, take the cure, out maneuvering, am at ease, called it a day, procrastinate, took time out, with holding, dis-counting, brought an end, scrounged around, sew up, came standstill, de-fraud, being over, closed down, came to standstill, composes oneself, adiosed, dis-engaged, bided ones time, took life easy, refrain from, lying down, held at bay, called it quits, sur-ceased, recalcitrating, pro long, lose sight of, hanged it up, mis carries, sate down, am remiss, pre cedes, renders null and void, repose, dis obey, leaving hanging, come standstill, deselects, putting back, puts a cork in, hand in resignation, gave notice to, re straining, sitting up for, blows the whistle on, go to pot, un raveling, under-mining, fore seeing, pass time, de-creasing, lies wait, calls a day, queers, seeing in alley, with-held, glosses over, brake short, going seed, take time out, Downs, fly down, was loose, is in mid-air, dis counting, put the cuff, haddest nothing do with, puts on ice, out-smart, ex change, under estimated, keeping at arm's length, being loose, rendering null void, fencesat, de ride, de liver, lost steam, pull the plug, being careless, over-throwing, abdicate, de pone, wast late for, tuned out, evaginating, turns around, re-lax, am alienated from, un-blocked, puts feet up, dis-engages, unfrocking, deplane, gave walking papers, hold everything, deselect, in stalling, over-stepped, go on the wagon, un settling, de trained, all-owed, throwing the towel, mothballed, over-look, re-treat, being supported, put feet up, wert temperate, went wagon, taking law in to hands, breaking short, trans places, re-move, get done, is mid air, with drew, are founded, have nothing to do with, not heeds, played waiting game, re serve, de pones, un-loosening, hang onto hat, pretermits, Furloughed, falling flat face, flew in face of, tripped up, giving heave-ho, Idled, de positing, brought screeching halt, re dress, puts the shelf, de pending, moving out of, am fastened, staid for, am temperate, be unoccupied, un build, un building, pre vent, give run around, come to standstill, blow off, in activates, in-stalled, threw in the towel, renders null void, declaring null and void, hung it up, de training, re pressing, reducing speed, lazied, took cure, wert negligent, being slothful, dropt away, out smart, dis-carding, brought to naught, bringing end; leave unfinished, nose dive, being temperate, re treating, bring naught, un ravels, dis embarks, put cork in, shelve, dis-entangling, take, takes one's time, sat for, parting with, fall short, wert slothful, were supported, call a day, cease work, taking life easy, stand aside, stands off, gives the ship, calling quits, over hangs, being comfortable, overleap, sate on one's butt, un bending, lays away, am poised, under-estimated, put back, getting around, giving run around, cut it out, skipping out on, are in midair, sweats it, diddle-daddles, span out, Ultimated, walks out, hang fire, was lazy, held phone, slowed up, dis-charges, re schedule, bides one time, being fastened, under shot, were alienated from, in fringes, staying for, wert unoccupied, drop anchor, shirk, Ultimating, giving gate, called it day, blew the whistle on, taking pledge, default, un-wrap, mis-laid, sitting ones butt, re-schedules, re serving, meets under arch, un-frocks, being contingent, re duce, re presses, Unclose, de cline, went on wagon, laid on table, lie wait, goes pot, gave gate, dis-embarked, dis-engaging, neglect, wert supported, un tied, forget about, wast alienated from, taking the pledge, fence-sits, un fastens, with draws, watergates, looks the other way, going pot, forgot about, while away hours, sur-ceases, lays down, dis-solved, under shooting, rendered null void, looks forward to, took ten, de-positing, separate oneself from.