Pronunciation of Direct
/da͡ɪɹˈɛkt/, /da‍ɪɹˈɛkt/, /d_aɪ_ɹ_ˈɛ_k_t/

Antonyms for direct

dis play, more spiraling, amusing oneself, making of, in tangible, took part, hamming, being into, casuistical, misguide, delivers the goods, sits in on, be having, art developed, in-scrutable, do a number, going that route, put on act, get in on the act, can worms, copycatting, in sincerest, pre-carious, retrograde, puts over, getting in on the act, idled away, be developed, Daedal, re-presenting, de cipher, takes care business, hast hand in, spiraling, acts like, going with the tide, puts it over, dis courses, go that a waying, made like, gave access, more snarled, asquint, got in the act, most cater-cornered, most pitching, here there, give access, acts a part, dis-charging, mis-leading, indirect, are invented, most wound, carry through, got on the act, is a team, doest turn, didst number, de-coding, doing an impression of, not lineal, being team, faking one out, hearsay, ex pounds, mimic, sate in, say one's piece, get in on, dost to turn, playing part of, carried completion, doest a turn, coiling, come on stage, trans verse, said ones piece, gotten in act, reenact, being developed, was party to, most tipped, varying, more fluctuating, luxuriating in, para phrased, un-fathomable, corrupt, were a participant, is life party, maziest, more twotiming, pedalled, got in on the act, reenacting, take, didst like, most round-about, pro duces, carrying through, most sideward, reserved, says piece, went with tide, de-lineate, panto mimed, do like, under handed, overlook, gat act, put through, are created, vague, trans acting, am team, cater-cornered, kibitzing, trans acted, in-coherent, most satellite, played gig, is participant, pass off as, more falsifying, is into, Disported, go with tide, went on a spree, play, was created, observe, forget, perked, kick up heels, most appurtenant, gat in on the act, de pict, round about, Imaged, entertain oneself, becomes available, be aware of, sidelong, more catercornered, became available, secondary, de-means, came in to being, para-phrases, long winded, ex plicate, laid an egg, most snaking, putting practice, long way around, wert created, dis-play, doth a turn, quiet, unfair, obliquitous, art carried along, wast life of party, most environmental, aslant, ex-plains, comes into being, letting one hair down, more sidelong, masquerades as, be life party, got the act, de porting, plays a gig, cater cornered, ex plained, un-planned, wriggly, puzzling, carries through, twined, more adjuvant, circumlocutory, more doublecrossing, be party to, lets ones hair down, presenting oneself, more tipped, got on act, rendering the role, laying money on, wast team, dost a turn, pedals, weaving, are engaged in, mazier, didst turn, delivered the goods, tangled, got in on act, un-clear, laying an egg, de ciphering, copycatted, wast on team, wert a team, doing a number, re enacts, take the role of, putting it over, most pitched, lets go, de coding, Burlesquing, un planned, in-venting, more entangled, go that a way, played a part, most stonewalling, more casuistic, go that route, most covering, more under, made merry, kicked around, came into existence, more double-crossing, oblique, more wound, Twining, didst impression of, being invented, most high-tech, carry completion, more equivocating, most misrepresenting, sit in on, de-picts, surrender, dis simulating, lets one's hair down, came stage, mislead, offcenter, has hand in, dost turn, am party to, para-phrase, misdirect, ex-plicates, wast on a team, taking the role of, more circumlocutory, complex, stage, engage in, performs, mucked, dis charging, de-coded, were life of party, re presenting, trans act, does number, dost number, associate with, more confounding, be wildering, acted like, pose as, go-that-a-wayed, did to a turn, get in the act, brought down the house, de-pendent, come like, lets hair down, Danced, side, am developed, Disporting, de scribes, Gamed, carries to completion, going like, twofaced, had do with, most accessory, more shuffling, am life party, hast a hand in, more hightech, under stand, takes part, bringing down the house, co-incidental, play part of, bringing down house, sideward, amuses oneself, co operated, entwined, had to do with, more dissembling, renders the role, askant, ambiguous, inhibited, doeth a turn, leave, draws near, doeth justice to, saying one piece, comes into existence, more double crossing, go-that-a-way, de-lineated, dost to a turn, be into, cut capers, drift, are aware of, staggered along, carried to completion, on the bias, wert aware of, erroneous, doing number, got in on, by way of, more digressory, rambling, being a participant, de lineated, most double-crossing, de coded, got in act, saying ones piece, comes on stage, joins in, passed oneself as, casuistic, associated with, more leaning, made debut, taking the part of, gets on act, de-scribing, entertaining oneself, most braided, edgeways, carrying to completion, in conclusive, mis representing, ex pound, acting the part of, un-reliable, wast a party to, pedalling, playing a role, let loose, wavy, co-operates, wast life party, in-congruous, most oscillating, haddest a hand in, did an impression of, coming on stage, acting out, wriggliest, comparative, commentate, abandon, two faced, comes on like, rounded, act part, was on a team, re presented, more amplified, para-phrasing, dissembling, prolix, enter in to, be life of party, more pitched, more accessory, de means, more braided, committing perjury, gotten the act, do impression of, un-truthful, more twisting, dis playing, kibitz, re-acted, de-porting, pass oneself as, un truer, starred, runs with the ball, most snarled, doeth like, lays money on, yield, most angled, being a party to, presented oneself, long way home, un-truest, co operate, throw light on, doing impression of, de scribe, be a participant, intermittent, coming like, squint, dis-course, panto-mime, was carried along, acted part of, more crinkled, wast created, doth impression of, subber, do an impression of, most prevaricating, more casuistical, passed off as, more adjunctive, most dissimulating, playing a gig, hightech, more put on, was aware of, dis ported, more cater cornered, entangled, more confirmatory, unclear, corkscrew, letting ones hair down, un clear, acts the part of, sits on, de ciphers, re-presented, were created, most enigmatic, get act, dresses as, is party to, comes in to being, went that route, goes like, acquitted oneself, in-tangible, played a role, re moved, unsettle, reads a part, more environmental, under stood, wert a party to, edgewise, de-tailed, most strewn, ambagious, ex-pounded, enter up on, kicked up heels, most mosaic, taking part of, goes route, inhibit, un-dependable, vermiculate, dressed as, most digressory, play the part of, did turn, kicks heels, circumstantial, sideways, luxuriate in, un-clearest, more straggling, more compounded, gotten act, make debut, renders role, go route, ex cursive, more curled, hammed, most elusory, puts through, run with the ball, delivers goods, doubling as, mis-stating, luxuriated in, de picts, posing as, go like, knotted, most inventing, de-scribed, art a party to, reading part, most confirmatory, were invented, deceitful, most obliquitous, de-mean, come in to existence, most sophistical, twisted, more round about, mixedup, letted go, ex plicated, be haves, digressory, go in to, cuts capers, more misstating, laconic, acting a part, brings down the house, is engaged in, re hearses, devious, doeth to turn, gets the act, Sauntered, de-touring, sidewise, Perking, more inventing, re-lated, made appearance, most paradoxical, more gyrating, under take, verbose, pro duce, become available, hath do with, being created, high tech, puts practice, tortuous, looped, dis coursing, un-stable, doest justice to, Strolled, taking care of business, going with tide, diplomatic, co incidental, polite, more two-timing, cutting capers, re-hearse, did justice to, lets in, plays a part, winding, ex-plained, be a party to, most circumlocutory, ex plain, most two timing, doeth impression of, hadst do with, be participant, doth a number, collateral, took an interest in, confirmatory, latched on, art a team, are developed, more bewildering, ex pounding, kicks around, played the part of, go spree, most vermiculate, dost impression of, get the act, am engaged in, playing the part of, most double crossing, passes oneself as, were participant, made an appearance, skewest, most sloped, more sloped, read a part, re create, most shuffling, un clearest, kicked heels, does like, getting in on, more elusory, wert developed, mazy, hast to do with, wast into, turned, hath to do with, un-stablest, am created, didst an impression of, take interest in, going on spree, engaging in, gets in on the act, in sincere, dishonest, making debut, doing to turn, lending hand, debar, gets in act, adjunctive, roundabout, most casuistical, kibitzed, obscure, taking the long way, doeth number, doing to a turn, personate, Snaking, dost like, hadst hand in, knurliest, are on a team, act, do to a turn, passed as, most round about, most detouring, makes appearance, does a number, more ambagious, making appearance, be on a team, be in to, doth to turn, doeth an impression of, delivering goods, serve, plays the part of, de ported, took role of, goes that route, sub-ordinate, wert a participant, co-operated, draw near, coming in to existence, ran with the ball, join in, are a party to, gat the act, acting like, taking part, sophistical, lying, doest an impression of, looping, did to turn, does a turn, most hightech, pantomimes, wast a team, most catercornered, most gyrating, gets in the act, re-presents, round-about, most crabbed, ex-plicate, doth to a turn, dress as, looked like, most high tech, go a spree, am aware of, re acting, idle away, commentated, most straggling, de-cipher, gotten in the act, more vermiculate, lays egg, come in to being, wast a participant, more obliquitous, act out, fibbing, more dissimulating, re acted, dodgy, gotten in on the act, dis ordered, takes the role of, ex-plicated, go-that-a-ways, dis-ingenuous, under-takes, obey, did impression of, carries completion, art a participant, was participant, appearing as, am on, putting in practice, doing like, make merry, dis course, panto mime, carrying completion, most cater cornered, am participant, dis-charge, were on team, said one piece, dis-simulating, acquit oneself, am a party to, doing a turn, having hand in, are on team, most sideways, threw light on, circuitous, most gordian, in venting, Zigzagging, sitting on, un stable, was a participant, in sincerer, being carried along, acts part, most falsifying, play part, put practice, goes a spree, appeared as, in-sincerest, co-incident, put over, most askance, lends hand, labyrinthine, wert in to, most digressing, ex-plain, mediate, submit, does impression of, came into being, art created, most twotiming, involved, put act, perform, dis coursed, de-pict, de scribing, passing off as, dis-playing, is life of party, takes interest in, amused oneself, most turned, hath hand in, un stabler, lent a hand, wast aware of, under-taking, had a hand in, lays an egg, sub ordinate, multi-form, here and there, more round-about, doest number, art in to, played part of, more strewn, plays part, played a gig, more paradoxical, Caricaturing, more vagrant, in congruous, have hand in, made of, sit in, doubles as, panto-mimed, DO, turning, delivering the goods, more misrepresenting, un fathomable, pre carious, plays gig, wily, trans-verse, pre tend, sat in on, in-direct, going spree, Elusory, passes oneself off as, most misstating, delivered goods, runs with ball, de-codes, under-stands, ex-pound, have do with, most doublecrossing, was on, pre-tended, wert carried along, para phrase, most two-timing, sub best, go that a wayed, wast engaged in, ex plains, panto miming, pre-tending, going route, went on spree, is on, passing as, under standing, most sidelong, pedaled, dis charge, playing gig, neglect, poses as, dis ingenuous, get on the act, being on team, most dissembling, was a party to, acted out, doeth to a turn, am life of party, detouring, interrupted, was team, go-that-a-waying, coming stage, in-sincere, long drawn out, co-ordinate, untruthful, ex plaining, more two timing, more turned, pantomiming, dis charged, playing a part, long way, rendered the role, panto-miming, more incident, Deviating, touch and go, most amplified, go with the tide, passing oneself as, un dependable, more diverging, acting part, bring down the house, assume character, were engaged in, most sidewise, forbid, play act, be invented, comes like, was life party, doing turn, are team, becoming available, puts in practice, unjust, courteous, reenacts, came on stage, dis jointed, mis leading, pre tends, de-ciphers, dis-ordered, bring down house, pre sent, is team, look like, wert on a team, de-ciphering, render role, am into, de-scribe, lay money on, in scrutable, being life party, de meaning, goose step, most incident, take care business, am a team, inter woven, acts part of, gets on the act, Burlesqued, acting part of, warped, assumes character, be engaged in, trans-acts, lay egg, most equivocating, went spree, dittoed, let go, interpret, are a team, most contorted, deliver the goods, wert participant, is carried along, tricky, re-mote, carried through, co incident, more sideward, play gig, puton, act part of, reticent, run with ball, were aware of, wast in to, doest to turn, in-conclusive, double as, come stage, came like, let ones hair down, getting act, takes the part of, commentating, under-taken, trans-lated, conglomerate, secondhand, coming into being, goes with the tide, trans-act, inexact, play a gig, ex plicating, Experiencing, most put on, didst to turn, subbest, taciturn, do justice to, disallow, in-volute, dis-cursive, masqueraded as, indefinite, alternating, gets act, be carried along, did number, de pendent, mis-representing, more put-on, most curled, make like, were on a team, lent hand, didst a number, ran with ball, letting in, most mingled, lend hand, zigzag, winding around, reading a part, dis-jointed, tactful, most daedalean, most adjuvant, gotten on the act, entertains oneself, playing role, kicking up heels, environmental, most multiplex, assumed character, pantomimed, act like, be have, play role, dost a number, are a participant, took the role of, were team, most fibbing, ex-cursive, un-clearer, go that a ways, associating with, de ciphered, sitting in, sate in on, most skirting, pre-sents, gat in on act, intricate, dittoing, tight-lipped, most tilted, more oscillating, ex-pounds, mucking, dis-porting, didst to a turn, masquerade as, say ones piece, Caricatured, art into, dis plays, follow, doth justice to, acquitting oneself, de-ported, wert party to, were life party, more askance, most casuistic, goes spree, doth number, de codes, wast carried along, presents oneself, un faithful, more angled, did like, latching on, dost an impression of, does justice to, acted part, being on a team, were a team, trans late, more cater-cornered, more tilting, co-operating, letting go, passing oneself off as, enact, takes care of business, most under, evasive, more skirting, having to do with, play a part, more compound, dis-plays, being engaged in, pass oneself off as, Personating, sub-best, impersonate, haddest do with, is created, under took, be team, dis-charges, am a participant, hadst a hand in, para phrasing, being participant, de mean, more snaking, de tailed, personates, appurtenant, is a participant, take role of, dancing, engaged in, different, throws light on, gets in on act, re-enacting, give up, ex-plaining, reads part, catercornered, doth like, dis-charged, are party to, spiral, saying one's piece, hypo critical, para phrases, more inclining, being in to, more prevaricating, crabwise, pro visional, looking like, do a turn, did a number, letted hair down, am on team, running with ball, take care of business, going on a spree, was engaged in, most compounded, un-decipherable, ex-plicating, most confounding, were on, didst a turn, are life of party, being life of party, taking long way, be-have, laid money on, acted the part of, deal with, played part, comes in to existence, stooged, more tilted, associates with, joined in, staggers along, came on like, Tortile, took part of, coming in to being, took care of business, ex-pounding, said piece, more gordian, para-phrased, high-tech, took interest in, inverse, makes debut, letted one's hair down, stagger along, staggering along, be a team, more stonewalling, pedaling, starring, comply, civil, paradoxical, goes with tide, askance, adjuvant, acts out, coming into existence, read part, dis-courses, ex plicates, getting in act, under takes, go on a spree, under taking, brings down house, more digressing, more daedal, put an act, co operating, inter-woven, wert on, tuned in, went like, sate on, politic, are participant, are on, more waggling, drawing near, wert on team, most compound, let one's hair down, de-meaning, take part, come into being, goes on a spree, un reliable, pass as, close-mouthed, doing justice to, mismanage, pre-tends, un decipherable, am invented, amuse oneself, coiled, gat on the act, re-enact, trans acts, more covering, does turn, drew near, more satellite, is aware of, more appurtenant, getting on the act, doth turn, under-stood, in direct, most bewildering, getting in the act, kicking around, pre tending, veering, takes role of, lending a hand, rendered role, laying egg, dis-coursing, un-truer, wordy, were carried along, more aslant, more fibbing, dis-ported, ignore, interdict, gets in on, in volute, comes stage, were developed, restrained, more detouring, not main, more mingled, most adjunctive, bowed, going a spree, not the main, de scribed, most leaning, ex pounded, playact, more multiplex, doeth a number, letting hair down, more contorted, art aware of, playing games, more high-tech, changing, art life party, did a turn, provisional, reenacted, Knurly, doth an impression of, says ones piece, re present, Double dealing, more daedalean, dis-coursed, Re-present, getting in on act, re presents, most entangled, went a spree, taking interest in, brought down house, art invented, are life party, de lineate, took care business, most daedal, sit on, were into, implied, diverge, most spiraling, under taken, prohibit, haddest to do with, get on act, wast participant, letting one's hair down, relative, be on, de-ciphered, went with the tide, deliver goods, doest to a turn, mendacious, is a party to, being party to, dis played, more high tech, co ordinate, doest a number, sits in, participate, be created, art life of party, drest as, at length, un clearer, rendering role, un stablest, put in practice, be-haves, carry to completion, tunes in, dis-played, art team, stooging, come into existence, put it over, more sophistical, decorated, off center, most ambagious, de code, doeth turn, is developed, not straightforward, longwinded, equivocal, coming on like, under-hand, more pitching, be-wildering, re-enacts, Personated, act a part, wert life party, uncommunicative, appears as, let one hair down, gaming, pro-visional, in-sincerer, goes on spree, are carried along, co-operate, didst justice to, take the part of, under stands, tread boards, wrigglier, am on a team, said one's piece, commentates, passes off as, supporting, being a team, re-hearses, taking role of, had hand in, passes as, take an interest in, jive, lends a hand, pro-duces, dis cursive, come on like, am carried along, be on team, acted a part, doubledealing, wert invented, says one piece, looks like, de-scribes, has a hand in, most diverging, do number, kicks up heels, under hand, under-handed, dis porting, appear as, appear, most crinkled, most vagrant, act the part of, most waggling, considerate, wast on, most puton, was invented, pre-sent, kick around, wast party to, is in to, art party to, more sidewise, most twisting, gotten in on act, entertained oneself, convoluted, letting loose, being aware of, being on, de-code, doubled as, art participant, un-stabler, throwing light on, assuming character, wert life of party, haddest hand in, de touring, are in to, gat in the act, un-faithful, be-having, are into, were in to, does an impression of, multi form, was in to, kibitzes, co operates, acquits oneself, long-winded, un truest, dis charges, under-standing, came in to existence, re-enacted.