Pronunciation of Talk
/t_ˈɔː_k/, /tˈɔːk/, /tˈɔːk/

Antonyms for talk:

fall silent, decrease the volume, hushhush, are all ears, hushhushed, un communicativeness, strook dumb, auscultated, is attentive, hushhushes, Overawing, sandbag, stop talking, take into consideration, listen, took notice, drying up, wast all ears, be all ears, give attention, lent an ear, hinder, refrain, takes notice, be attentive, take notice, hears tell, refuse, decrease volume, dummying up, hush ones mouth, lends an ear, overawe, falls silent, hanged on words, over-awing, Clammed, over hearing, piped down, sit on, hush one's mouth, overhears, am all ears, taking advice, stopping talking, hanging on words, hushhushing, lends ear, chokes off, choke off, Dulling, belt up, piping down, pricked ears, choking off, holds tongue, auscultates, gotten a load of, in-articulatenesses, hushing one's mouth, auscults, de adens, get load of, keep one's mouth shut, oblige, heard tell, is ears, giving heed to, Inarticulateness, hush mouth, de aden, pick upon, are ears, hear tell, kept trap shut, ausculted, takes in to consideration, over-heard, taking into consideration, hanging words, are attentive, give heed to, held tongue, give audience to, mutenesses, clammed up, harkened, holding tongue, stopt talking, tune in, dummied up, dry up, clams up, hearing tell, cooling it, conceal, tunes in on, close up, dumbs, hung on words, decreasing volume, over hears, overawes, tonguetie, sub-dues, quits chattering, giving audience to, hang on words, lending ear, hush hushed, held one's tongue, strike dumb, over-awes, take in to consideration, hush hushing, giving an audience to, hushes one's mouth, giving attention, proof, hushed ones mouth, un-communicativeness, decreased the volume, kept down, took advice, take advice, hushes ones mouth, pricking up ears, said nothing, held one tongue, wast attentive, give an audience to, were all ears, Overhearing, sate on, struck dumb, auscultating, tongue tying, fell silent, say nothing, keeping down, hush-hushing, stopped talking, hushed mouth, tune in on, getting a load of, tongue-tying, tongue-tie, dragoon, re-serve, taking under advisement, picks up on, hangs on words, decreases volume, was attentive, hush-hushed, hangs words, tonguetying, decreasing the volume, holds ones tongue, gat load of, laconism, hold tongue, softpedal, takes into consideration, got a load of, picking upon, lent ear, decreases the volume, hushing ones mouth, closing up, be ears, laconisms, closes up, picking up on, wast ears, tongueties, de-aden, keeping it down, over awed, shut up, gives audience to, cool it, secrete, dried up, tongue tie, pick up on, cooled it, pipes down, listening, iron curtains, gives heed to, blackjack, strikes dumb, hang words, hushing mouth, over awes, held ones tongue, compel, possessions, silence, were attentive, muteness, in-articulateness, overawed, inarticulatenesses, over-hear, over awing, picked up on, over-awe, ausculting, sub-due, Clamming, sitting on, stops talking, gat a load of, in articulateness, quieted down, truth, pricks up ears, hush hush, holding one tongue, de-adens, hold one's tongue, dummy up, striking dumb, tuning on, clamming up, keeps it down, be silent, quiet down, took under advisement, tongue tied, saturninity, wert all ears, wert ears, takes advice, decreased volume, dumbed, keeps trap shut, falling silent, sub due, tuning in on, gave an audience to, saturninities, being ears, quit chattering, closed up, hush one mouth, over awe, gave heed to, keep quiet, pricked up ears, am ears, lend an ear, wert attentive, gave audience to, was ears, hanged words, quiet, hushed one mouth, says nothing, over hear, gives attention, choked off, tunes on, took in to consideration, taking notice, sits on, tunes in, gives an audience to, keeps down, in articulatenesses, art attentive, tune on, dries up, cools it, over-hears, prevent, re-serves, sub dues, take under advisement, harkens, lend ear, quitting chattering, hushes mouth, dummies up, took into consideration, hide, pricks ears, keep trap shut, holds one tongue, kept it down, auscultate, un-communicativenesses, cover, constrain, un communicativenesses, lending an ear, Auscult, tuned in, quieting down, gets load of, dumbing, tuned in on, dead airs, suppress, tuned on, evidence, discourage, tuning in, got load of, sense, pricking ears, gotten load of, being all ears, dulls, was all ears, re serve, quiets down, shut one's mouth, pipe down, hung words, make, be quiet, overhear, saying nothing, quitted chattering, taking in to consideration, dead air, hush hushes, getting load of, hush-hushes, standard, reality, obligate, were ears, is all ears, iron curtain, keeping trap shut, harkening, over-awed, get a load of, coerce, being attentive, takes under advisement, am attentive, art all ears, hushes one mouth, hushing one mouth, hold one tongue, holding one's tongue, harken, clam up, keep down, hushed one's mouth, picks upon, keep it down, gets a load of.

Usage examples for talk:

  • He don't want talk. - "Colonel Carter's Christmas and The Romance of an Old-Fashioned Gentleman", F. Hopkinson Smith.
  • Did you talk like that to Mrs. Van Reypen? - "Patty's Success", Carolyn Wells.
  • Talk to me, Nancy! - "Nancy A Novel", Rhoda Broughton.

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