Pronunciation of Concede
/k_ə_n_s_ˈiː_d/, /kənsˈiːd/, /kənsˈiːd/

Antonyms for concede:

knocking bottom out of, re pulses, picks a bone, dis-approve, call question, over comes, re criminated, prove false, dis-cusses, dis-affirmed, brings naught, flying face of, negative, threw book at, resist, conceal, come back at, sticks it to, up set, jumped on one's case, dis acknowledging, calls on, with stood, dis cusses, tar, toss around, not buy, give thumbs down to, dis sents, hast bone pick, coming back at, proves false, dis approves, disconfirming, picking a bone, replied to, over whelming, re straining, shot full holes, dis carded, refuse, blow sky high, up-set, protest, keep back, bringing to naught, re strains, thumbsing down, dis-affirms, casts doubt upon, veil, re butted, jumped on one case, Tabooing, with-hold, fly face of, dis-acknowledging, counter acted, re canting, discepting, flew in face of, say no to, remonstrate, not bought, bump heads, Mooting, be-lying, disagree, be-lied, re-pulsing, re criminating, disconfirmed, Negativing, Tiffed, jump one case, enjoins from, de-feats, dis-credits, pick bone, jumped one's case, re-buffed, de-cry, casts doubt up on, in-validates, disapprove, called in question, proved false, cast doubt upon, with-held, thwart, Negatived, Forgone, over-whelm, knocking props out, Spatting, flew the face of, frowns up on, be-grudges, ex pose, proves wrong, dis-believe, in validate, de feats, dis-owning, bumps heads, skinned alive, knocksed props out from under, trading zingers, keeping back, de bating, took exception, hold, dis claiming, not buying, throws doubt on, thrashes out, recriminating, cause scene, jumping one's case, be lied, in-validated, dis-affirm, refusing to accept, frowned upon, re fuses, dis may, ex postulating, cut shreds, take exception to, cancels out, over-turn, ex postulates, dis credits, keep, Tars, de feat, jump on case, calls question, casting aspersions up on, oppose, throws the book at, win, picking bone, with-stand, hath bone pick, dis approving, cast doubt up on, kept off, dis believe, in validating, cancelled out, threw the book at, dis cuss, argue against, dis agreed, kick around, Everted, dis cussing, burned down, de bated, cutting to shreds, dis-avows, dis claims, canceled out, dis-confirm, dis-confirmed, Altercating, dis-believing, take a stand against, recriminate, says no to, shoots down, over-coming, dis-credited, refuses to accept, de cry, impugn, have bone to pick, frown up on, dis maying, poked holes in, combat, dispute, argued against, turn thumbs down, picked bone, jumped ones case, de-bating, counter act, knocksing props out from under, brought naught, deny, quibble, hadst at, re-criminating, disconfirm, pro tested, thumbses down, enjoined from, dis avow, re buff, with holds, taking issue, dis-approving, Spatted, pick a bone, dis approve, over-throws, dis-credit, veto, repel, dis cards, evert, dis-acknowledged, dis acknowledged, dis believed, flew in the face of, had bone pick, throwing doubt on, recriminated, taking a stand against, dis avowing, zinged, flies the face of, throw the book at, dis affirming, pin something on, Animadverting, sounds off, bumped heads, re pulsing, re canted, discepted, jumped case, gives lie to, sticking to, dis-sents, dis owning, dis confirm, fell out, jumping on case, dis claim, disconfirms, stick it to, dis approved, blowing sky high, over throws, flying in the face of, dis-allow, flies face of, over throw, thumbed nose at, burn down, withhold, dis-acknowledges, causing a scene, over-whelming, confront, ex-posed, casts aspersions upon, re-buffing, de cries, haddest at, cover, with holding, up-sets, over throwing, kicked around, jumping ones case, shoots full holes, turn down, thrash out, de-feat, over-throwing, over-turning, dis-proved, kicks around, re-criminates, dis avows, calling question, withstand, re-buffs, confute, re buffed, shot full of holes, in-validating, cast aspersions upon, dis-allowing, jumps on one case, sticked it to, up sets, dis-affirming, dis believes, traded zingers, with hold, ex posed, flies in face of, shooting holes in, shoot holes in, stick to, dis owned, pinning something on, thumbing nose at, be-grudge, Disacknowledge, re butting, keep off, came back at, contend, bicker, bring naught, ex postulate, de-cried, stuck to, tosses around, jump one's case, cause a scene, jumped on case, flying the face of, flew face of, be-grudging, counter acts, dis-carded, bumping heads, refusing accept, repudiate, Tabooed, sets aside, re buffs, dis agreeing, ex-postulate, haddest bone pick, with stands, casting doubt upon, over turns, dis-proves, re pulsed, dis-allows, over whelmed, over-whelms, dis-proving, dis-claim, hadst bone to pick, frowns upon, dis confirming, de-cries, everting, dis believing, knocks props out, in-validate, caused a scene, animadvert, re fused, pro testing, re-strains, has bone pick, keeps off, refuse to accept, forbid, swiped at, withholds, dis-crediting, with-stands, having bone to pick, re-fused, cut to shreds, dis-cussing, sound off, moots, take stand against, calls in question, sounding off, re criminate, dis-mays, ex-postulated, over-comes, dis-claimed, discepts, be lying, contradict, fly in face of, dis allows, casts aspersions up on, frowning upon, re buffing, shooting full holes, poke holes in, animadverts, pro-tested, throwing book at, dis agree, throwing the book at, pins something on, gave the lie to, dis-cussed, be grudged, bringing naught, dis-sent, dis affirm, dis-agreed, Tarred, be-grudged, re-pulses, called question, over whelm, re-criminate, dis-confirming, re-strained, Trashed, over-whelmed, skins alive, causing scene, dis agrees, hide, give the lie to, rebut, have bone pick, proving false, causes a scene, dis allow, take exception, taboo, forsake, reject, over thrown, blew sky high, jump on ones case, burning down, re-strain, had bone to pick, be grudge, jump on one's case, re fuse, obscure, knock props out, brought to naught, counter, comes back at, dis card, flies in the face of, face, trades zingers, causes scene, has bone to pick, refute, dis-claims, with-standing, Quarrelled, de crying, Mooted, jumping on one's case, shooting full of holes, dis sent, Tiffing, over-thrown, gave thumbs down to, dis claimed, EVERTS, meet, giving lie to, dis-believes, picks bone, defend, dis allowed, call in question, took stand against, throw book at, de-bated, knocked props out, re strain, cuts to shreds, dis mays, cutting shreds, burnt down, caused scene, controvert, ex cept, taking exception to, re-fuse, cuts shreds, finds unfounded, dis proves, shoots full of holes, frown upon, Tarring, jumped one case, hast bone to pick, casting aspersions upon, called on, jumps ones case, shoot full holes, brings to naught, fended off, canceling out, dis-prove, dis-allowed, dis-avow, over come, hold off, dis cussed, forgoing, reply to, taking exception, took exception to, tost around, counter-acted, dis-card, object, enjoin from, cancel out, replies to, battle, dis-approved, dis crediting, dis avowed, take issue, dis-may, turned thumbs down, ex-pose, be grudges, de-crying, skinning alive, re-criminated, jumping on one case, picked a bone, dis confirms, de-bates, counter-acting, pro-testing, dis-confirms, re-canted, finding unfounded, dis cept, fly the face of, counter acting, pokes holes in, shot down, re criminates, setting aside, thumbs nose at, had at, refused accept, dis proving, jumps one case, dis affirms, swipes at, dis-maying, fight, over turning, up setting, not buys, takes a stand against, dis allowing, thumbsed down, taking stand against, ex-cept, dis-agree, having at, dis-approves, fly in the face of, dis-agreeing, blows sky high, stuck it to, over whelms, said no to, dis affirmed, calling on, throws book at, takes exception to, dis credited, shoots holes in, turns thumbs down, has at, ex-postulates, hath bone to pick, ex-posing, proved wrong, dis confirmed, altercate, refuse accept, have at, dis-cuss, hast at, call on, sticks to, thrashing out, argues against, dis prove, spurn, refuses accept, flying in face of, tossing around, thumb nose at, dis credit, giving thumbs down to, knocked bottom out of, de bates, burns down, dis-cept, replying to, with stand, having bone pick, tossed around, jumps on one's case, frowning up on, shoot full of holes, re-butting, turning thumbs down, counter-acts, refused to accept, swiping at, dis-acknowledge, gives thumbs down to, jumped on ones case, casting doubt up on, dis-avowed, frowned up on, cast aspersions up on, dis-claiming, gives the lie to, ex-postulating, counter-act, de-bate, be grudging, found unfounded, re strained, cancelling out, keeps back, disallow, hath at, altercates, re-butted, call in to question, dis carding, re-pulsed, dis mayed, dis proved, re-straining, knocks props out from under, saying no to, pinned something on, over coming, over turn, haddest bone to pick, trade zingers, ex postulated, takes exception, recriminates, hadst bone pick, re-canting, knocks bottom out of, de bate, with standing, disprove, thrashed out, kept back, calling in question, prove wrong, in validated, kid, sticked to, takes stand against, bring to naught, kicking around, Discept, dissent, jumping one case, over-throw, dis-mayed, skin alive, finds fault, Altercated, dis-avowing, dis-owned, with-holds, enjoining from, ward off, dis acknowledge, dis-agrees, shoot down, with held, poking holes in, took a stand against, takes issue, took issue, dis-carding, throw doubt on, fending off, in validates, de cried, dis-cards, up-setting, Animadverted, shooting down, dis acknowledges, found fault, dis-believed, re fusing.

Usage examples for concede:

Idioms for concede:

  • concede to sm or sth;
  • concede sth to sm or sth;

Rhymes for concede:

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