Pronunciation of Betray
/b_ɪ_t_ɹ_ˈeɪ/, /bɪtɹˈe͡ɪ/, /bɪtɹˈe‍ɪ/

Antonyms for betray

warn, be faithful, puts on line, guard, alert, gives tip, give a pointer, pointed out, lets in on, wert true, fore warn, stay, drive, sub-liming, tipped off, levelled with, protect, up-date, up-reared, looks to, pre-scribing, wast faithful, puts bug in ear, gives a tip, fore-warning, re-commended, give key to city, is faithful, putting on line, moves, levels with, are true, advise, re-commends, tips off, gave glad hand, put on to, gave key to city, give pointer, co-unselling, re-ported, puts on the line, give a tip, re commended, being true, keep secret, puts two cents, puts next to, putting bug ear, co unselling, re commend, in form, cluing in, gave a tip, tip off, giving pointer, art true, sub limes, gave pointer, conceal, giving key to city, put two cents, giving a pointer, putting on to, withhold, pre scribe, lays it out, up-rear, put bug ear, pre paring, up-rearing, gives glad hand, help, is true, pre-pares, giving a tip, veil, lay it out, look to, letting in on, looking up to, hide, sub liming, clue in, living to, up-dating, living up to, put to, be loyal, re commends, put in two cents, pre-ached, lives up to, up-rears, puts in two cents, give key city, sub lime, gives key to city, up dating, tipping off, repulse, sub-limes, be quiet, am true, up dated, re commending, pointing out, turn away, support, screen, puts on to, clues in, kibitzing, put next to, pre-scribe, gives a pointer, re-commending, putting bug in ear, re-commend, live up to, level with, sublimes, pre-pare, giving key city, roll out red carpet, assist, made known, gave key city, lived up to, being faithful, pre-pared, re ported, fore warns, put on the line, makes known, sub-limed, put the line, give word, pre scribing, kept posted, clued in, putting next to, lives to, puts line, gild, in forming, giving the word, defend, laying it out, looking to, wast true, fore-warn, gives pointer, kibitzed, falsify, prompt, looked up to, put bug in ear, gives the word, pre ached, rolled out red carpet, up rear, pre pare, making known, giving tip, pre-aching, putting line, gave word, re-porting, obscure, wert faithful, giving word, up-dated, whitewash, look up to, giving glad hand, puts bug ear, pre-scribed, putting to, aid, shelter, give the word, keeping posted, kibitzes, caution, gives key city, putting two cents, up rears, puts to, re porting, counterfeit, pre-paring, shield, occlude, pre-scribes, fore warned, cover, put line, safeguard, laid it out, ward, am faithful, live to, let in on, keep posted, up-dates, up rearing, rolls out red carpet, distort, looks up to, in-forms, levelling with, update, undeceive, leveled with, varnish, gave a pointer, pre aching, kibitz, pre pares, in forms, give tip, putting on the line, gives word, be true, rolling out red carpet, sublimed, sub limed, Valuing, up date, keeps posted, was true, fore-warns, was faithful, lived to, garble, save, Subliming, leveling with, prop, honor, letted in on, were true, give glad hand, gave the word, put on line, gave tip, gloss, sub-lime, are faithful, camouflage, were faithful, in-forming, putting the line, make known, up dates, cloak, twist, pre pared, looked to, putting in two cents.