Pronunciation of Conquer
/kˈɒnkə/, /kˈɒnkə/, /k_ˈɒ_n_k_ə/

Antonyms for conquer

gives up the ghost, fore-went, threw in the towel, meet waterloo, sur-renders, packing it in, giving ghost, takes count, flunk, am servile, rolled over, throw towel, fell victim to, threw the towel, gave into, packs in, de ceasing, de-mises, put up white flag, eats humble pie, assist, rolls over, part with, bow, taking the count, roll over, sur render, give way, giving up ghost, sur-render, falling victim to, packed it in, gave away store, cede, putting up white flag, deliver up, is servile, buckling under, takes the count, art servile, shows white flag, breaks down, throwing towel, de-part, gave away the store, coming terms, toss in, fold, showed white flag, fore-going, de mise, caves in, relinquish, give up the ghost, gives in to, came to terms, are servile, wane, give to, flop, putting white flag, coming to terms, fail, take the count, took count, brake down, de parts, tost it in, play dead, de parting, collapse, letting go, succumb, buckles under, gave the ghost, come to terms, fore went, fall victim to, sur-rendering, giving the ghost, tosses in, Demising, lose, letted go, rolling over, de ceased, help, Demised, ex-pire, took the count, go down, comes terms, falls victim to, puts white flag, Caved, was servile, de-ceases, sur rendered, de mises, Knuckled, sur rendering, decline, wash out, fore-gone, free, gives ghost, eat humble pie, delivering up, de-cease, played dead, knuckle, gives up ghost, packed in, give in to, retire, gives away store, flaking out, gives away the store, gave ghost, manumit, spring, broke down, throwing in towel, tossed in, throws in towel, sur renders, gives the ghost, buckle under, giving up the ghost, caving in, de-parting, pack it in, gave to, giving into, throws the towel, giving away the store, de cease, resign, throw in towel, buckled under, give ghost, go along with, ex pire, tossed it in, de part, parting with, de parted, playing dead, plays dead, eating humble pie, slip, gives into, gave way, parted with, give away store, release, be servile, giving away store, delivered up, give up ghost, de ceases, toss it in, giving in to, came terms, wast servile, flounder, aid, fly, tosses it in, parts with, fall, yield, throws towel, threw towel, Knuckling, packing in, puts up white flag, throw in the towel, gave in to, give in, give out, taking count, tost in, sur-rendered, packs it in, slump, surrender, de-mise, flakes out, give up, lets go, de-ceased, gave up ghost, throwing the towel, tossing in, giving to, de-ceasing, de-parted, breaking down, encourage, fore gone, struggle, forfeit, Caving, caved in, cave in, throws in the towel, comes to terms, gave up the ghost, fore going, give the ghost, gives to, being servile, retreat, showing white flag, flake out, show white flag, were servile, knuckles, giving way, de-parts, capitulate, discharge, break down, go under, tossing it in, delivers up, win, flaked out, pack in, put white flag, take count, come terms, ate humble pie.