Pronunciation of Pursue
/p_ə_s_j_ˈuː/, /pəsjˈuː/, /pəsjˈuː/

Antonyms for pursue:

nose-dive, giving up the ship, nose-dove, kick habit, kicks the habit, walked out, hand resignation, wash hands of, wash out, de scend, de scends, knocks over, dust off, stretch out, re-treated, waste one, handed in resignation, dis continues, dis-cards, leaves holding bag, bags it, being hopeless, taking a walk, bagging it, kiss goodbye, leave alone, de scended, throws in towel, shipping out, pack in, legging it, top pled, lose faith, scrub, de-clines, getting the wagon, de cline, throws the towel, dis-till, gave way, hang up, give up ship, throws in the towel, fly coop, get wagon, separates from, sur-ceases, un loads, dis-card, eighty six, giving the ship, handing resignation, hanged up, sewed up, forgot about, take walk, calls it day, whacking, un-loads, whacked, de press, lent support, separating from, de-stroys, cease, dis-owned, dis owned, cutting it out, leaving holding bag, haddest done with, shun, handed resignation, dis-patched, threw the towel, iced, get on wagon, calling day, wert alienated from, pro-mote, lose, flakes out, throws towel, dis patch, dis carding, retreat, drop, gat on wagon, signing off, nosedived, ceases work, de scending, nosedove, dis missing, hand in resignation, pull for, letting air out, kicks habit, letting go, dis tills, nose dove, throwing in towel, dis-tilled, flying coop, gotten on the wagon, give the ship, dis carded, forgetting about, called a day, de sert, running out on, de stroying, ships out, are alienated from, hanged it up, flies coop, blowing away, stormed out, gives up ship, was hopeless, re-signed, calling it a day, stood down, dis continuing, got wagon, washed hands of, sur ceased, hanging it up, sew up, took a powder, blows away, de clines, dis card, stands behind, with draw, parts with, beaded, letted go, calls a day, de-cline, with-drew, nosediving, de pressing, stopped work, with-drawn, called it quits, de stroy, takes a walk, separate oneself from, beading, re signs, calls quits, nose dives, gives up the ship, call day, packed in, flaked out, divorces oneself from, bag it, flying the coop, give over, packs in, leaves holding the bag, call it quits, losing heart, divorced from, re-leases, storming out, bagged it, abdicate, washing out, kicked over, calling quits, dis-tills, take powder, gave notice, neglect, stopt work, storms out, gave over, kicking habit, cut it out, dis-owning, divorce oneself from, taking cure, had heavy heart, having done with, stand behind, lost heart, de-stroying, hide, adiosing, kicked habit, gets on the wagon, takes cure, sur-cease, give way, take the cure, wastes one, parts from, blow away, wasted one, nose diving, dis till, forgat about, handing in resignation, taking walk, lets go, halt, took the cure, get the wagon, run away, dis-patching, called quits, dis-continuing, took powder, re-tire, call quits, called it a day, re tired, quit, storm out, re-tiring, ends service, de-press, dis-patch, dusted off, gets wagon, gets the wagon, legged it, blew away, resign, took a walk, throw in the towel, washes out, throw towel, offed, leaved holding the bag, dis-continued, call it day, sur-renders, discontinue, leave behind, hanging up, hath done with, give ship, dis tilling, giving up ship, loses faith, kisses goodbye, gat the wagon, abandon, eschew, wert hopeless, with draws, stops work, packing in, kicking the habit, hung it up, gets on wagon, throw in towel, gives over, forget, dis-carding, threw towel, lending support, getting on wagon, stand aside, art hopeless, washing hands of, with drew, forget about, has done with, calls it quits, leaving high and dry, gives the ship, dis-tilling, stands by, support, leg it, parting with, knocking over, with-draws, dis missed, ceased work, calling it day, re-treating, flaking out, dis-missing, got on the wagon, stopping work, hands resignation, de-stroyed, gotten on wagon, kicked the habit, signs off, caved in, cuts it out, lead, dusting off, caving in, ended service, gives ship, adios, throwing towel, sur rendered, with drawn, gotten the wagon, lose heart, aid, called day, am hopeless, re leases, re tiring, despair, stood behind, runs out on, with-draw, leave, got on wagon, left high and dry, take a walk, stretched out, take a powder, wasting one, surrender, had done with, dis-carded, kick the habit, gave up ship, hast done with, divorce from, pilot, hang it up, call a day, caves in, leave high dry, giving way, hadst done with, dis continued, flew the coop, de-stroy, stand by, back up, re-signs, pro-motes, left high dry, sur renders, divorcing from, dis patches, divorces from, haddest heavy heart, let go, sews up, sur-ceased, gives notice, washes hands of, quits cold, letted air out, ran out on, re-lease, de-scend, de pressed, stop work, sur-rendering, legs it, sur render, de stroyed, un loaded, shipped out, kick over, give up the ship, left holding bag, nose-dives, standing down, knock off, dis patched, leave holding the bag, giving notice, stretching out, dis owning, is hopeless, being alienated from, re-treats, take cure, calling it quits, adiosed, gave the ship, re lease, quitted cold, head, art alienated from, getting on the wagon, offing, de-scended, giving over, nose-diving, give notice, re treating, with drawing, takes walk, are hopeless, dusts off, with-drawing, separated from, adioses, re-leased, plumping, gat wagon, stood by, stands down, sur-render, re signing, de-scends, was alienated from, takes a powder, re-treat, pulled for, called it day, flies the coop, takes the cure, flew coop, dis-missed, having heavy heart, assist, re tire, sur cease, knocked over, loses heart, stood aside, took walk, un load, giving ship, were hopeless, parted from, Re sign, leaving behind, were alienated from, dis-continues, cave in, be lazy, call it a day, un loading, dis cards, lends support, de-scending, fly the coop, de-presses, Snowed, divorcing oneself from, nose dive, am alienated from, hadst heavy heart, quitting cold, has heavy heart, be hopeless, pulling for, hast heavy heart, plumps, re tires, signed off, part from, leave holding bag, pulls for, left behind, gat on the wagon, ignore, calls it a day, give up, be alienated from, calling a day, hands in resignation, takes powder, taking powder, cease work, standing by, leaving holding the bag, leaving high dry, end service, washed out, parted with, leaves behind, parting from, re treats, threw in the towel, separated oneself from, flake out, ending service, leave lurch, quit cold, sur-ceasing, de-sert, gave up the ship, ceasing work, gave ship, dis tilled, wast hopeless, ship out, stop, lost faith, part with, forgets about, leaved high and dry, de-pressing, wast alienated from, pro-moting, desert, have done with, run out on, sur rendering, help, stand down, de presses, un-load, dis patching, Snowing, throwing the towel, separates oneself from, taking the cure, de-pressed, taking a powder, kissing goodbye, knock over, got the wagon, divorced oneself from, sign off, is alienated from, quitclaim, took cure, kissed goodbye, dis continue, dis-continue, calls day, Withdrew, sur-rendered, re signed, have heavy heart, walks out, stands aside, pro moting, dis-patches, sur ceases, de stroys, guide.

Usage examples for pursue:

  • The other ships may pursue us. - "No Defense, Volume 2.", Gilbert Parker.
  • But give me leave to pursue this point a little further. - "The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. V. (of 12)", Edmund Burke.
  • He had told her what course to pursue; and she was pursuing it. - "The Glimpses of the Moon", Edith Wharton.

Quotes for pursue:

Rhymes for pursue:

  • brew, few, hew, hou, cue, new, crewe, you, sioux, gue, foo, slew, shrew, goo, rue, yew, shew, glue, moo, through, flew, du, zhou, siew, leu, blue, gu, trew, too, zoo, knew, two, vu, threw, joo, due, uwe, ru, su, vue, yu, true, lieu, ju, sue, coo, xue, zhu, loo, who, pooh, stu, fu, q, dru, pew, xu, tew, phu, shoe, lue, rew, bleu, view, skew, chu, boo, clue, lew, que, ku, soo, lou, queue, poo, coup, lu, u, doo, thew, do, shu, beu, pou, tu, chou, glew, screw, gnu, cou, mew, woo, jue, hu, yoo, pu, hue, shoo, ou, hsu, pugh, thuy, mu, douwe, grew, kew, ooh, yue, whew, kyu, drew, phew, spew, flu, chiu, jew, dew, hoo, liu, zue, qu, thru, strew, hewe, koo, ewe, pru, wu, hugh, coups, nu, stew, chew, prue, crew, flue, tue, blew;
  • babu, outgrew, anew, untrue, ragu, unglue, perdue, outdo, kazoo, larue, imbue, taboo, renew, redo, construe, fitzhugh, leroux, undue, into, baku, kwangju, peru, review, urdu, undo, debut, eschew, canoe, fondue, revue, ensue, wahoo, tatu, miscue, tattoo, accrue, purdue, zanu, askew, ague, adieu, liou, abou, c2, subdue, mchugh, cat-2, reto, m2, shampoo, cebu, bamboo, withdrew, ado;
  • iou, overdue, hitherto, overthrew, overdo, byu, katmandu, depardieu, isu, misconstrue, kangaroo, suu, timbuktu;
  • kalamazoo, hullabaloo;
  • dfw;

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