Pronunciation of Luminous
/lˈuːmɪnəs/, /lˈuːmɪnəs/, /l_ˈuː_m_ɪ_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for luminous

unilluminated, in sipid, Atramentous, lightless, dark complexioned, more unilluminated, most fuliginous, de-pressed, unsharpened, subfusc, un pointed, most obfuscous, more rayless, most sullied, more toned down, un happy, toned-down, in definite, more emulsified, more cimmerian, more muddied, most oft-repeated, most darkcomplexioned, hazy, most edentate, mis tier, more scowling, more abused, darkling, nononsense, dunest, un-clearest, non transparent, unaware, ill-lighted, big yawn, average, more nubilous, vague, over-cast, most unlighted, un clearest, Fuliginous, leaden, most toned-down, more tarnished, more unintellectual, not clear, most adumbral, stupid, mysterious, shady, Numskulled, un cleanest, more bleared, more oft-repeated, aphotic, darkcomplexioned, more unread, more unsharpened, un-imaginative, de-solate, most softened, mediocre, oft-repeated, more aphotic, crepuscular, more blunted, more numskulled, overcast, more sourpuss, Nubilous, more delphian, pitchdark, more subfusc, adumbral, in distinct, more toned-down, un happier, most aphotic, wornout, in-definite, unlit, no nonsense, unlettered, most unilluminated, most bleared, more illlighted, murky, illlighted, most illlighted, uncelebrated, un imaginative, illegible, un happiest, gauzy, lackluster, illdefined, more edentate, dark skinned, un fortunate, most cimmerian, unreadable, dark, inferior, unintellectual, duner, lusterless, obscure, un-inspiring, de pressing, in-active, in pits, more crepuscular, more atramentous, more obfuscated, more softened, opaque, in-different, dusky, incomprehensible, swarter, in auspicious, most edgeless, ho hum, nontranslucent, more turned, insignificant, unimportant, un-intellectual, draggier, most toned down, un-responsive, most driveling, most darkened, undecipherable, most unread, more unlit, most unpointed, most dragged, more ill lighted, un enlightened, unapparent, matest, most scowling, in-sensible, not keen, un intellectual, most ebon, more darkened, most ill lighted, dark-skinned, dusker, fore-boding, not fair, indistinct, more sullied, dismal, more lightless, darkskinned, noncommital, rayless, dimmed, minor, be-sotted, longwinded, more dark-skinned, unpointed, un cultivated, swartest, re-gular, un-pointed, clouded over, most pitch-dark, oft repeated, most nubilous, over cast, un-cleaner, more blurred, non translucent, shadowy, more dragged, cimmerian, Darksome, subtle, toneddown, mono-tone, un-cultivated, un-exciting, in sensate, unsung, overclouded, uninspiring, prosiest, more overclouded, out of date, un-clear, edentulate, more nontransparent, most darkskinned, unknowable, un sharpened, equivocal, de-pressing, more edgeless, unintelligible, most rayless, in different, blackened, most glowering, most dark skinned, more toneddown, un lettered, un clean, sketchy, most unlit, unlighted, tenebrous, feeble minded, in-distinct, indeterminate, most dark complexioned, in-sipid, most obfuscated, more obfuscous, dis agreeable, cryptic, most disheartening, enigmatic, over clouded, more stygian, most blunted, ill defined, cloudy, more glowering, most monotone, un-sharpened, dim, most delphian, un-fortunate, un-lettered, un illuminated, obfuscous, pitchblack, more darkcomplexioned, ambiguous, more pitchdark, pale, in sensible, more dark skinned, palish, fumier, more unlighted, impalpable, depressive, unfathomable, most nontransparent, rimier, typical, dis-agreeable, most ill-lighted, most atramentous, most pitch dark, un lighted, indefinite, ill lighted, non-transparent, poorly lit, most unlettered, clouded, most uninspiring, re gular, most stygian, more nontranslucent, draggiest, Fumy, more uninspiring, de solate, un-cleanest, more unpointed, un-lighted, more depressive, most numskulled, dark-complexioned, un sympathetic, duskest, more edentulate, dusk, sunless, gray, unclouded, most subfusc, be sotted, more fuliginous, misty, ebon, slippery, rimiest, mattest, most unsharpened, most pitchdark, unclear, darkish, more muted, somber, un-happy, more hurting, un clear, un responsive, more ill-lighted, unintelligent, imprecise, most crepuscular, inappreciable, most toneddown, indecipherable, nebulous, most lusterless, most toothless, un-read, in-sensate, gloomy, most lightless, normal, insensible, more monotone, fore boding, dis heartening, un-enlightened, most muddied, run of the mill, un exciting, un cleaner, most foreboding, stygian, pitch dark, not bright, drab, yawnest, de pressed, simple minded, un read, in the pits, nonobvious, indiscernible, more dark-complexioned, more oftrepeated, pitch-dark, most dark-complexioned, dun, more foreboding, dull, un-illuminated, most oftrepeated, more pitch dark, more lusterless, most turned, mater, more pitch-dark, mis-tier, not known, more disheartening, most muted, pitch black, in famous, toothless, more ebon, dis-heartening, edgeless, draggy, in-auspicious, most dark-skinned, most oft repeated, most unintellectual, most overclouded, fainter, muddied, fumiest, dim witted, un propitious, darkened, imperceptible, most nontranslucent, matte, most tarnished.