Pronunciation of Vivid
/vˈɪvɪd/, /vˈɪvɪd/, /v_ˈɪ_v_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for vivid

un-cultivated, cryptic, swarter, more darkened, un cultivated, shady, bland, most unlit, unrealistic, rayless, gluey, dark, most crepuscular, more pitch-dark, sketchy, obscure, indeterminate, un healthy, more atramentous, most bleached, ebon, fore-boding, low, fore boding, un-healthy, over-cast, un colored, gloomy, typical, in-distinct, illlighted, most unlettered, most dark-complexioned, uncolored, un-healthiest, unhappy, dusk, dark-complexioned, indistinguishable, pasty, pastel, more lightless, murky, colourless, foggy, more dark-complexioned, dull, most pitch-dark, more scowling, adumbral, more soft-hued, most dark complexioned, most rayless, more darkcomplexioned, in famous, unintelligent, most darkcomplexioned, more stygian, most toned, blurry, darkcomplexioned, more unlighted, more uncolored, undramatic, hazy, most ebon, pitchblack, colorless, most ill lighted, in distinct, more aphotic, lifeless, most darkened, more foreboding, more bleached, run of the mill, unsaturated, weak, in sipid, un-colored, boring, dusker, faint, bleary, mis tier, most pitch dark, most dark skinned, more achromic, swartest, soft-hued, more cimmerian, unlit, not known, more unread, ill-lighted, most obfuscous, most glowering, un-read, Atramentous, unaware, un read, unlettered, more rayless, lightless, more ill lighted, comedic, most characterless, nebulous, equivocal, most dark-skinned, most illlighted, un healthiest, more unlit, overcast, obfuscous, doughier, most pitchdark, somber, softhued, insignificant, more pitchdark, more softhued, shadowy, dunest, un-lettered, un-lighted, most soft hued, dreary, cloudy, most cimmerian, normal, most darkskinned, un healthier, aphotic, pitch dark, most adumbral, most lightless, more toned, most unread, unlighted, dark-skinned, characterless, most achromic, doughiest, indefinite, fuzzy, more unpassioned, most softhued, gluiest, most soft-hued, dark complexioned, most uncolored, more crepuscular, fainter, drab, more dark-skinned, most unmemorable, un lettered, over cast, more ebon, indistinct, pitchdark, stupid, more illlighted, Unpassioned, un-memorable, muddy, vague, enigmatic, in-sipid, crepuscular, darkskinned, ambiguous, dark skinned, most stygian, un propitious, ill lighted, pitch-dark, most aphotic, most unpassioned, un lighted, most delphian, unimpressive, unmemorable, gluelike, opaque, more delphian, more soft hued, doughy, soft hued, peaches and cream, stygian, tasteless, cimmerian, dun, gluier, most ill-lighted, more pitch dark, un memorable, duskest, duner, un-enlightened, washed out, inscrutable, more ill-lighted, more gluelike, more glowering, dim, most foreboding, more unmemorable, toned, most atramentous, more obfuscous, mysterious, more dark skinned, most unlighted, mis-tier, un enlightened, most scowling.