Pronunciation of Spree
/spɹˈiː/, /spɹˈiː/, /s_p_ɹ_ˈiː/

Antonyms for spree:

care, thriftiness.

Synonyms for spree:

celebration (noun)

acclamation, carousal, celebration, ceremony, commemoration, commencement, convocation, elation, exultation, feast, festivity, glee, glorification, holiday, honor, inauguration, joy, jubilation, jubilee, memorialization, observance, ovation, praise, proclamation, rejoicing, remembrance, revelry, ritual, salute, merry-making.

wild activity (noun)

bacchanalia, ball, bash, binge, caper, carousal, carouse, carousing, celebration, field day, fling, frolic, High Jinks, high time, jag, jamboree, junket, lark, merry-go-round, party, rampage, revel, rip, splurge, tear, orgy, spending expedition.

Sense 1

bender, carnival, party, brannigan.

Sense 2

binge, blowout, booze, carouse, luxury, rampage.

Sense 3



drinking bout.



Usage examples for spree:

  • He directed his steps to that door which opened upon the River Spree, as Fredersdorf had advised him. - "Berlin and Sans-Souci", Louise Muhlbach.
  • " Hans Eitelfritz von der Lucke, from Colln on the Spree," replied the soldier. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.
  • I exerted all my efforts to acquaint the French Government with what was passing on the Spree. - "The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte", Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton.
  • Got lots of coin, and is always wantin' me to go down there and take a regular town spree with him. - "Ralph Granger's Fortunes", William Perry Brown.

Rhymes for spree:

  • id, conferee, emcee, flee, devotee, sie, mc, atp, nominee, shi, mme, flea, ravi, see, sci, d, hee, enlistee, thee, capri, detainee, mpg, pree, musee, oad, three, valoree, dundee, ab, loree, xie, yie, bourgeoisie, rosemarie, pri, tyree, knee, syp, sheree, yi, lsd, deportee, ee, honoree, trustee, cat-3, smee, leigh, rosalee, dupree, lee, z, yee, mcghee, ged, jee, ne, marie, kee, indri, ze, wee, klee, nee, c3, ki, cxc, nabil, cod, re, vendee, ree, marquis, henri, jaycee, lessee, mit, fsi, pattee, blea, mi, escapee, ip, ranee, disagree, ji, tree, goatee, ye, v, crea, tennessee, chablis, fi, p, t, plea, slee, quay, gyi, jie, banshee, bree, tenn, gee, guaranty, oversea, vee, vi, mcgee, kea, ofc, lxi, curie, fop, brea, she, dsv, markee, qi, pawnee, retiree, rb, dea, the, bbc, b, se, he, nie, nic, cree, decree, sea, je, ib, marquee, prix, lp, licensee, me, thi, foresee, mt, draftee, cd, eap, g, bui, resignee, key, andree, inductee, tse, tv, magee, apc, fee, yippee, degree, designee, zea, de, referee, dee, guarantee, glee, sightsee, enrollee, jessee, guarani, lea, m3, mea, ot, rupee, ddt, ski, li, nghi, waikiki, ghee, we, debris, appointee, yangtze, zee, chea, repartee, cyb, snee, ve, spie, bee, sze, potpourri, xi, quai, thierry, nestle, odp, sep, brie, free, cac, khe, parolee, gutsy, kyi, pea, bibi, louie, tea, mee, whoopee, njt, sri, si, rea, internee, tee, c, lavie, bea, jubilee, ti, franchisee, chee, be, shri, esprit, qui, bt, cc, undersea, trainee, cie, te;
  • achee, albee, ac, adee, abee, alee, agree;
  • addressee, amc, abt, adoptee, absentee, amputee, adoree;
  • interviewee, hnat, knbc, irit, geac, lapd;
  • awb;

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