Pronunciation of Veil
/v_ˈeɪ_l/, /vˈe͡ɪl/, /vˈe‍ɪl/

Antonyms for veil

undress, opening up, dis close, lay bare, laid open, dis-close, un-cover, disseminate, letting all hang out, dis-covers, demonstrate, broadcast, dis-closes, laid bare, bespeak, declare, tip ones hand, flaunt, dis play, lay open, agree, publish, ex-posing, letting it all hang out, learn, disinter, un-bosoming, tips ones hand, dis covered, opens up, tip hand, manifest, makes known, tip one's hand, avow, Unbosomed, uncover, letting hang out, made known, allow, dis-covered, acknowledge, nail, dis closed, unwrap, dis-played, tips hand, un-veils, open, un covered, let all hang out, tipped hand, un cover, unbosoms, lets it hang out, un-bosoms, un covering, letted hang out, Emblaze, exhume, tipping one's hand, evince, letted it all hang out, un-bosomed, laying open, tipping ones hand, realize, letted it hang out, ex-pose, be tray, un bosom, ascertain, dis-playing, recognize, dis plays, un-veiling, letted all hang out, bathe, dis-play, unveil, tipped one's hand, un veil, making public, dis-closed, advertise, dis cover, be-trays, making known, concede, ex posed, un-bosom, lets it all hang out, un veiled, discover, let go, find out, raise, dis closes, un-covering, certify, Unbosoming, reveal, lets all hang out, open up, tip one hand, un bosomed, illuminate, made public, catch on, makes public, dis played, dis playing, ex-posed, tipping hand, un bosoming, un bosoms, un veiling, dis-covering, un covers, ex pose, lets hang out, see, un-veiled, be trays, bring light, un-veil, unbosom, tipped one hand, illumine, dis-plays, laying bare, dis-closing, confess, lay out, dis-cover, exhibit, tips one hand, illume, un veils, lays open, be-tray, endorse, letting it hang out, betray, irradiate, fess, unveiled, unmask, expose, opened up, make public, dis covers, promulgate, dis covering, tell, admit, uncloak, make known, let it hang out, propagate, dis closing, let it all hang out, circulate, let hang out, communicate, un-covers, show.