Pronunciation of Enforce
/ɛnfˈɔːs/, /ɛnfˈɔːs/, /ɛ_n_f_ˈɔː_s/

Antonyms for enforce

clamps down on, evaginating, counter-order, gets off the hook, pull the plug, not finish, declaring null void, dis-claimed, drop, blotting out, have change of heart, un-say, x-outed, dis-solving, washes one hands of, deter, drew in, flip-flopped, inter-changing, over-throws, drawing in, ate one's words, are against, renigging, re peals, x-outs, demand, de parts, re canting, dis-mantled, am against, dis claim, rescind, moves out of, retro grading, turn around, wast against, in-verse, clamp down on, over-throwing, abandon, re-move, de faulting, ex changes, re-nigs, washed one's hands of, re fusing, dis-approving, in validates, having change heart, de-clare, dis honoring, over throws, countermand, eating words, re nigs, over thrown, trans-places, pulling plug, un did, re-calls, re-arranges, dis-acknowledge, pulling back, nixed, ate words, get the hook, got the hook, free, watergating, over setting, re versed, pulled plug, dis-claims, dis inherits, changed ones mind, over turn, declared null void, evert, over set, up-ended, dis approved, un-saying, flipflopping, halt, palinoding, over-ride, draw in, dis avowed, getting hook, turned the tables, pulled the plug, dis avowing, about facing, ate one words, de faults, evaginates, trans-place, re-cede, cracking down on, delay, dis-claim, re presses, re arranging, re fused, forget, leave alone, re tire, re arranged, dis owned, dis-cards, turn the tables, de-parted, worms out, dis honored, dis-inherits, repress, ex-changed, over-set, trans placing, de clines, change ones mind, in-versing, dis avows, put lid on, turns tables, about faced, dis-mantles, trans-placed, dis inherited, in-versed, dis-honored, got off hook, over-thrown, shoots down, flew in face of, stood down, nig, over-ruled, unsay, dis-qualify, re tiring, dis-approved, dis cards, un-did, dis mantling, Ratted, dis qualifies, strikes down, re-nigged, discourage, move out of, change one's mind, Retrograding, refuse, re-treating, de-fault, re tracts, dis-avowed, over turns, in validated, re press, inversing, going away, turns back, re treating, dis-owning, over-rules, de cline, declares null void, dissuade, everting, trans-pose, eating one's words, eat one's words, inversed, miss, pulls the plug, over throwing, relieve, Transplace, dis acknowledges, call in, in-validated, turn tables, renigs, gat off hook, dis-charge, de-feats, dis acknowledge, re ceding, back out of, put the lid on, dis-approve, re-tract, re-calling, dis mantle, retro-grades, re peal, dis-card, dis-missing, dis-qualifying, retro graded, declaring null and void, blotted out, up set, crawl out of, weaseled out, retro cede, trampled up on, nigging, re probating, with-drew, over-turning, renders null void, de-clares, evaginate, re pealing, reel in, reverse, retrogrades, rendered null and void, retro-grading, dis claiming, re arranges, dis honors, reeling in, moving backwards, retro-ceding, counter-ordered, vacate, re-called, fly face of, turned back, rendering null void, over turning, over-ruling, ex changing, de-part, evaginated, flying in face of, fly the face of, was against, with drew, watergates, being against, up-ends, dis-acknowledging, corking up, ko'ing, tergiversing, striking down, putting damper on, dis claimed, haddest change heart, inter-changes, dis allows, trans places, override, dis-charging, re nigged, Oversetting, dis-solve, about face, strook down, re fuses, counter order, counter-orders, washes ones hands of, un done, changes one's mind, koing, wash one's hands of, re pressing, over-rule, pulled back, gotten off hook, wangles out, renders null and void, with drawing, forgot it, put damper on, re-tire, repeal, pull back, gets hook, dis-acknowledged, over ruled, up-set, flying face of, over-sets, hath change heart, is against, move out, dis-carding, moves backwards, forgetting it, hast change heart, re nig, flew the face of, gotten hook, re-treats, dis-missed, de feats, trans pose, re-call, got off the hook, dis-allows, cracked down on, flip flopped, de-cline, give, blot out, re probate, dis mantles, pulls plug, over-riding, inter changed, re-ceded, dis-inherited, retro-cedes, nixing, dis qualified, stands down, recall, crack down on, calls in, de sert, crawled out of, re-probates, changes mind, re verse, nigged, dis allowed, moving out of, disapprove, changed one's mind, changes one mind, counterorder, de faulted, in validating, declares null and void, dis avow, wash one hands of, stop, over throw, re-canted, up-ending, gotten off the hook, in-validates, renig, re nigging, part with, hadst change heart, declare null void, de-parts, cease, changed mind, changing ones mind, eat words, putting lid on, pull plug, dis allow, dis mantled, give up, dis-solved, upend, has change of heart, de parting, backwatering, flies face of, re cedes, dis-allowed, went backwards, were against, check, up-sets, over ruling, tergiverse, worming out, re-probate, re-arranged, re-treat, dis-solves, retro grades, in validate, dis approving, over-ridden, changed one mind, over ride, dis missing, draws in, over-rides, corks up, turning around, cracks down on, got hook, dis-avow, watergate, over sets, over ridden, re tired, dis inherit, counterordering, dis qualify, inter change, with-draw, dis approves, backed out of, upending, dis solves, de-faults, change mind, changing mind, goes backwards, corked up, dis-avowing, tramples upon, dis approve, strike down, dis charge, inter changing, rendered null void, sets aside, fail, up-setting, Overset, struck down, turns around, dis honor, re-presses, re tires, de-faulting, goes away, dis allowing, dis inheriting, with-drawing, xouts, prevent, re-nigging, wormed out, counter ordering, flies the face of, in verse, clamping down on, with draws, with drawn, up sets, de-clines, moved out, de-feat, dis-qualifies, moved backwards, re-fuse, calling in, over-setting, render null and void, re-tiring, over-throw, wash out, in versed, flew face of, up ends, over rode, disregard, up ended, re-moving, backs out of, de-parting, un doing, washes one's hands of, reeled in, re move, withdraw, re-canting, dis-acknowledges, crawling out of, eats one's words, quash, x outing, with draw, trample upon, forgets it, release, dis acknowledged, revoke, re pealed, moved out of, re-arranging, cork up, Everted, backwatered, gat the hook, re-probated, exempt, dis charges, neglect, backing out of, counterordered, tramples up on, de-sert, xouted, turning back, flipflopped, eat one words, puts damper on, eats words, dis-approves, washed hands of, dis claims, turning the tables, backwater, forgat it, dis-carded, getting off the hook, dis missed, re-peals, trans-posing, re calls, shooting down, Reprobating, moving out, move backwards, re-pressing, puts the lid on, transplaces, xouting, dis charging, declared null and void, getting the hook, washes out, dis-qualified, hadst change of heart, in-validating, gotten the hook, go backwards, retro grade, dis-inheriting, clamped down on, dis solve, dis-mantling, unsays, get hook, trans place, hast change of heart, backwaters, dis card, un does, re-verse, overrule, de parted, dis-honoring, setting aside, with-drawn, weaseling out, gat off the hook, change one mind, Reprobated, parted with, eating one words, de clares, getting off hook, turns the tables, counter ordered, pulling the plug, weasels out, inverses, washed out, Transplacing, turn back, un-does, retro-graded, get off the hook, gets off hook, dis-charged, turned tables, re moving, ex-changing, re treats, dis-honors, dis owning, retro ceding, dis charged, had change of heart, Retrograded, fly in face of, de clare, retro cedes, going backwards, parting with, eating ones words, dis-charges, counterorders, declare null and void, re tract, xout, re fuse, washed one hands of, dis-allow, re-tracts, oversets, re-pealed, request, ate ones words, re-moves, be against, retract, over riding, x outs, over-turn, dis-inherit, de-faulted, dis carding, re pressed, wash ones hands of, blots out, ko'd, dis-claiming, dis carded, crawls out of, washing one's hands of, counter-ordering, trampling upon, counter orders, over-rode, standing down, called in, re-treated, de part, dis-allowing, lose, re-cedes, dis-avows, ratting, over rides, re versing, dis qualifying, dis solving, inter-change, EVERTS, stand down, petition, re-fused, washing out, palinoded, up setting, dis-owned, flip-flopping, ignore, over rules, overlook, shot down, having change of heart, dis acknowledging, kos, inter changes, moves out, ex change, upended, have change heart, trans posed, eats ones words, forego, flying the face of, changing one mind, dis solved, flip flopping, shoot down, changing one's mind, re-ceding, x-outing, x outed, un-doing, art against, de fault, let go, dis-honor, flew in the face of, rendering null and void, tergiverses, re-versed, un say, upends, turned around, turning tables, wangled out, dis-mantle, flies in the face of, de feat, re moved, trampled upon, in-validate, re calling, changes ones mind, re-arrange, wangling out.