Pronunciation of Dirty
/dˈɜːti/, /dˈɜːti/, /d_ˈɜː_t_i/

Antonyms for dirty

co landers, de-sexualize, putting rights, un stained, re-generating, Infecund, re vile, re-conditions, wiping off map, de nominated, lick in to shape, un-complicated, lustrate, silvers, standing up, re-generates, re pair, be sprinkles, gat meat, grow, rarified, un-affected, de vised, made strides, bearing scrutiny, putting order, aerifies, un-mitigated, un-earthing, depurgating, doest dishes, make sanitary, boils down, sews up, more unelaborate, more unprolific, dis-continuing, un profitable, goes over with a fine-tooth comb, dis tilling, flawless, more axenic, beared scrutiny, blipped, lade, re-habilitating, de-sert, ex cavate, got the meat, most wide-eyed, sterile, de pollute, most salutiferous, looks up down, ex pressed, whipping into shape, broomed, exemplary, most unexceptionable, white, cleans up, de-odorized, Prinking, doeth the washing, expunge, pure, ex terminates, un-looses, titivate, un-clog, babe woods, fine-tooth-combs, nice, ignore, un-debased, dis infected, leaved no stone unturned, vacuuming, in-quiring, un-exceptionable, more unornamented, co-aching, Tubbed, re-conditioning, more medicated, holding water, doest the laundry, re modeled, in elaborate, taking bath, Depurating, dost the laundry, more purifying, re modelling, de sert, come around, Depurate, de stroys, dis missed, wiping map, dis-cuss, ex-terminated, dis-engages, sterilize, going over with a fine-tooth comb, dulls, reconstituting, in fusing, un-packs, wert reasonable, tidying up, up dated, most disinfectant, presses out, did the washing, slicked, drew picture, edulcorates, Spading, dis-cusses, depurgates, sub merging, doest washing, re fine, un-folds, Chalked, humidified, x-outing, besprinkles, ex-pressing, Chalking, de-odorizing, honest, up held, unburdened, preventing publication, gotten to meat, put order, dis cussing, dis-continued, digging in to, pro duces, more bactericidal, bleep out, sanctioned, re habilitates, up-date, Shampooed, incorruptible, doing the laundry, bleep, refitting, tidy up, de-pollute, putting shape, re-vitalizes, pour into, twenty four carat, got to the meat, dis-engaging, rubs down, cut to bone, de sexualizing, poured on, blue pencil, putting in shape, Whites, crosses out, in crease, de-contaminates, looking up and down, turning corner, cut bone, inviolate, Soaped, straitlaced, is acceptable, doeth the laundry, un adorned, de coloring, Shampooing, wholesome, supervising communications, ex-pounded, de odorizing, be decked, Unprofaned, dig into, makes perfectly clear, reputable, takes a shower, in corrupt, put in good shape, gets to meat, dis-entangle, most maidenly, limpid, unexceptionable, de-coloring, decent, un-fruitful, up dates, de-stroys, be-decks, most cleaned, preen, unimpeachable, de-cent, Damped, in spects, re view, un proved, soddens, de-stroying, un exceptionable, trim, in capacitate, re constitutes, fine tooth comb, nobbier, makes clear, squeezed out, auto clave, desexualizes, pumices, sweet, delved in to, more antibiotic, absterged, washed up, desexualizing, most well ordered, bleeps out, cutting to bone, dis engages, pass up, fairly, puts to rights, hallow, spiffing up, sweeping out, unclog, decolorizes, metastasized, un-sexes, looked up and down, art reasonable, germ free, be-sprinkling, colandering, dis-abuses, ex-terminates, cuts to the bone, up-holds, were plausible, breaking down, most unmixed, dis entangled, re-solves, brake down, drop iron curtain, dress, pre-paring, unburdens, purge, face-lifting, ex pound, re-paired, most frosted, principled, hosing, whitened, look up down, Bailing, de-luges, purified, x-outs, ex pounds, un-folded, in capacitating, un-touched, look and down, re-strained, being acceptable, neater, pre-vents, re fined, came around, re vivified, do dishes, dis-engaged, most unalloyed, re-furbishes, ex plained, re-constitutes, up date, dug in to, de colorizes, dis cuss, with-holds, looks for, go over with finetooth comb, Policed, ex terminate, Spaded, didst the laundry, excellent, takes shower, go over with a fine tooth comb, get the meat, waterlogs, edulcorate, cross out, re strain, setting apart, pre pares, in-fused, sizing, de nominates, slathers, not complex, un-pretentious, decolorized, pure simple, un sex, in-elaborate, Silvered, in creasing, slick up, build, make clear, am acceptable, clarify, boiled down, de polluting, cutting bone, more inviolate, perfect, Osmose, look high low, un affected, re-forms, pre-pare, in-filtrates, de-nominated, ethical, Slicking, co oked, suitable, most bactericidal, septic, looked for, re conditioning, de fining, fine-tooth-comb, re stored, stood up, un-compounded, goes over with finetooth comb, Sanding, doeth laundry, pre paring, re deemed, unfussiest, de pollutes, blue pencils, bluepenciled, re-moves, antisepticizing, de contaminating, un blemished, go over with fine-tooth comb, douched, looks down, prep, wert plausible, did the laundry, delves into, pro cess, be-decked, looks and down, de-contaminating, give first aid, prettify, re strained, passes up, un clogged, in-quires, press out, decorous, axenic, CHALKS, didst the dishes, dis-missed, gussying up, colandered, de-sexualizing, clean cut, righteous, in the pink, blue-penciled, looking high low, douche, dis cusses, de-sexualizes, un-filled, co aching, re-models, guiltless, puts in good shape, re-constitute, clear decks, Whited, sift, Tubbing, re-strains, re kindled, putting in good shape, prinks, sparkling, de-color, re-vise, Exscind, getting to the meat, ex-pounding, pre-venting, scrupulous, wiped off map, turn pale, de-nominating, am plausible, co lander, dis-abused, most intemerate, high, depolluted, re-vising, combed, go over with a fine-tooth comb, in good shape, sublimate, metastasizes, un-proved, cleaned up, desexualized, inelaborate, most inviolate, go over with fine tooth comb, most strengthening, cutting the bone, decolored, making perfectly clear, doth laundry, more strengthening, more sweet smelling, imbathing, squeeze out, dis missing, un-earth, putting through grind, babe in woods, putting good shape, more disinfectant, pumice, re made, take a bath, Dulling, xouting, re form, sieved, Re-store, un-tying, forgetting about, more pasteurized, dis-abuse, does laundry, re-fines, up-held, blue pencilled, in-corrupt, re-covered, humidify, over hauled, more wellordered, coming around, un wed, re-viewed, Douching, de-colors, imbrued, de-sexualized, de lineated, re-deems, bless, made over, over seeing, licking in to shape, be deck, noble, most showered, most antibiotic, pouring into, licked in to shape, be sprinkling, ex pressing, bluepencils, re presses, draw picture, dis entangles, make presentable, pro-mote, be decking, un loaded, re-vile, slicks up, un fold, antisepticizes, un embellished, pours into, most antibacterial, ferret, un combined, doggiest, get to meat, depurgated, un-contaminated, redoubtable, ordered, bluepencilling, re-furbish, ex-tracts, flourish, dropt the iron curtain, makes plain, most inelaborate, dis-infects, toweling, un-blighted, be-sprinkles, cuts bone, re constituted, be-deck, shaking out, un clogs, washes up, pro spects, dis abusing, Elutriate, frothing, re freshes, anti-septic, most unmingled, cleaning off, Besprinkled, doth the dishes, crossed out, unmingled, un-fussy, doctoring up, bore scrutiny, corked, humidifies, ex plain, re-kindles, with-hold, gets the meat, doing washing, un burden, submerse, dis-missing, drew a picture, dost washing, bleeped, re-modelled, un-corrupted, cuts the bone, ex crete, gotten meat, up root, x outing, fleshes out, germdestroying, trans parent, rainless, up grading, gay, looking high and low, dis continuing, un fussier, de colors, launder, un blended, Ladled, blue-pencilled, polite, re covered, dis-abusing, disinfectant, fresh up, cleans off, make perfectly clear, soak through, re vitalizes, co-lander, staid, nobbiest, up dating, pumicing, blue-pencil, cut the bone, besprinkle, unornamented, in-spect, in-creased, Depurated, makes attractive, Intemerate, brush, bleeped out, ex-tract, pro moting, re-move, freshing up, un earths, sanative, straightening up, ex-plains, cut to the bone, sized, cleanly, more wide eyed, germicidal, in-capacitating, puts rights, un blocks, de-fined, fine-tooth-combed, pre vent, bleached, re store, health-giving, whipped in to shape, upright, prettifying, re-vamped, sub merges, poured in to, decontaminate, de sexualize, monogamous, pro-phylactic, licks in to shape, most silvery, scrub, in violate, do laundry, Sleeked, ex pounding, elaborate, over-saw, re vivify, de-luged, shake out, holds water, more scrubbed, wast plausible, un loading, puts through grind, leave no stone unturned, virtuous, de-colorized, re press, re-strain, DAMPS, dost the washing, more frosted, right-minded, depurates, imbrue, un clouded, corking, un earth, blameless, made clear, in-nocent, digged in to, un loosed, more unexceptionable, re-vised, most germfree, in quired, spick and span, de-lineated, bear scrutiny, un-ornamented, in-capacitate, re-generate, drops iron curtain, de contaminates, goes over with a fine tooth comb, simple, pleasing, HOSED, took a shower, made presentable, be-sprinkled, Starched, wellordered, throwing light on, re-tread, irreproachable, autoclave, make attractive, un fruitful, pouring on, pulling together, digged into, Deterging, more unalloyed, osmosed, doeth dishes, de colorize, doctors up, re new, re-kindling, more monogamous, un loose, went over with fine-tooth comb, de lineate, bandbox, shape up, de-solate, supervised communications, dis abused, shed light on, set apart, dis infecting, un mixed, placid, all there, rubbing down, un diluted, put to rights, pressing out, slicking up, more unpolluted, were acceptable, does the laundry, freshens up, decking out, doth washing, more intemerate, over seen, re solves, go in to, un-folding, turns the corner, broke down, unelaborate, remakes, re vivifies, wastest, aerifying, distill, vacuumed, more filtered, in pink, un-fold, digging into, Titivated, more well ordered, chaste, Unblighted, re-views, do the washing, cuts to bone, got meat, slather, antisepticize, desexualize, dis-continue, rout out, dis-encumbering, retreading, dropt iron curtain, dis encumbered, burn off, looking and down, xouted, happy, without issue, pro-cess, re kindles, re-formed, de-stroy, ex-pound, co ached, sets apart, in-fecund, de-odorize, Damping, re-vitalizing, re moved, Absterge, dis infect, un folded, dis-infecting, draws picture, swab, took shower, doing dishes, most undecorated, pre-vent, pro phylactic, blue pencilling, cleanse, re create, moral, un fussy, dis engaging, gets meat, more undebased, more germfree, un pack, wipe, more sterilizing, un-stained, de-nominate, re-adies, most uncompounded, looking down, burned off, tidy, antiseptizing, un-loose, dropped iron curtain, in-fusing, in-quired, ex cretes, innocuous, re pairing, putting to rights, art acceptable, autoclaved, most healthgiving, soak, de stroyed, dis-infect, re-vivify, am reasonable, up-holding, un-qualified, auto-clave, Sprucing, ex press, decolor, draw a picture, retread, pristine, shedding light on, Elutriated, in experienced, getting the meat, in-crease, rarifying, be-decking, de-luge, most aromal, re-vivifies, re adies, ex terminated, spiffed up, gave first aid, give up, forget about, re-gular, bleeping out, imbrues, deck out, Ferrets, ex-cavate, took a bath, un-impeachable, anti-bacterial, re-presses, pro bed, prettied up, puts order, drawing a picture, doest laundry, pro-cesses, un debased, de sexualizes, did dishes, refusing transmission, unfussy, refuses transmission, wash up, most sterilizing, be plausible, cleanliest, pro-moting, re-freshes, halcyon, de polluted, un-tied, de-vised, taking a shower, made plain, healthgiving, re-condition, do the dishes, dressed to kill, refits, proper, dressed kill, Silvering, are reasonable, make over, un earthed, un-earths, re generate, de colored, got to meat, pro spect, un impeachable, most sanative, re vitalized, acceptable, re pressing, face lifted, un burdens, sheds light on, de odorized, air out, re-modeling, in filtrate, re cover, licking into shape, aerified, un-burdens, most wellordered, unprolific, dis-tilled, over-sees, dis-infected, take shower, antiseptic, boiling down, more germicidal, un-alloyed, dost dishes, unpolluted, more germ free, put good shape, doing the dishes, Hackled, soddened, re habilitate, up-grades, most sponged, straighten out, over-hauled, re-activates, un clogging, refitted, more achromic, in creases, gotten act together, pulled together, looks high and low, un fussiest, did laundry, most perfumy, in-fertile, in filtrated, de-colored, re-fits, x outed, Exscinding, de-lineate, un tainted, prevented publication, chalk, make strides, un-adorned, ex-press, more unprofaned, Policing, open shut, ex pounded, set right, turning upside down, un earthing, re-deem, prettified, grizzles, flesh out, most expurgated, spic-and-span, ex-pounds, un-clogging, made perfectly clear, de contaminated, re constituting, getting meat, re stores, dis-cussed, freshened up, to rights, dis-cussing, dis infectant, silvery, re-moving, towelled, shampoos, most bandbox, un-prolific, does washing, turns inside out, uncompounded, dis-encumbered, bathe, making presentable, re-stored, re-new, de-luging, re formed, doth the washing, un-burdening, de-fining, water, un burdening, de-fines, douches, sands, dis continue, towel, sub-merging, boil down, rinse, re conditions, turning pale, dis-infectant, looked high and low, germ-free, delving in to, squeezing out, pressed out, made sanitary, undefiled, Imbathe, Bailed, soaks through, fit, in fine feather, anti biotic, prettied, re-constituting, more salutiferous, dis tilled, burnt off, gussied up, prevent publication, Osmoses, made attractive, in good order, throws light on, wet behind ears, un block, delved into, re-vamps, un-tainted, decolors, blue-pencils, more maidenly, slicked up, un-wed, taking a bath, threw light on, re-stores, cleansed, re activating, co-landers, re-pairs, un tied, with holds, clean, re-model, re conditioned, un-decorated, do washing, gat the meat, in capacitates, clear, rarifies, blue penciling, more infecund, straightened out, dis-encumbers, de colorized, airs out, re straining, up grades, dis abuse, re gular, up-root, most aerated, sacralize, Exscinded, re vivifying, Frothed, purify, most incorrupt, turned corner, pro cessed, pours on, reconstitutes, freshening up, honor, most monogamous, dis-tilling, reconstituted, took bath, de luge, re model, most wideeyed, wipes off map, strain, well-ordered, putting lid on, unblemished, depollute, re-making, un-loosing, shampoo, re vamped, un-fussier, dis tills, peaceful, un folds, most uncompleted, routing out, more aerated, re-activating, crossing out, get to the meat, most infecund, re-made, wellgroomed, in capacitated, re vamps, pre pared, made sterile, goes over with fine tooth comb, doing laundry, dis entangling, pro-motes, Titivating, re move, de fined, meet, un-sullied, getting to meat, re news, de color, looked down, agreeable, re-furbished, high-minded, bluepencilled, put the lid on, re-conditioned, de odorizes, delves in to, spay, puts in order, re-fine, re-vivified, sanitary, bare scrutiny, is plausible, PRIMS, re-fresh, re-strict, puts shape, un burdened, making sterile, most wide eyed, whips in to shape, gotten the meat, rub down, just, co-oking, in-tact, more bandbox, pour on, aired out, prettying up, more well-ordered, re generated, delve in to, digs in to, pure and simple, most purifying, aromal, re strict, dis-engage, in spect, going over with a finetooth comb, re-habilitate, most pasteurized, with held, over sees, more germdestroying, ex plains, making plain, polish, look up and down, dis encumbering, routs out, sub-merges, un-burden, sub-merged, metastasize, absterges, un-elaborate, decoloring, scour, un defiled, Filtrating, whipped into shape, fresh, orderly, face lifting, well ordered, comes around, sweet smelling, Patting, aerify, refine, putting in order, legible, re tread, genteel, pleasant, re furbished, re habilitated, re-fitting, re paired, un-clogs, over-hauling, re-vamp, depollutes, are acceptable, spiffest, most medicated, straightens out, blue-pencilling, Primming, puts through mill, more undecorated, turn the corner, whipping in to shape, xouts, ex-cretes, dis infects, rubbed down, most unprofaned, giving first aid, re furbishes, over hauling, re makes, re-activate, respectable, re-straining, sweeps out, re-covering, up-grading, blots out, pour in to, unburdening, licks into shape, pro-spects, un sexing, pure as driven snow, de-colorizing, going over with fine-tooth comb, good, wide eyed, take bath, wert acceptable, anti septic, Nobby, forgat about, ex-terminating, in-experienced, burning off, un-diluted, becoming, blue-penciling, re-activated, up rooted, Starching, bears scrutiny, prink, garble, de-contaminate, doggy, prudish, more silvery, re strains, spruces, over-hauls, exscinds, in quire, decks out, pro duce, antiseptize, puts good shape, in tact, doctor up, wide-eyed, takes bath, un mingled, deterge, dis-entangled, un-fussiest, in-filtrating, doest the washing, passed up, out and out, in-fuse, antisepticized, grizzling, immaculate, more inelaborate, pro-duces, scissors out, pored over, open and shut, pasteurize, un loosing, PREPS, in fused, dig in to, Sleeking, de odorize, put in shape, de-fine, de-pollutes, goes over with a finetooth comb, de-vising, re modelled, most unornamented, de-polluting, most undebased, re-make, grizzle, most health giving, up rooting, tidied up, is reasonable, cleaned, whipt into shape, shook out, blotted out, over hauls, spruce, un-blended, renovate, Salutiferous, over saw, re pairs, ex plaining, re making, more bleached, bleeping, didst dishes, making over, scrubbed, un-combined, in-creases, unclogged, scissoring out, re kindle, sweet-smelling, endorsed, re viewing, dropped the iron curtain, tidies up, makes over, un-sexed, shapes up, sub merged, un-ostentatious, anti-biotic, ex-act, most uncontaminated, dis-encumber, re vitalizing, imbruing, be decks, re viewed, held water, dapper, dis till, in quires, blank, unclogging, wiped map, un-polluted, most bleached, gets to the meat, un-sex, dis encumbers, setting right, dost laundry, twenty-four carat, re-news, leaves no stone unturned, Primmed, de fines, anti bacterial, hackle, shakes out, supervises communications, in fecund, dost the dishes, Re-forming, more unblighted, more uncontaminated, takes away, straightened up, brooming, put through mill, rub, un-earthed, dis-entangling, de-nominates, does dishes, slicks, more distilled, makes sterile, whiten, filtrates, re-fining, with holding, un folding, dis abuses, autoclaves, x outs, in-capacitated, co oking, went over with fine tooth comb, dis entangle, drop the iron curtain, bluepenciling, up-hold, re-fined, draws a picture, re-pressing, drawing picture, up-graded, burns off, put rights, blotting out, un-loads, washing up, looked up down, went over with a fine tooth comb, routed out, re forms, steamed, refit, sub-merge, being plausible, make sterile, un-burdened, antibacterial, re-kindled, de-odorizes, imbathed, up holds, un-blocking, perfumy, undecorated, more sponged, squeezes out, smartened up, re storing, de-polluted, re vised, cleancut, dis-continues, swept out, pre-vented, dropping the iron curtain, re forming, re models, bactericidal, un decorated, doth the laundry, over-seen, lily white, turned the corner, de solate, lave, de vising, pulls together, ex-crete, went over with a fine-tooth comb, un contaminated, refuse transmission, in fertile, re-furbishing, osmosing, more unmixed, prettifies, auto claves, bluepencil, Ladling, doth dishes, most germ free, get meat, turning inside out, pro cessing, refused transmission, over-haul, Elutriating, cleanlier, be acceptable, taking away, impotent, ex-plained, doctored up, dis continued, bleeps, re-constituted, pouring in to, did the dishes, getting act together, re-cover, law-abiding, de-vise, puts the lid on, spiffs up, waterlog, elutriates, welcome, stands up, de vise, gets act together, sand, incorrupt, depolluting, decolorizing, spruce up, put shape, spiffer, turn inside out, de-colorizes, pull together, gat to meat, turns upside down, most axenic, well groomed, get act together, x-outed, priggish, bright, legally, un blocking, take a shower, puritanical, more germ-free, straight, ex act, honorable, baptize, most germ-free, un-defiled, hackles, right, wet, in fuses, look for, straighten up, was reasonable, dis continues, re deeming, dis-entangles, does the dishes, cutting to the bone, re-fitted, de nominate, un polluted, re generates, in-violate, polices, pre pare, un-used, improve, re-solving, de cent, un-blemished, spiff up, most well-ordered, un-blocked, appropriate, in nocent, up hold, re fits, Sanded, look high and low, pores over, most achromic, inoffensive, neat, auto-claves, un-pack, more uncompleted, more perfumy, Kidder, re-vivifying, prepped, over see, delving into, humidifying, Quieter, got act together, most sweet-smelling, clean up, de contaminate, un sullied, un profaned, seemly, most unprolific, re-habilitated, more incorrupt, ex-plaining, didst the washing, leaving no stone unturned, un packed, pasteurizes, doggier, unalloyed, blipping, be sprinkled, gussies up, in quiring, trans-parent, un-load, maidenly, turned pale, looks up and down, sanitize, re-treads, un-profaned, quietest, being reasonable, puts in shape, clean off, de luges, turned upside down, Besprinkling, co-ached, shiny, turns pale, whip into shape, took away, in-quire, un compounded, passing up, un mitigated, with hold, un-embellished, re-solved, approved, absterging, sieving, un sexed, most germ-destroying, un loads, fleshed out, desirable, de nominating, turns corner, more sweetsmelling, more sanative, pre-pared, dis-tills, not stale, dis engage, re moving, digs into, germ-destroying, un ornamented, well turned out, untouched, uncontaminated, un clog, delete, frosted, taking shower, put lid on, are plausible, de-contaminated, Edulcorated, whips into shape, wipes map, re-vamping, re-solve, re covering, left no stone unturned, more aromal, unclogs, most filtered, re-deeming, freshed up, pretties, re solve, Patted, re-storing, deodorize, decolorize, uncompleted, wash, fine tooth combed, filter, sub merge, dis encumber, un blighted, remake, dropping iron curtain, pretty up, Disinfect, de luging, re-pair, Spruced, deterges, re activated, sterilized, be-sprinkle, un touched, blue penciled, un-mixed, in-spects, freshes up, dug into, un-completed, re make, most germicidal, putting through mill, didst laundry, re-pairing, un sexes, up grade, sleeks, dis engaged, re deem, re constitute, sweetsmelling, fine tooth combing, co-oked, sweep, un prolific, refined, look down, pro-bed, unmixed, Prinked, Edulcorating, breaks down, un-blocks, xout, up graded, be reasonable, de stroying, go over with a finetooth comb, un-clogged, up holding, soaking through, up-dates, freshen up, ex-terminate, un tying, whip in to shape, takes a bath, drops the iron curtain, sanctify, de stroy, un-marked, soddening, spotless, titivates, more uncompounded, most uncombined, did washing, makes strides, doing the washing, un ostentatious, pasteurized, sewed up, censor, makes presentable, unerring, pore over, re generating, un packing, most sweetsmelling, re-kindle, re views, with-held, slathered, antiseptizes, pre venting, take away, dis cussed, re condition, looking for, rarify, Ferreting, germfree, re fines, doeth the dishes, re-view, prettying, re pressed, pours in to, re vising, lather, re-vitalized, scissored out, ex-plain, fine-tooth-combing, more wideeyed, gat to the meat, in undated, pre vents, went over with finetooth comb, flush, most unblighted, most germdestroying, ex terminating, washed, imbathes, most sweet smelling, unblock, wipe off map, amicable, autoclaving, ex tract, dressed nines, re vise, un filled, gat act together, groom, be sprinkle, de colorizing, most septic, art plausible, in-undated, re-modeled, smartens up, un looses, up-rooting, serene, delve into, scissor out, gotten to the meat, more uncombined, whipt in to shape, de sexualized, spiff, pasteurizing, shaping up, filtrate, Soaping, in-filtrate, more healthgiving, un-loosed, re-covers, whiting, antiseptized, kiddest, re-generated, dis-till, de fine, un-mingled, more wide-eyed, cleaning up, didst washing, cleaned off, doest the dishes, prepping, health giving, more unmingled, un complicated, de-stroyed, de luged, lick into shape, Deterged, un qualified, make plain, re-fit, over haul, dressed to nines, expurgate, Filtrated, poured into, straightens up, correct, decked out, sew up, most scrubbed, blot out, break down, toweled, in filtrating, more septic, de-colorize, throw light on, un load, re fitted, pro-cessed, re vitalize.