Pronunciation of Formal
/fˈɔːmə͡l/, /fˈɔːmə‍l/, /f_ˈɔː_m_əl/

Antonyms for formal

laid back, re strained, more low pressure, more plainfeatured, un seemly, discourteous, un matured, mussy, approachable, intimate, crude, de finite, off the beaten track, un seemliest, undiscriminating, warm, buddy-buddy, grungy, unfit, more nonformal, pro founder, un-proficient, un-skillful, un informed, more unexacting, more subpar, un commoner, stripped down, un-chaste, unlogical, more rough-hewn, off wall, most joshing, more viscerous, wisecracking, provincial, irregular, most plain-featured, off beaten track, most out-of-season, uncritical, motley, loose-lipped, most illbred, most porno, impure, Ineloquent, un-cleaner, in-appropriate, most plain featured, flippest, more anarchistic, punning, in-decent, in-born, representational, in-discriminate, in-bred, most lowpressure, strange, unmixed, unsorted, most hangloose, most sportive, undiscerning, suggestive, grody, most unmixed, inappropriate, un trained, hard eyes, most improv, more whitebread, clubby, non formal, hard on the eyes, Unequitable, come-at-able, un-commoner, un wrought, uncouth, un cleanest, pulling one's leg, more outline, in-different, more unworked, ungraded, most cherished, uncultured, in apposite, jivest, inept, more subnormal, eventempered, most prentice, un interested, un-thinking, uncommon, more inapposite, in the rough, Pococurante, grodier, bland, unfussier, white-bread, Imperceptive, in congruous, more uncustomary, un studied, in bred, most lowbred, prentice, more convenient, inaccurate, with-drawn, un-inhibited, buddybuddy, un-chastest, un-studied, long winded, more plain featured, un ceremonious, more white-bread, sympathetic, most free and easy, hang-loose, un-varnished, non conformist, un discerning, in applicable, more unmixed, meek, most looselipped, out-giving, un conventional, handcrafted, un-exacting, infelicitous, most white-bread, un-discriminating, most punning, non-conformist, unpolished, in-apter, in apter, dowdy, more hang-loose, more unproficient, most jocose, in formal, informal, re-gular, more unsorted, un gainliest, sloppy, in significant, most anarchistic, most viscerous, footloose fancyfree, un-befitting, un-enlightened, un-godly, come at able, in-harmonious, in different, more improv, illogical, in-decorous, un proficient, lowgrade, most unselective, unwrought, most unrighteous, more white bread, more ungraded, uncustomary, impolite, un righteous, clubbiest, un-informed, ill-bred, lowbred, un-chaster, street, x rated, sporty, funnier, most unmatured, out-line, more weirdo, relaxed, more come at able, un processed, mixest, Unapt, disheveled, un-prepared, un commonest, even tempered, more porno, throwaway, most pococurante, un varnished, most rough-hewn, wrinkled, in-applicable, un becoming, more offbase, more loud-mouthed, most unwrought, de tailed, in dividual, in-opportune, ordinary, un-seasonable, normal, loose lipped, un-taught, un chastest, un gainlier, un intentional, un finished, more roommate, most serendipitous, avantgarde, most multieloquent, pro-fane, in complete, agrestal, in harmonious, most rough hewn, sub-normal, big as life, chatty, most bosom, un-becoming, playful, out-of-place, xrated, in most, un discriminating, more unselective, most white bread, un-fitting, Unmilled, unmatured, un constrained, footloose and fancy free, abnormal, footloose fancy-free, un due, most unmilled, open and shut, most low pressure, devil may care, inner most, more unbleached, un sophisticated, multieloquent, whitebread, more demotic, un mixed, more lowpressure, not serious, most capering, subpar, nonformal, anarchistic, free easy, most come-at-able, un-planned, multi-eloquent, out-spoken, more loose-lipped, most niggardly, un sorted, unceremonious, viscerous, most out of season, more joshing, most undiscerning, un ethical, un-ceremonious, more free and easy, de-tailed, niggardly, more unwrought, in opportune, un gainly, insouciant, most come at able, more agrestal, pulling one leg, inelegant, inner-most, un expected, un forced, most subpar, inapposite, un-wholesome, most muted, most low-pressure, more buddybuddy, unaffected, ill-mannered, more loud mouthed, free as a bird, in decent, undignified, trusted, in-dividual, un-critical, dishonorable, most comic, unhappy, in depth, uninterested, de-formed, un-mixed, most outline, in-grained, un critical, more looselipped, un godliest, substandard, lowpressure, more off base, wry, up-tight, conversational, Familiar, true, un seemlier, un-official, outgiving, more serendipitous, more unfitting, in appropriate, natural, boonest, more buddy buddy, free and easy, in rough, in elegant, un-fit, un-godliest, in decorous, hang loose, unauthorized, un customary, rough, un-foreseen, more ridiculous, more rough hewn, unsuitable, at odds, low, uneducated, booner, unfashionable, hard the eyes, more barnyard, most ill-bred, pro-founder, coarse, un-duest, improper, un fussy, un-matured, multi eloquent, un concerned, rough hewn, un just, unfitting, un-suited, un-demanding, more out-of-place, most agrestal, friendly, rumpled, frowsy, responsive, not beautiful, un-refined, low-pressure, un hurried, out left field, in accurate, most buddy buddy, more unmilled, more unmatured, un-selective, un-gainly, more punning, real, most unworked, un graded, most roughhewn, free as wind, out ordinary, un timelier, more roughhewn, homespun, sub-standard, footloose fancy free, unkempt, in-elegant, un suited, most inapposite, un taught, unrightful, in-apposite, out of place, most handcrafted, most dwarfed, un-graded, cloddish, most unrightful, ill timed, most off-base, salty, un-duer, most cloddish, unconventional, more pococurante, in-complete, slovenly, streeter, un seasonable, undemanding, un enlightened, re gular, getable, most loose lipped, in-frequent, customary, pro found, crass, free-and-easy, un couth, most nonformal, more undiscriminating, un prepared, un clean, mild, un-timeliest, un-formed, plain, most imprecise, re-strained, white bread, un-timely, most unproficient, gross, in-congruous, deep seated, most out-of-place, un-suitable, un fitting, IMPROV, in-sensible, ungrammatical, un exacting, laughable, low grade, un-due, incorrect, sportive, un-polished, outmoded, most jesting, rough-hewn, un-sorted, sub normal, most wisecracking, actual, most roommate, un-customary, calm, un formed, trans parent, un-worked, most poised, footloose and fancy-free, un-hurried, un-concerned, more bosom, tasteless, un justest, plain-featured, clubbier, loud mouthed, most imperceptive, in-sufficient, un chaster, more poised, dis gusting, jiver, most off base, free as the wind, in frequent, most ungraded, out in left field, most loose-lipped, uncivil, most hang loose, unrefined, more ill-bred, more cherished, imprecise, un-domesticated, more ill bred, low-bred, in correct, un polished, more out of season, un skillful, un-juster, low pressure, with drawn, in-delicate, happy go lucky, gentle, longwinded, un-satisfactory, more jesting, disorderly, more low-pressure, un-discerning, un-premeditated, un refined, exotic, most uncustomary, porno, un cleaner, more getable, more undemanding, un-intentional, most out of place, avant garde, unfussiest, un-seemliest, unmannerly, buddy buddy, un timeliest, uncalledfor, un-cleanest, un chaste, door always open, non-formal, un-restrained, INDEPTH, selfpossessed, un official, easily pleased, out of ordinary, in advisable, casual, un developed, un-milled, more free-and-easy, styleless, un inhibited, un-seemlier, demotic, freewheeling, roughhewn, more muted, untaught, un godlier, door's always open, un apter, un-couth, down home, most demotic, poor, jive, illadvised, streetest, flipper, witty, un perceptive, in-expert, un-wrought, in-formal, more capering, uncultivated, rude, most buddybuddy, dis-gusting, unbleached, un-processed, more come-at-able, more undiscerning, in expedient, un-common, messy, in-felicitous, un-rightful, un common, un-bleached, untidy, most undiscriminating, pulling leg, unbecoming, lowbrow, de-finite, obscene, un fussiest, un fussier, more buddy-buddy, looselipped, up tight, graceless, un-apter, indecent, un-fussier, un-trained, most unexacting, most buddy-buddy, farcical, colloquial, un-fussy, un godly, trans-parent, un worked, un usual, unselective, offhand, most unfitting, unworked, off-base, un-timelier, un-interested, more multieloquent, in-conspicuous, free, in conspicuous, unlearned, most ill bred, un equitable, sub standard, illbred, more illbred, un rightful, most getable, in curious, in delicate, un-perceptive, un-justest, most unequitable, in-advisable, plainfeatured, loud-mouthed, more lowbred, re-mote, indecorous, in sensible, more off-base, unproficient, un-fussiest, un-godlier, un thinking, most unsorted, ambiguous, farout, in-expedient, more unequitable, un-usual, foreign, unfussy, more outgiving, most undemanding, most weirdo, unusual, more throwaway, more unrightful, hard on eyes, most free-and-easy, in expert, pro fane, plain featured, offbase, serendipitous, un-finished, un-warranted, most hang-loose, pro-found, un-developed, unrighteous, most throwaway, un suitable, more imperceptive, doors always open, unkind, un-righteous, un satisfactory, out of season, out line, un-conventional, un planned, more ironic, workaday, without ceremony, putting one on, un timely, un duest, more prentice, sloven, footloose and fancyfree, de formed, un-comely, laidback, out spoken, unseemly, un demanding, out giving, more wisecracking, deepseated, unexacting, ludicrous, more plain-featured, everyday, un milled, most workaday, un befitting, in-admissible, un-equitable, irreverent, un juster, wayout, un-forced, un-just, more dwarfed, in born, more unrighteous, un-cultivated, facetious, ironic, in-curious, in discriminate, un selective, unstylish, ill bred, un aptest, un-ethical, un-seemly, pulling ones leg, more loose lipped, un-expected, indefinite, un cultivated.