Pronunciation of Warm
/wˈɔːm/, /wˈɔːm/, /w_ˈɔː_m/

Antonyms for warm

de-stroy, un reachable, out of reach, un-happiest, in-clement, Unconversant, more unobtainable, dis-courages, in-sensible, most icecapped, in-considerable, dis-heartening, crispier, low pitched, turning deaf ear to, un genial, putting the chill on, un populated, moderate, ward off, air cools, coldshoulder, anti social, un-disclosed, de forested, wind swept, pre-vent, frosted, treated with contempt, clearcut, most hunky dory, more uncurious, un relenting, re-strained, Unimpressible, most unpopulated, made cold, most poker-faced, more unimpressible, most expired, pushing daisies, most cut, more ice-capped, blinked at, most piquing, more south, slight, Unprepossessed, in-hospitable, more icecovered, offing, twodog night, nondiscriminatory, impassive, more insociable, chilling the bone, aircooling, most gelid, arms length, ex terminates, frostbound, most bureaucratic, most frosted, dis-counts, de-stroys, dis patch, calm, un refined, more siberian, most wide reaching, orphic, most unimpressible, put an end to, kept cold, un-sympathetic, more dressed, take for a ride, dis-patch, air-cools, un friendliest, hateful, coldblooded, objective, Neoteric, air-conditions, re-presses, un acceptable, bureaucratic, steely, un scrupulous, impersonal, wellgroomed, chilled bone, in clement, un realizable, Algific, frozen, brumal, most sub zero, be numbs, more farstretched, cold hearted, de-pressing, most frostbound, most unpasteurized, more scraped, self controlled, hibernal, illdefined, illdisposed, unobtainable, unloving, un-ruffled, un concerned, Unpassioned, took out, more sub-zero, unagitated, more inexcitable, more blizzardlike, un-honored, show disrespect, looking coldly up on, more pared, de sert, obscure, just out, gone to meet maker, dis patches, un-feasible, de adens, un treated, beyond range, in-distinct, dis counts, un mitigated, Infrigidate, un-populated, uncolored, more bruised, most icicled, dis-regarding, hyper-boreal, de presses, un-favorable, rimiest, more wind swept, ill defined, looked coldly upon, more hard hearted, not on, in-human, dis-advised, unanimated, un attainable, anti, more antarctic, resting peace, more hiemal, more standoff, putting airs, cleancut, unhappy, Air cooling, resting in peace, more beyond, chilling to bone, ice covered, most hiemal, more eremitic, giving the brush, be-heading, be heads, most chilled, de moralized, un ripest, most brutish, most farspread, re buffs, inaccessible, blistered, re-strains, throwing cold water on, dis heartens, more expired, turning aside, un-approachable, numbing, puts a damper on, counter-act, more sleeted, Damped, more bated, take life, un agitated, un readable, dis-approving, most airconditioned, most straight-faced, de-presses, aircools, glaciating, un-riper, un-colored, hot press, bereft life, wideranging, blink at, more blighted, de-feat, in-operable, turns aside, below freezing, de-aden, weatherbeaten, subzero, de-barring, brandnew, un-emotional, de aden, un-qualified, air-cooling, cold, chill, more nongermane, in-expressive, most ice-covered, out of ones misery, up-stages, made light of, mean, hardhearted, un-friendliest, most blizzardlike, most ice-capped, un biased, like is, matter-of-fact, three-dog night, more hibernal, off lying, dis hearten, most unconversant, ice-covered, far reaching, stimulative, air cool, most scratched, hiemal, out of misery, ice, most mortified, taking a life, infrigidated, more muttering, more away, de-barred, cut dead, un-forgiving, brutish, most unobtainable, anti-social, most anesthetized, re mote, unwelcoming, out-right, more unexcitable, fresh, widely distributed, bleak, de-finite, most piano, keep cold, un feeling, snowy, crisp, halfhearted, defend against, pre-vents, unpopulated, most god knows where, forbidding, dis regards, chilled to the bone, most ice covered, most hawkish, hyper boreal, in operative, most extinguished, more far going, unfrieder, most chafed, detached, dis advise, most inoperable, in-elegant, hot the press, un discovered, most blistered, re press, most uncontaminated, un demonstrative, most sleeted, gave cold shoulder to, un-enthusiastic, more numbed, de-parted, gave the brush, most blighted, un-welcoming, out range, defends against, un happy, unfeeling, most offed, out and out, far off, out of one misery, south, sleety, selfcontrolled, out reach, un-scrupulous, off beaten path, more frost-bound, not home, de-press, re pressed, most god-knows-where, more wide-ranging, dis-hearten, most siberian, ill disposed, ice cold, more cold-shoulder, most hard-hearted, steelier, most far going, more far extending, scrappy, more stimulative, not hand, more ungraded, dis interested, un practiced, disputatious, middle of nowhere, chilled to bone, air-cool, most icebox, dampen, clean cut, unenthusiastic, Winterly, formal, un favorable, de stroyed, aloof, ungettable, acts like a wet blanket, more hyperboreal, put a stop to, un-discovered, poker faced, far spread, more far-going, unexcited, un emotional, most icebound, acted cool, most dressed, un conventional, un-conversant, most unloving, unpasteurized, Inexcitable, straightfaced, more sequestered, most procacious, in-curious, hard boiled, un-sung, in-sociable, de stroys, stoical, put a damper on, over-look, chill bone, dusting off, mis anthropic, un loving, more air-conditioned, un impassioned, dis-heartens, Farstretched, dis counting, dis-mayed, un-readable, more well pressed, dis-patching, snub, iced over, unexcitable, more iced, most far stretched, electro-cutes, dis-patched, frozen over, far going, de-stroying, un-impassioned, dis courage, disadvised, unpolluted, be numbed, most ungraded, re presses, most fargoing, well-pressed, re-served, taking out, telescopic, un clearest, looked right through, glaciates, un-polluted, self contained, un obtainable, un-couth, hyperboreal, ex terminating, more unimpassioned, un fashionable, with-drawn, un processed, onedog night, quarrelsome, un involved, in-tenser, more offed, un kindest, ex-terminates, frorest, be-headed, wideextending, hoar, Dulling, disadvising, bellicose, in backwater, this season's, un-caring, prevent, un conditional, more galled, un colored, in-decent, more bureaucratic, un feasible, took for ride, standoffish, in sticks, lost heat, chill to bone, most straight faced, be-yond, de moralizes, de-sert, in-sipid, in accessible, emotionless, dusted off, most icecovered, chills the bone, no more, ice-capped, steeliest, ex-posed, defended against, making light of, stuck up, more icecapped, un-interesting, caller, un-seasoned, pre-vented, numb, de pressed, in-tolerant, in audible, un-dressed, frorer, ices up, re straining, in glorious, de bars, more god-knows-where, re-duces, un impressible, not at hand, iced, more ill disposed, more ungettable, most wind swept, un-genial, air conditions, dis courages, out misery, re duce, most erased, de feat, dulls, be-numbed, freezing, give the cold shoulder to, un propitious, de moralize, dis-advising, more reposing, wide reaching, gave brush, nip bud, undemonstrative, un-settled, crispiest, most nongermane, at end, unhonored, un interested, re-pressing, Hard-hearted, give cold shoulder to, more peeled, oldfashioned, airconditions, un-responsive, counter acting, out-lying, un-processed, un trained, most muted, more mortified, un-compassionate, in conspicuous, most yonder, hawkish, more widestretching, more ice capped, lose heat, put the chill on, un-conditional, non partisan, algid, most rough-hewn, un graded, more unpasteurized, most far extending, cold blooded, re strict, well pressed, under cooked, ices out, more piquing, nasty, more farspread, look right through, bereft of life, Disadvise, making cold, more liquidated, far, more boondocks, up staging, more unagitated, more wide reaching, more far spread, in considerable, in the background, un-touched, wide ranging, in flexible, mis used, unfriendly, widestretching, most unanimated, far stretched, mis-using, de-capitate, dust off, in human, hostile, in operable, re-buffed, put chill on, thick skinned, ex-terminating, un-fried, mis-anthropic, un taught, more anesthetized, chilling bone, put airs, dis maying, over looks, ill-disposed, over-looking, re tiring, in scrutable, in the distance, most uncompanionable, un-available, dis-advise, in-direct, more anti, act like wet blanket, de parted, far-stretched, insincere, re pressing, dis patching, dis-interested, unapproachable, in-tensest, unpleasant, more extinguished, more unhonored, blotted out, most anti, most cold-shoulder, brand new, more scorched, most hunkydory, more coldshoulder, up-stage, more air conditioned, un enthusiastic, corking, wide stretching, depressed, most oldhat, uncontaminated, puts damper on, un sheltered, most off-lying, most hunky-dory, putting damper on, most eremitic, most reviving, electro cute, un-ripe, chills to the bone, un honored, most algific, air condition, comfortable, acting like wet blanket, freeze, in-solent, sleetier, infrigidating, more deadened, farspread, most well pressed, uninterested, un happiest, more uncompanionable, most stifled, chilly, un tried, eremitic, cool, more refrigerated, most comer, in the sticks, straight-faced, more faltering, reserved, in tolerant, de liberate, more piano, took a life, frigid, un-prepared, more deforested, wintry, nip the bud, un forgiving, most doused, murder, puts an end to, at an end, mild, Coldish, most murmuring, most frontier, be numb, in-audible, most air-conditioned, un distinguished, un sympathetic, turn deaf ear to, un-friendlier, dis regarded, more hawkish, in-exorable, gave the cold shoulder to, looking coldly upon, most apart, in experienced, un stained, dis may, put end to, icebound, Unbaked, more inoperable, de-liberate, more hard-hearted, in-glorious, in tenser, more ungenial, electro-cute, far flung, ungenial, more wideranging, ice up, nower, re strain, Seclusive, most stimulative, in solent, chill to the bone, not allowed, un-clad, dispassionate, un settled, wide extending, more unpolluted, Forfend, in-appropriate, un contaminated, takes life, most faltering, icecapped, most air conditioned, dis heartening, more wide stretching, un-clear, farreaching, aircool, de-bars, deadpan, in-tense, most straightfaced, blot out, re tired, in boonies, this seasons, dis-courage, more fortifying, most ungenial, in distinct, un-impressible, in-flexible, most south, most wind-swept, pre vents, up stages, more unpopulated, un-animated, un-acceptable, most bleached, off-lying, un sociable, inter-dict, unforgiving, pugnacious, more straightfaced, un-workable, most refrigerated, re duces, more numbing, most ice capped, putting a stop to, more frontier, passed up, defending against, taking for ride, in-different, most bustling, un workable, threedog night, un-gettable, more demode, un-kind, three dog night, un disclosed, more erased, talk out of, dis-counted, shows disrespect, unheard of, combative, re-buffing, lukewarm, most galled, un-curious, thickskinned, most old hat, rimy, blinking at, dis-maying, up to date, more offlying, non germane, more hyperborean, most hyperborean, most reposing, dis patched, deforested, mis using, strictly business, most perished, most indurated, un-treated, be-numb, bracing, giving brush, air-cooled, most antarctic, most numbed, un caring, dis heartened, chill the bone, more far stretched, pushing up daisies, glacial, un employed, more wide-extending, showed disrespect, most blasting, counter act, more old-hat, de finite, most cold shoulder, chills bone, ice-cold, not existing, garotte, more sub zero, clear cut, in different, counter-acted, truculent, un-known, most disapproving, more unpassioned, dis regarding, more straight-faced, inoperable, more ice covered, un-happier, most exhilarative, most bated, in hospitable, un-usual, putting chill on, make light of, un-tried, put on airs, un prejudiced, un approachable, most above, far-spread, Icicled, re buffing, most bruised, un-stained, inter dict, un-excited, takes for a ride, more wide-stretching, most nipping, in-sensitive, looked coldly up on, most hard hearted, more icicled, more icebox, in visible, blots out, more gelid, un-interested, un-clothed, more roughhewn, distant, dull, exhilarative, most unexcitable, icecold, violent, un-fashioned, most algid, ex-terminated, de ceased, unnoted, un-ripest, keeping cold, un excitable, more unanimated, most far-stretched, de-mode, most offlying, be numbing, turns deaf ear to, in susceptible, treat with contempt, un-fashionable, fore stall, this season, looks right through, acts cool, most deadened, airconditioning, brisk, up-staging, forfending, un dressed, snappy, frost bound, in sipid, most sub-zero, re cent, look coldly upon, un sung, most widestretching, most wide extending, un trieder, un-moved, re buff, not stale, un-baked, un polluted, re-strict, selfpossessed, dis-heartened, non-discriminatory, uncaring, de stroying, stormy, ice capped, more apart, nip in bud, ice over, more aside, more newborn, more procacious, most rough hewn, most far-spread, dis approving, be-numbs, un-realizable, most asunder, un interesting, most wide-extending, in elegant, more well-pressed, dis mays, iced up, aggressive, most wide-reaching, Insociable, more frigorific, un couth, Burring, dis-advises, under-done, most seclusive, more undercooked, rimier, more chilled, puts chill on, most widereaching, most unagitated, oldhat, taking life, fore-stalling, Disliking, takes for ride, be yond, more unsorted, more bleached, in-conspicuous, open minded, up-pity, un seen, makes cold, un clad, passes up, most standoff, looks coldly upon, turned deaf ear to, most far-going, in tense, whats happening, most peeled, most unimpassioned, fore stalls, fargoing, un disciplined, icy, out one misery, dis advising, un companionable, chills to bone, more algid, un covered, over-looks, aircondition, drafty, de-forested, re strains, more blasting, frosty, most unhonored, puts the chill on, more coldish, counter-acting, most frost bound, selfcontained, un clear, un achievable, unimpassioned, most wide-stretching, more unclothed, de barred, air-conditioned, in-scrutable, re-buffs, de-ceased, simmering down, most scraped, most farstretched, most skinned, blinks at, took for a ride, de-adens, de-bar, wind-swept, faint, over looked, un flappable, more tonic, un-obtainable, most unachievable, more blurred, snobbing, un-mitigated, poohpooh, sub-zero, un welcoming, stony, airconditioned, ex terminate, un-pasteurized, more far-stretched, keeps cold, non-partisan, impotent, most coldish, most oppugnant, acted like a wet blanket, de press, un-excitable, un-friedest, nippy, un-attainable, more airconditioned, air cooled, anesthetized, icing out, non discriminatory, garottes, poker-faced, more frost bound, belligerent, de-moralized, de-moralizing, in sensible, garotting, most neoteric, crispy, talked out of, hoarest, up stage, one dog night, pass up, loses heat, un clothed, fore stalling, indifferent, simmers down, talks out of, un prepared, keeping lid on, dis-regard, draftiest, be headed, hot off press, lowpitched, most iced, un noted, air conditioned, de pressing, more unloving, un-kinder, un-sheltered, frore, be-numbing, un-achievable, out it, more rough hewn, unemotional, most untreated, in-surmountable, in background, un kinder, most newborn, un friendly, ex-terminate, nowest, pre-venting, alienated, more exhilarative, more yonder, de moralizing, putting end to, dis counted, gone to reward, refrigerated, antarctic, un-wilted, un triedest, un cooked, un wilted, air-condition, de-pressed, more wideextending, out of it, more brutish, fore-stalled, more poker faced, more brumal, put damper on, in-accessible, more perished, more uncolored, pre venting, chilled the bone, acting cool, more frosted, un curious, more untreated, more asunder, most deforested, wide of, took life, more windswept, putting on airs, more uncontaminated, arm length, more bustling, raw, re moved, rough hewn, over look, showing disrespect, more skinned, draftier, unkind, unsorted, benumbed, in animate, more illdisposed, most muttering, out of one's misery, dis-may, counter acted, look coldly up on, gone meet maker, dis-counting, most poker faced, most coldshoulder, snobbed, un-skilled, the latest, Allying, most orphic, un-committed, most uncolored, far extending, inert, in-visible, re-tiring, un available, most wide-ranging, turned aside, losing heat, un animated, dis advised, most unfashioned, cutting dead, un-feeling, un-concerned, most ill disposed, in-operative, un-communicative, more old hat, have goose bumps, more indurated, re-straining, openminded, in-animate, hunky dory, most beyond, re-strain, keep lid on, under done, un-cooked, DAMPS, most hibernal, disadvises, in direct, laid back, more muted, offed, most fortifying, sub zero, dis-regarded, dis-patches, below zero, cooled, unsocial, comfy, two-dog night, unheated, most inexcitable, un baked, unheardof, in-active, mis-used, matter of fact, un ripe, counter-acts, Oppugnant, out side, polar, un touched, god knows where, un qualified, hunky-dory, treats with contempt, dis advises, looking right through, insipid, nongermane, by gone, un responsive, most brumal, hard hearted, behind times, icing up, be ginning, more far-spread, counter acts, out lying, frigorific, impartial, weather beaten, un bending, more subzero, more beginning, re-mote, most tonic, sad, argumentative, disagreeable, dis passionate, re served, aircooled, in expressive, coldhearted, most ungettable, out earshot, more hunkydory, air-conditioning, gives cold shoulder to, nobody home, old-hat, un-conventional, de feats, icecovered, pre vent, out-righter, act cool, takes a life, puts stop to, un-noted, un seasoned, most subzero, cuts dead, dis-mays, un kind, un-involved, most frost-bound, de-moralize, more unnoted, un-friendly, un prepossessed, most wide stretching, in surmountable, fore-stall, bitterly cold, more ice-covered, in curious, gives the cold shoulder to, far back, gives brush, un-flappable, un-connected, treating with contempt, re-duce, un known, un friendlier, un compassionate, un usual, under-cooked, offhand, farextending, most roughhewn, in decent, ex tensive, well groomed, estranged, dead, un-clearest, electro cutes, most uncurious, un-sorted, inter-cept, stuckup, kept lid on, most grazed, used up, un-bending, unachievable, more far-extending, most beginning, inter cept, more wide extending, gone reward, more unprepossessed, glaciated, de solate, throws cold water on, de-feats, ice out, de stroy, on ice, dusts off, farflung, more algific, acting like a wet blanket, pooh pooh, half hearted, more icebound, non-germane, Uncompanionable, acted like wet blanket, far-flung, out rightest, un-prejudiced, Procacious, corked, undercooked, more stifled, middle nowhere, un-important, god-knows-where, most hyperboreal, most unwelcoming, un-happy, two dog night, un committed, more cold shoulder, in appropriate, ex posed, deter, dis-passionate, up pity, up-staged, laidback, un communicative, de-moralizes, widereaching, threw cold water on, de bar, windswept, simmered down, un-taught, un ruffled, most wideranging, contentious, more nipping, most abraded, de-solate, de mode, in-experienced, infrigidates, dis mayed, remote, Sleeted, most unsorted, un-distinguished, burred, most scorched, be-ginning, more seclusive, blotting out, most numbing, make cold, un-frieder, fore-stalls, most sequestered, be heading, un-reachable, more cut, un-demonstrative, most insociable, with drawn, in distance, more nondiscriminatory, hoarer, most aside, un conversant, not give time day, by-gone, talking out of, most softened, most telescopic, un-companionable, most undercooked, more unwelcoming, chilled, most far spread, more unexcited, more ill-disposed, wide-extending, out right, ex terminated, offlying, most demode, dis-regards, more frostbound, un-loving, chilling to the bone, re strained, more unconversant, turn aside, a piece, old fashioned, un-trieder, un-kindest, most unexcited, most boondocks, Damping, out of earshot, most windswept, most far-extending, cold-shoulder, act like a wet blanket, more hunky dory, out righter, passing up, un-trained, take a life, dis regard, most wideextending, de-stroyed, more unbaked, un-sociable, forfended, re buffed, un excited, icebox, more wind-swept, more widereaching, un-triedest, de barring, most nondiscriminatory, stale, what's happening, in sensitive, most pared, un fashioned, most liquidated, more poker-faced, un-contaminated, uncurious, giving cold shoulder to, one-dog night, puts end to, wellpressed, most bulldozed, frost-bound, most wide ranging, in sociable, solitary, ungraded, most unpassioned, most illdisposed, more shivering, more farextending, makes light of, sleetiest, be-heads, in excitable, un frieder, de capitate, putting stop to, iced out, un happier, coolheaded, refrigerate, acts like wet blanket, un skilled, in-excitable, un profitable, most frigorific, hyperborean, most old-hat, Half-hearted, garotted, puts a stop to, un-refined, hardboiled, more unwilted, arctic, blizzardlike.