Pronunciation of Primary
/pɹˈa͡ɪməɹi/, /pɹˈa‍ɪməɹi/, /p_ɹ_ˈaɪ_m_ə_ɹ_i/

Antonyms for primary

junior, once for all, most appurtenant, reliefest, more finishing, more small fry, sub ordinate, more under, most second-hand, sub alternate, second-fiddle, re-liefer, co ordinate, de rived, most smallfry, co incident, hind-most, hind most, after, uttermost, more incident, at end, adventitious, more smallfry, most resulting, more aftermost, most adjunctive, negligible, de pendent, on underside, inferior, most subaltern, sub-alternate, unessential, assistant, small time, subject, minor, re-lated, insignificant, more adjuvant, concealed by, shooter, in significant, in direct, in danger of, most substract, thirdhand, sub sequent, utter-most, exotic, more satellite, most small fry, on the underside, under average, subsequent, in the power of, more second-fiddle, at ones feet, most backup, at the end, tributary, extra, small-fry, more appurtenant, more resultant, endest, most adjuvant, de-rived, most second-fiddle, nonessential, aftermost, not lineal, deputy, sub-best, laggest, more endwise, modern, more underaverage, most small-fry, most second-string, more subaltern, un equal, co-ordinate, dis posed, re liefer, most enslaved, most subjugated, be-longing, appurtenant, secondary, second-string, the bottom, more second string, reliefer, bound by, ex posed, most curtains, secondfiddle, more secondstring, utter most, small fry, confirmatory, unimportant, on the nether side, collateral, be-neath, after most, Substract, covered by, most satellite, incident, adjuvant, more adjunctive, under-neath, following, sub normal, under neath, sub altern, more derivate, more resulting, more second-hand, underaverage, more subjugated, subbest, late, end wise, inessential, more substract, inconsiderable, bushleague, most accessory, de terminative, trifling, governed, more second hand, slight, co-incident, most second hand, trivial, sub-ordinate, most endwise, least, subordinate, Ender, more confirmatory, more accessory, de-terminative, most reserve, derived, re serve, auxiliary, Derivate, most aftermost, to the bottom, in-direct, in power of, re liefest, be longing, under-average, be neath, advanced, more ending, most resultant, most incident, dis-posed, ancillary, on bottom, subber, utility, re-lief, re-serve, more second-string, standby, sub-normal, end-wise, pro-nest, de terminate, shootest, under, un-equal, more curtains, pro visional, more subnormal, sub-altern, de-pendent, sophisticated, most subalternate, at one feet, sub best, inconsequential, lowly, ex-posed, more backup, outer-most, After-most, more feeding, more secondfiddle, new, at one's feet, re-porting, far off, more enslaved, re lief, more small-fry, most ending, endwise, most confirmatory, novel, last, smallfry, coadjutor, in considerable, re porting, on the bottom, recent, un-important, sub-sequent, pressed down, most feeding, on nether side, at feet, re-liefest, most secondfiddle, most under, second-hand, second, more reserve, fresh, most finishing, in-considerable, behind, de-terminate, alternative, most derivate, second hand, adjunctive, incidental, supporting, vicarious, Subalternate, most underaverage, sub missive, held down, most second string, foreign, minorleague.