Pronunciation of Native
/nˈe͡ɪtɪv/, /nˈe‍ɪtɪv/, /n_ˈeɪ_t_ɪ_v/

Antonyms for native

outcast, unrevealed, artificial, itinerant people, blowin, johnny come lately, more unperceived, un noted, jet setter, daytrippers, out of staters, EXPAT, most nonnative, most incog, un-essential, be-ginners, most expatriate, itinerants, more immigrant, supplemental, fortuitous, vacationist, odd one out, most adopted, more estranged, un assimilable, unknown people, migrant, external, un ascertained, out-migrant, unknown, un sung, blow ins, unrecognized, avant garde, outcomers, extrinsic, voyagers, nonresident, incomers, extra-ordinary, migrators, in experienced, un cannier, un necessary, most unapprehended, more apart, purified, un-necessary, gypsiest, Unascertained, unconnected, most vagrant, day tripper, un-commoner, casual, out-landers, strangers, foreign bodies, day-tripper, voyager, ex-patriate, un-connected, foreigner, new kid the block, in compatible, so-and-so, so and so, more itinerate, transoceanic, over seas, most unrecognized, un familiar, un essential, floater, be ginners, un-known, odd out, un seasoned, visitors, such and such, extralocal, in-applicable, un-seasoned, out sider, little known, un triedest, be ginner, in dependent, party crasher, most exiled, de-parter, unheard of, more peregrine, in apposite, over-seas, undocumented alien, nomadic, transient, more exiled, more unexplained, coincidental, non essential, out-comers, more drifting, tourist, inter loper, most uncharacteristic, adopted, more such-and-such, perfect stranger, most such-and-such, Incomer, more vagrant, more expatriate, fresh boat, in applicable, romanesque, dressed, incidental, un explored, subsidiary, peripatetic, out cast, unheardof, un-trieder, exterior, superimposed, non citizens, out comer, journeyer, in consistent, blow-ins, de relict, more perambulant, Superadded, uncelebrated, more inapposite, un-familiar, more incog, DPS, ex patriates, fresh the boat, outer-most, new kid block, un identified, more so and so, un-ascertained, inter lopers, un usual, de-relict, non-citizen, more transoceanic, stateless person, processed, stateless persons, in-consonant, out-of-staters, sur face, un-knowns, blow in, jet-setters, uninvited person, un characteristic, imported, non-native, Transplanted, un-identified, daytripper, floaters, most unexplained, Non-resident, un-tried, un perceived, not native, de-relicts, refugee, more nonresident, adoptive citizen, late arrival, in essential, un revealed, in-congruous, nonnative, Homeless Persons, de-solate, new kid on block, outward, re mote, most romanesque, foreign body, Transients, perambulatory, departers, deportee, weed, most itinerate, un-cannier, foreign, day trippers, more extralocal, more unrenowned, un-charted, more inconsonant, emigrant, out-casts, more romanesque, departer, un-related, in comer, party crashers, pure, more nonnative, undocumented aliens, un canny, most transoceanic, un-recognized, latecomer, Non-essential, more perambulatory, exotic, extraneous, established, more so-and-so, boat people, un charted, perambulant, itinerate, un-explored, most opposed, settler, adoptive citizens, movers, trans oceanic, non resident, un-told, faraway, auxiliary, un related, un accountable, Unrenowned, migratory worker, most drifting, most apart, noncitizen, most unassimilable, most unascertained, surface, be-ginner, more unrecognized, un-common, homeless people, out side, new arrivals, blow-in, jet setters, un accustomed, stateless people, farout, most extralocal, unexplained, un common, most so and so, unknowns, more unrevealed, more such and such, out of place, inapposite, un-sung, most irrelative, out place, un-triedest, itinerant person, uncharacteristic, new arrival, un explained, out-sider, migrator, un distinguished, in-migrant, unknown persons, un tried, in-compatible, trans-oceanic, in-essential, visitor, sur-face, treated, in congruous, de solate, journeyers, out casts, not domestic, fresh off boat, un-noted, in-apposite, uninvited people, most unperceived, out comers, in accessible, acquired, expats, in cog, jet-setter, such-and-such, vacationists, out lander, noncitizens, most uncelebrated, most immigrant, out landers, johnny-come-latelies, un-accustomed, un canniest, documented aliens, un-revealed, latecomers, out most, johnnies-come-lately, most nonresident, extra local, extra-local, un celebrated, un known, unassimilable, Inconsonant, Unapprehended, un-canniest, newcomer, uninvited persons, blowins, unknown person, in-experienced, extra ordinary, stranger, jetsetters, documented alien, gypsier, de parter, more unassimilable, secondary, minor, perfect strangers, naturalized citizen, evacuees, in-appropriate, un knowns, most inapposite, most perambulatory, de rived, strange, immigrant, more adopted, far off, unnatural, out-comer, alien, naturalized citizens, most perambulant, most estranged, un-renowned, johnnies come lately, assumed, in-comer, out-cast, boat persons, evacuee, out-lander, in comers, un-assimilable, in consonant, outlander, migratory workers, outsider, un-celebrated, fresh off the boat, johnny come latelies, un-perceived, adscititious, un-distinguished, refined, accidental, jetsetter, beside point, un-apprehended, in-consistent, itinerant persons, from abroad, ex patriate, ex-patriates, in appropriate, impure, superfluous, day-trippers, adventitious, boat person, most unrenowned, un commoner, in-cog, re-mote, outcomer, de-rived, unperceived, de relicts, out of stater, in-admissible, un trieder, weeds, late arrivals, un recognized, far fetched, more irrelative, un-explained, in-dependent, most unrevealed, more uncelebrated, unimportant, unnoted, un discovered, in-accessible, superficial, outside, non native, expatriate, more unnoted, unfamiliar, naturalized, un renowned, untried, non-citizens, non citizen, un commonest, un apprehended, in-comers, un-characteristic, un-discovered, out-of-stater, un-usual.