Pronunciation of Subdue
/sʌbdjˈuː/, /sʌbdjˈuː/, /s_ʌ_b_d_j_ˈuː/

Antonyms for subdue

made known, de voted, sets a match to, ex-tends, wert aroused, tenders, put forward, wast angry, are ablaze, conflagrating, put forth, gave introduction, conflagrate, encourage, is angry, pro-positioning, snap out of it, snapping out it, go down, ex posed, praise, de voting, de-clares, de-voted, opening to view, reduced to ashes, go under, braced up, re-counts, gave a lift, forward, doeth honors, calcined, vivificating, putting pep into, didst honors, ex cite, be stows, manumit, open view, dis plays, dost the honors, give life to, wert ablaze, de sired, torched, in spiriting, conflagrates, set a match to, Tendered, firing up, laid on, flunk, art stirred up, Smouldered, reduce to ashes, ex pounded, be stow, juicing up, pro position, didst the honors, further, be stowing, make known, liberate, gave lift, help, art passionate, did honors, juiced up, fire up, re stores, build up, brace up, re-news, gives introduction, Spiced, surrender, ex tended, de-clare, Reamed, spice up, pro-positions, jumpstart, ex cites, work up, dis playing, Re-store, allow, put at disposal, juices up, make pitch, putting disposal, putting forward, gives lift, ex-pounds, wert passionate, lets sunshine in, juice up, was stirred up, braces up, pro-duces, re fresh, de frauds, being inflamed, yield, release, doeth the honors, de-fraud, rouse, over reached, is passionate, be-stowing, spicing up, Vivificate, ex-cited, re counting, de-voting, be-stowed, dis-play, puts forward, whip, re-lated, were aroused, being ablaze, give up, ex pounding, de clare, spices up, snapped out of it, re-counting, re freshes, re store, reducing to ashes, give lift, rolls out, giving an introduction, waked up, pre sent, are passionate, in-spirit, ex-posing, putting forth, over-reaching, re stored, pre-sent, ex citing, fail, dis-plays, letted sunshine in, ex-cite, re-kindles, ex cited, ex pound, pre sents, advance, strengthen, vivificates, in spirited, dis played, wast passionate, flash, over reaching, yearn, gave life to, give a lift, is inflamed, in-spiriting, ex tends, making a pitch, enliven, were stirred up, snapping out of it, pro positioning, open to view, de sire, char, makes known, re late, spring, makes a pitch, aid, de-sires, jazzing up, being passionate, in spirits, is ablaze, over reaches, giving introduction, jazz up, puts pep in to, smoking, ex-tend, wast inflamed, incite, rolling out, was ablaze, puts forth, assist, do the honors, doest honors, ex tending, bracing up, re create, re kindle, agitate, reducing ashes, gives an introduction, be stowed, ex-posed, free, collapse, opens view, de-votes, gives life to, doth the honors, were ablaze, were angry, giving life to, am stirred up, Calcining, wert inflamed, start, ex-tended, co-oked, flop, prop up, re news, opened view, ex pounds, put pep into, am passionate, incinerate, does honors, in spirit, de vote, dis play, did the honors, perked up, breathed fire, are stirred up, made pitch, vivificated, is stirred up, calcine, snaps out it, pro-positioned, re-freshes, de-sire, re new, in-spirited, re storing, setting match to, doest the honors, sets match to, be-stows, dis-playing, make a pitch, re-counted, discharge, be ablaze, am aroused, torching, arouse, makes pitch, snap out it, wakes up, breathe fire, de sires, stir, opens to view, co oked, pro duce, pro duces, re-new, setting a match to, being aroused, roll out, dost honors, art ablaze, puts pep into, de siring, puts disposal, ex-cites, smoulders, calcines, am ablaze, simmer, de-frauds, ex-tending, are angry, give introduction, giving a lift, re-kindle, re counts, made a pitch, do honors, in-spirits, give an introduction, co-oking, wert angry, opened to view, be passionate, over reach, re-stored, burn, lose, breathes fire, support, Gifting, art inflamed, Presenting, rolled out, wast aroused, be inflamed, wake up, being angry, de votes, snapped out it, fall, smouldering, are inflamed, does the honors, gives a lift, back, de-siring, jazzes up, pro positions, de-sired, snaps out of it, aggravate, is aroused, pre-sents, were passionate, fold, doing the honors, fires up, be angry, woke up, over-reaches, was passionate, re-stores, put pep in to, putting pep in to, re-fresh, ex-pound, re counted, co oking, Tendering, conflagrated, ex-pounding, reduces ashes, art angry, being stirred up, am angry, flame, lay on, re kindles, present, dis-played, de-vote, doth honors, waking up, re kindled, ex tend, was inflamed, be stirred up, were inflamed, be-stow, ex-pounded, wash out, re-storing, breathing fire, blaze, let go, Spicing, puts at disposal, was angry, doing honors, are aroused, art aroused, wast stirred up, de fraud, be aroused, making pitch, laying on, let sunshine in, was aroused, ex pose, permit, opening view, making known, smoulder, letting sunshine in, giving lift, come with, re-kindled, de clares, wast ablaze, set match to, pro positioned, ex-pose, re-kindling, gave an introduction, spiced up, wert stirred up, over-reach.