Pronunciation of Refined
/ɹɪfˈa͡ɪnd/, /ɹɪfˈa‍ɪnd/, /ɹ_ɪ_f_ˈaɪ_n_d/

Antonyms for refined

corn fed, messed-up, un impressed, un-finished, junky, most prentice, crude, ablebodied, un-milled, most workaday, hardboiled, un-mannerly, unmatured, more well-built, beastlier, more catchpenny, obsolete, most wide eyed, un-purified, un worthy, most unpoised, agrestic, loose, more subnormal, most foul-mouthed, merged, under developed, un-becoming, Clodhopping, in artistic, most agrestic, comformable, in keeping, more rookie, un chivalrous, most frou-frou, in sensate, un worthier, more badmannered, in-urbane, putting ritz, un-acquired, Inurbane, low-down, out of line, well known, sullied, no picnic, lippy, sylvan, co incident, un heeding, in cautious, more easy going, frou-frou, un graded, un-sightliest, un-wrought, overbold, putting on the ritz, un ripest, most coarse grained, unidealistic, out-of-line, un-mannered, more uncompleted, polyester, unambiguous, un-diplomatic, un-domesticated, manifest, brambliest, nodular, prentice, more wide eyed, proofest, lowbrow, proofer, home folk, heavy, most unbroken, graceless, intermingled, most clownish, un worthiest, most profanatory, common, most rookie, junkier, dis graceful, intermixed, most clodhopping, un-gainliest, smart alecky, most ungraded, dime dozen, homespun, flipper, agrestal, splashy, un-artificial, dis-creditable, in the rough, more murder, rocky, medium, under construction, un bleached, thoughtless, Unexecuted, grody, more simplehearted, more dabbling, Ingenerate, un fairer, most surmised, glitzy, un-contrived, un-influenced, more undercooked, in-human, prosy, un suitable, in-ordinate, strong, dis-graceful, most ham handed, most characterless, meta physical, most swinish, untaught, in decent, half done, un designing, more unacquired, thick, more surmised, more ham handed, Dirtied, most well-built, most matter-of-course, un cleanliest, more roughneck, inter-mutual, gussied up, churlish, un finished, uni versal, most untutored, not to snuff, in congruous, in corporeal, most extraterrestrial, unproficient, more ill-bred, un accomplished, unintelligent, more unsanctified, more porno, most unexecuted, more unassembled, screwed-up, immense, more communistic, antiquated, most unsmoothed, hoary, un spoilt, most unvaried, dis courteous, un-principled, un worldly, un kemptest, un-excited, most cornfed, down at heel, in discreet, un-kempt, illiterate, pre vailing, un scrupulous, un holier, un assumed, large order, sturdy, fouledup, most meddling, barbarian, fly by night, incautious, rugged, in-generate, most coarse-grained, un-tidier, un schooled, Commutual, un principled, low-down and dirty, in appropriate, more unimpressed, most nonliterate, untrustworthy, dis honest, nonprogressive, more matter of course, un kind, blustering, un-ripest, unmistakable, most intermutual, cloddish, unsanctified, Asperous, un lovelier, boorish, more unbleached, low-down dirty, Unlabored, most rough-hewn, most ungentlemanlike, un educated, un-cleaner, most unaccomplished, most unproficient, most barnyard, most rough hewn, furrowed, un feigned, more plebian, wicked, un-skillful, uni-form, un-touched, non-literate, flashy, un-wholesome, pro fane, most half done, germinal, transparent, most unrespectable, un controlled, more agrestic, unchivalrous, in-artistic, un worldliest, more buffeting, slipshod, able bodied, un precise, untrue, un-distinguished, un-cultured, more cloddish, un-sophisticated, unsophisticated, lowgrade, wide-eyed, un-due, more unrespectable, un worked, most well built, un varied, round, un-kindest, unmeticulous, un dressed, most fouledup, un-civil, Froufrou, un-trained, most coarsegrained, ungraded, inartistic, huge, unmodified, conjunct, un-assumed, more frou-frou, stout, un ladylike, impertinent, un-justest, un fair, unvaried, most unlevel, thickskinned, looked for, un-sorted, most lowbred, brutish, Unconversant, most untreated, doubtful, monstrous, out-of-date, un satisfactory, rough, un excited, in culter, more inaffable, more infidel, well-built, most upfront, more irreverential, in-affable, most infidel, un-appetizing, most guessed, vague, most unhewn, more curmudgeonly, lowdown and dirty, passe, flippest, most unfulfilled, screaming, more frou frou, natural, more roughhewn, un inhibited, in harmonious, most unfashioned, clownish, loud-mouthed, great, most dwarfed, unequivocal, un involved, un neighborly, un chaste, more easy-going, most inaffable, more profanatory, un-godly, in-elegant, heavy sledding, gruff, un smoothed, in a state of nature, more vulgarian, garden variety, evident, most down-at-heel, unreliable, most imprecise, foul mouthed, more coarse grained, more out of line, softcore, perspicuous, not smooth, illmannered, more barnyard, most crossgrained, palpable, naif, catchpenny, underweight, most agrestal, un gentlemanlike, in making, more rough hewn, more agrestal, unmixed, questionable, more patterned, un cleaner, un kempter, un gainliest, big, wastest, de-solate, in urbane, more unmodified, most bovine, in-culter, laidback, undeveloped, savage, dis-reputable, un-educated, bad-mannered, lowdown, most ham-handed, un sorted, in sensitive, most unwrought, most brutish, more extraterrestrial, cornball, more hard hearted, un justest, de solate, most soft core, most unshaven, barbaric, un-ceremonious, obscene, un duest, clear-cut, un contrived, more messedup, polluted, primeval, more untutored, un even, un-exceptional, un artificial, in state of nature, unfulfilled, sloppy, more unproficient, Inartificial, most inurbane, unrefined, most catchpenny, most unshorn, tumultous tumultuous, most loud-mouthed, heavy handed, self centered, more messed-up, dis-respectful, more half done, socialistic, coarse, un sightlier, most hard hearted, unassumed, most badmannered, most hamhanded, un-fried, un-enlightened, un level, most up-front, most vulgarian, sub-normal, most procacious, un-inhibited, brambly, in-voluntary, low grade, more asocial, poor, impolite, dis agreeable, kitschier, most unmatured, more brutish, more hard-hearted, most screwedup, un exceptional, unembarrassed, in a state nature, uncultured, most socialistic, most unconsecrated, in significant, most lowdown, more ill bred, wrinkly, not snuff, lippiest, more screwed up, linked, swinish, most wolfish, lower, backwoods, more unhewn, most out-of-line, more unassumed, more froufrou, most roughneck, un sightliest, most cross-grained, more screwedup, more wide-eyed, most botched, more unwrought, more lowdown, most unprecise, un done, more unspoilt, dis-courteous, workaday, un sophisticated, un matured, patent, un ripe, un cooked, middling, secondclass, un lovely, unsmoothed, more troglodytic, un assuming, weather beaten, in-appropriate, un-respectable, vulgar, Kidder, unfrieder, lowdown dirty, more splendiferous, most cussed, discourteous, un-tidiest, un proficient, most half-done, more atavistic, more fouled up, un-tutored, un distinguished, Disgracious, more unmeticulous, un-smoother, broad, ungentlemanlike, over-run, un-chaste, tumultous-tumultuous, most overrun, un chastest, un milled, unsmoother, badmannered, curmudgeonly, most community, Crossgrained, under done, unpolished, un godly, clumsy, messedup, chapped, robust, in cultest, in state nature, un altered, un-cool, more pizzazz, rough and ready, more hot headed, easy going, most subpar, watered-down, more cornfed, in accurate, loud mouthed, more preliterate, more messed up, hamhanded, in character, most ill-bred, befouled, not influenced, more procacious, most bad mannered, more furrowed, most bad-mannered, un-smooth, most hot-headed, most nodular, harsh, more upfront, more foul-mouthed, more outline, rascally, unwrought, re gular, soft-core, un wrought, more unpurified, upfront, more unshaven, rustic, most daydreamy, un-flagging, most buffeting, most messedup, secondrate, more crossgrained, most simplehearted, in voluntary, prosier, nonliterate, un-cleanest, unclear, un-neighborly, uncalledfor, more unconversant, unpasteurized, loud, anti social, brassy, un juster, gaudy, sub-standard, un-ripe, yokelish, most unworked, most wide-eyed, un varnished, laid back, most hard-hearted, ribald, dis-gusting, more down at heel, most particulate, flamboyant, amoral, un-spoilt, super sensory, un-frieder, un-spoiled, putting on ritz, most vestigial, more bad mannered, in the ballpark, more uncool, more fouledup, Hot-headed, un cleanest, un-treated, combined, un gentlemanly, un-scrupulous, most asperous, inhumane, more unmilled, unconcluded, most corn-fed, unsmoothest, under-developed, compounded, un-suitable, coarsegrained, un equal, most cross grained, un-holiest, cornfed, un cultured, un caring, tacky, un spoiled, grodiest, more unstylish, more natal, un-varied, most messed up, weatherbeaten, un-kemptest, un-lovely, un holiest, corn-fed, most polluted, pre literate, more unprecise, un purified, more unmixed, un-blushing, more unlabored, un-concerned, most unassumed, unlettered, most halfdone, un-kinder, more unsorted, unbleached, in temperate, more subpar, dis reputable, incorporated, un-assembled, un-inhabited, in delicate, most patterned, green, un stylish, rude, more daydreaming, un hewn, soft core, most chapped, more uncontrived, immature, un-equal, un-executed, super-sensory, un conversant, un-gentlemanly, more foul mouthed, un mannerly, most froufrou, in-solent, dis honorable, most wideeyed, joined, more supersensory, meta-physical, dis creditable, open-and-shut, meddlesome, vernacular, dis-gracious, in-clement, un cool, un-cooked, gauche, un adulterated, un taught, out line, unthorough, atavistic, rocklike, most unlabored, more unconsecrated, united, wolfish, unsuitable, un just, un baked, over grown, un-seemliest, coalesced, more rough-hewn, most inhuman, more chapped, fused, un-tidy, more swinish, bramblier, un fashioned, more unthorough, in-cult, hard core, most unneighborly, un chaster, more vestigial, scraggier, early, more uninfluenced, un modified, most undercooked, extra-terrestrial, more blustering, un-cleanly, most murder, most unartificial, most unsanctified, wrong, out-of-order, most cornball, un-just, more guessed, un godlier, unassembled, un-gainly, dis-honorable, vulgarian, un treated, Intermutual, in the making, most daydreaming, most unchivalrous, more unaltered, un-adulterated, un-cut, most asocial, more particulate, most cloddish, more nodular, most inartificial, un developed, most roughhewn, old fashioned, un-duest, dubious, second-rate, most amoral, un-chivalrous, most troglodytic, more bovine, rough-hewn, cross grained, more unembarrassed, illnatured, more unidealistic, most matter of course, in elegant, most up front, most pizzazz, most overbold, uni-versal, un kempt, un-accomplished, unconscionable, typical, un-graceful, dis-agreeable, most plebian, rudimentary, more ham-handed, out of date, primordial, be draggled, un-controlled, most unassembled, false, un-varnished, extra terrestrial, amalgamated, in-decent, indifferent, babe woods, un-earthly, most tinsel, un tidiest, fouled, un shaven, large, un forced, dis-honest, second class, garish, daydreamy, characterless, most corn fed, more amoral, in different, un gracious, in-humane, un-dressed, in common, more inartificial, un hallowed, un fairest, natal, Incult, old, most unthorough, outworn, unexcited, most outline, found wanting, blended, communistic, impure, un-gracious, in-formal, more unworked, embryonic, un-compromising, Ungenteel, more inurbane, Commingled, more stridulent, un-restrained, in glorious, un fulfilled, un-worthier, in formal, uni form, most porno, un assembled, un poised, most niggardly, un-mixed, more cussed, most unpasteurized, pro-fane, in-glorious, kiddest, in complete, more unpoised, most preliterate, more mannerless, under cooked, most ungenteel, slapdash, inexact, low down and dirty, lippier, most disgracious, un-mindful, un-godliest, unhewn, un reasonable, inter mutual, un happiest, more overrun, imprecise, dis gusting, un happier, un abashed, more polluted, un-graded, un ethical, more corn-fed, kitschy, most bearish, un-hewn, most unimpressed, most undesigning, fair, more prentice, un responsive, un earthlier, un-holier, more botched, un mixed, more unchivalrous, Unaccomplished, un-kind, more screaming, most low-down-and-dirty, unfinished, particulate, coarse-grained, indecent, un kinder, non-materialistic, un graceful, un earthliest, most illbred, more unbroken, un-baked, most out of order, un due, unspoilt, defiled, over done, more bad-mannered, un-matured, ham-handed, un embarrassed, corrupt, most unmodified, un-feigned, profane, most screwed up, un-worked, foul-mouthed, un touched, wornout, in-different, un systematic, bushleague, more out-of-line, un-friedest, most ingenerate, low down dirty, de sert, most loud mouthed, un cut, splendiferous, un-cleanlier, most unidealistic, well built, un-learned, more hot-headed, more unfulfilled, un pleasant, meat and potatoes, un-worthiest, incultest, un-consecrated, not done, inhuman, more unartificial, more screwed-up, Unfashioned, un tutored, un-embarrassed, most unspoilt, Unbaked, subpar, un-studied, more coarsegrained, most screaming, un holy, provincial, most frou frou, more corn fed, unladylike, ill-bred, more unfashioned, crass, beastliest, un executed, un consecrated, inaccurate, most messed-up, ex acting, more wolfish, uncritical, un labored, unripe, more undesigning, approximate, un formed, heavyhanded, broken down, un stained, un-broken, most conjunct, un processed, in rough, undercooked, most unstylish, in decorous, un trained, uncouth, Unmilled, un-kempter, more unexecuted, uncontrived, incorrect, un-real, corrupted, un respectable, more half-done, primitive, hot headed, brutal, Unacquired, porno, cross-grained, more correspondent, un-fairest, in solent, halfdone, over-wrought, more loud-mouthed, un idealistic, un-altered, un-sanctified, more ruffled, most outland, un affected, more unexcited, un-fair, most ruffled, un-sightly, more coarse-grained, screwedup, antique, un earthly, more bearish, un-tamed, sub normal, most communistic, backward, more soft core, in-sensible, in ballpark, unshorn, un-worldliest, stereo typed, coarse grained, in-cultest, un happy, Hard-hearted, brokendown, ex-acting, un tidier, un refined, most unmeticulous, un tidy, more unconcluded, most hot headed, supersensory, unstylish, hard hearted, most unmixed, vestigial, more up-front, un influenced, un genteel, most ill bred, un-duer, in-expert, bad mannered, more wideeyed, unripened, most uncool, more unneighborly, fusty, more unpasteurized, more asperous, un-fulfilled, un inhabited, un polished, un-refined, barbarous, un acquired, un-perfected, smartalecky, in-decorous, un worldlier, roughhewn, more rocklike, careless, up hill, prosiest, most stridulent, co-incident, most natal, past, philistine, Inaffable, most lowbrow, most unaltered, uninfluenced, un-shaven, undersized, un enlightened, under-done, more ungentlemanlike, more out-of-order, more low down, uncool, un perfected, in generate, more wellbuilt, unsorted, raw, wide eyed, un smoother, Procacious, indefinite, most irreverential, in-corporeal, most unacquired, tumultoustumultuous, most unconcluded, most uncompleted, most out of line, in-complete, most soft-core, handcrafted, un studied, scraggy, more illbred, un-pleasant, un-riper, squally, in-fidel, more ungraded, more well built, un-couth, un gainly, most nonmaterialistic, old-time, in nocent, un seemly, most unmilled, pre sumptuous, ill mannered, un kindest, un godliest, most unbleached, un becoming, most splendiferous, un appetizing, unlevel, re-gular, thick skinned, more loud mouthed, dis gracious, in-discreet, un-seemlier, selfcentered, most fouled-up, un-processed, un-earthlier, tinsel, hackest, more clodhopping, un-pasteurized, surly, un-chastest, low down, most secondrate, unaffected, un-gainlier, average, in born, in-grained, un-civilized, wellbuilt, half-done, obvious, un-fashioned, in fidel, asocial, down-at-heel, in affable, most unconversant, most handcrafted, more disgracious, oldfangled, in-sensate, up-hill, unconsecrated, junkiest, tasteless, un-responsive, antediluvian, offcolor, naive, most out-of-order, wild, un-genteel, more unaccomplished, xrated, un-pretentious, off color, un-lovelier, un-smoothest, un-chaster, down home, de-sert, in-sensitive, putting the ritz, more out of order, un civil, un civilized, un concerned, un-worldly, un-sociable, under-cooked, ill natured, un-holy, un-gentlemanlike, unworked, most low down and dirty, in-nocent, dirty, most unpurified, un concluded, roughly made, in-temperate, un-polished, un-smoothed, un-affected, sub standard, tawdry, un-conversant, re-presentative, un tamed, scraggiest, uncivilized, simplehearted, over-bold, most foul mouthed, un prepared, unrespectable, un ruffled, more unshorn, un cleanly, more overbold, un seemliest, soiled, most rocklike, bummest, more halfdone, babe in woods, more cornball, most uncontrived, underdeveloped, un-earthliest, mixed, more unmatured, most blustering, in cult, un-even, un feeling, lowbred, most uninfluenced, unshaven, more low-down, uncompleted, unaltered, run-of-the-mill, un-cleanliest, most rogue, out-line, un-systematic, most unsorted, most commutual, un-happy, un-ethical, more lowbrow, shoddy, Troglodytic, more down-at-heel, more softcore, earthy, undiscriminating, un-involved, in-attentive, un-ladylike, more fouled-up, most softcore, being oneself, more ungenteel, uneducated, stridulent, un-ruffled, in-born, unneighborly, grodier, most inferior, Unprecise, illtempered, un-heeding, un-reasonable, x rated, in-artificial, un skillful, ham handed, wrinkliest, rough hewn, more up front, niggardly, unsmooth, low-down-and-dirty, un-prepared, anti-social, un-level, conjoined, more commutual, un-stirred, more soft-core, more hamhanded, most supersensory, un-stained, un-stylish, nasty, more inartistic, in humane, ordinary, more unbaked, un-juster, un-abashed, un-satisfactory, second rate, most correspondent, spoiled, more lowbred, un-fairer, most blundering, clear, un cultivated, un loveliest, ungentlemanly, dated, un-concluded, un frieder, musty, un-musical, hard boiled, easy-going, un clean, un-idealistic, un-meticulous, most inartistic, un compromising, in-experienced, profanatory, unimpressed, un broken, un-worldlier, inelegant, in sensible, in-cautious, un conscionable, un adorned, more characterless, un-caring, un seemlier, un-formed, in expert, more blundering, most wellbuilt, un-schooled, un-proficient, be-draggled, Unpoised, un-hallowed, un-completed, more tinsel, un gainlier, bearish, dis respectful, un completed, inculter, unpurified, in human, more socialistic, un stirred, un complicated, un-conscionable, un-bleached, un-forced, run of the mill, kitschiest, in-congruous, nonmaterialistic, plain, in-sufficient, more outland, more unsmoothed, heedless, poor quality, debased, re presentative, blunt, un-taught, most dabbling, more untreated, un couth, more dwarfed, apparent, un-complicated, untutored, more clownish, in-harmonious, illbred, most fouled up, most screwed-up, un-cultivated, Unartificial, un-godlier, un smoothest, un-developed, most unexcited, most easy going, ill bred, in-delicate, un-adorned, fouled-up, un-poised, wellknown, besmirched, un meticulous, up-front, more rascally, in experienced, over-grown.