Pronunciation of Am
/ˈam/, /ˈam/, /ˈa_m/

Synonyms for AM:



Master of Arts

master of arts.

Sense 1

about, after, ahead, around, at, fast, forward, half-hour, hour, past, slow, synchronize, time, Of, p.m..

Sense 2

morning, quarter.

Other synonyms and related words:

about, accept, admit, adopt, affirmation, after, ahead, air mass, also, americium, amplitude modulation, ante meridiem, antemeridian, are, around, Artium Magister, at, atomic number, atomic number 95, aurora, be, bear, become, being, bide, carry, certainly, certainty, dawn, daybreak, daylight, depend upon, depict, dwell, eat, engross, exactly, fast, feed, fill, follow, forenoon, forward, get, half-hour, halloo, have, hem, heyday, hoity-toity, hold, indeed, interval, live on, ma, mama, mamma, mammy, master of arts, mater, matins, metallic element, milliampere, modulation, mom, momma, mommy, morn, morning, mother, mum, mummy, occupy, old colony, portray, prime, pursue, really, receive, remain, represent, sit, so, stay, strong, sunrise, sunup, surely, symbolise, symbolize, take, thusly, time interval, white fir, Humph, Inexpectation, Lackadaisy, Lo, Meseems, Methinks, Welladay, What, Zounds, lauds, DO, breast, dear me, goodness gracious, my goodness, before noon, in the morning, rest assured, good gracious, good grief, i am, bless the mark.

Artium Magister (noun)

Artium Magister.

MA (noun)


Master of Arts (noun)

ma, master of arts, MAS, artium magisters, master arts.

Sense 1 (noun)

about, after, ahead, antemeridian, around, at, dawn, fast, forenoon, forward, half-hour, matins, morning, prime, sunup, lauds, wee hours, before noon, early hours, early morning, late morning.

Sense 2 (noun)

morning, quarter.

americium (noun)


amplitude modulation (noun)

amplitude modulation.

antemeridian (noun)


ante meridiem (noun)

ante meridiem.

atomic number 95 (noun)

atomic number 95.

first part of the day (noun)


master's degree (noun)

master of arts.

morning (noun)

ante meridiem, breakfast time, dayspring, forenoon, morrow, sunrise, Morningtide, forenoons, morrows, wee hours, before noon, after midnight, after midnights, ante meridiems, before lunch, before lunches, before noons, break day, breakfast times, crack dawn, crack of dawn, daysprings, early bright, early brights, fore day, fore days, fore-day, fore-days, fore-noon, fore-noons, foreday, foredays, morningtides, wee hour, fore noon, fore noons.

exist (verb)

abide, continue, endure, exist, last, live, occur, prevail, subsist.

Usage examples for AM:

  • I am going to find him. - "The Everlasting Whisper", Jackson Gregory.
  • What I want to know is, what I am going to do about Cynthy? - "The Landlord at Lion's Head, Complete", William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009.
  • I am done with you. - "The Branding Iron", Katharine Newlin Burt.
  • I am Cyril Shenstone. - "When London Burned", G. A. Henty.
  • There I am one with you. - "Philistia", Grant Allen.

Idioms for AM:

Quotes for AM:

  • I am the best in baseball. – Reggie Jackson
  • I am a God. – Curtis Jones
  • I am a child of God. – Wynonna Judd
  • I am going to be a great actress. – Vivien Leigh
  • I am a movie star. – Jayne Mansfield

Rhymes for AM:

  • damme, bram, flam, graeme, them, damn, hamm, lamm, lem, rem, tram, bam, gem, camm, em, lam, lahm, nam, chem, emme, lamb, nahm, m, scam, hemme, stram, rahm, kam, sam, hem, swam, fram, mam, bem, rhem, ram, yam, clam, sham, klem, gamm, kem, tam, dram, stam, pham, cram, kram, graham, clem, jamb, ham, wham, tamm, dam, dahm, stem, sram, mme, tham, pam, cam, damm, gram, ma'am, cham, jem, slam, plam, scram, prem, spam, sahm, jam, ramm;
  • alam, kvam, siam, madame, condemn, fm, abram, wm, exam;
  • imm, pgm, ppm, rpm, mgm, cardizem;
  • difm;

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