Pronunciation of Uninterested
/ʌnˈɪntəɹəstɪd/, /ʌnˈɪntəɹəstɪd/, /ʌ_n_ˈɪ_n_t_ə_ɹ_ə_s_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for uninterested

more monopolized, more titillated, have brain, ex-cited, meddlesome, more gripped, more examining, trans fixed, in use, most tampering, most deliberating, in to, un qualified, most intermeddling, curious, more snooping, formal, most honed, mindful, de-voted, quick witted, un aware, enamored, more riveted, wrapped-up, in-tense, inquisitive, most wrapped up, more inspecting, more intermeddling, in love with, up to here, bigeyed, dis-criminating, over powered, more big eyed, red hot, more daydreaming, most big-eyed, more beguiled, in-quiring, feeling, de liberating, yearning, most transfixed, most poking, have on brain, Riveted, preoccupied, toasty, Immersed, inquiring, more consumed, extra-ordinary, ex citable, excited, more entranced, more appetent, up here, more deliberating, alert, Unblunted, thinking, responsive, more scrutinizing, untired, desirous, most razor sharp, caught up, most captivated, most questioning, spread out, in tense, more razorsharp, most snooping, more captivated, more stirred, all wound up, un-aware, more roused, more lured, keyed up, zealous, caring, lost in thought, more inspirited, woolgathering, caught in, in tenser, more unblunted, interested, active, keen, conscientious, absorbed, pre-occupied, most enticed, most edged, more razor-sharp, most submerged, more inconscient, trans-fixed, most ruminating, razor-sharp, passionate, in place, nobodys fool, most inspirited, un-qualified, de lighted, in-spirited, in-tent, most scrutinizing, de-liberating, whole-hearted, more boundup, Disquisitive, un-expected, ex cited, a million miles away, in-tenser, fiend for, warmish, most sifting, locked up, airheaded, attentive, most awakened, most enraptured, ardent, nosy, most dazzled, inquisitory, in-spired, quickwitted, spirited, more in to, more sifting, more enthralled, more enticed, more peeping, dis-trait, most consumed, engrossed, most overpowered, happy, toastiest, more bigeyed, connected with, most enslaved, fascinated, more attracted, most into, heedful, more big-eyed, most titillated, concerned, more disquisitive, more tantalized, most beguiled, more wrapped-up, de-lighted, more practicing, searching, lost thought, up here in, pre occupied, Enticed, really into, dis trait, de voted, heavily into, doingest, more diligent, on the case, up to here in, most tantalized, REDHOT, fervent, deep in thought, dying to, more seduced, most peering, more curious, more gung ho, stuck on, most disquisitive, most penned, more wrappedup, most practicing, over-powered, most interested, most boundup, aware, whizer, more challenging, most daydreaming, inter meddling, most big eyed, serious, in tent, dealing in, most roused, un conventional, bemused, Intrigued, most eavesdropping, more ruminating, vivacious, de liberative, gung-ho, un expected, un available, more wrapped up, most gungho, be-witched, be-mused, warm, more mesmerized, most meddling, most inspecting, un-available, more mooning, more enslaved, more bound up, pre sumptuous, most stirred, pre-disposed, kind, most bound-up, in spirited, involved, un-conventional, more gung-ho, more bound-up, sifting, most seduced, most inquisitory, be mused, trans ported, lively, under lock and key, more overpowered, most ensnared, have on the brain, friendly, most attracted, sharp as a tack, big-eyed, more dazzled, gungho, more questioning, more woolgathering, most razor-sharp, animated, most bugged, heavily in to, most enthralled, most in to, un-blunted, under lock key, un usual, un-usual, most gung-ho, really in to, more enraptured, most examining, most bound up, most inconscient, have the brain, in-attentive, fond of, most wrappedup, under spell, Intermeddling, in custody, most warmish, inter-meddling, most lured, taken up, enthusiastic, seduced, doinger, de-liberative, taken up with, sensitive, more inquisitory, ex-citable, most airheaded, sociable, toastier, more interested, most aroused, on case, in spired, energetic, sharp as tack, gone on, more razor sharp, bound-up, more eavesdropping, most riveted, sub merged, whizest, at work, most monopolized, most incarcerated, big eyed, extra ordinary, more awakened, more edged, most challenging, more tampering, more gungho, most gripped, more penned, more transfixed, more einstein, more into, dis criminating, most entranced, more bugged, nobody fool, warmhearted, most unblunted, sub-merged, eat sleep breathe, most einstein, more submerged, more honed, under a spell, most woolgathering, most wrapped-up, in-tensest, more poking, wrapped up, boundup, more peering, most peeping, be witched, more aroused, approving, most bigeyed, more airheaded, bound up, engaged, re moved, more incarcerated, more subjugated, un blunted, most gung ho, most subjugated, sold on, captive, in quiring, most appetent, eat sleep and breathe, most mesmerized.