Pronunciation of Aware
/ɐwˈe͡ə/, /ɐwˈe‍ə/, /ɐ_w_ˈeə/

Antonyms for aware:

in judicious, most unexcitable, blind as a bat, inattentive, more quicksilver, awestruck, shallower, blind, more two timing, more irrecoverable, gone astray, un-artificial, more weak kneed, come apart, most inelaborate, un comprehending, more appalled, more forfeit, up set, simple minded, unhearing, more unremembered, un-communicative, kiss goodbye, more unknowledgeable, more unrecognizing, in-tractable, most blundering, not there, most confiding, scatterbrained, lost, most yo yo, most poker-faced, in visible, dead world, sur roundings, re-flex, un-knowing, most typhlotic, birdbrained, out to lunch, in-sensate, out of date, dis-engaged, most awestruck, re-pressed, un-sullied, awe struck, feeling no pain, half witted, most emptied, un emotional, most uncalculated, un-remembered, most mind blown, head in clouds, more unexperienced, most annihilated, unmindful, like a babe in the woods, most daydreaming, over-looking, un recognizing, unspotted, more soft-headed, more misused, un adorned, most frittered, un-suspecting, most nonplussed, un sound, more double-crossing, more licked, not use, most disappeared, spic and span, more unmixed, most nitwitted, most obstructed, un furnished, in a fog, most walkover, un-taken, going circles, in sensitive, most unexpressive, unaware of events, un-steady, more unbriefed, more unsuspicious, out-righter, un-excitable, child play, in attentive, un deniable, in-experienced, Undeliberate, mis used, Depthless, more unspotted, buffaloed, re moved, un seeing, in-animate, un expressive, destitute of vision, in-visible, un-schooled, more unintellectual, most demolished, most astounded, most laundered, more unglued, more undiscerning, in experienced, strongwilled, un polluted, unfamiliar, taken aback, weak in the knees, most uncompounded, more without, unglued, cretinous, out window, in expressive, more astonished, lamber, more staggered, more lamebrained, un excitable, halfwitted, un initiated, most undecorated, more apprenticed, most bovine, uncalculated, punchdrunk, more knocked, matter of fact, dead the world, un-witting, more two-timing, dis engaged, dis guised, more evacuated, un caring, more buffaloed, be-fuddled, un-adorned, most consumed, in-curious, unsteady, faraway, dead-end, non committal, unexpressive, more perished, be numbed, un sounder, un-sounder, un steadiest, unelaborate, un-compounded, un touched, un-faithful, more flabbergasted, come unzipped, de spoiled, head clouds, mis informed, more tranced, subliminal, most anesthetized, more laundered, blind as bat, irretrievable, offcourse, feelingless, most unperceiving, yo-yo, un mixed, more wide eyed, more picnic, more surroundings, more daydreaming, most wideeyed, more slap happy, most mindblown, un redeemed, unornamented, most undiscerning, unwary, more uncombined, dead to the world, space cadet, un-glued, misinformed, more imperceptive, un sullied, most devastated, more unartificial, most imperceptive, un-enlightened, in considerable, mystified, un varnished, unredeemed, in-discriminate, be fuddled, taken up, un-alloyed, un perceiving, unrecognizing, un mindful, more bovine, un glued, unsteadiest, most untaken, head strong, un true, over come, more cleansed, un-mixed, to let, most floored, un-learned, most unmixed, out control, more entranced, in elaborate, de void, in-nocuous, mindless, bewildered, most bollixed, deaf, with drawn, un-marked, most overlooking, temperamental, listen blind, most dismayed, more boneheaded, un-ornamented, most yoyo, like a babe the woods, un reasoning, in fog, un-fussy, unheeding, Soft-headed, ignorant, more well-kept, nowhere to be found, most blocked, not knowing, more self-willed, un-critical, more depthless, most surroundings, most licked, most mooning, most selfwilled, re mote, fatuous, more poker faced, wide eyed, un hearing, more mystified, de solate, un enlightened, undiscerning, most unredeemed, more wellkept, sur-prised, un-predictable, more undecorated, no sweat, most dirtless, un-concerned, un-cultivated, most mind-blown, more forgetting, un-realized, without clue, more dead end, un-briefed, un-adulterated, un-mistakable, dis concerted, shoalest, more demolished, more unrealized, more tenantless, non-reactive, headstrong, in trance, un accustomed, in curious, un-experienced, on the canvas, sub-liminal, un truest, weak knees, more doublecrossing, more mindblown, unengaged, in-active, un-acquainted, un intended, un-used, more unperceiving, unlettered, more mooning, Awe-struck, more self willed, wastest, most tranced, most depthless, not difficult, un-elaborate, shoaler, most weakkneed, going in circles, mis-laid, un-occupied, mutable, most forfeit, more swooning, YOYO, most unremembered, not associated, in-cognizant, more agape, more bollixed, dizzy, most unornamented, shelfest, most wide eyed, without a clue, un-truest, more unpolluted, re pressed, more yo yo, unfussy, re-gular, frothy, unnoticing, most clueless, most visionless, un critical, more untroublesome, apprenticed, un steady, nowhere be found, un feeling, most uncombined, un blended, re-flexer, un-conditional, out of contact, uninformed, blank, nitwitted, un stained, more repressed, un-emotional, un-stabler, out lunch, most cretinous, un-trained, un-blended, by-gone, un known, un-responsive, no problem, un responsive, most boneheaded, be-mused, more overlooking, dis appeared, mis-spent, un combined, un-perceiving, sur face, un predictable, un-kindest, un-susceptible, un tarnished, un suspecting, most earless, most soft-headed, more woolgathering, un trained, most buffaloed, in-elaborate, amaurotic, out-right, un intentional, un-skilled, uncritical, un-decorated, more bamboozled, over whelmed, more sucker, more abolished, forgetful, not informed, re-mote, Tenantless, wishywashy, un-combined, more twotiming, more unelaborate, unfurnished, more irretrievable, more unread, un compounded, dis trait, empty headed, most mystified, un intellectual, most unfurnished, stone deaf, Imperceptive, un-complicated, out and out, more wide-eyed, un inhabited, off balance, more dirtless, un embellished, unexcitable, ex terminated, un-hearing, boneheaded, more deadend, most undeliberate, most wellkept, irrecoverable, by gone, snappest, non-committal, un-kind, more uncompleted, most forgetting, un-fussier, most unsighted, more selfwilled, most double crossing, hard boiled, lambest, un conditional, head in the clouds, uneducated, un-pretentious, in-considerable, most knocked, in discriminate, un instructed, not in use, un thinking, more unfurnished, un discerning, more wonderstruck, immune to, un-observant, more unnoticing, un ornamented, in-different, most unrealized, clueless, head the clouds, un-read, most unintellectual, most apprenticed, dead, preoccupied, emptyheaded, dis-mayed, more amateur, most unglued, most eradicated, un-sighted, un-mitigated, most adrift, head-strong, in-sensible, un realized, yo yo, more nonplussed, out contact, dis-trait, most unexperienced, untroublesome, in-advertent, off course, un-intellectual, more forfeited, un-steadiest, in advertent, un-stablest, flighty, dis regardful, un skilled, un-conversant, unperceiving, most dead-end, sub-conscious, in scrutable, in cognizant, mucked up, more dead-end, be-wildered, untenanted, in-considerate, most two timing, in dark, more incomplex, more suppressed, shooker, in-conversant, pipe dreaming, un-jaded, un-initiated, most woolgathering, un-ostentatious, more deadened, most slap happy, like a babe in woods, hardboiled, most untroublesome, open and shut, un knowing, un spotted, un taken, most slap-happy, Reeling, more mind-blown, pure and simple, un conscious, pure simple, most wonderstruck, unknowledgeable, spic span, re flexest, un-conscious, most unsmudged, un-inhabited, most amnesic, closed at end, un knowledgeable, more unornamented, naive, most self willed, unfriendly, pre occupied, most unrecognizing, more unjaded, idiotic, more unexcitable, soft headed, sur-roundings, most amazed, un-intelligent, unaware events, most masklike, out rightest, most dead end, over looking, un-stained, more floored, un-educated, un calculated, in darkness, Unartificial, most without, more nitwitted, more blundering, un-soundest, be wildered, more amazed, un-discerning, wide-eyed, nonreactive, most quicksilver, un-informed, un engaged, most self-willed, de sert, Incomplex, unsuspicious, un filled, un-spotted, most amaurotic, well kept, more anesthetized, in nocent, more nonreactive, simple, trans-parent, un-worldliest, un kindest, mind blown, most deadend, on canvas, stuck, un witting, un stabler, un-embellished, incautious, un fussy, more amaurotic, down drain, more uncompounded, cast away, more subliminal, un-qualified, fickle, un-reasoning, in expert, un remembered, patsiest, un worldly, more uncalculated, more annihilated, not all there, in-expert, mis spent, blinded, most suppressed, most tenantless, weakkneed, more earless, un experienced, uncompounded, more awed, un ostentatious, in tractable, patsier, most baffled, un-calculated, un faithful, out righter, un acquainted, un-truer, un cultivated, neat as pin, most dazzled, more inelaborate, most agape, un adulterated, unalloyed, skindeep, mindblown, straight out, leading nowhere, in considerate, cincher, insensitive, un occupied, most lamebrained, open shut, more devastated, unable hear, un-expressive, un-tarnished, deadend, more weakkneed, self explanatory, un educated, more slap-happy, at a loss, most awe struck, more emptied, more amnesic, most nonplused, un cultured, stolid, un observant, un fussiest, un-involved, most unreasoning, most subliminal, not complex, un troublesome, closed one end, shookest, out like light, un learned, dead to world, impervious to, re-flexest, un suspicious, most taintless, in dither, un familiar, un-polluted, un intelligent, more rattled, re-moved, un-taught, Wonderstruck, more untaken, hard of hearing, in complex, sur-face, most swooning, more yoyo, out the window, most soft headed, inconscient, un tenanted, neglectful, uncompleted, more unalloyed, self willed, Tranced, strung out, un informed, more weak-kneed, un artificial, un-comprehending, un-fussiest, un lettered, de-sert, more unexpressive, more dazzled, most unknowledgeable, untaught, un soiled, sub liminal, bollixed, Visionless, self-willed, weak the knees, un-worldly, not versed in, most misused, un practiced, un affected, un-soiled, in-sensitive, de-void, most inconscient, in-complex, wishy washy, un-troublesome, weak in knees, un-heeding, dirtless, airheaded, dumbfounded, most feelingless, more speckless, more awestruck, un-moved, Unexperienced, closed end, skin deep, more adrift, quicksilver, more unsmudged, un-lettered, un-tenanted, unmixed, dis-guised, destitute vision, re flex, unremembered, un-blemished, without egress, in-scrutable, like babe woods, more unhearing, un schooled, shelfer, Unconversant, un-noticing, more clueless, un susceptible, amnesiac, un kinder, unreasoning, un kind, more visionless, without contents, more yo-yo, de-spoiled, unable to hear, most two-timing, most squandered, be mused, mis-informed, most blinded, un-knowledgeable, masklike, un-accustomed, selfexplanatory, most cheating, un-true, un noticing, most twotiming, un conversant, most doublecrossing, un involved, unlived in, un decorated, un mistakable, most rattled, most perished, more baffled, un-known, cinchest, snapper, un deliberate, most unengaged, hard hearing, most astonished, un sophisticated, puzzled, more deafened, more typhlotic, most double-crossing, trans parent, stubborn, in-voluntary, sur prised, most yo-yo, most entranced, un sighted, selfwilled, poker faced, more unreasoning, un-completed, most awed, in-judicious, most cleansed, most irrecoverable, more confiding, fallen between cracks, slap happy, most unnoticing, un-deniable, un read, un-redeemed, mis placed, unintellectual, un-intended, un-seeing, unbriefed, un-kinder, mind-blown, unfussiest, anesthetized, most abolished, most staggered, unconscious, un taught, speckless, slap-happy, un-mindful, careless, non reactive, un-instructed, un-steadier, most well-kept, in conversant, sub conscious, in sensate, obstinate, most unlettered, Inconversant, in a dither, un briefed, in-expressive, most flabbergasted, punch drunk, most despoiled, de-solate, in a trance, more unsighted, out right, most poker faced, strong willed, at sea, taken in, un-stable, un-recognizing, most misinformed, un-familiar, thick skinned, most airheaded, to listen blind, coldhearted, like a babe woods, more unengaged, inelaborate, poker-faced, un-intentional, most unread, un complicated, un-touched, ex-terminated, most deadened, un-filled, more inconscient, un concerned, more nonplused, unaware, more cheating, more dismayed, most unconversant, dis-concerted, un heeding, woolgathering, un-thinking, most unspotted, most unhearing, out like a light, most repressed, blind to, up-set, un-premeditated, piece cake, dis-oriented, well-kept, more inconversant, be-numbed, un-caring, unguarded, more undeliberate, more astounded, re flexer, surprised, most sucker, more mind blown, stupefied, un-varnished, more despoiled, un-suspicious, amnesic, shallow, in voluntary, un-deliberate, unpolluted, un qualified, vacant, in-attentive, more awe-struck, un worldlier, weak kneed, most unjaded, most forfeited, lamebrained, mis-used, in nocuous, dis-regardful, un-studied, more frittered, un stable, unrealized, childs play, most deafened, more wideeyed, most evacuated, at loss, more blocked, more walkover, un-sound, most weak-kneed, with-drawn, most inconversant, un steadier, like babe in woods, more soft headed, in animate, most wide-eyed, in-nocent, un stablest, un-furnished, most amateur, thickskinned, speechless, over-whelmed, un fussier, dis oriented, heedless, more double crossing, more unconversant, more airheaded, more well kept, most bamboozled, straightout, mercurial, in-constant, pre-occupied, undecorated, dis mayed, more misinformed, un smudged, cold, blown away, most speckless, more groping, most uncompleted, in different, un studied, not told, un-smudged, hard as nails, more slaphappy, un employed, neat as a pin, closed at one end, oblivious, vacuous, un-cultured, earless, re gular, more eradicated, most nonreactive, dis-appeared, un truer, more squandered, in sensible, most unalloyed, un mitigated, clean.

Usage examples for aware:

  • He became aware of me again. - "The Passionate Friends", Herbert George Wells.
  • And he was at once aware that the two men at the fire had ceased to talk of their business. - "Clementina", A.E.W. Mason.
  • Phil was surprised that the showman was aware of this. - "The-Circus-Boys-on-the-Mississippi-or-Afloat-with-the-Big-Show-on-the-Big-River", Darlington, Edgar B. P..

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