Pronunciation of Sensitive
/s_ˈɛ_n_s_ɪ_t_ˌɪ_v/, /sˈɛnsɪtˌɪv/, /sˈɛnsɪtˌɪv/

Antonyms for sensitive:

dis-regardful, more imperceptive, more unamiable, aversive, most unnoticing, dis agreeable, unlit, dis regardful, ex-acting, un-congenial, un-amiable, imprecise, calm, most lowbrow, more subfusc, dis interested, lowdown dirty, more bovine, in elegant, deadened, most feelingless, impervious, not influenced, be sotted, blind to, more unreceptive, dis-interested, lowbrow, most unamiable, most unexcited, dis-courteous, more sensationless, more anesthetic, clunky, unimpressed, more casehardened, un prejudiced, un-concerned, more unpointed, heavy, un-aroused, dis passionate, most iron-hearted, un-pointed, clunkier, in-expressive, un relenting, thickskinned, closed to, toneddown, un biased, uphill battle, easy-going, Iron-hearted, nonreactive, in-curious, thick, in sensible, most ironhearted, maladroit, more unrecognizing, un witting, be-sotted, un-yielding, over-looking, in-human, un-cordial, in-temperate, selfcentered, masklike, un sharpened, in-sentient, pre-occupied, un imaginative, un cordial, more stumbling, unexcited, most undiscerning, un-excited, clunkiest, in-excitable, more toned-down, in animate, un-deniable, hard hearted, illtempered, most oftrepeated, big, blunt, un recognizing, un-seeing, most swinish, Unimpressible, more case-hardened, most unexcitable, un seemliest, cold hearted, most casehardened, more ironhearted, un aroused, un conscious, dis-honorable, more unpierceable, coarse, more unsocial, hard bitten, matter of fact, most murder, more difficile, in tolerant, un ceremonious, un-stirred, more toneddown, un ruffled, simple minded, in decent, ex acting, un-diplomatic, in expressive, in sipid, self centered, loose, more blunted, most sensationless, more oft-repeated, re-mote, un-receptive, un-feeling, clumsy, un-exciting, un juster, non partisan, un flappable, prosiest, most numbed, uncordial, un-susceptible, most unperceiving, re-served, most uncurious, un pointed, Imperceptive, un-sympathetic, un discriminating, more liverish, proofest, most toilful, out of date, uncurious, more aversive, most unreasoning, un-approachable, more lowbrow, un-knowing, un-acquainted, in conversant, unrecognizing, un-informed, oft-repeated, in excitable, un-intellectual, un-friendly, more deadened, in active, un discerning, more watertight, in tolerable, un-aware, in judicious, un aware, low-down and dirty, most immobilized, in temperate, un-expressive, un seemly, un justest, selfcontained, edgeless, un-social, un intellectual, most driveling, dunest, in famous, un gracious, un thinking, un feeling, in vulnerable, unaware, self-centered, draggy, more swinish, Unhandy, draggiest, be numbed, uninfluenced, yawnest, over looking, bloodless, more undiscerning, blind, un perceiving, un-impressionable, in cognizant, more unintellectual, most unimpressed, unreasoning, re-gular, indolent, run of the mill, most unsocial, in-expert, un social, over-cast, most unimpressible, hardnosed, more unexpressive, in-clement, in sensitive, case hardened, de-pressed, not keen, dun, more inexcitable, more turned, immense, most unsharpened, pre occupied, more abused, most imperviable, most poker faced, laidback, unsympathetic, in-sensate, more unexcited, unexcitable, hard boiled, imperviable, unhandier, unsparing, most difficile, un sophisticated, oblivious, most unaroused, thick skinned, un handier, un-moved, un exciting, in-cognizant, un-seemliest, in-scrutable, wornout, in considerate, non-partisan, un-skillful, inert, un-affected, more muted, more indurate, more unnoticing, most overlooking, in-vulnerable, un-handier, more uncordial, undiscriminating, inconsiderate, uninspiring, un instructed, un touched, in-tolerant, non-committal, un noticing, most unaltered, in distinct, most hard hearted, most unpierceable, Unamiable, un-thinking, stoical, un cultured, more unperceiving, toothless, un kindest, unaffected, un-compassionate, un-pitying, anesthetized, un-altered, not all there, most undiscriminating, un-caring, in discriminate, ironhearted, feelingless, Numskulled, un bending, most indurate, anti-pathetic, un-justest, un-conscious, touchest, un-scrupulous, unexpressive, most liverish, most amnesic, un couth, more compressed, most aversive, dim witted, bad tempered, unpointed, un-varnished, un informed, in-sipid, more unlit, most case-hardened, most unreceptive, un excited, un pleasant, dull, big yawn, un-graceful, insensitive, un stirred, un handiest, un-sparing, un tactful, most consolidated, hard nosed, un-impressible, un-couth, most anesthetic, unintellectual, un friendlier, most uninspiring, not bright, most poker-faced, un reasoning, hard, in-discriminate, immune to, stern, half hearted, un approachable, most subfusc, more poker faced, Unpierceable, most forgetting, un friendliest, most bovine, un-kind, in-accessible, most blunted, in-attentive, proofer, more barnyard, thick-skinned, un receptive, heartless, most toughened, laid-back, re gular, unperceiving, more oftrepeated, in-considerate, un caring, un impressed, more nonreactive, un affected, sensationless, unclassified, more anesthetized, matte, de pressed, non-reactive, more undiscriminating, most toothless, un congenial, un-kindest, in-different, un-excitable, un interested, un yielding, un altered, in cautious, poker faced, un just, more toughened, most unlit, un-perceiving, callous, up-hill, most indurated, anesthetic, un-ceremonious, more inconversant, un-noticing, harder, un deniable, unsusceptible, unresponsive, unsocial, un knowing, stubborn, un-interested, un-prejudiced, un-curious, ho hum, feeble minded, in curious, non reactive, low down and dirty, un susceptible, unreceptive, un responsive, self contained, in-active, laid back, be-numbed, poker-faced, in-decent, un-instructed, un charitable, more uninfluenced, more unimpressible, badtempered, most watertight, Toilful, most softened, in susceptible, unnoticing, in accessible, most unrecognizing, de finite, more unaltered, strong, slowest, not there, two left feet, un impressionable, more edentulate, more easy going, more hard-hearted, more numskulled, most easy going, most blundering, undiscerning, un handy, most inexcitable, in-animate, blank, in expert, oft repeated, more unsharpened, re served, un-charitable, more unexcitable, un-just, un-imaginative, un-discerning, strung out, easy going, up hill, in flexible, more unreasoning, un pitying, un expressive, great, unhandiest, most case hardened, in different, watertight, un emotional, un involved, hard as nails, un-cultured, un-seemlier, more inured, most toneddown, more toned down, Inexcitable, most unpointed, most unexpressive, most oft repeated, un-refined, un-involved, most iron hearted, un-witting, most oft-repeated, un-pleasant, most edgeless, un-mindful, un-communicative, un-reasoning, the lowest, un acquainted, more uncurious, most masklike, most compressed, more blundering, edentulate, un impressible, un compassionate, impassive, dis honorable, un-familiar, un kind, in gutter, un observant, non committal, mattest, un pierceable, un skillful, un-influenced, un-kinder, un-gracious, most inured, in-distinct, in-sensitive, liverish, more case hardened, Casehardened, more forgetting, coldblooded, un-inspiring, un curious, un scrupulous, more edgeless, more compacted, mean, anti pathetic, un-recognizing, in clement, most toned-down, un-ruffled, unfeeling, in-judicious, draggier, un-bending, hardboiled, most deadened, in the gutter, more iron-hearted, more immobilized, hardbitten, unapproachable, un varnished, most muted, more edentate, un graceful, dis-agreeable, in sensate, in-sensible, crass, over cast, toned-down, more easy-going, un-relenting, out lunch, unfamiliar, un-sharpened, more overlooking, more poker-faced, un refined, case-hardened, most anesthetized, un sparing, most imperceptive, un sympathetic, Inconversant, un-emotional, dis courteous, numb, de-finite, lifeless, Difficile, un familiar, coldhearted, un-observant, low-down dirty, most numskulled, all thumbs, more unimpressed, more iron hearted, toucher, in-delicate, more toilful, in-tolerable, un-handy, more imperviable, more numbed, subfusc, heavy handed, un-friendliest, unsharpened, unaltered, in-cautious, more uninspiring, un influenced, more feelingless, large, un-juster, ignorant, most unintellectual, un-friendlier, un kinder, rude, un-touched, duner, more murder, un seemlier, more amnesic, in-conversant, un amiable, heavyhanded, more consolidated, amnesic, huge, deaf to, more hard hearted, most turned, most uncordial, most edentate, un-tactful, in delicate, indifferent, un-flappable, un-pierceable, more indurated, dis-passionate, most uninfluenced, most inconversant, un-responsive, in-flexible, un seeing, most hard-hearted, un-discriminating, Hard-hearted, cold blooded, un excitable, low down dirty, iron hearted, most toned down, longwinded, in human, in-elegant, swinish, un concerned, in scrutable.

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