Pronunciation of Active
/ˈaktɪv/, /ˈaktɪv/, /ˈa_k_t_ɪ_v/

Antonyms for active

be draggled, more chicken, more inoperable, more expended, powerless, dis inclined, un-enthusiastic, most anesthetized, poker faced, pushing up daisies, mooneyer, most mopish, unseeded, draggier, up on, un-qualified, more time-consuming, be lated, dead tired, most halted, sluggish, at a standstill, be-draggled, more ho hum, most well worn, most untilled, more bone-weary, drowsing, de-relict, most dozing, bone-weary, snaillike, be-numbed, most hohum, de relict, over-worked, unemployed, most disenfranchised, more yo yo, bystanding, most nebbish, un-hurried, in-attentive, toothless, most boresome, more blunted, more sequestered, more emerita, more unassertive, fallow, Numskulled, most pretending, chainest, most unwinding, un animated, un cool, un relieved, neglected, more yoyo, of no avail, most poker faced, in attentive, out and out, most pabulum, most softened, in firm, unintellectual, wornout, out one feet, quiescent, torpid, narcoleptic, Languishing, more played out, de-laying, unplowed, unplanted, long drawn out, more usedup, stereotyped, down drain, most slow moving, more abed, more shot, un-tenanted, most sapped, unresisting, enervated, more energyless, un-persevering, more uncool, more boresome, oft-repeated, gridlocked, most slowmoving, closed down, more liquidated, more middle of road, more deskbound, most unfluctuating, dis charged, un employed, most apart, more well worn, most unrealized, yester day, bone weary, faded, more worn down, most nailed, most offed, insipid, more consumed, dead on one feet, non-resistant, in-active, more nonbelligerent, stabile, fairminded, stockstill, neglectful, like dinosaur, more offed, duncer, wimpy, de liberate, non-violent, most boneweary, most easy going, un profitable, arrested, retarded, most undermined, going through motions, duner, unsharpened, not busy, more fagged, more oft repeated, most immotile, wishywashy, most gridlocked, more anchored, more recessing, most nonbelligerent, Mopish, dis enfranchised, un sound, most oft repeated, uninspiring, more long delayed, inert, most unanimated, out rightest, inanimate, more sleepyheaded, re sting, most toneddown, un-movable, motheaten, more played-out, more stabile, most noncombatant, ex-pended, un-interesting, more ho-hum, nonoperative, more emeritus, unambitious, un qualified, dis tressed, most used up, gone meet maker, more nonresistant, un-ripest, extinct, at standstill, ignorant, more workless, not serious, gorked, in-firmer, more slumbersome, un-responsive, taking easy, lamebrained, familiar tune, offed, unworking, untilled, over-due, most smoldering, underachieving, most cidevant, worn thin, un plowed, virtuous, more cliche, more pinhead, pre patent, most unplowed, ex-acting, more lusterless, un-fit, big yawn, out-right, longdelayed, most bystanding, more oftrepeated, ho hum, most unlit, most frazzled, stretched out, time-consuming, more dumbo, indolent, more unexercised, Half-hearted, un inhabited, most plodding, most etiolated, tired, most stalled, gone to meet maker, more unplanted, nonoperating, re tired, more leisured, most lolling, emeritus, most toothless, longwinded, limp, sedentary, most immured, without gainful employment, more cliche-ridden, most numbskull, most enfeebled, de-liberate, ineffectual, ready to drop, most toned down, ex acting, tortoiselike, un-successful, stagnant, more unindustrious, blahs, more gridlocked, most transfixed, YOYO, uninterested, afraid, apoplectic, tuckered, most daydreaming, wishy washy, more enfeebled, bereft of life, more longdelayed, kaput, simple minded, with drawn, dogtired, decommissioned, most deactivated, more narcoleptic, loafing, most hibernating, implied, disinterested, by gone, more donein, Unexercised, most jading, in operable, most recessing, dunest, standing still, more prostrated, most time consuming, slowgoing, immobile, yawner, be-lated, un-soundest, dis passionate, dis-engaged, most far-gone, more dog tired, more devitalized, run of the mill, un frequented, on layoff, most middle of road, retired, asleep the job, more vestigial, out of one misery, cliche ridden, most discolored, un ripest, in retirement, by-standing, warmed over, by standing, noncombatant, most unready, longsuffering, done-in, most abused, in-firmest, over used, weakened, on hold, idle, out of shape, dronier, out of job, more mortified, re-pose, more suppressed, more dumdum, more cliche ridden, un-productive, apathetic, unassertive, more anesthetized, most leisured, un enthusiastic, like a dinosaur, unenergetic, in-sensate, more drifting, in firmer, thrown away, most chicken, most cornball, leisured, over-taxed, most emeritus, dis-colored, more unpersevering, behindhand, worn down, un-armed, most exasperated, more smoldering, vapid, on sidelines, boresome, dummier, more nailed, un helpful, out righter, static, out-of-date, ready drop, un responsive, out of date, more procrastinating, cidevant, more nebbish, more slowmoving, more enervative, un feeling, most expired, more oft-repeated, more bystanding, out action, more noncombatant, weak, un-plowed, most detained, hohum, more unplowed, debilitated, more lamebrained, more zero, dragger, un resisting, cowardly, dim witted, in curious, unoccupied, sub normal, phlegmatic, burntout, slow-moving, more dallying, more long-delayed, stereo-typical, subfusc, most unresisting, stock still, slowwitted, trans-fixed, most burnt-out, most impuissant, laidback, over worked, by-gone, slow uptake, most prostrated, snoozy, most expended, boring, non-combatant, un-prejudiced, most worn-down, more hohum, re signed, usual thing, more forceless, be-sotted, most bone weary, most burnt out, un exciting, sick of, most numskulled, oft repeated, un-assertive, used up, more sapped, un flappable, un-varying, dormant, most laid off, un movable, most driveling, un nerved, long-delayed, yester days, in-capacitated, un ripe, slack, unhelpful, most numbed, more immotile, in sensitive, more upon, most wellworn, most far gone, more neuter, on the ropes, dog tired, more gorked, more underemployed, most edentate, leaden, un-occupied, most unaligned, un developed, de-vitalized, most unseeded, out of one's misery, out work, broken down, more edentulate, most deskbound, yo-yo, gone to reward, more middle-of-road, nonproductive, un-moving, non resistant, had it, de-parted, in-operative, more impuissant, most unpointed, more detained, more used up, out of ones misery, more pretending, tedious, slow on uptake, stretchiest, nonfunctional, more immured, sterile, un-committed, most neuter, un assertive, most inoperable, far-gone, more desk bound, mass produced, most overtaxed, laid back, de pressed, meek, between lines, more numskulled, more dumbbell, more turned, most usedup, bereft life, most impeded, more untilled, most apoplectic, more slacking, lethargic, more relaxing, deadlocked, un interested, un substantial, most pining, unapplied, most toned-down, most unenergetic, cliche-ridden, draggest, half hearted, un committed, most do nothing, pro-longed, most postponing, out one misery, more easy going, yo yo, most dog tired, slumbersome, wimpest, well worn, most nonactive, vestigial, nonbelligerent, un-interested, most upon, un inspiring, most unhelpful, snooziest, un realized, off, nonexistent, more reposing, exhausted, prepatent, more donothing, washed out, in sensible, under achieving, most cliche, stretchier, most unsharpened, more laggard, out right, cliched, lusterless, dis-regardful, in-distinct, more driveling, dead one's feet, more subfusc, readymade, more used-up, ineffective, not existing, most suppressed, in distinct, un energetic, lazy, most unintellectual, more undermined, most burntout, un tilled, most droning, more bearing, asleep on the job, in operative, de laying, unreactive, re-sting, out misery, most uncool, un fluctuating, most perished, most desk bound, most zestless, most subfusc, gradual, more tenantless, un necessary, ex pended, immotile, most repose, taking it easy, most drifting, un dependable, more mothballed, un conditional, most abed, under-employed, un-imaginative, uncool, trans fixed, useless, most mortified, poker-faced, dis interested, more muted, birdbrained, un interesting, non-partisan, most zero, in-effective, dozy, zestless, under developed, stocker, more erased, most shot, most done-in, de activated, most unexercised, most fargone, dozier, calm, energyless, in significant, more unnerved, over-cast, most becalmed, most nonresistant, un-mitigated, most worn down, over cast, un-eventful, un intellectual, more unpointed, Mooney, most reposing, dun, more edentate, un-conditional, most sluggard, un-concerned, more desk-bound, most oft-repeated, most emerita, having spring fever, walking through it, de pendent, re-tiring, nonfunctioning, stereo typical, celibate, most dawdling, inoperative, un moving, most sequestered, more nonactive, more postponing, un winding, dis-tressed, out service, more unresisting, slow moving, un-inspiring, most snaillike, un-original, more yo-yo, cornball, on the bench, more worn-down, more plodding, more unapplied, fair minded, dis-passionate, more evading, in-sensible, dis engaged, more worndown, sub-normal, more dog-tired, un-seen, more transfixed, un-changing, more edgeless, more slow moving, in active, more numbskull, sleepyheaded, un imaginative, most unapplied, in effectual, more becalmed, in substantial, half witted, out commission, ex-asperated, unready, un reactive, un original, washedup, in animate, lying down, slow on the uptake, unnerved, burnt-out, un ready, under-developed, prosy, taking a break, most poker-faced, most stabile, under-achieving, under-mined, un-frequented, easy going, most collapsing, outta gas, un-filled, most dallying, pre-patent, dumdum, low key, mooneyest, re tiring, un-decided, unengaged, more dozing, un prejudiced, more cornball, un-employed, un-fluctuating, most forceless, most ho hum, un seeded, in-operable, in-sipid, un involved, out shape, nowhere, more burnt out, non active, unlit, more irked, un-substantial, non partisan, between jobs, motionless, un-used, most consumed, fagged, a bit much, more slow-moving, halfwitted, un cultivated, fixed, resting peace, more poker-faced, more unhelpful, more overtaxed, more contained, non violent, most vestigial, drawling, re-gular, non participating, in-visible, middle of road, more deadened, un sympathetic, uninvolved, out condition, more loitering, more do nothing, un-planted, more expired, more unengaged, un-cultivated, most snoozing, gone reward, un-relieved, overtaxed, un applied, most muted, most shirking, draggiest, most dumbo, under-lying, dis-enfranchised, wellworn, un exposed, re tardo, more sluggard, Enervative, most evading, more toned-down, most worn out, more unlit, more wellworn, more nothing, irresolute, chainer, more sleepyhead, un sharpened, most enervative, most deadened, more unanimated, more repose, un expressed, most uninspiring, at liberty, most nowhere, yester-day's, de vitalized, un mitigated, more snaillike, untenanted, wimper, dis-charged, most unnerved, anesthetized, retardo, most lamebrained, un-intellectual, in abeyance, worn-down, most up on, most underemployed, desk-bound, most sleepyhead, un sounder, more dogtired, more zestless, un-developed, most middle-of-road, most played out, most slumbering, more out of date, unproductive, un-exercised, un-energetic, more easy-going, more impeded, most done in, more daydreaming, unmovable, most erased, forceless, un hurried, most napping, more lounging, in-capable, more bone weary, un-cool, re moved, most loitering, most bone-weary, desker, un-seeded, asleep job, more cidevant, be sotted, more collapsing, played-out, more perished, un productive, un-involved, most narcoleptic, out of it, most played-out, most mass-produced, under employed, un-nerved, non-belligerent, inoperable, in-animate, in effective, broken, more abused, time consuming, draggy, slowest, most unplanted, more deadlocked, un-winding, dummiest, more slumbering, out of misery, nonresistant, most nothing, edentulate, most format, un-industrious, most retreated, unpointed, not keen, dis colored, in capable, de-activated, more unseeded, non belligerent, most yawning, most long-delayed, un-steadier, insouciant, ho-hum, sleepyhead, blahsest, most unreactive, un-reactive, more apart, not bright, most lusterless, impassive, un-sound, on ropes, used-up, most yo-yo, latent, un-realized, unfluctuating, most irked, un-exposed, most fagged, stereo-typic, yester-days, played out, un inspired, un-moved, Emerita, wimpiest, most drowsing, boneweary, abed, slow, mentally defective, dis-interested, non-participating, with-drawn, slowmoving, doziest, hands off, un-resisting, feeble minded, oftrepeated, more vitiated, be calmed, un steady, in-curious, un-inhabited, more burntout, more apoplectic, over due, gone to seed, repetitious, washed up, un-animated, be numbed, more snoozing, more halted, un industrious, out on one feet, most laggard, set on, worndown, re-tired, dispirited, more unreactive, Workless, un concerned, in different, most playedout, out on ones feet, more burnt-out, de-pendent, spring fever, stationary, most do-nothing, most unengaged, dull, most devitalized, un-ripe, most energyless, un-necessary, sleepy, in holding pattern, more pining, long delayed, abeyant, uneducated, in-sensitive, Mildewed, un-sharpened, listless, most procrastinating, inactive, more stalled, pre-tending, most turned, most workless, dead, non aligned, in sensate, out of service, nonactive, quiet, more numbed, most drudging, slow the uptake, on bench, un-ready, tiresome, settled on, deskbound, un engaged, most worndown, slow witted, most well-worn, in-substantial, in visible, most edgeless, out it, de-ceased, un-applied, more format, not taut, out of action, do nothing, donein, out ones feet, most dogtired, more fargone, more sidelined, most longdelayed, more toneddown, more unfluctuating, more unrealized, prosiest, sub missive, un availing, in-different, on shelf, un exercised, lowkey, disenfranchised, un tenanted, under lying, un-steadiest, in-effectual, more hindered, un varying, gone seed, most contained, un progressive, most vitiated, unpunctual, re-signed, heavy, brokendown, more far gone, most deadlocked, unpersevering, underemployed, taking break, mattest, more mopish, un-aligned, out of gas, resting in peace, petered out, long suffering, most born-again, languid, on the shelf, dead on one's feet, asleep on job, most sidelined, more massproduced, more unsharpened, un-dependable, timeconsuming, most slacking, matte, un persevering, more frazzled, duncest, more hibernating, blahser, out job, un seen, de ceased, un-sounder, warmedover, more crashed, in capacitated, most retardo, un pointed, pre tending, most unassertive, well-worn, under mined, more well-worn, un successful, more tortoiselike, on fence, re pose, snoozier, lifeless, un-profitable, re-cessing, edgeless, more pabulum, dead on feet, un biased, more nonparticipating, between the lines, stupid, un steadiest, re gular, most tortoiselike, de-pressed, pushing daisies, most blunted, most long delayed, most ho-hum, more deactivated, un steadier, most dog-tired, un decided, more retardo, more napping, unrealized, stereo typed, un occupied, sidelined, more jading, un-progressive, spent, out gas, donothing, more retreated, more discolored, passive voice, all in, more poker faced, more shattered, more up on, most unindustrious, un aligned, more mass-produced, fargone, un-pointed, un planted, de parted, most slow-moving, more uninspiring, toned-down, indifferent, more subnormal, most underachieving, yester-day, more dawdling, more shirking, most yo yo, dis regardful, out of condition, non combatant, stale, desk bound, most unpersevering, nonparticipating, un-riper, un-expressed, deskest, most oftrepeated, more lolling, easy-going, yawnest, dead one feet, unanimated, more drowsing, most bearing, out-righter, non-active, dead feet, out on one's feet, more playedout, most hindered, un-inspired, in sipid, un filled, un changing, most mothballed, stretchy, dis-inclined, more unenergetic, slumbering, more disenfranchised, most donein, yester day's, most mass produced, most easy-going, re-treated, at rest, without incident, passive, un-tilled, most sleepyheaded, overused, dead on ones feet, most prepatent, more nowhere, at ease, out of a job, more laid off, mothballed, most anchored, Tenantless, more prepatent, lackadaisical, most tenantless, dog-tired, Drony, on the dole, un-feeling, more do-nothing, dead ones feet, more unintellectual, usedup, most unpunctual, numbskull, un used, un-availing, more drudging, unindustrious, toneddown, droniest, middle-of-road, unenthusiastic, prosier, more mass produced, most crashed, no more, deactivated, most desk-bound, in firmest, most donothing, most liquidated, more toned down, over-used, un-exciting, be-calmed, most dumbbell.