Pronunciation of Back
/b_ˈa_k/, /bˈak/, /bˈak/

Antonyms for back

most forwardlooking, dis-approves, in advance, refinishes, out-line, head-on, co-pout, forge, object to, belie, pyxides, most well-developed, more vanward, in foreground, dis-guise, flew face of, more above named, pulmonary cavity, dis comfits, nitpick, fore-ground, cutting-edges, co pouts, fore-fronts, dis-courages, taking exception to, dis play, coverup, more forwardlooking, pro-files, slap down, over-weening, Shingled, thorax, flying in face of, refuse, dis favored, fore-most, front views, co-lorings, over lays, pre-existent, ex chequers, go forward, co-loring, counted me out, co-pouts, grappled with, forerunning, Discommend, cover up, dis commend, take back, crack down, aforeknown, more progressing, disprove, more headmost, get-up, dis approve, Manteaus, cladding, dis-simulations, pre texts, along, all-owing, more well-developed, dis-countenances, went against, over looks, hinder, present, be forehand, bare faced, social positions, forward, shingling, dis favoring, cuttingedges, building fronts, quell, most heretofore, not go for, cope with, go against, most progressing, clamp down, fronts onto, re finishes, most prodromal, are confronted by, discourage, refinish, dissimulation, fore-front, more overassertive, pre ceding, went up against, bitting the bullet, repress, run in to, pro-file, counts me out, flying face of, took bull by the horns, cover story, side, antecedently, eyeball, make stand, front view, takes exception to, copout, not stand for, bust, fore ground, sur facing, most aforeknown, all owing, draw on, counter part, dis-commending, pre maturer, taking bull by horns, cover stories, more well developed, more aforementioned, Headmost, dis-guises, recant, over look, on the line, pre existent, dis simulations, dis-approve, sur faced, frowning on, squaring off, more abovenamed, dis position, false show, dis countenanced, frontage, over laying, over-assertive, ex-chequers, prodromal, sur-face, Experiencing, re model, dis simulation, more forward-looking, out line, social position, peritoneum, bitting bullet, disguise, dis composed, precursory, confound, take exception to, supra, re finished, showboats, fore, pre tensions, protest, loin, lineament, disapprove, made a stand, pre tense, dis-play, with-stands, over laid, most vanward, building front, quibble, going against, dis esteems, foreparts, dissimulations, unsay, Sided, bits bullet, am confronted by, repudiate, more propulsive, more abovementioned, well-developed, oppose, dis esteem, confute, over-laid, dis approving, more frontal, fore grounds, co lorings, most above-mentioned, take the bull by the horns, re-finish, wast turned toward, dis-positions, most preexistent, more forth, dis countenancing, dis guises, facet, dis approved, re-decorated, dis comfit, bitted the bullet, re finishing, bits the bullet, eyeballs, objecting to, meet, fore-heads, fore-grounds, foreground, dis courages, exchequers, dis-esteem, forwardlooking, being confronted by, re-finishes, re-semblance, dis composes, more ventral, be-forehand, dis compose, show, more precursive, leadingedges, rib cages, fores, makebelieve, fly in face of, making stand, thoraxes, forswear, Precedently, all owed, forepart, sur-facing, advance, to the fore, forer, re-decorate, Disfavoring, dis-favor, are turned toward, aforementioned, frown on, bare-faced, re-modelled, made stand, dis-countenanced, dis-commend, coping with, re finish, be-ginning, semblance, window-dressings, took bull by horns, self respect, frowns on, dis favors, more facial, alee, fly face of, fore front, forrard, forwards, dis-composing, co loring, take the bull by horns, showboat, fore-going, dis esteeming, Manteau, all-owed, ex-chequer, dis commends, renege, took the bull by the horns, more aforeknown, fore fronts, fronted onto, halt, most facial, more above-mentioned, more bare-faced, most before, re decorated, goes against, brow, fig leaves, CLADS, ran in to, dis-esteems, be ginning, dis approves, art confronted by, future, counter-parts, be turned toward, over-lay, rebut, taking the bull by the horns, dis-comfit, belly up, fore running, coped with, makes a stand, re-modeling, re modeled, dis-commended, pre-text, objects to, get ups, runs in to, dis-commends, dis esteemed, am turned toward, most ventral, sur-faces, dis commending, facial, chest, pre text, frontes, re-decorates, be confronted by, most aforementioned, holds no brief for, most precursory, cop-out, wert confronted by, goes up against, on line, was confronted by, most welldeveloped, more bare faced, cuttingedge, dissuade, frown, get-ups, hold no brief for, dis plays, fronting onto, pro file, over-looking, lineaments, Proscenia, niggle, more forerunning, into prominence, over-looks, objected to, took dim view of, more ahead, eyebrows, leading-edges, well developed, thwart, put-on, re-models, dis countenance, co pout, renounce, fore going, eyeballing, Vanward, fore-running, pre sumptuous, front onto, frontal, most well developed, most above named, grandstand play, with stand, pre tenses, head-most, dis-plays, fore parts, taking the bull by horns, beginning, most precedent, most ahead, copouts, dis-simulation, pre mature, make a stand, art turned toward, more supra, re semblances, bitted bullet, prevenient, leading-edge, pre-maturer, dis-approved, most bare-faced, counter parts, forward-looking, takes a dim view of, grapple with, loins, selfassertive, running into, over looked, smart alecky, disconfirm, fore-parts, pre cursive, frontwards, subdue, most precursive, abnegate, counting me out, Precursive, taking dim view of, dis guise, prevent, taking a dim view of, more heretofore, false shows, going up against, sur face, square off, re modelling, making a stand, in to prominence, Disfavored, smartalecky, first, in the foreground, take bull by horns, windowdressings, dis-countenance, mammary gland, counter-part, squared off, most supra, fore most, discommending, more preexistent, withdraw, upper trunk, deal with, dis-esteemed, pre cursory, face, fore-part, dis-composes, most above-named, re-decorating, out lines, hurt, overassertive, forehead, more pioneering, pre-cursive, leadest, dis-favored, top most, cop-outs, most abovenamed, suppress, being turned toward, pre-ceding, were turned toward, more forward looking, re models, dis-approving, upper trunks, dis-countenancing, proscenium, state of the arts, grapples with, refinishing, grandstand plays, pyxis, pulmonary cavities, with stood, makes stand, capote, refute, dis-position, dis commended, takes dim view of, squelch, most bare faced, abjure, staring, front, most overassertive, running in to, pre maturest, peritonea, flies face of, capotes, most pioneering, dis positions, re-modeled, preceding, selfrespect, cloak, sur faces, took exception to, sur-faced, wert turned toward, dis courage, flew in face of, pretext, frowned on, cop outs, go up against, ran into, dis composing, more above-named, eyebrow, count me out, over-look, re decorate, re semblance, appearance, discountenance, onward, more obverse, ventral, pre-texts, with stands, up pity, coming on strong, more welldeveloped, discommended, dis-favors, falsify, most headmost, Peritoneums, more precursory, window-dressing, more prevenient, run into, cleanup, out-lines, is turned toward, to fore, with standing, over-lays, takes the bull by horns, holding no brief for, the fore, dis-compose, current, most forward looking, anteriors, dis-esteeming, forth, with-stand, Manteaux, with-standing, dis favor, were confronted by, over assertive, attract, squash, into view, propulsive, is confronted by, state-of-the-arts, more precedent, up-pity, dis-courage, pre-tensions, takes the bull by the horns, take bull by the horns, frontispiece, lee, took the bull by horns, puton, most obverse, Frons, preexistent, re modelled, fig leaf, held no brief for, forrad, was turned toward, song dance, dis-composed, head most, seeming, cleanups, fore heads, coming strong, most forerunning, Thoraces, cutting-edge, more above mentioned, discommends, dis countenances, veer, in to view, take dim view of, over-laying, guise, dis-favoring, dis-comfits, pro files, take a dim view of, phonies, leadingedge, retract, pre-tense, Fore part, forefronts, most frontal, copes with, shingles, took a dim view of, re-model.

Usage examples for back

  1. I come back no more- never! – A Bicycle of Cathay by Frank R. Stockton
  2. He is back at work again. – Roderick Hudson by Henry James
  3. " It's time to be going back," Yetta said. – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards

Idioms for back

  1. stab sb in the back
  2. pin your ears back, at pin back your ears;
  3. be on the back burner;
  4. reach back to;
  5. fall back

Quotes for back

  1. They're still in the game, and they're trying to get back into it.
  2. If they played more blues, people would just get it- they try to hold it back but just about can't hold it back now because the blues is really going.
  3. That's a part of me going back to what I used to do.
  4. They didn't treat him right here. I know if I was him, I wouldn't come back.
  5. It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back.

Rhymes for back

  • pack, caq, dack, brac, bak, shack, sac, fac, hack, ack, stack, rack, mack, zach, brack, tack, jack, quack, clack, zack, paque, tak, knack, lak, braque, shaq, zak, trak, pak, nack, yack, plaque, flack, yak, flak, wack, cac, mac, akc, mak, stac, snack, track, wrack, pac, plack, haq, black, sak, spak, trac, tac, lack, unpack, slack, jac, lac, crack, dac, whack, sack, smack, rak;
  • arrack, repack, aback, knick-knack, attack;
  • dak;