Pronunciation of Brightness
/bɹˈa͡ɪtnəs/, /bɹˈa‍ɪtnəs/, /b_ɹ_ˈaɪ_t_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for brightness

somberness, gloominesses, over-casts, gloom, secretiveness, bleakness, de solation, homeplates, mare's tail, dimmet, penumbra, adumbration, Woolpack, windingsheets, total darkness, dead night, co-ops, grayness, re-treat, roof over heads, woolpacks, over-cast, shroud, stage set, lackluster, re-minders, lightlessness, Caliginosity, overcasts, dimness, adumbrations, dis mays, windingsheet, heavy heartedness, obscurations, fore boding, densenesses, silhouette, de-solation, cerecloths, co-op, duskiness, nighttides, DAMPS, zombies, cerement, harborage, pre-serves, before dawn, de gree, confidentiality, tenebrosities, night, cheerlessness, shadow, ineptness, before dawns, fore bodings, nighttide, un happinesses, kelpie, in-scrutabilities, dark, stage sets, condo, pro file, pea soups, sur-roundings, condos, hole in the wall, de lineations, re-minder, Eidolon, re-treats, de-fenses, phantom, semi-darknesses, mid night, daemon, pro-files, nib, murkiness, re cord, smokinesses, semi darknesses, Kelpies, de-lineations, co op, semidarkness, surreptitiousnesses, total darknesses, cerements, dis tresses, de grees, caliginosities, dark hours, paleness, harborages, coverts, incorporeal beings, banshees, shade, winding-sheet, dis-tresses, dusk to dawn, mis giving, dimday, eidolons, lineation, in-sinuations, re treats, cheerlessnesses, sur roundings, de fenses, un-happiness, after hour, co ops, winding sheet, vampire, over cast, dullness, dark hour, visitant, after dark, brownouts, mares tails, in-sinuation, de-gree, dimmets, semi darkness, stupidity, disconsolateness, Graveclothes, umbra, mare tail, dimdays, dis-tress, Phantasm, lineament, telltales, dusk, dismals, cloudiness, catatonia, dis tress, inscrutability, de-grees, fogginess, calignosities, re-cord, pensivenesses, grave clothes, banshee, winding sheets, ol' buttermilk sky, pre serves, un-happinesses, pro files, shelter, pro-file, cerecloth, brownout, disconsolatenesses, darkness, setting, huggermuggery, dead of night, daemons, gloominess, re-mains, hole wall, zombie, penumbras, de-solations, hole in wall, low spirits, cimmerian shades, low spirit, in scrutabilities, fore-boding, suspicion, pitch darks, pitch darknesses, un-awareness, lineaments, in scrutability, obscureness, over casts, dusk dawn, trace, lightlessnesses, mis-giving, cloud, dis-may, saturninities, calignosity, pitch darkness, re-cords, ethereal beings, Smokiness, nuance, quarterages, blackness, crepuscules, footmarks, pitch dark, de solations, Quarterage, shadowiness, re mains, pall, un-awarenesses, semi-darkness, Catatonias, Manes, after darks, re-main, bleaknesses, pre serve, crepuscule, haziness, Thunderhead, semidarknesses, re minder, ethereal being, surreptitiousness, Phantasma, ol buttermilk skies, roof over head, intimation, de lineation, Tenebrosity, re main, pensiveness, thunderheads, mare's tails, hazinesses, dis may, winding-sheets, confidentialities, inscrutabilities, huggermuggeries, pea soup, eidola, denseness, un awarenesses, footmark, inability, ol' buttermilk skies, de-lineation, after hours, re cords, ol buttermilk sky, vampires, mares tail, mare tails, secrecy, Umbrae, dis-mays, saturninity, colorlessness, umbras, Obscuration.