Pronunciation of Dooming
/dˈuːmɪŋ/, /dˈuːmɪŋ/, /d_ˈuː_m_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for Dooming:

condemn (verb)

adjudge, belittle, call down, castigate, censure, chide, criticize, decry, denounce, deprecate, depreciate, disapprove, disparage, doom, frame, judge, knock, name, pronounce, proscribe, punish, put away, reprehend, reproach, reprobate, reprove, sentence, skin, upbraid, Denunciate, put down, find guilty, come down on, send up, damn, find fault with, hang something on, send up the river, blow whistle on, lay at one's door, let have it, pass sentence on, pin it on, point finger at, thumbs down on.

condemning (verb)

condemning, damning, Execrating, Sentencing, Convicting, finding guilty, passing sentence.

convict (verb)

attaint, condemn, imprison, rap, throw the book at, declare guilty, pronounce guilty, put the screws to, bring to justice.

damn (verb)

abuse, anathematize, attack, ban, banish, blaspheme, blast, cast out, confound, convict, curse, cuss, darn, excommunicate, excoriate, execrate, expel, flame, imprecate, jinx, objurgate, pan, penalize, revile, slam, swear, DRAT, object to, cry down, complain of, fulminate against, inveigle against, thunder against.

destine (verb)

allot, appoint, assign, consecrate, decide, decree, dedicate, design, determine, devote, earmark, fate, foreordain, intend, mark out, predestine, preform, preordain, purpose, reserve, doom to.

determine (verb)

destine, elect, establish, finger, fix, predetermine, resolve, settle, make up mind.

judge (verb)

act on, adjudicate, appraise, appreciate, approximate, arbitrate, arrive, ascertain, assess, check, collect, conclude, consider, deduct, derive, discern, distinguish, draw, esteem, estimate, evaluate, examine, find, gather, make, make out, mediate, place, put, rate, reckon, referee, review, rule, sit, size up, suppose, test, try, umpire, value, pass sentence, give a hearing, pronounce sentence.

predestinate (verb)

break, chance, circumstance, consequence, cup, destination, destiny, effect, end, ending, fortune, future, horoscope, issue, karma, kismet, lot, luck, moirai, nemesis, outcome, portion, predestination, providence, termination, upshot, Wheel of fortune, stars, handwriting on the wall, divine will, inescapableness.

predestine (verb)


predetermine (verb)


preordain (verb)

bless, foretell.

proscribe (verb)

blackball, boycott, deport, embargo, exile, expatriate, forbid, interdict, ostracize, outlaw, prohibit, reject.

put (verb)

consign, constrain, employ, enjoin, force, impose, induce, inflict, levy, oblige, require, set, subject, subject to.

sentence (verb)

blame, confine, impound, incarcerate, jail, mete out, ordain, railroad, pass judgment, send to prison, put on ice, take the fall.

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