Pronunciation of Make
/m_ˈeɪ_k/, /mˈe͡ɪk/, /mˈe‍ɪk/

Antonyms for make:

curb, demote, prevail, leave alone, crack down, inhibit, exclude, disbelieve, disassemble, reverse, calculate, neglect, induce, give up, slight, talk, control, disorganize, dismantle, refute, decrease, estimate, prohibit, compute, disorder, prevent, rive, repeal, unseal, crush, let, misread, end, destroy, renounce, clamp down, subdue, terminate, abrogate, divide, mistake, explode, Demount, extirpate, transgress, pass over, disarrange, remove, raze, convince, strike, measure, guess, finish, derange, halt, flatten, smash, calibrate, slur, split, Ruinate, disunite, detach, limit, leave, take back, blow up, dissuade, squelch, misapprehend, misconceive, unlock, move, unbar, unmake, disconnect, fail, knock-down, discourage, deny, refuse, sever, stop, smother, open, veto, wreck, disallow, part, rescind, snuff, obliterate, suppress, unchain, shiver, misunderstand, miss, level, restrain, supplant, yield, quash, separate, win, confuse, burst, keep, scale, quench, check, revoke, kill, ignore, rend, cease, let go, fracture, annul, break, impede, permit, ruin, take down, retrogress, fall short, idle, abate, forfeit, sunder, relinquish, scatter, unfasten, unbolt, restrict, hand over, overthrow, stay, grant, repress, void, cashier, satisfy, disjoin, Unlatch, stamp out, pay, rupture, demolish, stifle, lose, bankrupt, subvert, set-aside, persuade, misconstrue, unmix, argue, misinterpret, accord, nullify, forget, tell truth, rein, can, still, allow, quell, dampen, arrest, squash, take apart, dismember, skimp, misperceive, plant, retreat, invalidate, work out, disengage, surrender, disperse.

Usage examples for make:

  • You can still make it." - "The Legion of Lazarus", Edmond Hamilton.
  • " We can make it," Rick said. - "The Flaming Mountain", Harold Leland Goodwin.
  • " Make it so," he said. - "The Real Adventure", Henry Kitchell Webster.

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